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Multidisciplinary approaches to categorization
Alma Mater Studiorum Universit di Bologna, Dipartimento LILEC, Via Cartoleria 5, Bologna

October 18
17:00 18.30 Registration

19.00 Informal meet-up and aperitivo

October 19
08.00 08.45 Registration

08.45 09.00 Welcome and practical information

Caterina Mauri (University of Bologna)
09.00 10.00
Building categories in interaction
Mira Ariel (Tel Aviv University)
10.00 10.30
Ad hoc-ization of numeral categories
10.30 11.00 Coffee Break
Nadav Matalon (Weizmann Institute of Science)
11.00 11.30
The camel humps prosodic pattern
Francesca Masini and Eugenio Goria (University of Bologna)
11.30 12.00
Emerging constructions and categorization
Cristina Lo Baido (University of Bergamo) and Alessandra Barotto (University of Bologna)
12.00 12.30
Exemplification in interaction: constructing categories in spoken Italian
12.30 14.00 Lunch Break
Lawrence Barsalou (University of Glasgow)
14.00 15.00
Categories at the interface of cognition and action
Dietmar Zaefferer (University of Mnchen)
15.00 15.30
Artifinatural selection
Eve Danziger (University of Virginia)
15.30 16.00
Cultural variation in mental-state attribution when creating interactional categories
16.00 16.30 Coffee break
Alberto Arceri
16.30 17.00
E via costruzionando
Zaal Kikvidze (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)
17.00 17.30
Constructing ad hoc categories in Georgian
Valentina Benigni (University of Roma 3) and Anna Alexandrova (SNS di Pisa)
17.30 18.00
Morphopragmatics of rhyming and imitative co-compounds in Russian
18.00 18.30
Presentation of the kiparla corpus
Social dinner
Venue TBA
October 20
John Dubois (University of Santa Barbara)
09.00 10.00
My favorite things: how affective stance builds open categories
Nele Pldvere, Carita Paradis and Victoria Johansson (Lund University)
10.00 10.30
Turn-taking through the lens of dialogic resonance in spontaneous conversation

10.30 11.00 Coffee Break

Norbert Dittmar and Christine Paul (Freie Universitt Berlin)
11.00 11.30 Formulating terms and concepts during integration in a new target society: East Berliners immediately
after the fall of the wall, second and third generation Turkish adolescents in Berlin
Carmela Sammarco (Universit di Salerno)
11.30 12.00
Structure mapping in interaction: the contribution of verbless constructions
Ilaria Fiorentini (University of Insubria) and Elisabetta Magni (University of Bologna)
12.00 12.30 Et ctra, eccetera, etc. The development of a general extender from Latin to contemporary
12.30 14.00 Lunch Break

William Croft (University of New Mexico)

14.00 15.00
Linguistic categories as exemplar lineages
Devet Goodness and Okoa Simile (Dar Es Salam University)
15.00 15.30
The adjective category in bantu

Luisa Corona (University of Salerno) and Paola Pietrandrea (University of Tours)

15.30 16.00
In a Manner of speaking. The expression of Manner in spoken Italian dialogues

16.00 16.30 Coffee Break

Wiltrud Mihatsch (University of Tbingen)

16.30 17.00
Type-noun construction between the creation of ad hoc categories and ad hoc categorization
Miriam Voghera (University of Salerno)
17.00 17.30
Building the reference by analogy
Round Table
17.30 18.30
October 21

Venue: Serre dei Giardini Margherita

SOCIAL EVENT: Breakfast and categories
10.00 10.30
A typical Italian breakfast at the beautiful park Giardini Margherita
with insights, talks and performances on categorization (beyond linguistics)

Gabriele Marino
10.30 11.00
What kind of genre do you think we are? Categories and categorization through popular music
Singing languages
12.00 13.30 10 songs for 10 languages
Musical performance by Mila Trani