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Electric part-turn actuators Specification text SGR AC

Part-turn actuators, modulating duty, for operating part-turn valves

Butterfly valves with integral controls AUMATIC

Type SGR 05.1 SGR 12.1 with AC 01.1

Version according to wiring diagram ACP 11F1-2P0CA-001 KMS TP100/001

Standard equipment:

Intermittent duty S4 - 25%; max. 600 c/h

Operating times for 50 Hz between 4 s and 63 s, depending on the size
3-ph motor of insulation class F, tropicalized with integrated thermoswitches
Self-locking drive system
Handwheel for manual operation, at standstill in motor operation
Mechanical limit and torque switching without auxiliary voltage
1 limit switch for each end position (OPEN, CLOSED)
1 torque switch for each direction (OPEN, CLOSE)
Swing angle 80 to 110, adjustable
Terminal plan (basic version) TP100/001
Continuous mechanical position indication
Valve attachment according to EN ISO 5211 (standard and special sizes)
Plug-in valve coupling
Permissible ambient temperature 25 C to + 60 C
Enclosure protection IP 67
Corrosion protection KN, for installation in atmosphere with a low pollutant concentration
Colour AUMA silver-grey (similar to RAL 7037)
Heater in switch compartment (protection against condensation)
Electrical connection or connection to controls via AUMA plug/socket connector
Reversing contactors mechanically and electrically interlocked
Local controls with selector switch, 4 push buttons, 5 indication lights, infra-red interface, and
backlit plaintext display for setting, programming as well as for status, position and fault indication
Four inputs (OPEN, STOP, CLOSE, EMERGENCY), galvanically isolated via optoisolator
Five output contacts for output signals, freely programmable
Programmable output contact for collective fault signals
Programmable timer function
Programmable EMERGENCY operational function
Programmable torque by-pass
Galvanically isolated position feedback signal 0/4 20 mA
Electronic name plate and logging of operating data
Controls or local controls can be positioned at every 90
Electronic position transmitter, output 0/4 20 mA


Enclosure protection IP 68, submersible for max. 72 hours, max. 6 m head of water, up to 10
operations during the flooding
Corrosion protection KS, for installation in aggressive atmosphere
Intermediate position switches (DUO switches), separate for directions OPEN and CLOSE
Tandem switches with two galvanically isolated compartments
(two NC and two NO contacts for each direction)
Wall bracket for mounting the controls separately from actuator

Further options on request