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A (3m 2m) siphon spillway with a constant cross section , crest radius of 3m , total length
of 18 m and operation head of (6 m) , the length from inlet to crest being 5m along the
centerline :

a) Assuming the inlet head loss of . and bend loss of . , darcy friction

factor 0.012 and = 1.2 , calculate the discharge through the siphon.
b) If the level in the reservoir is 0.5 m above the crest of the siphon , calculate the
pressure at the crest and the cowl and comment on the result.

A figure below shows an ogee spillway with crest length = 100 ft and the discharge = 15000
cfs for elevations of AA equal to 0,20 and 40 ft , What is the suitable stilling basin?

A spillway discharges water with a head of 2 m above the crest , compute the dynamic
forces on the curved section (AB) which has a radius of 4 m. ( Take Cd = 0.6 , = 10
Gate AB is 15 ft long and 8 ft wide into the paper, hinged at B with a stop at A. The gate is
1-in-thick steel, SG 7.85. Compute the 20C water level h for which the gate will start to

Dam ABC is 30 m wide into the paper and made of concrete (SG 2.4). Find the hydrostatic
force on surface AB and its moment about C. Assuming no seepage of water under the dam,
could this force tip the dam over? How does your argument change if there is seepage
under the dam?

Design a concrete gravity dam for the following :
- Maximum allowable compressive stress in concrete = 3000 KN/m2
- Maximum reservoir level = 200 m
- R.L of bottom of dam = 100 m
- Specific Gravity of concrete = 2.4
- Unit weight of water = 10 KN/m3

1) A concrete gravity dam has the following features above Reference
Level (RL of 100.00m)
- Top of dam=200m RL
- Water stands up to 195m RL
- Width at top=7 m
- Upstream batter of 1H to 10V at 150m RL
- Downstream batter of 0.7H to 1V at 190m RL
- Drainage gallery at 10 m from u/s vertical face
- Uplift coefficient at gallery=0.6
- Tail water depth=5m
- Specific weight of dam material 24 kN /m
i) Determine the normal stress at each end of base of dam when reservoir is
empty and full.
ii) With a neat sketch of gravity dam, explain any three forces and their
effect on dam.
A concrete gravity dam with the section below , determine the maximum height (H) which
prevents dam from over-turning , given the Density of concrete 2400 Kg/m3 and density of
water = 1000 Kg/m3

The following water tank is pressurized, as shown by the mercury-manometer reading.
Determine the hydrostatic force per unit depth on gate AB

An arc dam with following relation = , calculate the magnitude of the resultant water

pressure acting on the curved surface and its direction , given the dam height = 8m , and
take its width is unity.