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Improving business efficiency through

automation of Trade Finance

Industry Leading BFS company adopts

Banking and Financial Services robotic automation process to
accelerate LC & BG Closure
In Banking and Financial Services (BFS)
industry, manual processes are the
hindrance for faster & perennial customer
services related to trade finance, like Letter
of Credit (LC) and Bank Guarantee (BG)
closure. Robotic process automation helps
improve and enhance core banking system
by providing quick and accurate details for
documentation, validation and process

Paper-based process: The entire process

Client was paper-based and so the verification and
The client is a leading Financial Service company validation was a time consuming procedure
based out-of India, providing banking and Accuracy & Relevance: Manual intervention
financial services to corporate and retail has accuracy and relevance issues. It needs
consumers. multiple verification and cross-reference to
confirm its authenticity and accuracy

Business needs Datamatics Solution

Closure of LC & BG systems need to be done
Datamatics team of experts suggested their
within 45 days from their expiry date.
robotic process automation (RPA) solution,
The client required a reliable solution that is
i-Bridge, for automation of Trade Finance.
both fast and accurate:
Some of the key highlights of the
implementation are:
Automated Trade Finance closure system
Robotic Compilation: i-Bridge has data
System for quick information integration
automation and verification features that
with update facility
eliminated manual intervention and
Data verification and validation system
automated the whole system
Low over-head cost: Automation minimized
Challenges manual intervention decreasing over-head
cost and increasing productivity
To complete and close any LC or BG file the Auto Annotation: As the system got
client faced the following challenges because of automated, there was no need for manual
their existing system: annotations and all the files were directly
Manual Intervention: As the process was marked and transferred by i-Bridge
handled end-to-end manually, the document Accurate & Relevant: The system proved to
integration was tedious and time consuming be 100% accurate, as the new system is a
High over-head cost: Manual process virtual & non-intrusive process. The
resulted in allocation of multiple skills and application was efficient enough to match
man hours on a single document, as a result and validate recent input with the collated
the productivity was low data from excel and other previous
Datamatics Approach Benefits
Datamatics implemented an agile approach to Some of the significant benefits of installation
Advantage integrate & install robotic process automation and implementation of i-Bridge are:
into clients work structure and system: 50% reduction in man hours
Global Information Technology (IT) & Detailed evaluation of the existing system 60% rise in productivity
Business Process Management (BPM) was documented 40-50% rise in efficiencies of Run The
organization taking you forward on your Installation and integration of i-Bridge Business (RTB) cost
route to Digital Transformation Impact and progression was tested 100% error free system
Users were trained and tutored on use of the
Trusted partner to several Fortune 500 system
companies globally
Capabilities built around technology,
domain expertise & knowledge of Process
business processes
Alliances with global technology leaders PM
such as Microsoft, IBM & EMC2 Capture Go to Particular
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More than 7,500 employees globally
Certified for SEI CMMI Level 4 V1.3, 101010101 101010101

ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2008

101010101 101010101
101010101 101010101

SSAE 16 compliant processes ERP Generates Port

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Global presence: U.S., UK, Australia,
Dubai & India

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Datamatics solution enhanced the clients productivity by 60%, with at least 40% efficiencies in
RTB cost.

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Street No.17, MIDC, Andheri (East)
Mumbai 400 093
Tel +91 22 6102 0000-09
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