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1/ The presentation was based on the results of a study on successful school principals across the
United States conducted by MCREL (Mid-Continent Research on Education and Learning).

By considering the school where you are currently connected with, what three (3)
characteristics of a curriculum leader will best fit your institution?

Doc PowerPoint Great Schoools roi Comment trong website

2/ Hilda Taba has popularized the Grassroot Model of Curriculum Development. As such, the
teacher becomes the first curriculum leader.

View the video on the given link. Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson

After watching it, write a reflective journal touching on the following areas:
a. Your relationship with your students;
b. Your learnings as a teacher;
c. Your resolve on your role as a teacher and as an administrator.
Aspects of each specific METHODOLOGY
curriculum area evaluated

Observation Document Review I

Quality of teaching and learning

Quality of classroom environment

and review of support for
curriculum implementation
material resources

Quality of classroom planning

Assessment and achievement

does the teacher show mastery of the subject matter?

does the teacher ask relevant questions?
Do all students actively participate in the discussion?