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New York Military Entrance

Processing Station

Standard Operating
Processing Requirements for
Applicants for Military Service

116 White Avenue

Fort Hamilton
Brooklyn, NY 11252
(718) 765-7300

New York MEPS July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

Table of Contents
Part 1 Introduction
Governing Directives, Regulations and Forms_______________________________________5
Supported Units________________________________________________________________6
Summary of Changes____________________________________________________________6
Normal Operating Hours______________________________________________________7
Saturday Operations____________________________________________________________7
Non-Processing Days__________________________________________________________8
Armed Services Vocational Apptitude Battery (ASVAB) Testing__________________________8
Preparatory Steps_______________________________________________________________9
Applicant Attire________________________________________________________________9
Applicant Misconduct___________________________________________________________9
Hotel for Applicants____________________________________________________________10
Government Photo Identification_________________________________________________10
e-Security Enrollment__________________________________________________________10
Applicant Projection Requirements_______________________________________________11
Medical Prescreening Prior to Projection________________________________________12
Projection Requirements_____________________________________________________13
Requests for Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Action______________________15
Delayed Entry Program (DEP) Discharges_________________________________________15
Service Processing For (SPF) Changes____________________________________________15
Ownership Transfers (Fax and Mail Transactions)___________________________________15
Medical Records_______________________________________________________________15
Projected Active Duty Date Changes (PADD)_______________________________________15
"N" Status: Administrative Hold_________________________________________________16
Quality Review Program (QRP)__________________________________________________18
Shipper Projections____________________________________________________________20
Applicant Processing Window____________________________________________________22

New York MEPS SOP 2

July 27, 2012

MEPS Processing Priorities_____________________________________________________22

Medical Processing__________________________________________________________22
Enlistment Processing________________________________________________________22
Testing Processing___________________________________________________________22
Applicant Arrival Procedures____________________________________________________22
Shipper Processing____________________________________________________________23
Applicant Testing______________________________________________________________23
Testing Schedule____________________________________________________________23
Special Test Schedule_________________________________________________________24
Retest/Confirmation Test Procedures___________________________________________25
Medical Processing____________________________________________________________26
Special Category Applicants_____________________________________________________26
Officer Candidate Applicants____________________________________________________26
Previously Medically Discharged Applicants________________________________________27
Over 40 Physicals______________________________________________________________27
No Show Procedures __________________________________________________________
Manual Processing Procedures __________________________________________________
MEPS Walk in Policy___________________________________________________________28
Applicant Holdover____________________________________________________________29
Files Room and Access to Applicant Records________________________________________30
Expectations of Recruiters_______________________________________________________31
Enlistment Ceremonies_________________________________________________________32
MEPS Recruiter Orientation and Training_________________________________________32
Senior Liaison Meeting_________________________________________________________33
InterService Recruiting Committee Meeting (IRC) Meeting____________________________33
MEPS Security and Emergency Management_______________________________________33
Exceptions to Policy____________________________________________________________33
Appendix 1Operating Schedule and Cut-off Times_________________________________36
Appendix 2Typical Applicant Processing Schedule_________________________________36
Appendix 3Applicant Conduct/Reminders________________________________________37

New York MEPS SOP 3

July 27, 2012

Items Applicants Should Not Bring______________________________________________37

Appendix 4Glossary__________________________________________________________38
Appendix 5Forms____________________________________________________________40
Appendix 6- Exception to Policy (ETP) Form _____________________________________ 47

New York MEPS SOP 4

July 27, 2012


This standard operating procedure (SOP) contains the procedures and policies of the New York
Military Entrance Processing Station (NY MEPS). It is understood that specific applicant issues
or Recruiting Service needs could generate periodic changes and exceptions to these procedures.

The purpose of this SOP is to explain MEPS procedures in support of applicant qualification and
enlistment into the Armed Forces and to ensure a professional relationship between supported
Recruiting Services and the MEPS.

This publication is a guide and is not intended as a substitute for regulatory guidance. Service
Liaisons, Recruiting personnel, and MEPS staff must be familiar with the appropriate regulations
regarding the processing of applicants for military Service.

NY MEPS Mission Statement:

To qualify applicants and ship recruits for military and federal Services
during peacetime and mobilization and to conduct the Department of
Defense Student Testing Program.

Governing Directives, Regulations and Forms

a. AR 601-270

b. OPNAVINST 1100.4C

c. MCO P1100.75D

d. AFI 36-2003 (I)

e. COMDTINST M 1100.2E

f. USMEPCOM Regulation 601-4

g. USMEPCOM Regulation 601-23

h. USMEPCOM Regulation 680-3

i. USMEPCOM Regulation 40-1

j. USMEPCOM Regulation 380-1

k. USMEPCOM Regulation 611-1

New York MEPS SOP 5

July 27, 2012


This SOP applies to all NY MEPS personnel, Recruiting Service Liaison personnel assigned to
the NY MEPS and the Recruiters and Commands serviced by the NY MEPS.

This SOP supersedes the previous version dated 1 September 2008.

Supported Units

The following Recruiting Service units are considered primary customers:

New York City Recruiting Battalion, Army

Mid Atlantic Recruiting Battalion, Army
Army Medical Detachment (AMEDD), New York
Navy Recruiting District New York
Marine Corps Recruiting Station, New Jersey
Marine Corps Recruiting Station, New York
313th US Air Force Recruiting Squadron New York
U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Office, New York
U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Office, Newark
New York National Guard
New Jersey National Guard
Connecticut National Guard

Summary of Changes

This document represents a complete revision and should be read in its entirety.

New York MEPS SOP 6

July 27, 2012

Part 2 Operating Hours and Processing Times

Normal Operating Hours
The normal operating hours for the NY MEPS are from 0630-2000, Monday through Friday.
Applicants will arrive according to the table below. The control desk will operate the entire
duration of each day. Service Liaisons must be in place and ready to handle their applicants NLT
0630 to avoid processing delays, and must remain at MEPS until all their applicants have
checked out and departed.

Appendix 1 contains the processing arrival and cut-off requirements for the NY MEPS.

Latest Arrival Time to

Applicant Category Remarks
the MEPS

Shippers, Physicals, Inspects, Same

Day Processors (SDP)

Individual Cases; by appt, 90

In-House Medical Consultations
minutes prior

Airborne Physicals 1000

Specials Liaisons must schedule

(Attorneys, Healthcare 0900 appointments with the Medical
Professionals, and Chaplains) Section NLT 1300 the day prior

Officer Candidates 0730 Front of the line privileges

DEP Only 1000


Mondays and Fridays
1645 Earliest arrival time is 1200
(Except Friday)

Saturday Operations

The NY MEPS will open on Saturday in accordance with the USMEPCOM Fiscal Year (FY)
Operating Schedule. The MEPS will conduct Morning ASVAB, SDP, and Physical
Examinations (except for applicants over age 40), and DEP during Saturday Operations.

New York MEPS SOP 7

July 27, 2012

The following apply:

a. At least 10 full physicals must be projected for the MEPS to open.

b. ASVAB Testing will be projected in Testing the Thursday prior to Saturday.

c. Shippers will not be processed or projected on Saturdays.

d. No processing cutoff extensions will be granted during Saturday operations.

Non-Processing Days

Training Days: USMEPCOM designates four training days on the FY Operating schedule.
Applicants are not processed on Training Days. Service counselors may be present in the station
on training days and are invited to participate in the training sessions.

Holidays: MEPS is closed on all federal holidays and on additional holidays identified by

Organizational Day: There will be one non-processing Organizational Day per year.

ASVAB Testing

The Testing Section will administer the ASVAB test Monday through Thursday between 1400
and 1700 and on Fridays at 0700-1000.

Projections for all tests are due 48 hours prior to the test date. Less than prior to the 48 hour
window, the Testing Section will accept Walk-in testers for the CAT ASVAB until 1300 on the
test date, Monday through Thursday. Service Liaisons must submit a USMEPCOM 727 with a
projection type W. Unprojected applicants for special tests must submit an ETP.

SDP applicants must report to the MEPS no later than 0630 on Mondays and working Saturdays.

New York MEPS SOP 8

July 27, 2012

Part 3 Applicant Preparation

Preparatory Steps

Applicant preparation is the key to successful MEPS processing. Recruiters and Liaisons are
responsible for ensuring only thoroughly screened applicants are projected for processing.
Applicants must have all required documentation to process. The Quality Review Process (QRP)
will determine each applicants eligibility to process. Any discrepancies not corrected within one
hour of initial QRP completion will disqualify the applicant from processing 48 hours later.

Recruiters are encouraged to show their applicants the A Day at the MEPS video prior to
bringing them to the MEPS. A Day at the MEPS video is available online at

Applicants are required to remain inside the MEPS until their processing is complete. The only
exception to this policy will be for those applicants who must leave the MEPS for official
purposes prior to the conclusion of all processing. Applicants may not smoke or use smokeless
tobacco while processing.

Applicant Attire

Applicants must wear appropriate clothing when processing through the NY MEPS. The
following items are prohibited:

- Shorts more than 4 inches above the knee

- Halter tops, strapless tops, or similar style dresses
- Crude slogans or pictures
- Dirty or torn clothing
- Transparent clothing
- Open toed shoes, open heeled shoes, and flip flops
- Hats, scarves, or head gear
- Midriff-bearing shirts
- Shirts displaying cleavage
- Body piercings and earrings (males); more than one pair earrings (females)
- Sleeveless shirts

All applicants must have on full-coverage undergarments and socks. The staff members at the
Control Desk will determine if an applicant meets the standard of dress. If an applicant is not in
compliance with the standard, he will be sent to the appropriate Service Liaison for resolution.
The Service Liaison has 30 minutes to ensure the applicant meets the standard.

Applicant Misconduct

The ranking commissioned officer of the day, MEPS First Sergeant, Processing NCOIC, Medical
NCOIC, and Testing Supervisor have the authority to stop the processing of any applicant for
misconduct at the MEPS or the contract hotel. The hotel is authorized to evict applicants who

New York MEPS SOP 9

July 27, 2012

violate the rules and will contact law enforcement authorities, if necessary. Applicants who are
evicted for failure to obey hotel rules will be banned from the contract hotel and will not process
that day at the MEPS.

The MEPS Commander will decide whether or not to ship enlistees in cases involving
misconduct or liability at the hotel.

Hotel for Applicants

Service Liaisons must provide their hotel projections on USMEPCOM Forms 727-E Processing
List (page 2) to the Travel Section no later than 1300 daily (Sunday hotel projections are due by
1300 on Friday and by 1100 on working Saturdays). Any changes must be submitted before 1600
on updated USMEPCOM Forms 727-E. Service Liaisons are responsible for ensuring their
projections are correct.
The hotel will provide transportation for night testers and holdovers only. The Recruiting Services
are responsible for transporting all other applicants to the hotel. Applicants may be dropped off at
the hotel between 1400 and 2000. Only applicants who are projected correctly will stay at the
hotel. If an applicant is not projected correctly, he will not stay in the hotel.
Each applicant will receive a hotel fact sheet from the recruiter titled From the Desk of the
Commander that covers the rules and amenities of the hotel. Applicants are responsible for
following all rules.
Applicants placed in a holdover status by 1630 or within 30 minutes after expiration of an ETP will
be allowed stay at the hotel with the proper projection.

Government Photo Identification

Recruiting Services are responsible for ensuring all shippers have valid photo identification.
Applicants without valid photo identification will not ship.

e-Security Enrollment

All applicants who process through the NY MEPS must biometrically enroll in e-Security.
Along with a USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E, the applicant must present one of the following:

-Original Social Security Card

-SSA Verification Printout (NUMI)
-DD Form 214
-TD Form W-2
-Tax Statement
-Pay Stub/Statement
-Uniform Services Identification Card (with SSN printed on it)
-Official School Transcript

Documents other than the Social Security card may be copies.

New York MEPS SOP 10

July 27, 2012

Applicant Projection Requirements

Service Liaisons will complete all projections in the USMEPCOM Integrated Reporting System
(USMIRS). Service Liaisons are required to turn in all USMEPCOM Forms 727-E Processing
Lists (PL) in accordance with the timeline on the next page.


Applicant Time PL Due Remarks


Shipper 1100 48 hours prior to shipping. Must Must be committed in USMIRS 72

turn in medical record. Hotel and Meal hours prior to shipping. Changes
PL must be turned in by 1300. within 72 hours require an exception to

Holdover 1100 on the day the applicant was

Shipper supposed to ship. Hotel and Meal PL
must be turned in by 1300.

Processor 1300 48 hours prior to processing. Must Services have until 1100 the following
turn in medical record and DD Form day to correct QRP deficiencies. Any
2807-2. Hotel and Meal PL must be deficiencies not corrected will result in
turned in by 1300. a deleted projection. Missing records
or DD Form 2807-2 will result in an
automatic deletion.

Night 48 hours prior to the test Submit APL to testing. APLs for
Tester applicants projected as a walk-in by
1300 day of testing (W type projection)

Special 48 hours prior to the test


Walk-in Prior to the completion of morning check Applicants must have walk-in tag and
in proper paperwork.

Even Flow Processing

Even Flow processing provides the Recruiting Services a reasonable minimum number of full
physicals/contracts while ensuring processing efforts are completed within a standard business

New York MEPS SOP 11

July 27, 2012

The service allocations promulgated to the IRC on 1 Oct 2011 are:

Army and Army Reserves 25 New Contracts

Army National Guard 11 New Contracts
Navy and Navy Reserves 15 New Contracts
Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Guard 5 New Contracts
Marine Corps 15 New Contracts
Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve 3 New Contracts
74 New Contracts

These allocations may be changed based on guidance from MEPCOM and changing workloads.
Even Flow processing does not impact shippers or other processors.
If the services do not engage in proactive allocation exchanges (a.k.a. horse trading), recruiting
services may only project the appropriate number of applicants for new contract processing;
however, this may only be done with the understanding that if at projection cutoff of 1300 the
MEPS capacity of 74 is exceeded, the Service Liaisons/Guidance Counselors must reduce their
number of projections to no higher than their daily allocation in order to bring the MEPS total
down to maximum capacity. If more than one service is involved, preference will be given to the
service with the lowest no-show rate from the prior 30 days of processing.

Medical Prescreening Prior to Projection

All applicants must submit a DD Form 2807-2 (Medical Pre-screen of Medical History Report)
before arriving for processing at the MEPS. The DD Form 1966 (Record of Military Processing
Armed Forces of the United States) must accompany the pre-screen for all minor applicants.
Service Liaisons will submit to the Files Room.

a. Pre-screens on applicants with no medical history documentation and no "yes"

responses in any item numbers other than 12, 61, and 73 will be submitted along with
APLs by 1300 48 hours prior to processing. MEPS medical personnel will review pre-
screens during QRP.

b. Med Reads are pre-screens with medical history. Med reads on applicants with
medical history documentation of five or less pages and "yes" responses in any item
numbers other than 12, 61, and 73 will be submitted by 1000 3 days prior to the
applicants processing date. The Service Liaison may submit the Med Read without a
projection, but the USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E must accompany the Med Read to
support USMIRS data entry. The MEPS Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Fee Basis
Provider (FBP) authorized to review Med Reads are to review 3-day pre-screens within
24 hours and inform the Recruiting Services of the results. Example: The Service Liaison
submits a Med Read on Monday by 1000. The CMO or FBP must review the Med Read
before 1000 on Tuesday. If approved, the Service Liaison may project his applicant to
process on Thursday.

New York MEPS SOP 12

July 27, 2012

c. Med Reads on applicants with medical history documentation of more than five pages
and "yes" responses in any items numbers other than 12, 61, and 73 will be reviewed and
the Recruiting Service will be notified of the applicant's status within 72 hours of receipt.
Example: The Recruiting Service submits a Med Read on Monday by 1000. The
Recruiting Service will be notified of the applicant's status before 1000 on Thursday. If
approved, the Service Liaison may project the applicant to process on Monday.

d. A pre-screen is valid for 60 days from the date the applicant signed the pre-screen.
After 60 days, the applicant must submit a new pre-screen.

e. Applicants with deferred 2807s should not be submitted at QRP.

Projection Requirements
The following table outlines the minimum requirements for projecting an applicant:

Required Document
Documents required
Type of Documents Turn-in
upon arrival at the Remarks
prior to Time
Shipper packet per Packet must be in order
Shipper 1100 USMEPCOM Reg with specified number of
Form 727-E
601-23 copies
Holdover USMEPCOM Same requirements as
Shipper Form 727-E above
Form 680-3A-E, e- Personal data must be
1300 Security enrollment committed in MIRS
Testers Form 727-E
Walk-in tags required for
Prior to applicants who will full
All documents that
USMEPCOM morning phys or dep-in that day
Walk-In fall within the
Form 727-E check-in
respective category

Full e-Security enrollment

Physical 1300 document (if
Form 727-E
DD Form 214, For Prior Service
DD Form 368 or 1300 Applicants
REDD Report
DD Form 2807- 1300 any required Must have medical section
2 additional approval prior to projection

New York MEPS SOP 13

July 27, 2012

Required Document
Documents required
Type of Documents Turn-in
upon arrival at the Remarks
Applicant prior to Time
DD Form parents/guardian signature
1966/5 Parental 1300 or justification for single
Consent parent signature
As applicable: Required for the following:
DD Form 214, NGB physical expires between
Repeat DD Form 2807-
1300 22, DEP and Ship; prior
Physical 2, 680-3A-E
REDD Report Service requiring RE Code
Waiver waiver; original phys lost
Any required
Medical USMEPCOM documentation
Inspect Form 727-E requested by the
Medical Section
Only Form 727-E
1630 or
within 30
DEP Form 727-E
of ETP
NOTE: The USMEPCOM Form 727-E Processing List contains five pages that USMIRS lists as
copies. The NY MEPS uses pages one, two, and five. All applicants must have page one of
USMEPCOM Form 727-E for projection. Service Liaisons must print and submit page two for
applicants who require lodging and page five for applicants who require lunch.


The NY MEPS provides a free lunch for applicants through a contracted caterer. Service
Liaisons must use page five of USMEPCOM Form 727-E to project their applicants for lunch.
Projections must be made by 1300 48 hours prior to processing. If an applicant is not projected
for lunch, the staff cannot guarantee that the contractor will have food for him or her.

The files room HRT doing QRP will fill in the daily number sheet based on the applicants
projected. He or she will print the Lunch Meal Count fax sheet with the guaranteed minimum
projection (60%) for the next day and fax it to the caterer by 1430.

After morning check-in, the morning number will be completed. The meal APLs will be counted
for each service, totaled, and faxed to the caterer. This will be done by 0830.

New York MEPS SOP 14

July 27, 2012

Requests for MEPS Action

The Files Room completes DEP discharges, Service processing for (SPF) changes, personal data
corrections, records requests, and ownership transfers (fax and mail). Files Room customer
Service hours are from 0900-1300 and 1530-1630 daily. Service Liaisons must submit a NY
MEPS Form 18 (MEPRS Transaction Request Form) and USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E to the
Files Room by 0900 along with the required documentation to formally request a MEPS action.
The action will be completed by MEPS personnel within 24 hours. If the request contains
incomplete information, the Service Liaison must fix the deficiencies and resubmit the request.

DEP Discharges

A memorandum including the discharge code is required. Service Liaisons must return Files
Room Packets to the Files Room. Service Liaisons should review Process Results Option 12 at
the close of business and print USMEPCOM Form 680-3ADP for applicant discharges each day.
The original physical is required for DEP Discharge transactions.

Service Processing For (SPF) Changes

Services may not project an applicant for processing at the MEPS until the SPF change is
complete. Each Service may request the SPF changes required. Service Liaisons will settle
disputes over applicants who request multiple SPF changes between Services.

Ownership Transfers (Fax and Mail)

Any applicant who processed at another MEPS requires an ownership transfer, more commonly
known as fax and mail. During normal operations, the NY MEPS will receive a copy of the
requested record within 72 hours (fax) and the original record within 10 business days (mail).
SPF changes will be completed upon receipt of the faxed copy of the requested record.

Applicants who completed a full physical exam prior to a SPF change will be placed in an N
status (Med Clear SPF Change) until they complete a medical inspect for the new Service. An
applicant may process with a faxed copy of his medical record but cannot ship on a copy. If an
applicant does not have the original MEPS physical in his record, he must take another physical
examination (repeat physical).

Medical Records

Service Liaisons must submit a USMEPCOM form 680-3ADP with records request written on
it. The record will be pulled and checked out in MIRS. Upon pick up, the liaison will sign out the
records in the sign out log.

Projected Active Duty Date Changes (PADD)

Service Liaisons must submit a Request for Action form with a new USMEPCOM Form 1966/1
to change a PADD. This does not apply to National Guard or Reserve.

New York MEPS SOP 15

July 27, 2012

"N" Status: Administrative Hold

An N Status in USMIRS bars an applicant from further processing until specific discrepancies
are corrected. The chart below provides the most common circumstances for an "N" status, the
required action, and the responsible party for clearing the N status. This list is not all-

N Status Table
"N" Status Reason Required Action Responsible Party
Signature Needed/ verify Applicant signs USMEPCOM Form Control Desk
signature 680-3A-E in the presence of MEPS
Medical disclosure during Human Resource Assistant (HRA) Processing/Medical
PEI/PAI completes USMEPCOM Form 601-23- Section
E. CMO reviews the disclosure;
determines applicants fitness for duty.
Non-medical disclosure HRA completes USMEPCOM Form Service Liaison
during PEI/PAI 601-23-E. Service considers the
additional information and clears or
terminates processing in USMIRS.
Drug Use (not shared HRA completes USMEPCOM Form Processing/Medical
during physical) 601-23-E. CMO reviews the disclosure; Section
determines applicants fitness for duty.
Liaison compares to Service standards
and suspends or continues processing.
Alcohol Abuse (not shared HRA completes USMEPCOM Form Processing Section
during physical) 601-23-E. CMO reviews the disclosure;
determines applicants fitness for duty.
Liaison compares to Service standards;
suspends or continues processing.
Unpaid Fines/Tickets Liaison provides proof of payment Processing Section
Information not on SF 86 Notify Service Liaison and correct form Processing Section
Other MEPS Processor Service Liaison completes a 680-3A-E Files Room
and submit for ownership transfer
Prior Military Service Submit Prior Service Checklist and Files Room
source document (DD Form 214, DD
Form 368 or REDD Report)
Drug Test Results Applicant retest required (No further Medical Section
Cancellation action will be taken until retest)
HIV Test Results Applicant retest required (No further Medical Section

New York MEPS SOP 16

July 27, 2012

N Status Table
"N" Status Reason Required Action Responsible Party
Cancellation action will be taken until retest)
Positive Drug Test USMIRS creates a reevaluation believed USMIRS Database
justified (RBJ) date; cannot process until
date passed. CMO notifies the applicant;
MEPS Commander notifies Recruiting
Service Commander. Service determines
to submit a waiver or discharge.
Incomplete 680-3A-E Applicant/Liaison/Recruiter completes Testing Section/Control
USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E Desk
Invalid Test: Tested Too USMIRS creates an RBJ date. USMIRS Database
Soon Applicant must wait until the RBJ date
passes to retest.
Invalid Test USMIRS creates an RBJ date. USMIRS Database
Caught Cheating Applicant must wait until the RBJ date
passes to retest. (6 months for any
future Test at MEPS)
Invalid Test Applicant must wait one calendar month Testing Section
Retested with same test to retest or MEPS Commander approves
version waiver if previous test version is
annotated on 680-3A-E and TA gives
same test version.
Confirmation Test Administer Confirmation Test at the Testing Section
Required MEPS
Partial Biometric The MEPS staff completes biometric Testing Section/
Enrollment enrollment Medical Section/
Processing Section
SSN Mismatch Applicant provides proof of SSN Recruiting Service
Name mismatch with the Applicant provides source document Recruiting Service/
United States Citizenship (see pages 12/13). The MEPS staff Control Desk/
and Immigration Service enters the new information in USMIRS Processing Section
(USCIS) or Social Security and generates a new USCIS/SSA
Administration (SSA) investigation.
Place of birth country Applicant provides source document Recruiting Service/
mismatch with (see pages 12/13). MEPS enters the new Control Desk/
USCIS/SSA information in USMIRS and generates a Processing Section
new USCIS/SSA investigation.
Date of birth mismatch Applicant provides source document Recruiting
with USCIS/SSA (see pages 12 and 13). The MEPS staff Service/Control Desk/

New York MEPS SOP 17

July 27, 2012

N Status Table
"N" Status Reason Required Action Responsible Party
enters the new information in USMIRS Processing Section
and generates a new USCIS/SSA
Citizenship mismatch with Applicant provides source document Recruiting Service,
USCIS/SSA (see pages 12 and 13). The MEPS staff Files Room, Processing
enters the new information in USMIRS Section
and generates a new USCIS/SSA
Applicant tests with Liaison contacts MAPWG to remove Liaisons/Testing
Accession Data accession data Section

NOTE: New USCIS/SSA investigations require a minimum of two business days to complete.
Applicants cannot ship with pending USCIS/SSA results. If an applicant is scheduled to ship but
has a USCIS/SSA mismatch, the Service Liaison must project the applicant again after the
USCIS/SSA investigation results have posted.

Quality Review Program (QRP)

The purpose of QRP is to:

1. Ensure 100 percent availability of applicant records.

2. Provide a thorough review of all testing, medical and processing documents.

3. Ensure applicants are qualified for further processing.

QRP consists of a three-person team, one each from the Processing, Testing, and Medical
Sections. During the QRP session, the team reviews each applicants record. The QRP Team
must have a copy of each applicants DD Form 2807-2 and record to conduct QRP on an
applicants individual projection. If the Service Liaison does not provide a copy of the DD Form
2807-2 and the applicants record by 1300, the applicants projection will be deleted. Service
Liaisons will not have the opportunity to submit these documents as corrections once QRP is

Service Liaisons will receive a copy of their respective USMEPCOM Form 727-Es, Applicant
Processing List (APL), once QRP is complete. Service Liaisons must correct discrepancies by
1100 the day after receiving QRP results to ensure their applicants will process the next day. The
QRP team will delete projections if discrepancies are not corrected within the timeframe.
Applicants whose projections have been deleted and arrive to process the next morning will be
Service walk-ins.

The QRP team will make one of the following annotations on each Recruiting Services APL at
the completion of QRP:

New York MEPS SOP 18

July 27, 2012

Quality Review Process

Remark on APL Definition Result if not Corrected

MC DD Form 2807-2 approved Applicant cleared to process.

and Record turned in

Deferred 2807-2 DD Form 2807-2 in packet Projection deleted.


No 2807-2 DD Form 2807-2 missing Projection deleted. Service

from the applicants packet Liaison cannot correct.

Expired 2807-2 Applicant needs a new DD Projection deleted.

Form 2807-2

17/Parental Consent Applicant is 17 and needs a Projection deleted.

DD Form 1966/5 Parental
Consent Form

Need Waiver Applicant requires a waiver to Projection deleted.


SSA/USCIS There is a mismatch with the Projection deleted.

applicants information in

W/SVC Record not present for QRP. Projection deleted. Service

It is signed out to the Service Liaison cannot correct.

W/MED (Physical Date) The applicants record is still Applicant cleared to process.
in the Medical Section

W/SVC (Inspection Date) The applicants record is Projection deleted. Service

signed out to the Recruiting Liaison cannot correct.
Service. The applicant passed
the physical inspection

Need fax and mail The applicant completed a full Projection deleted.
physical at another MEPS.
The fax and mail transaction
must be complete for the
applicant to process.

Need SPF change (Branch) The applicant needs a SPF Projection deleted.
change for the branch of
Service listed in the

New York MEPS SOP 19

July 27, 2012

parentheses to process.

Test Only The applicant is projected to Applicant cleared to process.

test only and does not need a
DD Form 2807-2.

Low ASVAB The applicant does not meet Special category applicants
Service entrance requirements. waived. Other applicants may
Service may submit waiver. process with a waiver.

Unmerged test scores The applicant has previous The Recruiting Service must
unmerged test scores. clear with testing.

Need confirmation test The applicant needs to take a Projection deleted.

confirmation test before the
physical. Must take at MEPS

Re-project in USMIRS The applicant needs to be re- Projection deleted.

projected in USMIRS.

Missing DD Form 214 The applicant needs a DD Projection deleted.

Form 214/215/368 as a record
of prior service.

Need original to ship The applicant has a copy of Projection deleted.

the MEPS physical
examination in his record and
needs the original physical to

Need M005 (MEPS Action) The applicant has outdated or Projection deleted.
invalid accession data in
USMIRS. This data must be
deleted (M005) prior to further

Non-med The applicant is exempt from Applicant cleared to process.

taking the ASVAB and
physical exam.

Shipper Projections

Service Liaisons will project shippers 30 days prior to the ship date in USMIRS. The destination
and date of birth for each shipper must be in the remarks column. This is a daily report for the

New York MEPS SOP 20

July 27, 2012

Travel Section. If the 30 day requirement falls on a day when the MEPS is not open, Service
Liaisons must project the applicants on the next business day.

Service Liaisons will provide a Request for Orders (RFO) to the Travel Assistant (TA) five
business days prior to the ship date and final shipping projections 72 hours prior to the ship date.
The Commercial Travel Office (CTO) will book shippers by name and provide confirmed
reservation itineraries no later than the morning of the ship date. Service Liaisons must
immediately notify the TA of any changes to the projections. Applicants who are not projected
correctly may not fly on the requested ship date. Projections under 72 hours require an
Exception to Policy and close coordination with the Operations Officer and the TA. The NY
MEPS cannot guarantee flights for applicants who are not projected correctly.

Final Shipper Projections

If the applicant ships Projection must be submitted no
on later than 1100 on the prior
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday

Family members and friends often come to the MEPS to farewell the shippers. The main gate
Visitor Control Center (VCC) requires the names of daily shippers to verify visitors to the
MEPS. To ensure that the VCC has this information, a Travel Section member will submit the
by-name shipper projection list the day prior. The list will be emailed to
'' Visitors should be instructed by recruiters to come no earlier
than 1030; which is the first oath of the day.

New York MEPS SOP 21

July 27, 2012

Part 4 Applicant Processing

Applicant Processing Window

The Recruiting Services will have a minimum six-hour applicant-processing window to work
new contracts during normal MEPS operations and Saturday openings. This time commences
when the first scheduled full physical applicant is released to the Service Liaison.

MEPS Processing Priorities

The NY MEPS prioritizes applicant processing to ensure smooth applicant flow. The following
processing priorities apply:

Medical Processing
1. Physical inspections (shippers/Non Shipper)
2. Special physicals by appointment (Attorneys, Healthcare Professionals, and
3. Officer Candidates and ROTC, Cadet, and Midshipmen applicants
4. Applicant physicals (DEP)
5. Prior Service
6. All others (waiver, consults, etc.)
Enlistment Processing
1. Active Duty (AD) shippers
2. All new contracts
Testing Processing
1. CAT-ASVAB/MET SITE Testing (Enlistment)
2. ASVAB Testing (High School)
3. Special Tests

MEPS Opening Procedures

Total required personnel scheduled to open the MEPS at 0615/0630 is 5 (1 military, 3 civilians, 1
officer/E-6+). One military will pull security, two civilians will work the control desk, one
civilian will handle biometric enrollment, and the officer/E-6+ will assist with check-in or float
until time for the Commanders Welcome Brief at 0800.
Applicants arrive at the MEPS in accordance with Table 1 on page seven. Applicants arriving at
the MEPS with recruiters will be briefed and escorted into the MEPS prior to the bus arriving.

Upon bus arrival

New York MEPS SOP 22

July 27, 2012

One staff member will get on the bus to give the shipper/modified briefing and ask all applicants
if anyone is in possession of contraband. He or she will then direct applicants into the building.
Applicants will deposit their belongings in a bin in the baggage room then report to their Service.

Liaisons will check in applicants and give them name tags. They will first send Full Physicals to
the control desk to check in, obtain their records, and be biometrically enrolled in the Murphy
Room if needed. Liaisons will then send Inspects/Shippers directly to the Medical floor. All
others will be sent to the control desk when announced over the paging system.

The Commanders Welcome Brief will begin at 0800 in the Medical briefing room for all Full
Physicals and Same Day Processors. The Medical briefing will immediately follow. At 0800 the
control desk will be closed for morning check in.

Commanders Welcome Brief

All applicants processing at NY MEPS will receive the Commanders Welcome Brief. This
briefing is an important tool in setting the tone for the MEPS experience and is given before their
processing day begins. This briefing is to be given to all applicants who have not been to a
MEPS in over 2 years or require processing other than an inspection, consult, ASVAB, special
test, or significantly reduced level activity. For maximum value, the briefing should precede as
much of the MEPS processing day as possible. The briefing establishes rules of conduct,
confirms to the applicant they are in a military environment, and ensures an understanding they
are the number one mission priority.

Shipper Processing

When a Shipper has completed his medical inspect, he will be sent down to the Service. The
Liaison will send the Shipper to the control desk, who will check the Shipper in to Travel. Travel
will provide the Shipper with military orders and direct him to the Processing Section for PAI.
After PAI is complete, Processing will retain the entire packet for packet breakdown. The
Shipper will be sent back down to the Service for final preparations.

With the exception of Reserves and National Guard, the Liaison will provide the Shipper with a
680-ADP with oath written on it and send him to the control desk. At this point the Shipper has
completed processing and will wait for the next oath of enlistment. If his family is visiting, he
can wait with them.

After he completes the oath of enlistment, he will sign his enlistment contract. When Travel has
all the Shippers ready for shipping, they will page all the shippers for the Travel briefing. Each
Shipper will receive his packet, flight itinerary, and meal check. The Travel Specialist will escort
the Shippers to obain their baggage and then on to the appropriate van outside the MEPS.

New York MEPS SOP 23

July 27, 2012

Applicant Testing

Testing Schedule
The Testing Section publishes a monthly schedule of tests. Applicants must have a complete,
accurate, and legible USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E and SSN verification to test. The following
are general schedules for the NY MEPS and the MET Sites but are subject to change. NY MEPS
is aggressively pursuing opening iCAT (computer-based test) sites. When the sites are fully
functional, all MET sites except for Farmingdale will close permanently. Contact the NY MEPS
Testing Section at 718-765-4431 for additional information.

Type Code Test Date Show Location

Monday, Tuesday
Same Day Processing (following Monday
1991 0630 MEPS
(SDP) Holiday), and Processing
SDP Day or Friday (Prior 0630
Morning Test 1991 to Non-Processing 0700- MEPS
Saturday) 1000
Night Test 1400 -
1992 Monday-Thursday MEPS

Kingsbridge MET Site 2151 Tuesday and Thursday 0930 Bronx, NY

West Orange MET Site 2111 Monday and Friday 1000 West Orange, NJ
Garden City MET Site 2872 Monday 1730 Garden City, NJ
Jamaica MET Site 2552 Wednesday and Thursday 1730 Jamaica, NY
Farmingdale MET Site 2702 Tuesday 1730 Farmingdale, NY
N. Brunswick DeVry Tentative: Monday,
2131 1300 N. Brunswick, NJ
iCAT Site Wednesday, Friday
Paramus DeVry iCAT Tentative: Tuesday,
2141 1300 Paramus, NJ
Site Thursday
Rego Park DeVry iCAT
2451 3 days per week; TBD TBD Queens, NY

Special Test Schedule

Special tests are scheduled according to the following table. Monthly schedules are developed
and forwarded to all Service Liaisons/Counselors for planning purposes. All applicants for
special tests must be projected by 1300 one day prior to testing. Walk-ins are not allowed.

Test Schedule

New York MEPS SOP 24

July 27, 2012

Army Flight Aptitude Selection Test (AFAST) By Appointment

Air Force Officer Qualification Test (AFOQT) 1st and 3rd Wednesday as scheduled
Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT) By Appointment
Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) See CAT-ASVAB test schedule
Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) 0800, Wednesday and Friday
ECLT, English Comprehension Language Test 1000, Tuesday
TAPAS See CAT-ASVAB test schedule
AIM Monday-Friday 1200
Retest/Confirmation Test Procedures
When Authorized individuals are allowed to retest
Standard retest policy
The retest policy applies to both enlistment and student testing programs without distinction. A
mandatory test session in a high school does not waive this policy.

An applicant who answers at least on ASVAB questions is considered to have tested and
established retest eligibility. Any ASVAB test, including confirmation and student tests, within 2
years of any previous ASVAB test is a retest and will be counted toward the retest policy.

When retested, a complete ASVAB is administered. Applicant who has taken the first retest,
whether student or enlistment, can retest after one calendar month has elapsed (example: initial
test taken on 2 JAN, first retest was taken on 2 Feb).

Applicants who have taken the first retest can retest after one calendar month has elapsed (e.g.
initial test taken 1 JAN retest taken 2 Feb applicant is eligible for second retest 2 March). All
subsequent retests must be 6 calendar months from last retest.
Confirmation Test Procedures
This test procedure is designed to identify applicants who achieve 20 or more points of
improvement (critical gain) in Armed Forces Qualification Test scores on a retest. Further
processing is prohibited until after the confirmation test.

If an applicant tests less than six months after his last test and he scores 20 or more points higher,
he will be required to take a confirmation test. The confirmation test must be administered at the
Example: 1st test AFQT = 40, 2nd test AFQT = 60, the critical gain is 20 points.
If the confirmation test score is higher or does not decrease by more than half the critical gain of
the previous test, the applicant may continue MEPS processing. The test that triggered the
confirmation test will be the score of record. Further retesting will be authorized six months
from the date of the confirmation test.

New York MEPS SOP 25

July 27, 2012

Example: 1st test AFQT = 40; 2nd test AFQT = 60, critical gain = 20. Confirmation test AFQT
must = 50 or higher.
If the confirmation test score decreases by more than half of the critical gain, the score will be
invalidated. Confirmation interviews are no longer used by USMEPCOM.
Example: 1st test AFQT = 40; 2nd test AFQT = 60; critical gain = 20. Confirmation test AFQT is less
than 50.

Medical Processing

General Information

Applicants should be aptitudinally qualified, i.e., have a passing score on the ASVAB for their
respective Service, prior to being given a medical examination. The USMEPCOM 680-3-ADP will
be used to determine and verify aptitude qualification scores. Services have the option of giving a
physical to anyone with a score of 10 or above and having the applicant retake ASVAB at a later
Applicants must be ready to process the morning they arrive. The applicants must have been
projected 48 hours prior. Applicants must have authorized Medical Pre-Screening Form (DD Form
2807-2) and other necessary documents with them when they arrive at the control desk for check-in.
Applicants arriving without Medical Pre-Screening Forms will process as a walk-in. Pre-screening
forms for 17-year old applicants require parental consent.
If the Medical Pre-Screening Form indicates a need for an Evaluation or Consult, the applicant
will not process that day. The CMO must review all Med Reads before Service Liaisons project
applicants to process. Any applicant with a Medical Pre-Screening Form that indicates no
significant medical history but subsequently divulges a medical condition will not continue
processing until the CMO completes an evaluation. See Medical Prescreening Prior to
Projection for procedures.

Service Liaisons are authorized on the medical floor at 0900 to speak with the CMO. After that
time period, they are not authorized again until 1300. Exceptions are only permitted if escorted
by either a Medical Supervisor or Lead Health Tech. In their absence, Liaisons must consult
with Operations Officer or Command Group. They may call the Medical Front Desk for
questions at any other time. Recruiting personnel are not authorized on the Medical Floor.

Special Category Applicants

Special category applicant processing recognizes those applicants who merit special treatment
commensurate with their expected position in military Service. This applies to applicants for
direct commissioning such as Attorneys, Healthcare Professionals, and Chaplains. Special
physical applicants must be projected as special physical.
Special applicant processing will be offered daily except on Saturday. Services are authorized
one applicant per day. Services may borrow slots from other Services.

New York MEPS SOP 26

July 27, 2012

Special category applicants must be pre-coordinated with MEPS Medical Section and projected
as non-applicants (DAZ, DFZ, DMZ, etc.) by established timelines. Special category applicants
must arrive no later than 0900 for processing. They will receive individualized processing to the
maximum extent possible.

Officer Candidate Applicants

Officer Candidates include Officer Candidate School, Officer Training School, Reserve Officer
Training Corps, prior-Service applicants, Midshipmen, and Cadets. They must arrive no later
than 0630 and will process with the regular applicants. Applicants in this category receive front-
of-the-line privileges. This is to ensure that maximum red carpet treatment can be provided.
Officer Candidate applicants must be projected as non-applicants (DAZ, DFZ, DMZ, etc.) by
established timelines.


The NY MEPS uses contracted services for Neurological/Psychiatric, Optometry, and

Dermatology medical consultations. The Medical Section will notify Service Liaisons of
scheduled appointments using the NY MEPS Medical Consultation sheet. The Medical Section
will not schedule a consultation for an applicant until his HIV/DAT results have posted. If the
CMO certifies the applicant that day, he may enlist if he can meet the 1600 processing close and
there are no other barriers to processing.

Under no circumstances will Recruiting Service personnel contact NY MEPS consultation

doctors or facilities. Recruiting Services are not authorized to change the date or time of a
consultation appointment. The Service Liaisons must coordinate with the Medical Section to
change consultation appointments.

Applicants must keep their scheduled consultation appointments. If an applicant misses a

consultation, the Recruiting Service Station Commander must submit a letter to the NY MEPS
Commander explaining why the applicant missed the consultation.

Orthopedic consults will be automatically scheduled for the next available slot. Orthopedic
consults are a 2-part process: X-rays before the scheduled consultation and the scheduled

Previously Medically Discharged Applicants

If an applicant has been previously medically discharged from military service, use the Dial-a-
Medic system to discuss the case to ensure the condition that caused the medical discharge is no
longer present. Ensure the medical discharge summary and other medical records are available.

Over 40 Physicals

Applicants over 40 should be prepared for the following during medical processing:
a. Applicants must fast for 12 hours: no food or drink other than water prior to the
physical date

New York MEPS SOP 27

July 27, 2012

b. Special eye test (Tonometry)

c. Rectal examination
d. EKG
e. Females must submit a copy of their recent PAP results and mammogram
f. Prior Service applicants may require a psychiatric (NP) evaluation

For same day processing, applicants over 40 should have their blood drawn up to 2 days prior to
their physical date. The Service Liaison must obtain a voucher and labs from a Medical
Technician. If the Service Liaison does not obtain a voucher, the applicants blood will have to
be drawn at the MEPS and the applicants status will be open until the lab results are posted.

No Show Procedures

Applicants who have been projected but do not come to the MEPS within the required timelines
to process are no shows. No show packets will be checked back into the files room. For
applicants with no records built, the files room will return 2807s to the respective Service.

Manual Processing Procedures

In case of USMIRS outage, applicant processing will continue manually. Testing will provide
paper and pencil tests. Medical will write in physical exam data and retain the information.
Processing will utilize the USMEPCOM forms saved on the O: drive>files room>documents.
The forms are also available via a CD held by the Operations Officer or Processing NCOIC. All
applicant information will be saved and entered into USMIRS when it becomes operational.

MEPS Walk in Policy

A walk-in applicant is not correctly projected for processing before the established MEPS
projection cut-off time. Walk-ins are discouraged because the applicants records will not have
been reviewed which may cause processing delays. Services will adhere to the following rules
for walk-in applicants:

a. Walk-ins must be projected as a W and the corresponding USMEPCOM Form

727E submitted to the Control Desk along with a walk-in tag no later than the end
of morning check-in regardless of medical examination requirements.

b. Walk-in applicants may not have disqualifying medical conditions noted on their
DD Form 2807-2 (other than items 7, 12, 61, and 73). If a walk-in applicant
discloses disqualifying medical conditions during the medical processing, the
Medical Section will terminate the applicants medical processing and send the
applicant back to his respective Service Liaison. The Medical Section will place
the applicants record in an N status.

New York MEPS SOP 28

July 27, 2012

Walk-ins are outside of the normal process and require special consideration. The Control Desk
will only accept walk-ins if they have complete packets and present no obstacles to processing.
Services cannot change the projection the same day to allow testing only applicants to become
SDP. DEP-Only walk-ins will arrive no later than 1000 and be ready to enlist no later than 1600.
The MEPS walk-in policy allows for unexpected applicants. It is not intended to provide a
cushion for failing to properly project an applicant. The NY MEPS will not accept as walk-ins
applicants who still belong to another MEPS or tested at a high school. These applicants must be
projected. Walk-ins requiring SPF changes will be processed in accordance with this SOP.

Walk-in allocations are based on the percentage of accessions at this MEPS for each individually
represented Recruiting Service using recent historical data.
The following table lists the Service allocations for walk-ins:

Air NY Marines NY Guard Coast

Army Navy NJ Marines NJ Guard
Force Guard
Normal 1 1 1 1 1 1

Applicant Holdover

Recruiting Services with held over applicants must provide the Control Desk with USMEPCOM
Form 727 and USMEPCOM Form 727-E (if staying in hotel) no later than 30 minutes after
processing closes for the day (usually 1600) or within 30 minutes of ETP expiration.

New York MEPS SOP 29

July 27, 2012

Part 5 Station Administration and

Files Room and Access to Applicant Records

Recruiting Service personnel are not authorized access to the MEPS Files Room under any
circumstances. A USMEPCOM PCN 680-3ADP (USMIRS summary of an applicants record)
must accompany requests for applicant records. Service Liaisons must sign for records in the log
book when picking up records. Requesting and returning records will only occur during Files
Room customer service hours, 0900-1300 and 1530-1630 daily.

The following table lists ownership of records according to the USMIRS record status:

Record Item Name Records Remarks

Status disposition

A Enlisted but not shipped Service As long as not

additionally J, L, or R

B Enlisted and shipped MEPS

C Previously enlisted, shipped Service

D Qualified but not enlisted (QNE) MEPS

E Failed Drug/Alcohol Test (DAT) MEPS

2nd time and is ineligible for any
MEPS processing to include
ASVAB testing for 2 years from
date of 2nd failure

G Scored less than 10th percentile on MEPS


H Confirmation test required MEPS

J Permanently/Temporarily MEPS
medically disqualified

K TCO/ATCO interview required/ MEPS

failed confirmation test

L Incomplete medical evaluation MEPS

New York MEPS SOP 30

July 27, 2012

Record Item Name Records Remarks

Status disposition

N Disqualified, other than aptitude MEPS

or medical

P Partially qualified; applicant MEPS

completed either an ASVAB or
medical exam (not both) and is
thus far qualified

R Medical disqualification, MEPS

permanent, no waiver

R Medical disqualification, Service Action

permanent, waiver recommended

DAR/DAV Service gets working


DNR Service gets working


DNV Service gets original

once HIV/DAT posted

DMR/DMV Service gets working


DFR Service gets working


DAG/DFG Service gets original

once HIV/DAT posted

GPV Service gets original

once HIV/DAT posted

Table 11-Applicant Records Status

Expectations of Recruiters

Recruiters must be in a proper military uniform and maintain all personal dress and appearance
standards. Recruiters will conduct only official business while in the NY MEPS.

New York MEPS SOP 31

July 27, 2012

Recruiter travel within the MEPS is restricted to the following areas: First floor area except for
the Testing area and the cafeteria, applicant luggage storage room, and restrooms. Recruiters are
not, under any circumstances, allowed to talk to or visit with applicants processing for another
branch of Service in the MEPS.

Recruiters will pre-brief their applicants on what to expect at the MEPS. At a minimum,
applicants should be aware of processing procedures, timelines, fraudulent enlistment, the dress
code, and ground rules. Recruiters are responsible for the proper completion of USMEPCOM
Form 680-3A-E and DD Form 2807-2.

Enlistment Ceremonies

Enlistment Ceremonies are the culmination of the enlistment process and should be a memorable
event for the new enlistees. The NY MEPS will publish a monthly schedule of the Enlistment
Officers of the day.

Guests may perform ceremonies at the NY MEPS. Guest Enlistment Officers must either be a
Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, or Retired Officer from one of the branches of Service.
Active Duty Guest Enlistment Officers must be in the required uniform. Retired Officers may
perform the duties in business dress. Service Liaisons will coordinate these ceremonies in

The Oath of Enlistment will be conducted at the following times:

Oath 1 - 1030
Oath 2 - 1145
Oath 3 - 1330
Oath 4 - 1500
Oath 5 - 1630

MEPS Recruiter Orientation and Training

The NY MEPS Processing NCOIC will schedule monthly Recruiter Orientation and Training to
brief new Recruiters on MEPS policies and operating procedures. These will be held the third
Thursday of each month at 0900. Maximum attendance is encouraged at these sessions to
minimize MEPS-recruiter misunderstandings. Service Liaisons are responsible for submitting
the attendees names to the Processing NCOIC no later than the Monday before the training.

The NY MEPS Staff can provide individual training sessions for Commanding Officers,
Commanders, Executive Officers, First Sergeants/Superintendents, Flight/Station Commanders,
Command Master Chiefs, Headquarters personnel, and Training personnel.

Recruiting Services may request training and information on any processing topic.

New York MEPS SOP 32

July 27, 2012

Senior Liaison Meeting

The Operations Officer will schedule two Senior Liaison meetings each month to share
information, resolve processing issues, and discuss future initiatives. The meetings are held the
first and third Thursday of each month at 1100. All Service Liaisons are invited, and a
representative from each service is required.

InterService Recruiting Committee Meeting (IRC) Meeting

The IRC meets at least once each quarter and more often as needed. All commanders and senior
enlisted advisors are highly encouraged to attend. Members may submit agenda items at any
time prior to the scheduled meeting. Minutes are published by the chairman and forwarded to
the other members.

MEPS Security and Emergency Management

Security Procedures

The NY MEPS will assume all security postures in accordance with USMEPCOM, Federal,
State, and Local Law Enforcement, and Fort Hamilton requirements. The MEPS will use the
specified security measures for Force Protection Conditions (FPCON) ALPHA through DELTA.

Military personnel must show proper identification to enter the facility. Visitors conducting
official business at the MEPS, area commanders and senior enlisted advisors must check in at the
control desk. They are not required to wear a visitor's badge while at the MEPS.

All other visitors, including family members, guests for ceremonies, contractors, and
maintenance personnel may be required to undergo security screening. Visitors are not allowed
in the testing area, medical section, processing section, mailroom, or other off-limit areas unless
properly escorted or by authorization of the Commander. All visitors will be briefed on escape
routes, muster locations and other pertinent information.

Upon entry, each applicant will remove his or her bulky clothing items and metal objects and
place them in a black bin along with any baggage. The bin will be placed on the x-ray machine
and the applicant will pass through the metal detector until it does not go off. The MEPS member
on duty will ensure there are no dangerous or contraband items in the bin. Once cleared, the
recruiter will escort the applicant into the baggage storage area.

Emergency Management and MEPS Closure

The NY MEPS Commander may close the building in the event of an emergency. The NY
MEPS Commander and Staff will notify the Senior Liaisons as early as possible if the building
will be closed. The NY MEPS Duty NCO can be reached at (718) 765-7300 to answer questions
during a building closure.

New York MEPS SOP 33

July 27, 2012

Exceptions to Policy

Service Liaisons will use the NY MEPS Exception to Policy Form to request exceptions to the
policies outlined in this SOP and USMEPCOM regulations. The ETP is routed to the Operations
Officer. If unavailable, it will go to the Senior Enlisted Advisor or Commander. The NY MEPS
leadership will consider each exception to policy on an individual basis. The current ETP form
can be found in Appendix 6.

New York MEPS SOP 34

July 27, 2012

Appendix 1 NY MEPS Operating Schedule and Cut-off Times

MEPS Opens building 0615

Same Day Processor 0630 (Monday, Saturday, Mission Day)
Full Physicals, Inspects 0630
Morning ASVAB, TAPAS, DLAB 0700-1000 (Monday, Friday)
Welcome Brief 0800
Airborne Physical (Class C) 1300
DLPT 0800 (Wednesday and Friday)
Meal number sent to caterer 0830
Files Room Open 0900 -1300, 1530-1630
Drop-off for Records Requests,
SPFs, Fax & Mails, & MEPRs 0900
Specials 0900 (Attorney, Medical Corps, or Chaplain candidates)
ECLT 1000 (Tuesday)
Turn in Med Reads 1000
DEP-Only 1000
Control Desk Closed for Shippers 1030
Shipper Projections to Files Room 1100 48 hours prior
AIM 1200
DEP Projections to Files Room 1300 48 hours prior
Hotel Projections to Travel 1300 48 hours prior
Shipper Brief 1300
QRP 1330
Night ASVAB, TAPAS, DLAB 1400-1700
Extensions to OPSO 1530
Next day meal number to caterer 1530
DEP Processing cutoff 1600
Holdover APLs to control desk 1630
First bus departs 1715
Second bus departs NLT 2000 (Monday-Thursday)

New York MEPS SOP 35

July 27, 2012

Appendix 2Typical Applicant Processing Schedule

Time Event

0500 Hotel wake up call

0500-0545 Free breakfast at the hotel

0600 Bus departs hotel for MEPS

0615 MEPS opens

0630 Applicants arrive and visit Service Liaison Offices

0645 Check-in begins at the Control Desk, inspects to Medical

0730 Special category applicant arrival time (Attorneys, Healthcare

Professionals, and Chaplains)

0800 Commanders Welcome Brief; Medical Brief

1000-1300 Lunch available for applicants in the cafeteria

1030-1330 Shipper Enlistment Ceremonies

1330 Transportation briefing for shippers

1400-UTC Applicants en route to airports

1330-1630 DEP Enlistment Ceremonies

1200 Check in for night testing applicants begins

1400 Night ASVAB test window opens

1715 First testing bus departs for the hotel

1700 End check-in for night testing applicants

NLT 2000 Night tester bus departs

New York MEPS SOP 36

July 27, 2012

Appendix 3Applicant Conduct/Reminders

Bathe or shower the night before your arrival at the MEPS

Shoes and socks are requiredshower shoes/sandals are not allowed
Clean undergarments are mandatory
o You will not be allowed to take a physical without them
o Clean undergarments are defined as briefs or boxers for men, panties
and a bra for women; no thongs or Speedos
You must wear conservative seasonal attire of suitable appearance
Hats, headgear, sleeveless shirts, net shirts, tanks tops, midriff or halter-tops,
mini-shorts or skirts, and clothing with objectionable or obscene words or
graphics are prohibited
Remove any and all body piercings, females can only wear one set of earrings
If you wear either eyeglasses or contacts: bring them, your prescription and
your lens case
Discuss any childhood medical problems with your parents and bring
documentation with you

Bring your Social Security card, birth certificate and driver's license
Get a good night's sleep before taking the CAT-ASVAB
Processing starts early at the MEPS - Be on time
Cell phone can be kept on silent and used only in the designated areas

Items Applicants Should Not Bring

All personal baggage will be x-rayed and stored upon entry. MEPS personnel are not responsible
for loss or damage to personal property. Applicants are highly encouraged not to bring the
following items:
Large amounts of cash
Valuable items
Weapons, including pocket knives, and contraband items of any kind are strictly forbidden. The
MEPS is a federal facility and individuals will be searched for contraband. Only law
enforcement personnel on official business will be permitted to enter the MEPS with a weapon.

Appendix 4Glossary

1. Applicant An individual processing for enlistment into the United States Armed Forces.

New York MEPS SOP 37

July 27, 2012

2. Confirmation Test An additional test provided to an applicant who gained 20 points or

more between two valid ASVAB tests. This test is used by the TCO to help determine the
propriety of the test scores.

3. Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program (DEP) A program designed to allow qualified

applicants to enter the Armed Forces in the Inactive Reserve for a period up to 365 days prior
to going on active duty and shipping out to Service reception stations.

4. Enlistee An individual who has enlisted into the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) or
accessed into one of the Armed Forces to include the Coast Guard.

5. Entrance National Agency Check (ENTNAC) A records check by appropriate agencies

(i.e., FBI) made by the Defense Investigative Service (DIS) to determine an individuals
suitability for enlistment.

6. Extended Hours Support Extended hours support is provided each month as scheduled by
MEPCOM in conjunction with the Joint InterService Recruiting Committee. Its purpose is to
provide the Recruiting Services an opportunity to make their mission goals by extending the
operating hours of the MEPS to 2330 hours. Each month there will be an extended hours
support day for the Army and National Guard and a separate extended hours support day for
the other Services: Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

7. Full Physical A complete medical exam including a medical history; blood pressure and
pulse; DAT/HIV; sugar, protein and pregnancy tests; hearing; visual acuity; depth perception;
and a complete medical exam by a MEPS physician.

8. Holdover, DEP An applicant who checked in at the Control Desk for any phase of
processing and must return the next duty day to complete processing.

9. Holdover, Shipper An applicant scheduled to ship who checked in at the Control Desk for
any phase of processing and must return the next day to complete processing.

10. Medical Inspect An abbreviated medical review for an applicant who has completed a full
physical but must return to complete some portion of the physical. This includes shippers
who receive a height/weight check and medical review prior to departing for training.

11. Mission Day The designated day of the month when a Services window to complete its
goal for the month closes. Normally, this is the 15th of the month or the Thursday closest to
but not after the 15th of the month for the Army and Army National Guard and the last duty
day of the month for all other Services.

12. N Status The USMIRS code that prevents further processing of an applicant in order to
correct data, obtain new information, or ensure complete information is available.

13. National Agency Check (NAC) A check established by DIS to determine if derogatory
information exists on Prior Service applicants and applicants entering specialty programs.

14. Other MEPS Processor An applicant who has completed processing at another MEPS.

New York MEPS SOP 38

July 27, 2012

15. Ownership Request Method within USMIRS to ensure an applicants record is on file, to
verify information, and to ensure the applicant has not processed at another MEPS.

16. Paper Evaluation A request to have medical documentation reviewed by the MEPS Chief
Medical Officer in advance of projecting the applicant.

17. Pre-Accession Interview (PAI) A group interview conducted with enlistees before being
discharged from the Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program and prior to the active duty oath of
enlistment in regular components of the Armed Forces. The purpose of the PAI is to avoid
fraudulent enlistment.

18. Pre-Enlistment Interview (PEI) An individual interview conducted with an applicant

prior to DEP. The purpose of the PEI is to prevent fraudulent enlistment.

19. Projected Active Duty Date (PADD) The date in USMIRS representing the ship date that
the applicant agreed upon when signing the DEP contract or Accession contract.

20. Quality Review Process (QRP) A daily screening of all records for applicants projected to
process the next day.

21. Same Day Processor (SDP) An applicant who is taking the ASVAB for the first time,
completing a full physical, and entering DEP in a single processing day. An SDP cannot be a

22. Service Process For (SPF) The method within USMIRS to change an applicant from one
Service component to another i.e., Army to Army Reserve, Army to Navy, etc.

23. Shipper An individual being discharged from the DEP for enlistment into a regular
component or a National Guard or Reserve enlistee going to Individual Active Duty Training

24. Special Category Applicant An applicant processing for entry into the Armed Forces as an
Attorney, Healthcare Professional, or Chaplain.

25. United States MEPCOM Integrated Resource System (USMIRS) The USMEPCOM
computer system in which applicant data is entered and recorded to facilitate applicant
processing. USMIRS provides the Armed Services with automated personnel records, and
quality control in recording, coding, and transmission of data. Sometimes referred to as
MIRS, the acronym USMIRS is used throughout this document.

Walk-In Any applicant requiring a full physical, inspect or who has not
been properly projected. (There are NO WALK-IN SDPs).

New York MEPS SOP 39

July 27, 2012

Appendix 5Forms

DD Form 2807-2
Medical Prescreening Form


Enlistee Record

USMEPCOM Form 680-3-A-E

Request for Examination

USMEPCOM Form 601-23-E

Additional Disclosure - Used to report information which was not previously disclosed by the


Processing List (PL)

New York MEPS SOP 40

July 27, 2012

Appendix 6Exception to Policy Form

New York MEPS SOP 41