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Newsletter Unit 1 Name: Date:

Take Shape 3
News let ter 1
The Amusement Park

Dear Parents, Carers, and Friends,

Welcome to the first Take Shape Newsletter!

In Unit 1, the children are going to:

learn to talk about amusement parks and rides: It opens at 10:00. Tickets cost $4.
My favorite ride is the bumper cars.
learn words about planets and space
ask and answer questions about what people are doing and where they are: What are the children
doing? Theyre jumping on the trampoline. Where are Mom and Dad? Theyre in the park.
use facts and numbers (dimensions, colors, distance, etc.)
identify and practice words spelled with l and ll
write a report about two rides for an amusement park.

The children are also going to learn about the value of creativity:

You dont need expensive toys to have fun.

Ask your child: Whats ... doing now? (Ask about family members and friends.)
Help Ask your child: Which amusement park rides do you like?
ME @Home Ask your child: Can you tell me about the Earth, the Moon, and the stars?

I hope your child will enjoy learning with Take Shape!


(The English Teacher)

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