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Newsletter Unit 12 Name: Date:

Take Shape 3
News let ter 12
School Musical!

Dear Parents, Carers, and Friends,

Welcome again to the Take Shape Newsletter!

In Unit 12, the children are going to:

learn words about the theater

identify different dances from around the world
talk about shows using going to: Jamie and Bill are going to take care of the props. Im going to
move the scenery.
ask and answer about their own role: Are you going to do the lights? No, Im not. Im going to
record the show.
use question words how, what, where, why, when
identify and practice difficult spellings: embarrassed, bright
write the end of a play about a shipwreck.

The children are also going to learn about the value of cooperation:

When you work together as a team, you can do amazing things.

Ask your child: What is your class/school going to do at the end of the year?
Help Ask your child: Can you tell me the story of the shipwreck? How do you
@Home think it ended? (You could practice the scenes of the Shipwreck story with your
child, reading different parts in different voices.)

I hope your child is enjoying learning with Take Shape!


(The English Teacher)

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