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Newsletter Unit 9 Name: Date:

Take Shape 3
News let ter 9
Going Out

Dear Parents, Carers, and Friends,

Welcome again to the Take Shape Newsletter!

In Unit 9, the children are going to:

learn words for entertainment venues, e.g. theater, zoo, arcade, stadium
identify different food groups
describe a day/night out using the past tense
talk about past rules: They couldnt play outside. They could only play inside.
ask questions in the past: Where did she go on Monday? What did she do?
practice spelling two-part nouns of one or two words: basketball, swimming pool, bathroom,
pencil case
write an article about a night out.

The children are also going to learn about the value of happiness:

Use your free time wisely.

At Ask your child: Can you tell me about a good day out with the family or school?
Help (Use some photos to prompt your child to talk about it.)
ME @Home Ask your child: Can you ask me about a night out? (Encourage your child to ask
you questions such as: Where did you go? What did you do?)

I hope your child is enjoying learning with Take Shape!


(The English Teacher)

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