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Newsletter Unit 10 Name: Date:

Take Shape 3
News let ter 10
Stay Healthy

Dear Parents, Carers, and Friends,

Welcome back to the Take Shape Newsletter!

In Unit 10, the children are going to:

learn words for describing sickness and pains

identify communicable sicknesses (germs that can spread)
describe symptoms of a sickness
give advice using should/shouldnt: You should go to the dentist. You shouldnt run around.
identify and practice words spelled with silent letters: knife, white
write an article about staying healthy.

The children are also going to learn about the value of cooperation:

Do as your parents or the doctor say to stay healthy.

At Ask your child: Can you tell me about when you were sick? How did you feel?
Help Ask your child: Can you say what people should do to keep healthy?
ME @Home (You could point to any poster in school, at the doctors, etc., for different
sicknesses and conditions.)

I hope your child is enjoying learning with Take Shape!


(The English Teacher)

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