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Chapter 2

Know the function of the cardiorespiratory system.

-To deliver oxygen and nutrients to all cells of the body and remove waste products.
Health is far more than what?
-Health is more than the absence of disease
Health fitness is a lifetime goal.
Know whether performance fitness components are essential for good health.
-Yes, they essential to good health and well being
Know the overload principle.
-Exercising at a rate of intensity that is higher than normal causes the body systems to adapt
to the high rate and function more efficiently.
Know how physical conditioning affects the aging process.
-It delays/slows the aging process
Know what the development of muscle tissue does in relation to the aging process.
-The development of muscle tissue significantly slows the aging process.
Health is freedom from diseases, plus what?
-Plus the procession of physical fitness
Flexibility falls under what category?
-Health Fitness
Coordination falls under what category?
-Performance Fitness
Know how skeletal muscles are affected by aerobic conditioning.
-it provides oxygen and nutrients to the muscles making them stronger.
Know what extreme exercise does to the body's immune system.
-Decreases the bodys immune system
Study stretching for flexibility.

Study performance fitness in regard to health fitness.

-Performance fitness is related to efficiency of movement and sports skills. Health fitness is
concerned with cardiorespiratory, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, and flexibility.
Know whether jogging improves flexibility.
Study the reversibility principle.

5020/86583 Chapter 2 Test Review 1

-states that the beneficial adaptations from the conditioning process are not permanent 7
Know the area of blood lipids and regular exercise.
-regular exercise increases blood volume augmentation
-LDL (low density lipoprotein) BAD!
-HDL (high density lipoprotein)
-regular exercise improves the blood lipids by lowering the cholesterol
The benefits of exercise are determined by what?
-the type of exercise performed
Know the health benefits of regular physical exercise.
-increased size, weight, and stroke volume of the heart.
-increase blood volume in vessels
-improves function of the pulmonary system
-strengthen skeletal muscles
-decrease body fat, better body composition
-increases calcium deposit in bones
-reduces anxiety and depression for a better psychological state
-strengthens immune system
Know all six performance components.
1. Agility
2. Power
3. Reaction time
4. Balance
5. Speed
6. Coordination
Know the four basic principles of a conditioning program.
1. Overload
2. Specificity
3. Individuality
4. Reversibility
Know the benefits of regular physical conditioning.
Know the four types of exercise.
1. Aerobic
2. Muscle-development
3. Flexibility
4. Anaerobic
Study exercise and aging.
-regular exercise slows the aging process

5020/86583 Chapter 2 Test Review 2

-lifestyle will adapt and improve with regular exercise program even into the nineties

Know the five health fitness components.

1. Cardiorespiratory fitness
2. Muscular strength
3. Muscular endurance
4. Flexibility
5. Body Composition

5020/86583 Chapter 2 Test Review 3


Chapter 3

Know the function of the lungs.

The Lungs provide a location for gas exchange between the blood and ambient air
When does the heart feed itself?
During feeding hour.
Know the four cell requirements.
Need oxygen, Needs (Carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals), needs water, needs to get
rid of waste
What is the basic unit of all life?
Know the beats of an adult heart during exercise (range of beats).
Excellent: <60
Good: 61-65
Average: 66-70
Poor: 71-80
Very Poor: >80
Does the heart rate vary between fit and unfit persons?
Yes, it does, fat peoples heart rate spikes very easily. Fit peoples heart rate does not spike
very easily
Know the definition of cardiac output.
Stroke Volume is multiplied by the heart rate
Know the definition of coronary vessels.
Hearts circulatory system for providing energy to the heart
What is angina pectoris?
Chest pain
What is the myocardium?
The Heart muscle
What is the Valsalva Maneuver?
Forced exhalation against a closed glorris and is commonly performed while lifting heavy
Study the area on blood pressure.
Ok, Mom.
What is the result of blood pooling in the veins?

5020/86583 Chapter 3 Test Review 1

Know what is involved with diastolic blood pressure.
How quickly the blood flows from the artioles into the capillaries
What is another term for high blood pressure?
Anemia is a result of what?
Low concentration of hemoglobin.
Know how exercise affects plasma volume.
It increases plasma volume
Study the transporting system.
Study the area on blood.
Know the four components of the cardiorespiratory system.
Heart, Lungs and Breathing, Blood Vessels, and Blood
Know the differences between a fit and unfit heart.
One will last, the other will be last
Study what transpires during respiration.

5020/86583 Chapter 3 Test Review 2