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A Brief Profile

Founded in 1992.Emerges as Inverter Industry

in 1998.
Annual turn over of 1000 Cr. in 2013-14.
Investment from Reliance India Power Fund
(A JV between Reliance ADAG and Tamasek
Holdings, Singapore).
In House R & D recognised by Govt. Of India.
Indias leading producer and supplier of power
inverters. Headquartered in Gurgaon,India with global
presence in 71 countries.
Manufacturing units 6; Employees 2100
More than 600 service engineers and 80 service center across India
24X7 customer service.
Patents, Registration & Certifications
In-house Research & Development team with over:
70+ technology patents
50+ designs Patents
53 trademarks
141 copyrights
Quality certifications:
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
UL and CE Certificate
Reach-27 Branches
NORTH: Delhi, Jaipur,
Jammu, Ludhiana, Lucknow,
Kanpur, Dehradun, Ambala,

EAST: Kolkata, Patna,

Ranchi, Guwahati

WEST: Mumbai, Pune,

Indore, Vadodara, Nagpur,

SOUTH: Hyderabad,
Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin
World Class Production Facilities

Inverter Plant SMF Battery Plant High Capacity Inverter Plant

Baddi Katha Gurgaon

Telecom Inverter Plant UPS Manufacturing Plant Tubular Battery Plant

Gurgaon Baddi Baddi
Global Reach

Branch office in UAE, & Nigeria.

Having Manufacturing set up in Nepal.
2000 + dealers worldwide.
Biggest brand in 22 countries.
Customer Service
71 service centers spread geographically
600 Service Engineers
Inbound call centre, in house with agents on company rolls
100 + Service Vans
Mandated Induction and Regular On-Roll and New Product Training to
Service Engineers
Qualified Service Team - 73% of Service Engineers Graduate/Diploma
holder or more
Using the latest international CRM software (Worlds No. 1
in Innovation Forbes
A Few Partners
Su-kam Power Systems Limited


Corporate & Institutional sector
NHPC Corporate office in Faridabad is
Powered by Solar(Grid Tie 70 kW)

System Details :280 nos. of 250Wp solar panels, 2 Nos. of 30 kW, 1 no. of 20 kW Grid
tie String inverters, Scada etc.
Challenge Faced: Foundation has been designed on the dead load concept with no
penetration in the rooftop
EIL R&D Complex in Gurgaon Powered by
Solar(Grid Tie 90 kW)
PV: 300 Wp

Systems Details : 300 Nos. of 300Wp solar panels, mounting structure, 3 Nos. of 30 Kw Grid Tie
String inverters & Scada
Challenge Faced: 90 Kw plant on the rooftop building was not sufficient for installation of the
standard design, the meticulous customized plan was prepared to accommodate the 90 kWp
plant and delivered a solution meeting the stringent norms of the EIL team.
Ujjayanta Market Complex of Municipal
Corporation powered by Solar(Off Grid 45 kW)

System Details: 180 nos. of 250Wp solar panels, mounting structure, 2 nos. of 65 KVA 360V Su-
kam inverters, 800 Ah tubular type LMLA battery

25% of the buildings total requirement shall be met by the solar PV power plant installed in the
market complex.
Vanbhavan, Nagpur powered by solar(Off Grid 35 kW)

System Details : 141 nos. of 250Wp solar panels, mounting structure, 1 nos. of 50 KVA 360V Su-
Kam Inverter, 3 nos. of 30Amp/360V Su-kam Solar Charge Controllers, 1360Ah/360V battery
bank, water Distillation Plant through which Distilled water can be prepared and can be used for
Battery Water Topping.
NITTTR, Chandigarh powered by solar(Grid Tie 50 kW)

System Details: 200 nos. of 200Wp solar panels, mounting structure, 2 Nos. of 20 Kw and 30 kw
Grid Tie String inverters, Scada, water pump for cleaning of modules.

Challenges Faced:
25 years old NIIITR building was not allowed to puncture
Foundation are designed on dead load concept
Educational Institute
Educational Institute Powered by Solar(Grid Tie)
Shivalik Public School, Patiala(50 kW) No Grid Power is used by School
Mount Litera Zee School, Bijnor, U.P is powered by
Solar ( Off Grid 30 Kw)

System Details : 120 nos. of 250Wp solar panels, mounting structure, 1 Nos. of 30 Kw Off-grid
Solar Inverter (3 Ph in 3 Ph out) ,3 nos. Solar Charge controller 30A360V & 300AH360V Solar
Tubular Battery bank.
Challenge Faced: Challenge was to find 360 Sq meter space for installation solar PV Modules in
the premises of the school. Fially PV panels were ground mounted
Punjab Engr. College, Chandigarh to be powered by Solar

1000 Kw system to be installed at 16 different roofs

Roof distances 1.5 km and needed to be integrated at a single point for power injection
Roof Construction was very old
GI Structure members had to efficiently designed to offer strength
Remote monitoring of arrays on multiple roofs is being done
No access to roof in most buildings men and material had to be shifted using cranes
Solar Power Plant, Assam Rifles(North East)
Energizing Assam Rifles 2012-13: 450 kWp
Energizing Assam Rifles 2013-14: 850 kWp
Total Qty(nos.):
PV Panel: 6,615
PCU: 18
Battery: 16,600 Ah

Challenges Faces:
Bandhs and terror threats
Site development issues
Weather conditions
Communication Problem
Availability of Manpower
Solar Power Plant(Off Grid): North East

Governor House of Arunachal Assam State Electricity Board

Pradesh in Itanagar is powered office in Guhati powered by
by solar(40 kW) Solar Plant(100 kW)
Hospital Solar Projects
97 Primary Health Center and hospitals in 8
districts of Tripura powered by solar(600 kW)

Su-kam to install cumulative capacity of 600 Kw to electrify hospitals and primary health
centers at 95 sites across 8 districts of Tripura
Lalitha Devi Nursing Home in Parakhal, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh is powered by solar
10 kw solar pv plant at Lalitha Devi Nursing
Home in Parakhal, Warangal Andhra
Pradesh is powered by solar
Su-kams Unique Initiative to solarize petrol
pumps in India(4 Kw to 10 Kw Capacity)

Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Sonepat : 4 Kw

Hindustan Petroleum Pump, Chandragiri & Tirupati: 6 Kw
Indian Oil petrol pump at Chahal, Punjab
Shivalik Oil Company, Kala Amp, Ambala: 10 Kw
APG Oil Company, Saha, Ambala: 10 Kw
Indian Oil Pump: 10 KVA
Solar Home Lighting and Street
Energizing homes 2013-14:40,000 Nos.
Total Qty(nos.):
PV Panel: 40,000
SCC: 40,000
Battery: 40,000
FAN: 40,000

Challenges Faced:
Installations are in rural area (villages)
Reach of remote locations
Educate people for solar energy
Lack of availability of skilled manpower.
Centralized Solar Street Light System-TEDA
Energizing Street light 2011-12 : 3220 nos.
Energizing Street light 2012-13 : 3495 nos.

Total Quantity: Challenges Faced: Street Light Features:

Remote Locations Remote Monitoring
PV Modules: 2220 nos. Auto on and off
PCU: 555 nos. Logistics
Auto dimming
Educate people for solar energy
Battery: 1110 nos. 3 days autonomy
Skilled manpower Hybrid Pcu
LED: 6715 nos. Non-availability of grid power Direct EB supply
Chief Minister's Solar Powered Green House Scheme.
Energizing homes 2012-13:12,778 Nos.
Energizing homes 2013-14:20,000 Nos.
Total Qty(nos.):
PV Panel: 32,778
PCU: 32,778
Battery: 45,556

Challenges Faced:
Remote Locations
Educate people for solar energy
Skilled manpower
Non-availability of grid power
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