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The following text is for questions 1 to 2

Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly attractive as the energy crisis becomes more
severe. Solar heating system, which use the suns radiation as a source of energy, are a promising
alternative energy source. Nuclear power plants are already in operation in several parts on the country.
Government and private industry are even investigating the possibility of capturing the power of ocean
waves and tides for conversion into usable energy. Coal is once again becoming an acceptable fuel as the
nation searches for solutions to the energy shortage. Even garbage is seen as a potential source of
energy. In some communities, garbage is burned to heat buildings and light city streets.

1. The main information of the text is about .

(A) the interest in alternative energy sources
(B) potential solar heating system
(C) the operation of nuclear power plants
(D) the search for energy from the sea
(E) the use of coal to replace oil

2. Which of the following statements is TRUE, about alternative sources of energy?

(A) Garbage can be recycled into energy to run factories
(B) The crisis of alternative energy sources becomes more severe
(C) Energy from the sun seems to be potentially the best alternative

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(D) Coal is considered not suitable to replace oil
(E) Private industries have succeeded in producing energy from ocean waves and tides

The following text is for questions 3 to 4

(1) ..............................
(2) The email service, which comprises the biggest use of internet, has made it possible for people on
the opposite ends of the world to send messages and to get replies instantly if the person they are
communicating with are on-line. (3) To read an American daily newspaper such as the New York Times for
instance, you only need to register yourself and download it anytime you feel like reading it. (4) However,
you could also buy a hard copy of this newspaper in any international hotel. (5) To buy a computer you
dont even need to visit a computer shop. (6) You can study all the specifications of computers available
and compare prices by going on line. (7) You can even do your banking matters from the comfort of your
home. (8) Not only does the internet provide us with facilities that make our life easier, but it also can
satisfy peoples needs for entertainment and socializing. (9) One of the latest trends around today is
Friendster, an internet way of making friends and socializing.

3. The best topic sentence for the paragraph is .

(A) Email, which became a means of communication in the early 1990s, is used by millions of people
all over the world
(B) In the last decade, the internet has made a big impact on the lifestyle of people around the
(C) The use of computers is affecting the away we communicate with other people around the
(D) The rapid development in information technology is affecting the way people carry out their
(E) In the last ten years we have experienced the development of technology that had never
occurred before

4. The sentence which is irrelevant to the text is sentence number .

(A) two
(B) three
(C) four
(D) six
(E) seven

The following text is for questions 5 to 9

India has a very poor of literacy, much lower than that of countries like Korea, China, and even
Thailand. Due to this India has to face a number of problems such as over-population, poverty,
unemployment, etc. It is found that in recent times the people of this country have become more aware
of these problems. Hence, even the poorest are taking interest in getting their little one educated.
In India, there are a large number of old people who are totally uneducated. Being illiterate, they are
unable to understand their rights and responsibilities towards their country. For them the government
has planned the system of Adult Education in villages through certain systems like T.V. serial,
documentary films, and regular classes.
Adult Education does not mean full and detailed education. It mainly comprises knowledge of the
Three Rs. The Three Rs include reading, writing, and arithmetic. It means only fundamental and basic
knowledge which can make them aware of their basic rights and responsibilities towards their own
families and also towards their nation.
Being illiterate, the elders do not know the full value of education. Most of them belong to the labor
class and they want to see their little ones take up the same trade as theirs. But they are unaware of the
fact that an officer gets a monthly salary which may be equal to the income of their whole family for
many months, may be even a year. Adult education can therefore make them understand the value of
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Another benefit of adult education is that when illiterate people are educated, they will no longer be
cheated by the crafty traders. They will also be able to think about jobs which can fetch them more
wages. It is so easy a task to make a fool of an educated person. So, during the elections we can form a
good government, that can lead our country on the path of progress. It can happen only when our elders
are educated. Only then can they know about the true value of their vote.

5. The text tells us about .

(A) adult education in India
(B) Indias education system
(C) the labor class of India
(D) the position of folder people in India
(E) the life of the labor class in India

6. Why does the writer think that India does not have a good government?
(A) It concentrates too much on the education sector
(B) Population continues to increase rapidly
(C) People are responsible for their tasks to their country
(D) Old people do not have full rights as citizens
(E) Most of the elder voters in the elections illiterate

7. The following are the benefits of adult education for people in India, EXCEPT .
(A) to make people aware of the importance of education
(B) to enable people to earn more in order to have a better life
(C) to give children a good education to obtain better jobs
(D) take revenge on crafty traders who overcharged customers
(E) to prevent the uneducated from being cheated by others

8. With the adults educations policy, the government of India expects that .
(A) there will be no more illiterate adults
(B) older people will form a good government
(C) many national problems can be solved
(D) its army will consist of educated officers
(E) citizens will all work for the government

9. Adult Education is given through .

(A) the teaching of basic sciences
(B) various information media
(C) communication with the labor class
(D) education in military schools
(E) trainings in private institutions

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