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Key Understanding Learning Point

C1 The Rite of Baptism

C1.2 Recalls the Rite of Baptism

Catholic Teaching Focus for this lesson

Within year six, students endeavour a journey to understanding the deeper concepts of Baptism, such as the promise
of God, how it effects individuals and how the human body expresses love and goodness.
Students being to develop a sense of understanding of what it means to exactly have faith in Jesus Christ and what it
takes to receive the Rite of Baptism and the Promise of God.

Prior Knowledge

Prior to this lesson, students have developed a brief understanding of what Baptism consists of through their own
experiences and through discussions in previous lessons. Students understand that Baptism is the first sacrament
out of the seven sacraments.
They understand that individuals can be Baptised at any stage of their life. They have a brief understanding that
Jesus was Baptised.
In previous lessons, the students have learnt that to develop the Promise of Jesus Christ, individuals develop seven
points related to this promise, three relating to what happens after receiving the promise and four relating to what
individuals need to do to develop the promise.

Catering for Learner Diversity

Extension Students will be able to research the different cultural traditions that are similar to the Catholic Baptism.
Students within the classroom from other ethnic backgrounds can talk about their traditions.
Engagement Students with learning difficulties will be with an EA creating their own version of Jesus baptism
while the rest of the class is doing the Godly Play.
Special Considerations Students who are unable to participate in the activities due to other religious beliefs, are
allowed to go to the library, with an EA, to complete other school work

Evidence of Learning for Assessment and Reporting

Assessing students knowledge of Baptism through them writing on the board, save the page they write on and
assess after lesson
KWL on Padlet at the end of the class

LESSON PROCEDURE - STEP B The Promise of Christian Salvation

Lesson Objectives state how the students will demonstrate their understanding of the learning point and the
skills they will use in doing this
1. Students will recall their own experience of Baptism
2. Students will understand the Baptism of Jesus
3. Students will compare the Baptism of Jesus with their own experience of Baptism

Integration with other Learning Areas Classroom management practices

ICT using the smart board and iPads to do an online Discussion rule one person speaks as a time, put your
collaboration hand up to speak
English students writing their reflections Remind students that participation in Godly Play means
full concentration and no talking.
IPad use remind students they are to only use their
iPads for the assigned work and are not allowed to use
it for gaming or other work.

Timing Steps of the Lesson Resources

Introduction outline how you will introduce the learning point
5 mins
Students enter the classroom and sit on the mat to begin the lesson on Smart board
the Rite of Baptism. Markers

Ask the students what they know about Baptism, 3 students at a time
can go up to the smart board and write one thing they know about
Baptism (Who? Why? Where? What? How?) (Literacy)

After everyone has had a turn, the students were previously asked to
bring in some of their memories from their Baptism. Ask the students
who have done so to go get their objects and bring them down onto the

Body- outline your teaching of the learning point and the activities that
will provide further learning
30 mins Get the students to sit in a circle on the mat with their Baptism memories
in front of them.
One at a time they are going to talk about their Baptism and what they

remembered happening.
Students own
Baptism ornaments
After doing so, ask the students some of the differences they noticed
between each others baptisms. (Justice)

Bring the Godly Play kit that is going to be used in this lesson down onto
the mat and introduce it tot the students:

Today we are going to be exploring a Godly Play on the Baptism of

Jesus Christ and looking at the difference between his Baptism and our

own experiences.
Godly Play Script
Demonstrate the story of the Baptism of Jesus using the Godly Play kit White cloth
that explore the way in which Jesus Christ was Baptised by John the Blue cloth
Baptist in the River Jordan. (Faith) Peg people
Jug of water
While placing out the elements of the Godly Play kit, explain to them why
each element needs to be placed out carefully and what each element is
Wonder questions
White cloth as base white is the colour of purity and is worn when the
sacrament of Baptism is being performed.
Blue cloth representing the river Jordan
Jug of water representing the Baptism
Dove representing the white dove that came after Jesus was Baptised
Peg people representing Jesus, John the Baptist and bystanders

While saying the story to the students, move the ornaments to represent
the parts of the story so the students gain a visual representation.

After completing the story, ask the students the following wonder
questions: (Prudence)
I wonder why John the Baptist didnt want to Baptise Jesus?
I wonder what part of the story could be left out but the story still
would remain the same?
I wonder how John the Baptist felt?
I wonder where you see yourself in this story?

Get the students to think about these wonder questions and conduct a
class discussion based on them.

Conclusion outline how you will conclude the lesson emphasise the
learning point

5 mins Students are to quietly go back to their desks and take out their iPads.
Students iPads
QR codes around the classroom for the students to be directed to an QR codes
online Padlet where they are to share their reflection on the lesson.
In their reflection they are to write: (Literacy) (Temperance)
One thing they already knew
One thing they learnt
One thing the want to learn more about

After doing this, have the online padlet on the smart board and go
through some of the comments as a class