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H-9, Islamabad (Pakistan)

Project Director 22 July 2016

Subject: - Provisional Offer PhD Fellowship for 5000 Scholars, Phase II, Batch-III
Dear Applicant
With reference to your application for the above mentioned scholarship advertised in November 2015, Higher
Education Commission (HEC) is pleased to inform that, you have been provisionally selected in the subject
scholarship program for completion of PhD degree. It is hereby directed that the complete documents mentioned in
Annex-A may positively be furnished to this office before mentioned deadline, otherwise this provisional offer will
be treated as cancelled:
August 22, 2016 - Applicants who are already enrolled in MS/MPhil/PhD; and
March 30, 2017 - Applicants who have not yet secured admission in MS/MPhil/PhD.
2. In case of employed applicants who have yet not been relived from parent department, are required to submit
their reliving orders maximum up to March 30, 2017 positively. However; all other documents mentioned in
Annex-A must be furnished before respective deadlines.
3. The said required documents mentioned Annex-A must be complete, properly annexed as per instructions
duly provided and incomplete/loose documents will not be entertained, otherwise HEC reserves the right to reject or
cancel the provisional offer without any intimation.
4. The submission of said required documents by hand or after the deadlines will not be entertained. The HEC
will not accept any document after expiry of said deadline.
5. Please be informed that HEC will not intimate any applicant for provision of deficiency or correction in
respect of any documents as mentioned in Annex-A.
6. This provisional offer has been made on the base of online data available, in case of any error,
misrepresentation, omission & incorrect information/data found during scrutiny of provided documents, this
provisional offer will automatically been withdrawn/ cancelled.
7. This award shall be confirmed after due verification process for the subject scholarship from the date of
commencement of classes (joining date) or study leave/relieving order or the date of approval of National Scholarship
Management Committee (NSMC) whichever is later.

Wish you best of luck for a prosperous future.

Saima Naurin
Project Director

Note: This provisional offer is time bound till respective deadlines and should not be considered final selection for
scholarship award. After expiry of deadlines, this offer is considered cancelled.

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Below mentioned documents must be properly labelled as per relevant annexure. Loose and incomplete documents will be
rejected & cancelled without intimation (Please visit HEC website for details):
Copy of Provisional Offer issued by HEC & Signed Acceptance form duly prescribed.

Attested Copy of Admission Letter from competent authority of the University. (for M.Phil./MS & PhD)
Provisional Admission will not be considered for final selection of scholarship award.
Certificate of Joining of classes (with date of joining) from competent authority of the University (for M.Phil./MS Annex-3
& PhD).
Certificate of Willingness/Consent of HEC Approved Supervisor (on University letter head) including the contact
details i.e. email, phone, fax, office address, and university details. (Only for PhD scholars). Annex-4
The university must fulfill HEC Quality Assurance Criteria to run MS, MPhil & PhD program, instruction available
at HEC website.
Department Profile duly attested (Signed & Stamped) by department head ( for MS/MPhil/ PhD Students)
Supervisor Profile duly attested (Signed & Stamped) by department head (Only for PhD students) Annex-5
Format Available at HEC Website
Photo copies of Educational testimonial along with transcripts :
Matric & Intermediate - duly attested by Gazetted officer (Signed & Stamped) Annex-6
Graduation & onward degrees - duly attested Photo copies by HEC (Signed & Stamped)
Photocopy of applicants domicile attested by Gazetted officer (Signed & Stamped). Annex-7
2 Passport size Photographs attested by Gazetted officer (Signed & Stamped) from back side (Face must be
Deed of Agreement & Guarantee (Annex-I)
Certificate of Financial soundness of Surety / Guarantor by a Government officer (Annex-II)
(Must be Govt. officer of Grade-17 or above, Surety Person and Guarantor must not be same)

Annex-I & Annex-II must be registered/notarized (with registration number) by Notary Public (NOT from oath
commissioner). Also attach attested copy (by Gazetted Officer) of valid CNIC of the applicant, witnesses
guarantor and surety person. Legal papers must be properly registered with correct date.
Total Value of Stamp Papers must be in accordance as below and a ll documents must be on Stamp Paper as
per NEW format available at
Sindh Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/ Punjab Federal Baluchistan AJK
Deed of Agreement 100 100 100 5 100 100
& Guarantee
Certificate of Surety 100 100 100 5 100 100
Parent Organization Profile (Name of organization, department, name of contact person, phone nos. and postal Annex-10
address) only for Employed Applicants.
NOC, Study Leave & Reliving Order from Parent Department clearly indicating the dates of leave, joining, Annex-11
extensions & reliving (Attested from Gazatted Officer). Only for Employed Applicants.
Copy of Agreement/Bond executed with employer, if any, (Attested from Gazatted Officer). Only for Employed Annex-12

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