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Henry Garcia

OGL 360

Learning Plan

As we come to a close, throughout this process, it has been a renewal and a

reminder of who I am. We are incapable for the unexpected because we dont prepare

ourselves, we consistently fall short of things because we dont wish to understand them,

and we recognize a limitation to our self-worth. These things often come wandering in

our heads, coming to take away our step toward what could be and instead it shifts us

toward the mindset of the impossible.

Can we be great? Could we remove our consistent failures and actually begin to

grow, seeing things from a whole different perspective? One in which we have yet to

encounter, but Ive come to recognize that it is embedded deeply within our values.

Would I say I am who I am still a couple years back now? Yes and no, for it is the things

that I am discerning to grow as individual.

Now in this present moment, I look back now and Im not that same individual I

was a couple years back now. My motives are to continue to press forward toward what

is right in the sense of making big life decisions, wisdom in discussion, forgiveness in

conflict, patience in the time of adversity, and as you begin to see the pattern its the

knowledge of truth to making things right within our human nature.

I tell myself if I dont look for these things, where do I reside? What are my

visions? Whats my purpose? Who am I? Giving myself to increase and gain to the things

yet I have learned. I was deeply enriched with much knowledge and discernment with my

peers. We tapped very much deeply onto a relational level to where we begin to ask
ourselves are we doing what we are actually saying? After the conversations with my

peers Im always in deep thought recognizing where my flaws lie and if Im following up

with the commitments that Ive made for myself.

The times where I realized those inconsistencies I put myself back to square one,

knowing that I dont have to wait for tomorrow to start all over again, but now in this

moment I can make the changes and commit to a plan. Everything throughout this course

was impactful, as it gave me bits of important pieces everywhere coming to understand

where I was at in my life and exactly can I grow from here. One of the things in past Ive

struggle is actually putting those plans into action, committing towards something

halfway and giving up.

The experiences and the feedback have reminded me of so many instances of my

past where I fell short of things, recognizing what couldve been had I not stumbled

across certain obstacles in my life. There was a much in-depth of understanding now

toward why things were that way for me, now a bit more older and wiser, I reflect on

those experiences to avoid in the future. Also understanding when those sudden shifts and

changes began to happen in my life.

Not only can we benefit ourselves but help others reach an understanding the

importance of an impactful experience and learning from it. I ended up creating a solid

relationship with one of my peers, as our experiences, background and faith were similar.

We related to each other in so many ways. Our talks together, the questions and the

conversations began to intensify in a way where Ive looked at my past up until now and

new myself as a whole new individual. My coach was a bit older then me, and it was

helpful because he gave me insight for the things that I will encounter as I get older. The
interaction, the feedback, all of it was a rich experience toward the keeping myself in

check and consistently making the effort to bring about the new on my path.

After reviewing the feedback data and in much thought about the impact my peer

coaches had on me, it was definitely eye opening to see how certain people viewed me

making it known to me of certain weakness that I saw as blind spots. What I also come to

recognize was that Im viewed differently in particular settings. What I immediately think

that has an effect on this is my intrinsic and extrinsic motives.

It was impactful because its always hard to come to discernment when things are

different in certain settings. When Im at work or I am with my club sports team,

everything changes; were surrounded by an entirely different group of factors that shape

the way for us. We can either put ourselves in positions to succeed by becoming the

change of good, or go with the motion and not get out of anything through the specific

thing were associating ourselves with.

What Ive also come to realize is recognizing why I might be better in a certain

area within a particular setting then another? The data reveals that to me, going more into

depth is truly trying redefine and establish our values in all settings. An example of why I

may fall short of it is because Im not letting something go, this thing is standing in the

way between of being who I ought to be and instead we become something different.

I had this perception on following through with it thinking that some individuals

were going to think of me as so and so, but it was definitely different to what I expected.

Its not going to be the same from all individuals, we experience a variety of things in

throughout everything that we do, and now Im taking into account what there may be for

me to learn.
With my peers, I dont think Ive ever dived deeper toward of understanding of

my past experiences to where I am now. Examining my past experiences was very

fruitful in a way because Ive noticed when the change for me began to occur. As Ive

mentioned before every conversation weve had, there was always something to learn and

question about ourselves. Even throughout my week on would meditate on certain

aspects about myself. This drew me even more to the consistent behavioral change for the


We always lack in something, the imperfection in me that Im always consistently

look for, knowing that if I can find whatever else I lack in then the challenge would be to

develop ourselves to something greater. I always perceive to that it comes with the

experiences that in it, the challenge await. Having the weekly conversations with my

peers was huge, because it reminded me over and over again the path that Im on.

I think the biggest thing in the what matters worksheet was seeing some of my

flaws in those areas, I say that they matter most but sometimes I tend to drift. To be more

specific, the financial aspect from time to time I may not handle it the way Id like but

after writing down everything on this worksheet it helped me realize the importance in it

and how I can grow in this area from this point on. As far as everything goes Ive been

able to stay on top of it but it was only because I made the sudden changes in my past

life, prioritizing and being prepared for what the future would bring.

There isnt much as far as competencies as Ive made big changes toward myself

about a couple years back where Ive met my mentors, and ever since Ive changing as I

go. Always know that there is something to learn at all time throughout all experiences or

wherever I may be or face in the present time. As of now, within my faith I have
individuals above me who always points things out of me that can be changed or

developed. They never happen with an instance, but thanks to them that theyre

constantly reminding me of my habits.

From what Ive got from all throughout this course was realizing other things that

were roadblocks for me in my life, as I mentioned before, the acknowledgement of blind

spots that have prevented from changing a part of myself that Ive found a bit

challenging. That was planning for me, knowing how much time I should give to certain

things and finding balance between it all.

My life goal at the moment is to continue to stay on the path Im on right now but

more importantly preparing myself for the future ahead, getting ready for the unexpected.

And I know challenges will come about which I dont have the answers to but with

patience and understanding something always come about. Thats always what Ive

learned, that with our patience and seeking toward things will soon come to find our

answers. Another thing would be growing in the capabilities that I have and maturing as a


What my learning plan will do for me is help me realize the things in which I can

find resolution to, my mentors are the individuals that I go to and sometimes therell be

moments where I think I know it all but truth will always be is that I dont. This learning

plan will act more toward of a reminder toward things, where Im at, what should I be

doing and the importance of staying on the path that Im on.


-To consistently seek maturity in life, growing to remove all the things that I yet still lack

as an individual
-Have a better understanding of working in a professional setting

-Continue to challenge myself everyday through my personal and work life, gaining

wisdom in all areas

-Better planning and prioritizing things with what matters most, and follow a plan toward

changing those things.


-Develop a planner that will allow me to check mark off the things I need to value more

when going about my day

-Journal on a day-to-day or weekly basis to better understand what my weaknesses and

set a plan in motion to strengthen them

-Taking mental notes of the times that Ive failed to do or recognize something

-Being observant as how my co-workers work in the workplace

-Take the time to understand why things didnt workout the way Ive planned or caused a

conflicting situation; looking to have more understanding and patience.

-Continue to involve myself in more things to better grow through experiences

-Look for new ways to grow and develop self

-Make a list to the things that are most important to the least and work on the most

important that I tend to put aside

-Consistently going with whats most important throughout each day

Action steps:

-Realize where my weaknesses lie, in my personal or work life, and taking the approach

of meeting with someone to discuss them

-Checking at the end of the day to see if Ive done what needed to be done in the day
-Checking to see if Ive made any significant changes within my workplaces or personal

life by going to a specific individual on that matter

-Look to how Ive resolved a certain conflict, challenges and weaknesses, looking to see

what evidence I have for that.

-Writing those mental notes down and going back to them consistently until I know how

to handle the specific circumstance

-Any experience I stumble upon I know where to go, revealing, jotting down my

weaknesses I need to strengthen

-Reflecting on my actions, are they displayed in the right way?

-Checking off on things that Ive missed when faced with a challenging situation that I

cannot resolve

-For me to better handle conflict is to continue to seek my mentors

-Tackle an area where I see least of my patience

-Look to take on more roles within my job and holding myself accountable to those


-Take part in more activities throughout my free time to challenge myself, such as

community service, clubs etc.

-Look for situations that seem off to me; shows area where I need change

-Communication with my roommate on behalf of my change and where I can further

develop myself

-Jotting down what is most important right now

-areas which I see that I find most challenging

-Viewing my motives in the beginning of my day, what Im looking to accomplish

-Tackling what is on top of my priority list

For the most what Ive written down it entails to writing down the most important

thing to the least important. How I will go about making this change is to continue

consistently finding things that will challenge me further and be aware of how I respond

to certain matters. And as I continue further I will jot down notes to see where Im at the

end of each week, checking off things that Ive accomplished and changed in. How I

respond in all settings would be an important note for me, questioning myself if Im

covering the basis. Itll all come down when I meet with my mentors, truthfully speaking

am I making the necessary changes in my life.

Monthly list:

-Journal end of weekly basis

-Meet with mentors

-Seek feedback from my co-workers about my work

-Seek feedback from my boss if Im doing all that I ask

-Am I challenging myself further, writing down significant changes mid-week of the


-Check to see at the end of the month the goals that Ive accomplished and where I see

significant change within myself

To reflect, I am thankful for this process as I have impacted me in many ways,

knowing that Im always changing. There will always be room to strengthen or grown in.

There will never be time where I will say Ive done it all. As experiences bring on

different challenges, and the most important things is to be aware at all times about

making the necessary adjustments.

This process has been impactful and adds on more to what Im already currently

doing, as Im mentored on a weekly basis. The time of testing will come throughout the

days and its important that we embrace those times for the outcome will be great in

terms of our development. The important thing also is that every season something comes

about, and its about noticing our struggles in that time of season. For in every season

there will be a time for something, and change for the better is always something we are

to look toward, for a brighter future. This course was helpful in many ways and I will

remember the conversations and the deep things in which I wrote down, as it was very

impactful toward self-reflection.