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John Mulenga

Hi John,

Here is a message I receive from your friend Maximo at Facebook and I will answer him
for you.

Maximo Chanda to Arnulfo Laniba

Hi, Arnulfo Laniba kindly assist my friend John Mulenga who has a health
problem( Diebetes) be in touch with him on this address Assist on the diet does and donts. Hope to hear from
you. Thank you Maximo

John, consider these facts about diabetes:

The Creator of the insulin, which the pancreas produces, to be the tool to
burn food into energy, did not include artificial or chemical sugar to be in His
list of things that insulin can burn or convert into sweats.
In other words, only natural sugars, that is, the sugar He created, can be
effectively burned by His insulin.
In short, any sugar that is not natural, that is, not created by the Creator, is
foreign to insulin and possible be harder to burn
This happens to synthetic sugars, those sugars which man manufactured, or
Example of this synthetic or chemically processed sugar are: (1) sugar mixed
or processed with chemicals: brown sugar, white sugar, icing sugar, (2) purely
chemical sugar: aspartame, sucralose, etc.
Ive asked a number of employees as well as seen at YouTube about the
process of making brown, white sugar and icing sugar: THE MANUFACTURER
ADDED CHEMICALS TO TURN IT INTO CRYSTALS. If you take a few seconds to
examine it: CRYSTAL SUGAR ARE GLASS-LIKE. And do you think glass-like
particles can be easily burned by insulin?
According to some authorities and this can also be confirmed by personal
experience, this glass-like sugar requires a very hard physical exertion such as
basketball game, farming, carpentry or fishing to burn this hard sugar.
And if you are living a sedentary life, or are retired, chances are this kind of
sugar would not be burn into energy (converted into sweat) but accumulate in
the lowest part of your body, namely: feet, clog the big veins until blood
which carries nutrients and oxygen cannot anymore supply the feet with the
necessary nutrients and oxygen. Result: inflammation, death of the cells,
amputation (loss of leg/s)
Besides amputation, diabetes has plenty of complications or sub-effects: eye
diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, blindness (sugar blocking the small blood
vessels at the back of the eyeballs); sexual impotence (blood could no longer
enter to fill and sustain the penis to full erection because the gate, namely:
the prostate, has been closed by solidified sugars; general lack of energy,
marital problems, job problems, financial problems, etc.

Stop eating chemically processed sugars (e.g., brown and white sugars) and
chemical sugars (e.g., aspartame used sweeteners of soft drinks, commercial
Eat and/or drink something bitter to remove the chemical sugars from your
body. Bitter herbs or juices can melt the solidified fats and sugars presently
clogging your feet, your hearts arteries, your eyes small veins, your prostate.
In the Philippines, the lie that anything bitter is poisonous has long been in the
psyche of the Filipino people; hence, we are very fearful at taking anything bitter
from Nature, and depend on scientific findings and formulation by trustworthy
scientists-chemists who usually own or support some wellness companies. We
prefer to take their bitter herb formula as FDA/BFAD approved wellness
However, the bitter herbs used for this already scientifically proved wellness
product can then be safely taken direct from the plant.
For those bitter herbs or fruits that are not yet scientifically proven as safe, I also
discourage you from taking, since we are not expert in all herbs contents. We
just have to choose to err in the side of caution. But generally, trusting God is
good, we can then generally trust that His creation is safe. But then, it should be
safe for its intended purpose. So who can show us the true uses of an herb? Only
the scientists-chemists and/or those herbal doctors especially endowed with
guidance from the spirit world.
There is no better way to heal diabetes except that of removing the solidified
sugars some of which turned into fats, inside our blood vessels or circulatory
When the bad sugars are removed, which are then chemical toxins, then, the
veins or blood vessels would be cleared for new blood supplying the needed
nutrients and oxygen. This is how healing occurs.
And the things that can melt or clear out fats and sugars are: bitter tasting herbs,
and also hot things like hot pepper. Swallow the ripe fruit of the pepper (chili) like
capsules. Do not chew. Eating chili leaves as vegetables will also produce the
same effect as that of its fruits.

John, I want to include here the SUMMARY I have come up with about GODS


The leaf-fruit component is supported by the following Bible verses:

Genesis 1:29 which resulted to the long lifespan and sustained youth of the
generation of Adam (930 years old) to Noah (950 years old).
Ezekiel 47:12 & Revelation 22:2-3 which is an announcement or prophecy of the
future return to fruitleaf health menu.
After Noah, when mankind generally ignored fruitleaf in favor of meat, blood
and now chemicals, the lifespan has dwindled to 50 and even less.

The Faith-Love component which concerns the mind and heart is largely proved and
practiced by the Lord Jesus Christ and the entire New Testament is full of records and
evidence how He used the faith of the patient or his relatives to become the basis for
His Love-healing-power to heal the patient.

Faith on the part of the patient, and Love as Gods or the Lords response.

This is an amazing formula = FRUITLEAF + FAITHLOVE

This means to say that:

This preventive aspect may be divided into physical consisting of leaf and fruit,
and the spiritual consisting of Faith (in the mind) and Love in the Heart. So the
formula of prevention would be = FRUITLEAF + FAITHLOVE. This will cause a
healthy body and healthy mind-heart supporting each other!
As much as you can, eat only that which has undergone the process of
PHOTOSYNTHESIS, which is Natures way of toxin-cleansing or detoxification. Any
chemical or element or substance or mineral that goes through photosynthesis is
cleansed of its inherent toxins, thus, toxic iron becomes dietary (safe and
beneficial) iron; toxic calcium becomes dietary beneficial calcium, etc.
Do not eat an element, nutrient or substance that has not undergone
PHOTOSYNTHESIS, where the sunlight does the cleansing or toxin removing.
Beware of iron or calcium or any chemical or mineral that they took direct from
the deep dark earth (e.g., thru mining) and processed thru chemical synthesis,
thus synthetic, their counterpart version of PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Their
chemosynthesis cannot perform the effective toxin cleansing that the sun does
during photosynthesis.
So that is the meaning of leaf-fruit: eat only those which are the product of
photosynthesis, as much as possible.
Thats for the body.
As for the mind-heart, Jesus in His entire ministry might have deliberately
avoided the use of physical tool such as herb or fruit so He could demonstrate
the superior importance and power of the Mind and Heart team. Or Faith in the
Mind and Love in the Heart.
Therefore, we have the absolute proof, the entire New Testament, that we must
not underestimate the power of the Mind as Faith and the power of the Heart as
Faith means what you believe. So, what are we to believe? Answer: Truth, not
Example: Eternal hell gives tremendous amount of fear (negative) which induces
acid to the body, thus, making it prone to many illnesses. Eternal Hell is a lie. The
truth is Hell is Corrective and even if it may last longer for one than that of the
other, it will end up to the rehabilitation of the sinner. Gods Love still operates
in hell. Hell is still Gods work of Love.
Love has its own vibration or frequency. Authorities say Love vibrates at the
frequency of 528 hertz, that is, 528 vibrations per second. This is the vibration of
the heart chakra, as well as all that is green in Nature. Green means healing.
So, if you vibrate in green vibration at 528 hertz, you will be healed of your
illnesses by Love. It is love healing you.
Any illness can be healed in that vibration in that warmth that is warm enough
to prevent fats or sugars from solidifying and clogging your arteries or blood
As a matter of fact, Love automatically prevents hard fats such as fats from the
animals because higher Love leads you not to eat animals. It will lead you to a
vegetarian diet, thus, you automatically avoid the fats that clogs your blood
vessels and cause many illnesses in the heart, eyes, feet, and anywhere where
clogging of the vessels by the fats can occur.
That is not to mention that fact that Love being warm, can indeed melt any fat in
the body, thus, prevent clogging of arteries and veins, thus, prevent heart attack
and stroke!
As we think more deeply of Gods medical system FRUITLEAF + FAITHLOVE, we
can see how great is He in love, wisdom and power!
It is to our advantage if we return to the ancient way of Donts and the add the
Dos or the recommended ones by God which is not cooked foods, but raw foods,
mostly fruits and leaves (vege and herbs) as Genesis 1:29, Ezekiel 47:12 and
Revelation 22:2-3 clearly and strongly suggest. For a long time, our Christianity
has been shallow because we ignore the focus the Bible teaches us, namely:
about 70% of our focus should be on preventive, not curative. Preventive diet
and lifestyles (practices).