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Wellness = FaithLove + FruitLeaf

JUL 20TH, 7:46AM

For the FVP Cocoy Troop to be more effective in shielding/ protecting everyone
from the scourge of cancer -- read this. This truth can save lives. This truth can set you
free from pains, save you from cruel pre-mature death and from unwelcome bankruptcy.
Please read on and share.
Who says only the valedictorians are bright? We too can be bright, if we read
things like this...
An explosive news for everyone, without exception! Just published in the internet
last July 13.
One title of the news in YouTube video is: Medical BOMBSHELL: Chemotherapy
found to spread cancer.
The Old Testament and then Jesus said: An issue is established by the testimony
of 2 or 3 true witnesses, so I typed at YouTube "Chemotherapy spreads cancer" to seek
for confirmation or second opinion or to find the 2nd or 3rd witness, to be only shocked
to get instantly 20,300 videos overwhelmingly confirming the growing consensus that:
CHEMO KILLS BOTH CANCER CELLS AND GOOD CELLS, or in a more scientific term: as
chemo neutralize cancer cells in the short-term, it poisons the rest of the body and in this
way creates a weakened and acidic environment which paves the way for the cancer to
resurrect and spread anywhere in the body and in more resistant and aggressive manner!
In other words, chemo does not really kills cancer but spreads it because as it
turns off the cancer cells, it at the same time turns on the healthy cells to become
We will read the doctors' and scientists' explanation for this as we proceed.
The main report that triggers this avalanche of videos in YouTube and articles in
Google and other websites -- the cause of this flood of reactions is the recent release of
the study conducted by the doctors and scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
in New York, led by Dr George Karagiannis.
Here are the main findings of their study:
1) Chemotherapy kills the cancer cells in an instant, but in the long run, creates
the environment around for cancer to re-emerge anywhere and to spread everywhere,
anywhere and this time coming back more resistant and aggressive!
The report states: "Chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells and to curb tumours
from growing in the patients body. However, a new study has suggested that
chemotherapy may instead be helping spread the disease further leading to more
aggressive forms of cancer.
"While it has been known that the treatment shrinks tumours for short term
beneficiaries, chemotherapy drugs [at the same time] increase the chance that cancer
cells will [in the long run] migrate elsewhere in the body and may trigger a repair system
which allows them to grow back strong, a team of US researchers have discovered.
"They found that the number of blood vessel doorways that allow cancer to
spread throughout the body was increased in 20 patients who received two common
chemotherapy drugs.
"In experiments on mice, Dr Karagiannis and his colleagues found that the
number of cancer cells circulating in the blood stream was increased when they received
As I wrote, when I typed Chemotherapy may spread cancer at YouTube alone,
it generated instantly some 20,300 videos uploaded to YouTube, most of these, I believe,
are released to either report or confirm the report.
Then I also went to Google and typed Chemotherapy may spread cancer and
instantly generated "About 4,480,000 results (0.41 seconds)" - that is what is written on
top portion of the search engine. I just copied and pasted it here.
And Jesus and the Old Testament requires only 2 or 3 true witnesses to confirm a
thing we want to resolve.
But because of the cunning of the chemo salesmen (doctors), the state of mind
of most people and patients is inconclusive -- they may suspect, but cannot make the final
conclusion. They could not figure out how on earth can big Pharma whom they trust their
health and life could deceive and betray them.
They have lost the skill to make conclusion. They need a personal experience
when they or their loved ones die after using chemotherapy to lead them into conclusion.
They are not smart enough to take note of the saying, "To learn from your own
experience is wise (but oftentimes costly) but to learn from other people's experience is
wiser (and often saves you plenty of pain and money)!"

JUL 20TH, 5:07PM

Yes, our own experiences is the best learning

JUL 27TH, 7:18AM

This is just a reminder, very important though. I have written many long articles
regarding this so I won't have to take much of your time, but just to remind you of the
following: Get Out of Expanded Pharmakeia, Get Out of Endtime Babylonia!
You can read that article in full at

JUL 27TH, 11:08AM

Murag deep naman kaayo ning imong topic Coy. For my part, I'm living each day
by overcoming all my bad traits. One day, i saw my dogs quarreling over their food so i
discovered that my ugali is like an animal, dalo, maibog, kong puede hayahay ang kinabuhi
so i resulted to borrowings until i noticed nga dili ni makahatag sa ako og kalipay. So,
slowly, i need to convert hinay hinay kay d gyod nako kaya nga mabuotan dayon. I know
my sins s always before me that's why i have to lean on God this days.

In my own small ways, I'm praying always that may peace always begins with me.

Tiya, kun naa pa unta nimo gihapon ang healthy eyes to read as fast as you did
when you were young, dili lisod suklan ang mga bulk of books or piles of articles nga atong
gi-introduce or gipangpost.
Mao na tiya nga kasabot ko sa imong gi-ingon nga gilawman ra ka sa akong gi-
share ninyo. Your spirit may be willing but the body or eyes are now weak to prove; so
lisdan na ta mo-dig deeper kung di na kaya sa atong mata mobasa.
Ang ikaduhang reason why ngana ato reaction is the credulousness or
incredibility of the idea - so shocking, so unheard of, so unbelievable to be the truth, e.g.,
imagine Pharmaceuticals maka-cause nato nga di ta makasulod sa kingdom of God and
the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:8 & 22:15).
Imagine ang pharmaceutical mao ang sorcery nga maoy maka-ingon nga adto ta
sa gawas sa kingdom, adto sa lake of fire ta! (Revelation 21:8).
Imagine ang sorcery (pharmaceuticals) maoy main tool ni Babylon the Great
(Roman church and Roman government: US Govt is based on Roman system) nga mo-
deceive the whole world! (Revelation 18:23).
Rev 18:23 [kjv] for by thy sorceries [pharmaceuticals] were all nations
I cant believe that! is the usual reaction.
Imagine the same Babylon the Great and its pharmaceuticals maoy cause sa death
sa mga Christian martyrs and all other deaths ever since in other words, the major cause
of death among mankind or in short, the No. 1 killer of mankind as the verse says:
Rev 18:24 [niv] In her was found the blood of prophets and of the saints, and
of all who have been killed on the earth."
Two groups of mass deaths:
1. The lives of the prophets and saints during the a) Crusades done by the
Mohammad and his Muslims in behalf of the pope: 270 million deaths ; and b) during
Romes own Inquisition: 100 million deaths = together comprise the first surge of the
Great Tribulation;
2. and of all who have been killed on the earth such as those killed during
wars and killed by the pharmaceutical system which presented a casualty of 800,000 per
year x 100 years for the 20th century alone = 80,000,000! That is how massive is the
casualty of the poisons of Pharmakeia. And to think that this statistics is only for the USA
alone, we have not yet included the deaths outside the USA caused also by Pharma! It is
very true that Big Pharma or the use of chemicals (chemistry) which has expanded from
the pharmaceutical industry to the manufacturing industry where the seeds of illnesses
(chemicals) are being sown is the No. 1 killer of the Americans, because per report by
the team of scientists and doctors of American Dr. Gary Null, Big Pharma is already the
No. 1 killer in the USA today! If you add to that the role of the larder Manufacturing
industry, then, you will have an overwhelming statistic to hammer down the nail!
Expanded sorcery or Expanded Pharmakeia (ManuFactories + Pharmaceuticals) is indeed
the biggest killer of mankind!
If you say, what about the death toll of war, especially the First and Second World
Wars? WW I had 20 million deaths; WW II had 60 million deaths or a total of 80 millions
for the two great wars.
Add to that the other smaller wars.
Can these war deaths be blamed on sorcery-pharmakeia? Yes, if we view
Pharmakeia as the use of chemicals. Guns and bullets and bombs are they not all
chemicals manufactured into weapons? They are all about the use chemistry which
sorcery was and is mainly about.
I am here trying to prove true what the Bible says in Revelation 18:24 that sorcery
or use of chemicals has been the no. 1 cause of deaths among mankind!
And I think I have given you some of the proofs that indeed it is sorcery (use of
chemicals first in medical industry but has expanded to the manufacturing industry) that
is the no. 1 cause of death of both saints and innocents, the rest of mankind!
Be it via religious pretext (the persecution of the saints and prophets) during or
before the Muslim crusades and the Catholic inquisition, or via wars and the
pharmaceutical system Babylon-Pharmakeia is the largest killer of mankind.
The increasing appearance of data and information is unstoppably leading
mankind to see the meaning of Revelation 18:24.
If you had read the report of the Gary Null team, tiya, revealing the
pharmaceutical as the No. 1 cause of deaths in America today, you will be inevitably led
to realize that sorcery is playing the major role in the mass deaths of mankind.
Its casualty (800,000 deaths a year) has exceeded the total deaths caused by the
no. 1 disease killer in the US --- heart disease which kills some 600,000 people a year. And
mind you, that figure 800,000 is the smallest estimate due to the refusal of the doctors
and nurses to report death by the pharmaceutical medicine andsystem!
You can get more confirmation if you type in Google as well as YouTube the
Death by Medicine
Death by Doctors
You will be shocked to hear the video reveal information that are not told to the
This explanation I hope tiya makes it more comprehensible and more acceptable.
Ayaw lang pagdali tiya. Hinay hinay absorb lang, kay gani ako, nga maoy ga-seek
or ga-search, dugay sad nako natuhog.
Pero nahibulong ko tiya nga some unexpected sources, may naghimo ug video sa
idea nga ato nang nasabtan in advance.
For example aning understanding nga PHARMACEUTICAL IS THE MODERN-DAY
SORCERY. Nia akong nakita nga wa ko mag -expect nga video. Here it is:
Modern-Day Sorcery Revealed! It's Not What You Think!
From Strong's Concordance 5331: pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or
spells YES! Today's Pharmacies/Pharmaceuticals are in fact today's form of sorcery!...
Hello, (manong) Cocoy ni. Atong gi-rename ni nga chat group from FVP Cocoy
Troop into WELLNESS = FAITHLOVE + FRUITLEAF for the ff reasons: 1) gusto ko mafocus
atong mind sa formula nga Wellness = Faith + Love sa spiritual aspect or sa state of mind
and heart, then FRUIT + LEAF sa physical o diet aspect diin ang Bible, at least 3 places,
namely: Genesis 1:29; Ezekiel 47:12a ug Revelation 22:2a naghisgot nga ang FOOD
(preventive medicine) mao ang fruits, apil nang mga liso like rice, etc. and then, ang LEAF
(such as vegetable ug herbs) mao ang (curative) MEDICINE.
Ezekiel 47:12a And let fruits be thy food (preventive medicine) Revelation 22:2a
Let fruits be your food (preventive medicine). These verses are prophecy. So coming ang
time nga fruits na ang food sa mankind.
This is just a return to ancient way kay at the beginning mabasa nato sa Genesis
1:29, God told Adam and Eve: And fruits shall be your food.
Katong misunod nga unang mga generations from Adam (930 yrs old) to patriarch
Noah (950 yrs old) tag as ug edad kay naa sa sunlight ang long life, unya ang fruits ug
dahon actually 80% ana sunlight natrapped sa dahon ug fruit!
Ang mga Israelites nga mi-follow sa Leviticus 11 nga apil ang meat laws, sa mga
gentle animal, namubo na aning panahuna ang lifespan, 120 na.
At this time, gidili ug klaro sa Ginoo ang fat ug blood kay naa aning duha ang mga
Wala nato paminawa, kay lagi lami mang ang fat ug blood. Kaon ta.
So result: 80 , then, 70 or lower na atong lifespan.
then ang final nga dili jud ipakaon sa atong Ginoo mao ang chemicals/
Why? Dili pa kini fit sa atong lawas. Toxic pa kini sa atong mga cells.
Kabalo ang mga chemists ani. Mao bitaw nang strict jud sila sa dosage, ma
preservative na nga isagol sa harina or sa processed foods, mga .01% ra jud na or even
less, and then, sa tambal strict sad dosage, dili pweded subrahan... kay patay ang tawo o
mapoison dajon.
Poison ni pero dili mo-instant kay gamay nga dosage.
Pero ari ta sa longterm mapildi.
So, ang trial for every Christian today is how to fight or control or guide properly
our palate or tongue.
Dili necessary nga dili ta mokaon ug lami. Ang ato lang, adto ta sa lamian nga safe.
Example. Sugar.
Dili man ingon nga dili ta moakon ug sugar. Sayop nang mga diabetics nga total
zero jud ang sugar.
Naay sugar nga 100% safe.
Example: kinugay, honey.
cocoysugar, aw, cocosugar, diay
Mga safe na.
Proven na sa akoa.
When I was eating white and brown sugar, niabot nako sa edge sa diabetes, kay
utituron na gud akong samad, nga gamay ra kaajo ang sugod and then, nagkadako.
Pero pag-shift nako sa kinugay, kaon tudotudo ug kinugay, OK ra man kaayo, wala
na ang signs of diabetes. Dali na kaayo maayo akong mga garas o samad.
So, sa mga naadik ug sugar, alcohol, fat, unsa pa, dili ingon nga stop ta sa atong
Shift o balhin ra ta sa safe.
O genuine.
Kay halos tanan na gi-fake nila.
Fake na gan nang atong milk karon.
Dili na kana ral milk.
Ok start ta sa ilang gipanghambog nga calcium kay kani ra bay ilang pangbato
pagconvince sa mga tawo to drink their milk.
Do you know that their calcium is synthetic and is bigger in size or molecule so
that it cannot penetrate the bones and teeth it is supposed to strengthen?
So, nagsuroysuroy ra sa gawas ang calcium , nag-uban uban sa blood.
Unsay mahitabo ug naa sa blood ang kini nga calcium? Timan i nga ang calcium
maoy mocreate ug bones ug teeth, meaning gahi, morag bato. So ug adto nato ni sila
pasagdan sa dugo, sila ang major raw material anang gitawag ug plaque o barabara sa
atong mga ugat. Naay kauban ni siya: flour, salts, sugars, nicotine, other chemicals -- sila
ang mohimog plaque o batobato sulod sa atong mga ugat. In short, cardiovascular
diseases such as heart attack, stroke, etc.
In short, ang ilang calcium sa ilang milk = CVD (Cardio vascular diseases)!
Walay nakabalo ani no?
Naa ni sa book nga "Cowspiracy" ug uban pang expose sa milk conspiracy to
create lots of diseases aron madato ang big Pharma industry.
Yes, tinuyo.
Ang mga owners sa big corporations apil milk mao sad owners sa big Pharma
So, they plant the seeds of diseases thru sa ilang Manufactories, and then, they
harvest the illness thru their Pharmaceuticals!
Di mo motuo?
Mamugos ba diay pud ko!
Bitaw, baga na kaayo ang mga evidence ug authoritative nga proofs gi spread sa
Daghan nga mga insiders o taga ila sa big Pharma nga mi-whistle blower,
meaning: mipiyaet!
Di na kaya sa ilang conscience.
Mga top notch employees sa big Pharma.
Do you want some of their names, kanang top gun jud?
One is USA's top big Pharma trainor sa mga sales reps ug lecturers sa ilang mga
doctors didto, si Ms Gwen Olsen.
Just type her name sa YouTube to view her many videos.
Kana si Dr. Gary Null pinaka-top sa mga doctors. Type his name at YouTube.
Kana si Kevin Trudeau gikan na sa ilang grupo. Both manufactories and pharma
na siya.
Start with them, and then along the way, YouTube will also introduce additional
In my own research, kada area may whistle blower.
Dili man walay effect or uses ang big pharma nga mga medicine ug procedures.
Naa. Para emergency pero ang point is, sama sa chemo, kill ang cancer cells, pero killed
pud ang good cells, nga mao na puy macancer cells as a result of chemo.
Makatabang kaayo ang big Pharma sa emergency kay sila ray kamao unsaon pag-
abri sa artery nga puno na sa sebo o plaque. Ila nang i-bypass or angioplasty.
Kanang emergency tambal nga mo-hilis sa blood clot sa na-stroke, nakasulay
akong uncle ana, naluwas sija tawon. Mahal kada injection. Tag P3,000 ba to.
So, dili ta maglalis sa usefulness sa pharma o mga doctors.
Ang atong lalisan o discusson mao ang unsaon nga dili ta maabot sa emergency
Kanang stages 3 to 4 emergence zone na kana.
Ug sa artery pa na, halos puno na sa tambok ang imong ugat (artery ang ngalan
sa ugat nga dako connecting the heart).
Ang kining atong group chat is dedicated sa prevention... ug emergency cure sad
kun matabang pa.
Pero more on prevention ta kay aron wala gasto kaayo ug dili mamiligro ato life
ug family ug kaari arian.
Imagine lifetime hinaguan, makas a lang ug suyop sa big Pharma!
What pahak! Aw, what the fuck! Ug sa mga bata pa nga tig duwa ug dota.
Putang inanag, mawala lang atong tibook kinabuhing paningkamot, unja pata pa
jud ang pasyente!
Or paralyzed for life.
Dili compensating sa atong kahago ug gasto.
Ngano man ngani ni?
Kay, sama sa daghan mga aspect, wala ta mohatag bili sa mga tambag like "An
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
Ug wala sad ta kamao sa replace tactic. Replace the harmful with the genuine
Sama sa white & sugar with kinugay.
So, ari ta sa cancer kay nia atong sister si Inday Noemi nagsuffer karon. Active ang
cancer. So, spreading.
Day, first step: starve the cancer cells. Ayaw sila pakan a aron ma-starve.
Unsay favorite food sa cancer?
1. milk
Fresh milk ra.
Likay sa processed o manufactured milk.
Or kanang ilang gitawag ug dairy products kay naay milk nila ana.
What part sa ilang milk ang makapasamot sa cancer.
Wa ko kabalo!
Bitaw, ang ilang milk sagol na kana nana (pus) ug dugo kay pugos na pagatas ang
mga cows nila nga kinulong. So dili na hygienic. So what they do? Ilang iagi ug pabukal.
Taaaas kaaajo ang temperature nga ug sa isda pa na, mauling na pero kay liquid
man nang milk, mabrown ra.
Ang orig nga fresh milk snow white baja ang color.
Dili lagom o de leche.
Na deleche o brownish na kana kay overheated man.
Ang tawag ani: homogenization.
Homogenized na ang mga processed milk karon.
Pagod, sa ato pa.
Mao nay cancerous.
2. ang growth hormone pud sa baka nga maadto sa milk, maka cancer pud ni.
Ang mga Amerkano, basta may sign of cancer gani ka, automatic stop milk.
3. ang ikatulo nga food to stop aron mastarve ang cancer: sugar -- bad sugar.
Such as: white sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar (confectioner), then, sugar sa soft
drinks ug synthetic juices: aspartame, high fructose corn syrup.
Basta synthetic o chemical sugars -- flee like a plague kay mosanay kusog ang
cancer ug sige tag kaon ini.
4. ang mga meat karon nga treated ug nitrites ug chemical feeds, stop stop stop
stop plssss!
Balik sa duga sa organic chemical free nga dahon ug prutas, isda, bugas nga
pinawa og organic.
The easiest way to fully fight cancer is: stop all chemicals and let only natural
enter your body.
Lisod sultihon pero sayon buhaton.
So, balik ta sa atong formula: FRUITLEAF.
Mao jud na advice sa bibliya.
Fruits + Leaf.
Gani mabasa nato sa verse 2 sa REvelation 22: And the leaf shall be for the healing
of the nations.
Dili ang chemicals. Dili ang drugs.
Sa China, sakto sila: 90% sa ilang health system natural, 10% lang ang big pharma,
pang emergency lang like accident, etc.
Dapat sunod ta sa China. Sa ilang acupuncture, reflexology, herbal, etc.
Kanang akong mga relatives, nga mga Yu, daghan nila batid nga mga doctors,
nurses ug pharmacists, naay clinic nang uban, ako na na silang giencourage nga kopya ta
sa China, total mga Intsek man mi.
Pero wala pay kisaw.
Galisod pa sila.
Consultant na sila sa Romero, Gallares, sa Community ug uban pang mga hospital
sa TAgbilaran.
Ang uban tua sa outside Bohol.
What I mean is: let us as fast as possible go back to FRUITLEAF health care system
sama sa China, or else, jagot jud atong mga organs ani ba.

Memo Canel
Atong tinae, atong cells, atong matres, atong ngipon (ako na, igo na ko sa ngipon)
tanan parts sa body nato gub on nila sa ilang mga chemicals kay lagi
dakooooooooooooooong business ang sakit!
Kun kabalo pa lang mo.
Ang first 7 o top 7 sa mga pharma companies sa tibook kalibutan, apil ana ang
Pfizer.. ang first 7 lang: ang ilang income labaw pa sa income sa 53 ka mga nasud sa Africa!
Di mo ma shock ana!
Or di mo kasabot ana!
Unsay meaning ana?
Booming ilang disease business!
Wala mangawala, wala mangaayo ang mga sakit.
As you can clearly see around us.
Clear kaajo nga dili purpose sa big Pharma ang paghatag nato ug PERMANENT
healing ug LASTING health.
Take note anang two adjectives: permanent ug lasting.
Di ba mao nay atong gusto? Permanent ug lasting?
Dili pwede dili permanent ug dili lasting.
We cannot make concession aning dapita.
We want permanent and lasting healing and health.
Dili nang ayo ka karon, next week sakit na pud...
Naayo imong sakit karon, naay na poy migulang lain... which is the case because
per medicine, ila nang nakita nga mocreate ug at least 70 side effects (poisonings) diin
mo-ripen into new sicknesses over time.
Maglumba nalang ning 70 ka side effects kinsay maunag kahimo ug full pledge
nga sakit.
Wa lagi tay future sa chemicals.
Dili man ni pag atake nila kay daghan baya ako mga relatives naa sa big Pharma
Kani sincer og honest nga pagkasulti ba.
Para sa kaayuhan ug kaluwasan sa tanan.
Panahon na atong seriouson ang atong pagtuman sa saying, An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Ug sa ato pa: A gram of dried herbal = P10,000 worth of phama medcine, plus ang
risgo pang maparalyse o mamatay.
So panahon na atong tagaan ug bili ang old saying about prevention.
Kay abi ninyo, moingon tag dili intentional ning mga sakit ug pagdaot sa mga
tawo, well, if you still think that way -- if you still trust them -- you better change your
Yes, ngana ka cold and merciless ning mga tawhana!
Why do I say that?
Because volumes of video evidence from different sources, different sources ha,
mga tawo nga wala mag-ila pero the same ilang gi-expose nga kining global elite o 13 ka
pinaka dato nga mga families sa kalibutan -- ang ilang ginoo kwarta - ang ilang religion:
Kitang mga Christians beholden nila mga satanists!
Sila ang mga owners sa ManuFactories and Pharmaceuticals.
So, naa sa Manufactories nila gitanom ang liso sa sakit (chemicals). Adto nila
harveston sa big Pharma.
Naa pud sa hangin, tubig, etc.
Read their secret plan, akong i-paste dinhi.
"We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do
the opposite.
We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will
never see what is happening.
We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also
in the air.
They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.
The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink,
eat, breathe and wear.
We will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for
which we will create yet more medicine.
We will render them docile and weak before us by our power"
That short paragraph is equivalent to volumes of books.So better absorb what
that paragraph from their secret document means to us.
It can save millions of money and lives...
By the way, sa naulahig basa ani, balika ninjog basa ang previous nga statements
kay taas taas ni nga wali, este, explanation.
Dili ninyo matuhog ug dili makasugod sa sinugdanan.
So nia pa ta sa don'ts regarding cancer.
So, NO to bad sugar.
NO to wrong milk.
5) run away from today's bread. Why? Tungod sa iyang synthetic yeast. Kani nga
commerical yeast mao ni makagama ug candida o candidiasis. O yeast disease.
Unsay role sa candida sa cancer development? Wala!
Bitaw, ang candida maoy precursor o mag-una ug ang iyang mission is: to destroy
our immune system.
Gub on niya ang atong immune system.
Sa USA, halos tanan nga may cancer, naa nadiscover nga gauna nga candida!
So? Shun bread nga mga commercial yeast. Ajo pay nilung ag kamote.
6) bahin ni sa bawas na pud, dili sa dagdag. Kanang VITAMIN B17.
Or so-called Laetrile.
Wa ta kadungog ani no? Naa diay Vit B17?
Why man wala nila itudlo sa school? Well, ang tubag mao ni: ANG VIT B17 MAOY
Read the book "A World Without Cancer" and there it is explained or revealed na
kun naa kay vit B17, wala kay cancer -- dili kasulod ang cancer.
Double power ang naa sa Vit B17. Ang first part niya, ammonia o dynamite.
Giputos ni ug morag christmas gift wrapper, dili kabantay ang cancer cells ani, ilang
pasudlon sa gate kay lagi murag christmas gift man.
Ang wa mabalue sa cancer cells is: inside the gift is a dynamite.
And then, do you know that only the sour liquid sa cancer cell ang maka-detonate
o makapaabri aning dynamite?
Ug adto ni sa good cells, dili moboto.
Dili madetonate.
Pero ug adto sa sulod sa cancer cells, modetonate.
So patay cancer cells.
Pero ug adto makasulod ang Vit B17 sa good cells, dili moboto ang bomba. Ang
mo-activate mao ang pikas nga molecule which is assigned to strengthen the cells against
future cancer!
Di madutlan.
Bright ang Ginoo no?
Parihas sa guyabano.
Asa daghan ang Vit B17?
Tubag: sa liso.
Tanang liso may Vit B17.
Asa dapita sa liso?
Tubag: sa panit.
So kun imong imimis ang humay o kuhaon ang panit sa mani, etc. wala nay vit B17
So, sugod na tag kasabot o kaduda why they gave us galingan nga mo-mimis?
O nganong mimis flour man ang ilang gisupply sa mga bakery?
Ang rason is clear: Aron ma Vit B17 deficiency tang tanan!
Kasavot mga bata?
Alright, recess sa ta, kay magkaon kog kinilaw.
Dan, nindotag dia pa ka diri sa Pagina. Diay kinilaw!
So, bawas Vit B17, dagdag yeast.
So, dili lang sa election ang bawas dagdag.
Ari ta sa spiritual dapit nga aspect or mental-emotional.
Kaning FAITHLOVE or Faith and Love. Or positive mind and positive feelings.
Daghan kog ika-share ani. Pero ang pinaka-unod lang.
Una, matod sa nag-observed nga mga scientists sa atong cells, molawos kuno ang
cells (wither) kun wa nay hope or suicidal o walay purpose ang tawo.
So, gusto kag dali mamatay sa cancer? Mao ni key: be hopeless, be purposeless.
Ang excitement o happiness nga mahatag sa hope, faith, love and other positive
thoughts and feelings maoy mo-pa-higher sa imong cell vibration - makapabuhi ba!
Dapat always jud unta kanang vibratin o excitement bitaw sa love maoy atong
bation every second.
Ang vibration anang love is 528 vibrations per second. Mao nay hertz. 528 hertz.
Ug maubos ana, luya imo cells, dali maconquer sa cancer etc.
So what to do?
Love. Laugh. Sing. Any postive thinking ug feeling.
Anha focus.
Aron taas ang vibration sa atong mga cells. Mabuhi.
Inday Noemi, sunda nang law of Attraction. Naa na sa YouTube day.
Law of Attraction.
Tudluan tag envisioning o dreaming.
And hoping.
Pangarap ba.
Kay kani maoy makahatag natog kinabuhi.
Pag-create ug new higher goals (vision/ dreams) day.
Personal ministry nimo. Based sa imong hilig.
Ang akoa is: To write to help make a beautiful future and world.
Based kana sa akong talent sa writing.
Kaning atong talent ug purpose sa life, mao nay makapabuhi sa atong mga cells.
Mokusog ang vibraition.
Matud pa ni manoy Rod, manghod ni Papa, mingon siya nako after sa iyang mild
stroke: Dong, ngano man nga wala man ta ani tudloi sa atong pagka elementary pupils
then high school about these health knowledge? Dili unta ta maingon ani.
Mao jud bitaw. Wala iapil sa atong curriculum ang real knowledge about health.
Lajo ra sa tinuod ang health subject sa school. Murag dili health subject.
Dili enough makatabang sa atong desire nga makalikay sa mga sakit etc.
Inday, challenge nako sa imoha: If you can pass this test (cancer) and you survive,
try considering using your being a teacher to collect this knowledge about true health and
then make a personal ministry to teach the little children.
Sibo ni sa imoha kay teacher man ka.
Dili pagdaot ningyong nga teachers, pero pagsaway sa atong eductational system
of which you did not create, this is my criticism sa atong education: it teaches us how to
earn, but not how to be healthy and how to be wealthy.
True or false?
So, urgent need today is: teachers of how to be healthy and how to be wealthy!
Mao na ako!!!
Rich sa mind rich sa cleverness aron di ta maisahan, rich sa care for all... these are
what we need today.
Wa pa ko mo-graduate aning kursoha. Naghimo pa kog thesis.
Mao na kita... we are evolving to become teachers of how to become healthy and
Asa ang pinakadaghan ug Vit B17 (Laetrile)?
Tubag: sa liso nga migitib (sprouts) like mogoes nga gitawgi.
According to what I read: mo 30,000 t0 50,000 times ang kadaghanon sa Vit B17
kung patugkon nimo ang liso.
By the way, best if kilawon ang liso. But OK gihapon ang cooking basta half cook
and then, below 115 degree Celsius. Magulang gamay sa bukal. Ug molapas sa 115,
manglupad na ang mga vitamin apil ang B17!
So, liso mani, maayo patugkon gamay. Wa pa noon pud ko kasulay. Sa mongoes
Mga 1 to 3 days, OK na.
Basta, pulihig tubig nga hinlo ug fresko kada buntay or everyday para dili mabaho
ug limpoy puti kaajo ang liso sa mongos. Ang green nga panit (English: bran) mo-separate
ra nag iyaha. Ayawg ilabay kay na diha ang mga B17 ug tua sa bag ong seedlings.
Daghan mga nutrients (vitamins and minerals) naa sa bran o skin.
Kana gung 28 ka major nutrients mawala kun imong imimis ang liso o bugas.
28 ang mawala out of 30 major nutrients gibutang sa Ginoo sa lisong humay ug
Mao mao ra sad sa uban.
So, pinawa (whole, unpolished) is the way. Organic is the way.
No chemicals and then whole, naa pa ang bran.
So, ug naa na ta ani, banat sa pag-restore sa lost strength sa atong immune
system og mga cells. How? Answer: FRUITLEAF.
Advice: raw (hilaw) nga leafs ug raw (wala lutoa) pero hinog nga mga fruits.
Mas daghan ang nutrients sa raw. Raw here means wala lutoa.
Mao nay secret why First Vita Plus is faster to effect than other herbal
food/medicine. Duga sa top 5 vege herbs, wala lutua, so wala mo-evaporate ang mga
nutrients (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc.)
Ang top 5 vege herbs sa Philippines nga maoy gipromote sa First Vita Plus maoy
pinaka-nutritous nga combination ug pinaka-kusog moayo.
Basta, may FAITHLOVE, or pagtoo ug gugma.
Kay nakita sa mga scientists nga by the time you do not have faith or do not
believe, mo-close ang gate sa imong mga cells, so bisan pag unsa ka power ang imong
gina-take ug doubtful ka, o skeptic, ka, walay use!
Mao na giingnan ta ni Jesus nga wad-on jud bisan iota sa doubt. Meaning: tun-e
sa, analysa sa, hangtod ma-resolve ang imong doubt.
Dili man pud mahimo nga itago lang ang doubt, mao ra gihapon. Naa gihapon.
Ang sakto, face your doubt, resolve it, find out what is the truth so that you will no longer
doubt or duha-duha.
Kanang siguro na jud ka. Or if not, isandit nang imong doubt sa Ginoo. Ipray.
Mao ni vibrations sa atong mga emotions-thoughts:
Niay lain. Comparaha.

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Focus ta sa formula: W = FL + FL