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The description of therapeutic communication implementation in inpatient room of District

Mandau Duri public hospital

Therapeutic communication is communication that have therapeutic meaning for the patient and
performed by nurses (helper) to help patients regain the adaptive and positive conditions. This
study aimed to describe the implementation of therapeutic communication in Mandau Duri
public hospital. The design of the research was descriptive research. Samples were 30
respondents who were taken based on inclusion criteria by using purposive sampling technique
by observing the inclusion criteria. The instrument used was the observation sheet. The analysis
used was univariate analysis. The results showed the description of the implementation of
therapeutic communication that the majority of respondents do therapeutic communication in the
orientation phase, all nurses were obtained perform therapeutic communication in the working
phase, and in the termination phase was also obtained all nurses perform therapeutic
communication as well as do attitude therapeutic communication. The result described the
implementation of therapeutic communication in the orientation phase was not maximally done
by nurses. The results of this study recommended any nurses in order to increase the efforts of
therapeutic communication implementation, as well as to follow seminars to know more about
therapeutic communication.
Keywords: description, therapeutic communication