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Students Name : Nur Assyiffa Binti Mazlan

Faculty / Group : AP2204A
Lectures Name : Teoh Chee Yong

Title : Are you Shopaholics?

Organizational Pattern : Topical order
Visual Aid :
General Purpose : To inform
Specific Purpose: : To inform my audience about the symptoms, causes and treatment for
Shopping Addiction.
Central Idea : Today I would like to remind you about badness of Shopaholics that should
be avoided.

I. According to the graph, from 2012 until June 2014, a total of 1,940 youths under 25 years
old had been declared bankrupt, about one-third (579) of whom became bankrupt in the
first half of this year.
A. Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Nancy Shukri, who oversees the
Department of Insolvency (MDI), believes many others are on the brink of
bankruptcy for spending more than they earn and drowning in debt. Echoing
her comments, many experts raised the same old arguments our young cannot
differentiate a necessity from luxury, confusing their needs with their
B. As we can see, credit card debt is one of the top causes of young bankrupt.
II. In psychology, there is a clear explanation about the 'shopaholic' is an excessive or
compulsive shopping event that is often paid for by credit cards or other methods.
III. Based on an expert report Health Sciences, University of Indiana United States (US),
Prof. Ruth Eng some individuals suffer from chronic addiction to spending practices
when there is excitement generated by their brains.
IV. At the same time, a 'shopaholic' did not show any physical signs that classifies them as a
related group. The difference is quite obvious may be seen from the perspective of the
emotional impact of the 'madness' or to finance their spending.
V. Today I would like to inform you about the symptoms of Shopaholics, the causes of
Shopaholics and how to control the Shopping Addiction.

(Transition: Lets start with the symptoms of Shopaholics)

I. Shopaholics have two symptoms which is emotional and physical symptoms.
A. Regarding on Dr. April Lane Benson, she lists the following emotional symptoms of
shopping addiction to be aware of.
A person with shopaholics may try to hide their addiction by lying about just one
element of it lie about how much they spent
Other signs and symptoms of a shopping addiction are losing control of the
shopping behavior. buy just to feel satisfied but not use it.
Shopping addicts tend to have obsessive thoughts about the shopping experience,
and this can make it difficult for them to concentrate at work or in their
interpersonal relationships. - thinking about the details of each upcoming
B. The physical evidence of a shopping addiction may include a declining financial
Overspending. A person who is addicted shopping will take money from a
daily budget to cover the expenses of shopping excursion.

(Transition: Now you know clearly about the symptoms shopping addiction. Do you want to be one
part of them? Lets look at how shopping habits can happen to a person)

II. There are four main causes that lead to shopping addiction
A. Boredom
As defined by magazine Helium usually starting off as a feeling of this type of
shopper gains a sense of relief shortly after making their purchases. Shopping
provides a sense of excitement which may be missing in a persons life.

B. Depression
These conditions can fuel the behaviour and may be related to some of the other
underlying causes of compulsive shopping.

C. Perfectionism
People with low self-esteem or overly high expectations for themselves may shop
for the best and latest items in an attempt to feel better about them and impress
others. Shopping can also provide people with a stronger sense of control over
their surroundings.

D. Loneliness
A person who is suffering from a significant loss, such as the death of a close
family member, may be driven to shop to take his or her mind off the loss.
Certain items can provide comfort or give the person a sense of completeness

(Transition: Given the severity of Shopaholics, Im sure you are wondering how they can be

III. There are three major options to overcome Shopaholics habits

A. First option is medication

i. Shopping is the result of depression, anxiety or another mental illness
which is treatable with medication.

ii. Psychotropic medication. Helping you to manage some of the

psychological effects of withdrawal from the addictive behaviour. Minor
or major sedatives or tranquilizers might be prescribed to promote
relaxation during the day or to aid in sleeping through the night.

B. Second option is simplicity circles

This method can be helpful support to shopaholics, although the shopping
addiction problem is not dealt with as directly as in the various therapies for
shopping addiction. Simplicity circles do have to offer a forum:
a place to gather with others to discuss personal transformation and satisfactions
of living a simpler life.

C. Another option is Counselling

This is often necessary to get the compulsive shopper back on track and to stop
overspending. Target counselling for this problem alters the negative actions of
compulsive shopping and concurrently works toward healing the underlying


I. As we have seen, Shopaholic can be detected by reference signs in the emotional and physical
II. However, we must be smart and careful in managing our daily shopping
III. Make a good decision, do not follow your lust.


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