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Speaking Workshop Literary Magazine


SMK SemerahPadi
Courtney Marshall

This program is designed to providestudents from SMK SemerahPadiwith an opportunity

to improve their English conversational abilities by practicinglistening and speaking in English
within a fun, informal academic environment.


Students will greatly develop their English skills and confidence through this fun project. The
ETA will teach them about different aspects of personal identity in speaking workshops
throughout the year. Students will enhance their English speakingskills by learning new
vocabulary and communicating in English in the context of learning about personal identity
speaking activities during the workshops. Students will display what they have learned by
publishing a literary magazine composed of literary and artistic works relating to personal
identity, of their creation.


3.1 The primary objective of this project will be to showcase what students have learned
during speaking workshops.

3.2 The ETAwill interact with the students, exposing them to native English speakers.

3.3 Students will participate in speaking workshops weekly, practicing English-speaking

skills, while completing activities that teach about different aspects of how one views
his or her self.

3.4 This project/workshop will aim to boost the confidence of the students in their
English speaking abilities.

3.5 Students will interact with their peers and native speakers in English, which will
hopefully result in them using English more in their daily informal conversations.

This camp will involve

i) Form 4 KAA =19 Students of SMK SEMERAH PADI
ii) Form 5 C =11 Students of SMK SEMERAH PADI
iii) Year 5 =10 Students of SK SEMERAH PADI


5.1 Date : 23 September 2017 (Saturday)

5.2 Time : 7.00a.m.- 4.30p.m.

5.3. Venue : SMK Semerah Padi School Hall

6. Estimated Expenses/Cost


This program will have a positive impact on the ability and confidence of the students
who are able to attend. The learning goals overlap because the importance of confidence is
crucial in both leadership and English. The opportunity to practice their English with their
peers is crucial to their development as an English speaker. This program will also teach
students a great deal about themselves and their place within the community that they live
and study in. This project will teach them great conversational vocabulary and will allow
them to apply what they learn in a creative way. This will be an enjoyable program for all in
attendance and will have a lasting impact on the students. Lastly, this tangible outcome of
the speaking workshop can be used by the school as promotional material or as a future
educational tool for other classes.
Prepared by:

Vimala Devi

Big Brother Big Sister

Reaching For the Star

English Camp Coordinator


Verified by: Approved by:

Noor Hashimah Pn. Hadiah binti Amit

Head of the Language Department Principal

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