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Appendix 1

Case # Title Case Location

Died caught in roller conveyor Factory, Melaka

Construction sites,
Died falling from height

Construction sites,
Died being buried
Pulau Pinang

Died falling from height Construction site, Johor

Died being struck by heavy

Circuit Test, Pahang

Died being run over by shovel Port, Pahang

Died falling from height Construction Site, Johor

Electricity Pole No. 8,
Died due to electrocution Simpang Issu Bangat,

Died being crushed by lorry Log camp, Sarawak

Died due to drowning Resort, Sarawak

Scrap Yard, Pulau

Died being struck by iron bar

Died crushed by a container Bus stops, Pulau Pinang

Construction sites,
Died due to electrocution

Died caught in a cabin Iron Ore Mine, Pahang

Died being struck by

Construction sites,
passenger hoist's
Died being caught in lorry's
Warehouse, Kedah

Construction site, Pulau

Died falling from height

Died fell into a ravine Logging camp, Sarawak

Construction sites,
Died being buried
Pulau Pinang
On board ship, Pulau
Struck by metal coil

Construction sites,
Died falling from height
Pulau Pinang
Construction sites,
Died falling from height

Died struck by falling brickwork Sekolah, Kelantan

Construction Site, Pulau
Died been buried

Construction site, Pulau

Died caught between object
Died being crushed by crane Construction sites,
boom Pulau Pinang

Oil Palm Plantation,

Died trapped in a tractor
Died due to formwork Construction sites,
collapsed WPKL

Construction sites,
Died struck by falling object
Died being struck by
Main Road, Pahang
compactor lorry

Died being mauled by a tiger Zoo, Melaka

Died being struck by Support Construction sites,
Formwork WPKL

Died struck by lightning School, Johor


Death pinned by tractor Plantation, Johor

Died being caught in a

Factory, Selangor
Died from being run over by a
Plantation, Sarawak

Died due to drowning Construction site, Perak


Died caught in an tractor Plantation, Johor

Died being run over by trailer Plantation, Johor


Died falling into depth Plantation - Johor


Died falling off the roof Construction site, Johor

Construction site, Pulau

Died being crushed by forklift

Died falling from height Construction site, Sabah


Died falling from height Factory, Selangor


Died struck by tree Logging, Sabah

Died falling from height Construction site, Johor


Died falling from height Palm Oil Mill, Johor

Died falling from 10 metre Construction site, Pulau

height Pinang
Died being crushed by Construction site,
concrete gate Pahang

Died falling from height Construction site, Johor


Died being struck by lorry Plantation, Kedah

Died crushed by backhoe Construction site, Kedah


Died due to electrocution Construction site, Johor

Died falling from height Construction site, Johor


Died due to fall from roof Construction site, Kedah

Died struck by lightning Construction site, Johor

Construction site, Kuala
Died struck by lightning

31 Died falling from height Construction site, Johor

Died falling from height Construction site, Johor

Construction site,
Died from falling into the tank

Died was buried under by

Construction site, Johor
concrete collapse

Died being crushed by truck Plantation, Sabah

Died being pinned by
Construction site, Perak

35 Died due to drowning Hotel, Sabah

Died falling from height Factory Johor


Died being run over by forklift Coldstorage, Selangor

Died crushed by tree Logging camp, Sarawak


Construction site, Kuala

Died falling from height


Died due to electrocution Private gardens, Johor

Died falling from height Construction site, Johor


Construction site, Pulau

Died falling from height

Construction site, Kuala
Died struck by falling beam

Died falling from height Construction site, Johor

Died crushed by collapsing
Construction Site - Johor

Construction Site -
Died falling from height
Kuala Lumpur
Killed being thrown from tractor
Plantation - Johor

Road construction area -

Died hit by lorry

Died caught between objects Factory - Kedah

Died falling for height Construction Site - Johor

Construction Site -
Died due to fire
Kuala Lumpur

Died in car accident Plantation - Johor


Died falling from height Plantation - Johor

Died being crushed by mirrors Kedai cermin - Johor


Died falling from scaffolds Factory - Kedah


Died caught between objects Plantation - Johor

Collapse of Reinforced
Construction Site - Johor
Concrete Coping

Died due to electrocution Residential Area - Johor

Construction Site -
Death due to electrocution

Sky Lift overturned while doing Residential Flats - Kuala

roof repairing works Lumpur
Construction Site -
Died struck by falling object
Kuala Lumpur
Appendix 1
Summary of the case
Victim, an machine operator was found caught in roller conveyor as the machine was running

The victim was working on the roof at a height of 7.7 meters . The victim fell as he stepped
on broken roofs . The victim died in hospital

The victim worked as a detector to find any utilities , electric cables or hazardous materials in
the soil . During the landslides incident , the victim was in the working in the hole . He was
buried to the chest

The victim fell from the 11th floor as he was performing aircond installation

Victim, driving instructor died due to being pinned as the heavy vehicle overturned while
driving uphill. During the incident, the vehicle was driven by his trainee

Victim, work as stevedore died after being hit and run over by shovel. Incident occured as he
walk toward the operating shovel without being notice by the driver

The victim fell from the 6th floor while carrying out the work of binding the cable at the edge
of the floor of the building

Victim died due to electrocuted while tying yellow phase conductor.

Victim, a lorry driver fell into the ravine with the lorry. He died at the scene

Victim was died due to drowning. Before the incident, the victim was not accompanied or
supervised by his parent

Worker was killed after being struck by iron bar. During the incident, the iron bar lifted and hit
the victim as the excavator moving through. Victim happened to be at the excavator working

Victim was crushed by a container placed near the bus stop.

Victim died due to electrocution as he was fixing the socket without turning off the generator

The accident occurred as the victim driving down the hill with the shovel. The vehicle
suddelny out of control causing it to fall on the edge of a cliff at a height of approximately 15
feet. The victim was pinned in the cabin as a result of the accident
The accident occurred as the victim was maintaining Passenger Hoist. Suddenly, the
machine operates without him notice. The counterweight weighing 3 tons crushed the
victim's back

The victim was a truck driver died after getting trapped in the cabin of the truck crushed by

The accident occurred while the victim was patching up the leak on the roof. The victim
slipped and fell down in a height of 45 feet
The victim with his excavator fell into a ravine as he working near the steep gradient

Three workers died buried under the bricks and concrete while doing the work of binding the
bricks. The accident occurred as a result of very strong wind turbulence causes the bricks to

The victim was crushed by metal coil as he was tying that metal coil

The victim slipped and fell at the height of 7 meters while doing the work. During the incident,
he was performing his duties as window cleaner.

The victim worked as a Signalman. The victim fell was he was working. There were no
witnesses who saw the incident

Victim, student died due to being hit by falling brickwork that still under constructions

The victim as a welder was performing his duty on collar pipe in the trench. Suddenly there
was a land slide and buried the victim from the shoulder below

Victim was struck by mobile crane that moving backward as he was patrolling the site. The
incident has lead him to be pinned between crane and culvert concrete

The incident occurred as the lifting works underway. Suddenly, crane boom fell down and hit
the crane's operator cabin

Victim, a tractor's driver fell down along with the tractor as he drove steeply sloping road.

The accident took place as the concreting work is underway. Suddenly formwork had
collapsed onto the victim

During the incident, The victim was walking when, suddenly a Hollow Pipe fell from high floor
and hit him on the head

The accident occurred as a result of accident between a car and a compactor truck. The
truck was overturned and crashed the victim

The victim was found lying next to a tiger. He was assigned to clean the cage and feed the
tigers on that day.

The incident took place as the dismantling support formwork job is underway. 6 workers
including victim were assigned for that task

Victim, a security guard was struck by lightning as he was walking to the school gate

Victims body had been run over by a tire as he slipped down the tractor he was driving.

The incident occured as the victim was tagging the name on the product by using the
designed machine. He died due to got caught between two arms of the machine
Victim, a lorry driver died being run over by a lorry. The incident occured when he was driving
downhill in the lorry when suddenly the brakes malfunctioned. He jumped out of the lorry but
was instead run over by the lorry

Victims carry out land clearing work using bulldozer. He is believed drowned after falling into
the mine along with bulldozer.

The victim was died being crushed by tractor on his way down to collect palm fruits.

Victim was standing on the drawbar trailer towed by a tractor. He is believed to have fallen
and being run over by trailer

The driver fell into the ravine as he was reversing the tractor. The driver was found pinned
between the steering and tractor body.

The victim and his two co-workers were performing roof replacement work. As he was on the
roof, he stepped on broken down roof and fell down without a chance to wear a harness. The
height between the ground and roof where victim was working approximately 10 meters

The unbalanced forklift driven by the victim has caused it to overturned and crush the victim

The accident happened on the 16th floor as the victim is believed was slipped and fell into
elevator pit

There is an explosion at the top of short fiber storage tank as a result of the welding process.
The explosion caused the workers thrown and fell from a height of 8.5 meters

Victim was struck by tree during forest clearing work

The accident involving a civilian who came to the construction site to find the job. Victim was
found lying by the site personnel. Victim is believed to have fallen off the stairs

Victim was assigned to repair the Gear Box at Incline Conveyor. He fell down as he stepped
on rotten working platform

Victim was standing on plywood plate while carrying out plastering works. Suddenly, the
place where he was standing has broken causing him to fall down

Victim was struck by falling concrete gate due being hit by a lorry

Victim fell to the ground as he was dismantling the scaffolding

Victim, a lorry driver was killed after being run over by his vehicle. Prior to the incident, he
parked the lorry on the steep road with intention to unchained the lorry

Backhoe was overturned and fell on the victim as it was lifting the drain block

The victim was died due to electrocution. He is believed was carrying welding work in
confined space

During the incident, victims was carrying out works of opening aluminum formwork sets
mounted on mechanical & engineering drain hole in the 13th floor. The victim had fallen
through a hole at a height of 32 meters

Prior to the incident, victim was installing roof trusses with his colleague. He is believed had
fallen from the roof at a height of approximately 18 feet from the ground

Victim, a flagman was struck by lightning while performing his job controlling the traffic. He
was working in an open area

The victim was killed by lightning as he was pouring the concrete

A pile of iron rod tube that has being lifted by a crane has hit the victim causing him to fell
approximately 9 meters

As the victim installing the wall cladding to the building structure, he fell from a height of 12-
18 metres.

2 workers has fallen into the opening tank that filled with water. They were doing works of
gantry pipe installation and welding

Victim was concreting the floor as support structure for formwork fell onto him

Truck was driving uphill during the incident as it suddenly lost control and overturned. Truck
crash the victim as she was flung from the truck. During the incident, she was seated at the
back of the truck

Victim was carrying road leveling work using steamroller. Suddenly he lost control of the
steamroller caused the vehicle fell into the canal and crashed him

A child who was not being accompanied by his guardian found dead at the bottom of the pool

The victim had fallen down as the floor he stepped on broke.

The incident took place in the cold room while the loading and unloading works is in
progress. The victim suddenly entering the room to move the box containing foods and at the
same time forklift was moving backward after lifting the ?nestainer?. As a result, victim was
struck by that moving forklift. He died on the scene
Victim and his colleague was assigned to cutting down trees. Victim cut a tree and as a result
tree topple on another tree and caused that tree toppled over victim?s head

Victim was assigned to carry out binding and plastering works. He is believed has slipped
and fell on the First Lower Ground while doing his job

Victim is believed carrying works of knitting the oil palm fruits using his aluminium poles. He?
s been electrocuted when his poles got stuck in the transformer

Victim was carrying out work of upgrading grill on a balcony at level 4. He is believed to have
fallen along with the iron gril that he was welding.

The victim fell from a height of 15 meters as he was nailing wood

Incident occured during the workers were performing brick installation work and slab
suddenly collapsed. Victim was struck by falling beam and was pronounced dead by the
Prior to the incident, the victim was carrying mold installation works at the walls openings
area. He fell on the ground as a result of stepping on the hollow section. The height between
the working area and ground

Incident occured during housekeeping works when suddenly a wall collapsed and crash onto
the victim.

Victim is believed to have lost balance while boarding a hanging platform. A sudden slight
movement to the platform caused the victim to slip and fell down.

The victim was thrown away from a tractor's seat while driving down a steep path.

A contractor died after being hit by a lorry

Victim who is a foreign worker was pinned between a gantry crane motor and a pile of iron.
The crane operator didn't realize the victim was there at the time of incident.

The victim is believed to have died after falling from a height of about 10.80 meters from the
floor level. At the time, the victim was undertaking cleaning works at a reserve water tank.

A fire incident took place inside a building under construction. The victim who working inside
the area was found dead.

The victim was on his way to conduct pesticide spraying when he was hit by a four wheel
The victim, who was standing on a wagon pulled by a tractor, fell down to the ground. At that
time, the tractor made turn and the victim lost balance causing the fall.

Accident occured in which the victim was crushed by 100 pieces of mirrors weighing 2
tonnes while unloading them.

Victims was a sub-contractor employees was doing welding work on a warehouse door. The
door fell onto the scaffold and caused victim who was on the scaffold to fall down about 10
feet to the ground.

Victim was found pinned between a truck's body and head. At the time, he was doing repair
works on the truck.

A building structure collapsed while two workers were opening the mold of RC Coping while
their position was exactly above the structure. As a result, the two workers fall down to the
ground. One of them suffered minor injuries while another was killed after the structure
collapsed on him.
Victim was found dead due to electrocution. Victim is believed to be in the middle of checking
the condition of lights which were malfunctioned.

Victim was electrocuted while doing service line installation from a house to a utility pole.

Victim caught in the cage after the sky lift overturned.

The victim, a foreign citizen, died after being struck by falling aluminium sheets. The victim
suffered serious injuries to the head and was confirmed dead by the hospital after 2 days of