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ASSIGNMENT No. I - Monday, September 1lr20l7

Due: 6: I 0 p.m., Mon day, September 25, 2017


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1. A welded 'oPony truss" footbridge, exposed to the elements, is to be built in Saskatoon, to convey
pedestrians and occasional vehicles up to 5-tonnes. This 24.4 m span x 3.05 m wide cambered bridge will
be designed using square or rectangular HSS and left un-coated (without paint and not galvanized). As the
structural engineer, specifo options for the HSS type (specification) and grade to be used. Write your
answer in essay form (not as bullet points, nor in tabular format), in good English prose.

2. A block is supported by a system of 3 steel tubes: AD, BD and CD, pinned at their ends, as shown
below. The weight of the block is 750 kN. This can be considered a dead load and a load factor of 1.25
can be applied, for Canadian limit states design. If allthe tubes are to be the same, determine the optimum
(least weight) round HSS, with design in accordance with CSA-S I 6-14, using:
(a) ASTM A53 Grade B
(b) ASTM ,{500 Grade B
(c) ASTM A1085
(d) CAN/CS AG40.201G40.21 Grade 350W Class H.