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Adult Bible Study Guide

Oct Nov Dec 2017

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Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide
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The Book of Romans
1 The Apostle Paul in Rome Historical Background
2 The Controversy Theological Background
3 The Human Condition Chapters 1-3A
4 Justified by Faith Chapter 3B
5 The Faith of Abraham Chapter 4
6 Adam and Jesus Chapter 5
7 Overcoming Sin Chapter 6
8 Who is the Man of Romans 7 Chapter 7
9 No Condemnation Chapter 8
10 Children of the Promise Chapter 9
11 The Elect Chapters 10, 11
12 Overcoming Evil with Good Chapters 12, 13
13 Christian Living Chapters 14-16
The Book of Romans
Here We Stand: Luther on Romans

Five hundred years ago, Martin

Luther posted his 95 Theses
and the world has never been the
same since.
But what has not changed is the Word
of God and the truths in the Word that
gave Luther the theological
foundation to challenge Rome.
The Book of Romans
Here We Stand: Luther on Romans

Central to that foundation is our study

for this quarter: the book of Romans,
where Luther found the great truth of
justification by faith alone.
Christianity has greatly advanced since
Luther, freeing itself from centuries of
superstition and false doctrine that not
only distorted the gospel but, in fact,
also usurped it.
The Book of Romans
Here We Stand: Luther on Romans

And now, in an age of ecumenism and

pluralism, many of the distinctive truths
that spurred the Reformation have
become blurred, covered up under a
fusillade of semantic chicanery that
seeks to hide fundamental differences
that have been resolved no more now
than they were in Luthers day.
The Book of Romans
Here We Stand: Luther on Romans

We rest upon the principle of sola

scriptura, Scripture alone; hence, we
reject all attempts to draw Christians
back to pre-Reformation faith.
On the contrary, Scripture points us in
the opposite direction (Rev. 18:4), and
in that direction we proceed as we
proclaim the everlasting gospel (Rev.
14:6) to the world.
The Book of Romans
Our Goal

The Epistle is really the chief part of the

New Testament and the very purest
Gospel, and is worthy not only that
every Christian should know it word for
word, by heart, but occupy himself with
it every day, as the daily bread of the
soul.Martin Luther, Commentary on
Romans, 8.
The Book of Romans
Lesson 1, October 7

The Apostle Paul in Rome

The Apostle Paul in Rome
Key Text

Romans 1:8 NKJV

First, I thank my God through
Jesus Christ for you all, that your
faith is spoken of throughout the
whole world.
The Apostle Paul in Rome
Initial Words

It is important for a student of the

book of Romans to understand the
books historical background.
Paul was writing to a specific group of
Christians at a specific time and for a
specific reason; knowing that reason
as much as possible will greatly
benefit us in our study.
The Apostle Paul in Rome
Quick Look

1. The Epistles Setting

(Romans 16:1, 2)
2. A Good Stature
(Romans 1:8)
3. Service in Chains
(Acts 28:16)
The Apostle Paul in Rome
1. The Epistles Setting
Romans 16:1, 2 NKJV
I commend to you Phoebe our sister,
who is a servant of the church in
Cenchrea, that you may receive her in
the Lord in a manner worthy of the
saints, and assist her in whatever
business she had need of you;
for indeed she has been a helper of
many and of myself also.
1. The Epistles Setting
Date and Place

Romans 16:1, 2 indicates that

Paul probably wrote Romans in the
Greek city of Cenchreae, which was
Near Corinth.
Pauls mention of Phoebe, a resident
of greater Corinth, establishes that
place as the likely background for the
letter to the Romans.
1. The Epistles Setting
Date and Place

Paul established the church at Corinth

on his second missionary journey,
a.d. 4952 (ActsOn18).
his third journey,
a.d. 5358, he visited Greece again
(Acts 20), received an offering for the
saints in Jerusalem near the end of
his journey (Rom. 15:25,Therefore
the Epistle probably was written
in the early months of A.D. 58.
1. The Epistles Setting
Personal Touch

We can phone, e-mail, text,

but face to face is the best way to
communicate. He wanted them to
know that he was coming, and why.
It was not Pauls purpose to settle
down in Rome. It was his aim to
evangelize Spain. He hoped to get
the support of the Christians in Rome
for this venture.
The Apostle Paul in Rome
2. A Good Stature

Romans 1:8 Phillips

I must begin by
telling you how I thank
God through Jesus
Christ for you all,
since the news of
your faith has become
known everywhere.
2. A Good Stature
The Saints in Rome

Beloved of God. While it is true that

God loves the world, in a special
sense God loves those who have
chosen Him, those who have
responded to His love.
Called to be saints. Saints is the
translation of the Greek hagioi, which
literally means holy ones. Holy
means dedicated. A saint is one who
2. A Good Stature
Roman Christians Experience

1. Full of goodness. As people

associate with us, is it the abundance
of goodness in us that attracts their
2. Filled with all knowledge.
Christians are urged to study the
Bible and to become well-informed
as to its teachings.
2. A Good Stature
Roman Christians Experience

3. admonish one another.

No one can thrive spiritually if isolated
from fellow believers. We need to be
able to encourage others and, at the
same time, be encouraged by others.
The Apostle Paul in Rome
3. Service in Chains

Acts 28:16 NKJV

But when we came to Rome, the
centurion delivered the prisoners to the
captain of the guard;

but Paul was permitted to dwell by

himself with the soldier who
guarded him.
3. Service in Chains
Paul in Rome

When Paul reached Jerusalem at the

end of his third missionary journey,
unexpected events awaited him.
He was arrested. After being held
prisoner for two years at Caesarea, he
appealed to Caesar. Some three years
after his arrest, he arrived in Rome,
not in the manner that he intended
to when he first wrote to them.
3. Service in Chains
Not by Pauls sermons, but by his
bonds, was the attention of the court
attracted to Christianity. It was as a
captive that he broke from so many
souls the bonds that held them in
the slavery of sin. Nor was this all. ...
Many of the brethren, waxing
confident by my bonds, are much
more bold to speak the word without
fear. Phil. 1:14.
The Apostle Paul in Rome
Final Words

In his epistle to the Romans, Paul set

forth the great principles of the gospel.
He stated his position on the questions
which were agitating the Jewish and the
Gentile churches, and showed that the
hopes and promises which had once
belonged especially to the Jews were
now offered to the Gentiles also. The
Acts of the Apostles 373.