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Resource Pool

This application has been developed with the core objective of addressing Project Managers,
Management and HR Folks to manage their resources for project allocation.
This application has been extremely useful in addressing the following objectives:
To reduce effort for tracking and coordination of each employees details for resource
To eliminate person dependency in availing information (E.g. Availability of resources,
people blocked for a project etc)
Centralized and Accurate data available in the application and can be accessed anytime,
To minimize communication gaps in resource allocation (E.g. Same person getting
blocked for multiple projects)
To effectively track Bench ageing and resource deployment
To generate ONLINE Customized management reports like Bench data v/s Location,
Employees having particular skills, Status v/s Role etc.
This application makes the organization to efficiently manage their resources using the
following features.
User friendly front end design using Cascading Style Sheets.
Easy navigation using Java script tree structure menu
Can download data to excel sheets easily just by clicking a button
Strong authentication while performing various operations
Different levels of access can be given to users such as Update, Read only access etc.
ONLINE Customized management reports
Graphical representation of Reports
Java script validations and alerts where ever needed
Column level sorting of tables
Easy to install and manage. Cross browser competency.

Existing System:

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

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Here the existing system is a manual one. Whenever the company recruits some
people, the company cant directly assign them in to a project. Sometimes the company has to
maintain some employees on the resource pool for future projects and they need to maintain the
details of these employees, their skill set, previous domain expertise and their branch details etc.
Once a new project comes to a branch then the company will search for the required skill set
people and block these people to this project so that the other SPM could not be able block the
same person for another project. After the project is confirmed these people will be allocated to
that project. Once the project is over again these people will come back to the resource pool.
Maintaining all these details manually, co-coordinating between the different branches and
generating the required reports is a tedious process.


- Maintaining all the employee details is a tedious process

- Searching for an employee based on skill set, domain and visa type is a time taking process
- Updating the employee status and intimating it to high authority is also a
tedious process

- Generating the different reports based branch, employee role and status is
not possible in the manual system

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a software application through which the company people can
efficiently manage and maintain the data related to all the employees who are waiting in the resource
pool. This application helps the company in co-coordinating different departments, different SPM and
the completely avoids the clashes in allocating an employee to a project. This also helps SPMs in
searching for the required employees based on their skill set, previous domain expertise and visa type
by applying the filters. Once an employee status is updated then this change will updated in the
centralized database. The user who is using application can generate different kinds based on the
requirements of the company and helps the company in taking the decisions.

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

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This system can maintain the data related to the employees who are
presently in the resource pool in a centralized database.
This provides very good co-ordination between different braches and
different SPMs.
This system provides a flexible mechanism for searching an employee by
applying different filters.
This system can generate the branch data of the employees in the resource
This system provides web based access to the users for updating the
employee status at any point of time which will be affected in the centralized
This system provides an efficient way to generate different reports.

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

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Number of Modules
The system after careful analysis has been identified to present with the following

Administrative Module: This module allows the administrator to add a new

employee entry in the resource pool which includes employee personal
information, current location, joining date, bench start date, role, entry as,
domain expertise, primary and secondary skill set, Date allocated to a project
or project blocked. The administrator can add a new user and assign access
permissions to the user for providing proper authentication and
authorization. This module also allows the administrator to change the
passwords of all the users at any point of time.
Resource Management module: This module takes care of showing all the
employees information in a consolidated manner or in a branch wise manner.
This module provides a flexible way to sort the employee details based on
any field just by a single mouse click. The user who is having administrative
privileges can edit any employee details and update the required fields as per
the requirement. When the company people or an SPM wants to block an
employee who is the resource pool for a project then he can do it just by
editing that employee info and update the status field and enter the name
project for which this person was blocked. If an SPM wants to allocate an
employee to a project from the resource pool then he can do it just by
clicking on employee record and update status field and the date on which
this employee was allocated to a person. This module provides a facility to
download the consolidated data or branch wise data in to excel sheet very
Tracking module: The module provides a very efficient mechanism to
search for an employee and generate customized information based on
selected filters. We can select up to 3 available filters (Domain, Visa Type
and Status) to select multiple values for the filters use SHIFT key. It also
allows the users to download the customized generated information into
excel sheet.

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

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Reporting module: This module provides a flexible way for the user to
generate different kinds of reports based on location which includes location
vs role report, location vs status report, location vs bench role, location vs
blocked role and based on skill wise which includes skill vs role, skill vs bench
role and skill vs blocked role. This also allows the user to generate status vs
role report. This provides a way to view all these reports either in a tabular
format or in bar graph format.

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

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Required Hardware

Pentium IV processes architecture

1. 256 MB RAM.

2. 40 GB Hard Disk Space

3. Ethernet card with an Internet or Internet zero.

Required Software

1. Windows 2000 XP operating system.

2. Internet explorer 5.0 or Netscape navigation

3. Oracle8i.

4. TCP/IP Protocol Suite.

5. J2SDK.1.4.2.

6. Tomcat 4.1

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

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500016 Tel : +91-40-40159158Mobile : 91-9247249455