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India 2016
2nd International Conference & Exhibition on
Fatigue, Durability and Fracture Mechanics
& Symposium on Condition Assessment/Residual Life Assessment & Extension
28-30th September 2016, J N Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India

Will my
How to design
Safe is my How
Calculate withstand
Design ? Reliable is
fatigue life? duty cycle ?
Realistic my design ? Where,
Testing When & How
Procedure? does crack
How to Initiates ?
Premature How to make
Failure? Design & Development my design
Engineers dilemma durable ?

How to
reduce long
& expensive
test cycles ?

How to
life of weld
joints ?
Reliability Cycle Time
Warranty Competition How to
Better Life Optimize Check Crack
Low Cost Better Growth ?
Life ?
Customer Management How to

Is there a better solution ? degradation ?

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India Science Foundation
FatigueDurability India 2016

About the Conference Chief Patron

We heartily welcome you to FatigueDurability India 2016 2nd International
Conference on Fatigue, Durability and Fracture Mechanics and Symposium on
Condition Assessment / Residual Life Assessment and Extension to be held
at J N Tata Auditorium, NSSC Complex, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
from 28-30th September 2016.
Market demands, consumer expectation, engineering product design challenges,
safety requirements, and adaptation to changing environmental conditions are
growing day by day. Designers are facing ocean of challenges to meet this
demand in respect of expectation of ef icient, safe, long life, durable, reliable, cost Dr. A S Kiran Kumar
eective products in a shortest possible lead time. Innovations are inevitable to Secretary Department of Space,
achieve best solutions. However, it makes engineering product designers challenge Chairman Space Commission
more complex in acquiring the knowledge of physics behind phenomenon Chairman Indian Space
associated with fatigue, fracture, material, process, product design, validation Research Organisation (ISRO)
techniques & veri ication procedures to meet the real world challenge. It is the need
of the hour to acquire, adopt and excel in this knowledge. Organizing Committee Chairman

Further, On the other hand,it is a billion dollar question to repair & re-use or reject
the existing structures, which are subjected to all kind of environments, service
loads, and abusive conditions over the years. How safe are they?, Can we continue
with same condition, then how long? Is it repairable/reusable if yes, then how? or
reject them - how to come to a judgement of rejecting them. Tons of questions in the
engineers mind need an answer. Condition assessment of these structures requires
an interdisciplinary approach of study the material, NDT, fracture mechanics & life
assessment techniques. Dr. S Seetharamu
Former Director,
FatigueDurability 2015, irst time created a platform for multi-disciplinary Central Power Research Institute
discussion. We thank all for the overwhelming response. 600 people participated, Professor, BMS College of Engg.
80+ paper presented, 25+ experts' shared expert keynote and more than 15 Technical Director, ISIFS
companies exhibited the technologies.

Moving along, as a follow up of last year conference, FatigueDurability India Convenor

2016 is planned this September 28-30th @ J N Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of
Science, Bangalore. FatigueDurability India 2016 brings experts from dierent part
of the world to ensure rigorous technical experience for cross disciplinary
This 2nd International Conference & Exhibition brings industrial experts and
academicians on a single platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and
advancements in the ield of fatigue, durability and fracture mechanics and its
applications. There will be an exhibition to showcase the technological Dr. Raghunath W Khare
advancements and paper presentation to share the knowledge with real life cases. Head - Institute of Structural Integrity
& Failure Studies
The Conference focuses on the covering wide spectrum of topics from design, Materials & Failure Expert
engineering, testing and computational evaluation of the component / system for
fatigue, durability and fracture mechanics aspects. There will be a forum of
interdisciplinary discussion on working aspects related to material testing, Convenor - Technical Committee
evaluation of damage, NDT, failure analysis, FEM analysis, fatigue & fracture,
processing, performance, reliability and so on. Participants are encouraged to bring
their queries, problems and pose to the expert panel and derive the solution.
Design engineers, failure analysts, maintenance engineers, certi ication personnel,
R&D professionals involved in auto, aero, power plants, marine, oshore,
manufacturing, consumer durables, defense services, oshore structures, piping &
pressure vessel, and general engineering sectors can participate in the conference &
exhibition. Dr. T Jagadish
Head of Department
For more details about the conference login to We
Mechanical Engineering
request you to make use of this opportunity to interact, network with the Bangalore Institute of Technology [BIT]
professionals & experts in the ield and be part of the FatigueDurability Community.

We heartily welcome you to FatigueDurability India 2016.

Looking forward for your active Participation
FatigueDurability India 2016

Conference Theme Registration Details

Advanced Techniques in Fatigue, Durability and Registration Fee

Fracture Studies
Life Prediction methodologies for Structural Industry and R&D Institutions : INR 5,000.00
Metals, Alloys, Polymer, Composites & Engineering Faculty & ISSE Members : INR 4,000.00
Materials Students & Research Scholars : INR 3,000.00
Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue
Creep and Creep Fatigue Interaction Service Tax [14.5%] is applicable extra
Weld Fatigue Evaluation
Vibrational Fatigue Evaluation For Foreign Delegates
Prediction of Cycles for Crack initiation & location
Reliability assessment Industry and R&D Institutions : USD 77.00
Fatigue of welds Educational Institutions : USD 62.00
Virtual Prototyping and Virtual Testing Students & Research Scholars : USD 47.00
Fatigue damage accumulation in cyclic
loading situation Registration fee can be paid in cash/DD/cheque
Life assessment and extension strategies in favour of FatigueDurability India 2016 payable
Damage tolerance procedure at Bangalore and send the same along with
Eect of residual stresses on durability Registration Form to
Calculation of stress intensity factors,
critical crack size Convenor
Eect of multi-site damage Technical Secretariate
Mean time between failure (MTBF) FatigueDurability India 2016
Fatigue Modelling and Simulation Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies
Life Prediction Methodology, Software # 28 (Old No 619/1), 2nd Floor, 36th Cross,
development 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Next to Srinivasa
Structural Health Monitoring and Prognostics Kalyana Mantapa, Bangalore-560010 India
Variable Amplitude Loads, Multiaxial
& Mixed Mode Fatigue Ph/Fax: +91 80 23320171 / 49539628
3D non-planar crack propagation Mobile : +91 9900138009/9900137005
Fatigue Life Enhancement Techniques
Cyclic Deformation and Crack Initiation Web :
Ageing aircraft Email :

Glimpse of
India 2015 J N Tata Auditorium
Indian Institute of Science
National Science Symposium Complex,
Sir CV Raman Avenue,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560012


Registration :
Ms Abhinanditha,|9902900722

Important Links Exhibition:

FatigueDurability India 2015 : Mr. Arun ,|9900138009
Paper Presentation :
FatigueDurability India 2016 : Ms. Nethra, |9900137005
FatigueDurability India 2016

Distinguished Keynote Speaker Honorary Key Note Speaker

Recent advances in
master S-N curve
method for fatigue
evaluation of welded

Professor Pingsha Dong Padmashri Bhagavatula Dattaguru

Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Former Professor,
Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept. of Aerospace Engineering,
Director, Welded Structures Laboratory Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Special Keynote Speakers

Fracture mechanics Application of acoustic

based structural integrity emission method to
of components overview
of material characterization fatigue fracture
and predictive modelling mechanics
under environmentally
assisted creep/fatigue

Professor Kamran Nikbin Professor Kang Yong Lee

Professor of Structural Integrity Professor
Faculty of Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis
Department of Mechanical Engineering for Industrial Equipment,
Imperial College, London Department of Engineering Mechanics,
Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, P R China

Repair of Distortion- Recent Developments

Induced Fatigue in Plasticity and
Damage in Steel Ductile Fracture
Bridges Modeling

Professor Adolfo B. Matamoros Professor Xiaosheng Gao

Peter T. Flawn Professor Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Texas at San Antonio The University of Akron
Akron, U.S
FatigueDurability India 2016

Invited Keynote Speakers

Fatigue durability of Residual Life Assessment

materials eects of & Extension of Engineering
surface degradation Components

Dr. Anand K Dr. Rabindra Nath Ghosh

Senior Engineering Manager Chair Professor
Materials, Repair and Component Development & Testing Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department
GE Power, GE India Technology Centre, Bangalore India Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal

Design Challenges
and Technology Trends
for Aircraft Engines

Dr. Asim Ghosal Dr G. Raghava

Consulting Engineer/Technologist Chief Scientist & Head, Fatigue & Fracture Laboratory
GE Aviation, John F Welch Technology Center CSIR Structural Engineering Research Centre
Bangalore, India CSIR Campus, Taramani, CHENNAI, India

Corrosion Fatigue In A Chase of Durability

Behaviour of Nitrogen - A Historical Perspective
Alloyed Austenitic
Stainless Steels

Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali Dr. Ramesh Chandwani

Outstanding Scientist & Managing Director
Associate Director, - Corrosion Science and Technology Group
Associate Director, Materials-Process and Equipment Development Group
Zentech International, UK
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, India

Realistic Fatigue Life

Predictions based on
computed SIF & Variable
DOF approach

Dr. Omar Ibrahim Dr. R Sundar*

Managing Director Director
Process Optimization Corporation, USA Bangalore Integrated Systems Solution [BISS], Bangalore
FatigueDurability India 2016

Call for Papers

FatigueDurability India 2016 invites technical papers from all Academicians/ individuals/companies associated
with engineering design, analysis, testing, instrumentation, research on Fatigue Durability & Fracture Mechanics or
related technologies.

The Authors are encouraged to submit paper on the following themes, but not limited to
- New Technologies in Fatigue, Durability & Fracture Mechanics
- Material & Fatigue
- Thermo-Mechanical & Creep Fatigue
- Instrumentation & Life Prediction
- Computational Techniques & Life Prediction
- Engineering Design & Life Prediction
- Reliability
- Fracture Mechanics
- Other & Research

Abstracts : before 30th June 2016 to

Papers : before 30th August 2016 to

Authors Registration : before 30th August 2016 to

Exhibitors Pro ile

FatigueDurability India 2016, creates a platform for companies showcase breakthrough technologies and products
- Fatigue, Fracture Testing Machineries
- Fatigue, Durability Instrumentation & Associated Technologies
- Computational Software & Technologies
- Material Testing Equipments, Machineries & Accessories
- Data Acquisition and Processing Technologies
- Fatigue, Durability, Fracture Research Centers
- Fatigue, Durability, Fracture Training Centers
- Design, Engineering Equipments and Associated Technologies FatigueDurability
- Material, Metallurgy, Life Perdition Technologies India 2015

- Reliability Software and Associated Technologies

- Fracture Prediction Equipments, Testing Instruments
and Associated Technologies
- Academic Research and Training Center
- Engineering Services and Research Companies
- Certi ication Agencies
- Consulting Firms

to list few, but not limited to.

Interested can send mail to

Arun Karthik
Exhibition Co-ordinator FatigueDurability India 2016 +91 9900138009
FatigueDurability India 2016

Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies [ISIFS]

Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies engages with the industry, academia and interested community in
encouraging the knowledge sharing and news about advanced technology developments to make the engineering
community actively participate in resolving the problems faced by industries and publishing the results to achieve
competitive expertise in the global scene. ISIFS has a consortium of experts with decades of experience in solving the
real time industrial fatigue, fracture, failure problems associated with design, engineering, material, process related
with insight of theoretical, analytical, experimental and computational simulation knowledge.
Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies aims to promote, educate and encourage the research focusing on
technologies associated with fatigue, fracture, failure, FEM, Life Assessment, Damage Mechanics, material modeling
aspects and beyond covering design to life assessment and extension
Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies understand the timely need in bringing dierent expertise people
together and create a platform for research and knowledge sharing. Consulting Wing of Institute of Structural
Integrity & Failure Studies brings a consortium of experts to address the requirements of industry.

For more details Visit :

Contact :
Dr. Raghunath W Khare, Head - ISIFS, Materials & Failure Expert | Ph/Fax: +91 80 49539628

India Science Foundation is a non-pro it organisation working on promotion of Science, Engineering & Technology. India
India Science Foundation organises training programs, awareness programs, competitions, seminars, workshops for dierent
learning level. It has been active in organizing Industry-Institution interactions and co-ordinating the students innovations with
Science industrial requirements. India Science Foundation has been active in promoting basic science based research from grass route
level to industrial research. India Science Foundation identi ies talented science students, young engineers, innovators and
Foundation their innovations. Award them for their excellence in the iled and supports to make the technology commercialized, by bringing the interested industry to their door step.

Indian Society of Systems for Science and Engineering (ISSE) is a professional body for interdisciplinary collaboration of
systems science and engineering. ISSE is unique among the systems oriented institutions having the objective of bringing
together scholars and practitioners from academic, business and R&D organizations for promoting the systems concept.
The society was started in 2010 at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), with its Headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram & was
formally registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scienti ic and charitable societies registration act -1995

The Indian Institution of Plant Engineers (IIPE), a premier & highly prestigious professional body of plant Engineers founded in
1971 at is dedicated to improve the eectiveness, utilization and productivity with quality of Plant & Machinery in manufacture,
distribution, service & other industries. IIPE has grown to healthy Plant with around 17,000 members. Main objective of the
Institution is to professionalize the plant Engineering through its various activities. Institution lays emphasis on acquainting
and disseminating knowledge about various problems experienced and inding their solutions with the new developments and emerging approaches / technologies by the plant engineering professionals.

The BANGALORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (BIT) is located in the heart of Bangalore, the Electronic City and Silicon
Valley of India. The institution came into existence in August, 1979 under the auspices of Vokkaligara Sangha, Bangalore. The
institute oers the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Degree in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and
Communication, Computer Science, Instrumentation Technology, Telecommunication, Information Science and Engineering and
Industrial Engineering and Management. B.I.T oers 9 undergraduate, 10 post graduate and research centers in all disciplines
for carrying Ph.D degree, with a student strength of more than 4000.

Main Sponsor
DHIO Research and Engineering Pvt Ltd.,
DHIO Research and Engineering Pvt. Ltd., is a Collaborative Engineering CAE Services FEA/CFD/MBD/Fatigue/Optimization EMI/EMC Evaluation

Services and R&D Company based in Bangalore India.

DHIO has an experienced pool of experts, engineers and scientists with
Manufacturing Process Simulation
decades of domain experience and expertise in applying state of the art
simulation technology to in advanced Computer Aided Engineering
Thermal Fluid Network Simulation
Design, Analysis, Life Estimation and Optimisation Knowledge. DHIO
CNC CAM Casting Forging Extrusion
Extends its support to Auto, Aero, Power Plant, Chemical Processing,
Railways and General Engineering Companies to achieve complex
engineering simulation needs in product/process/material design, Injection Heat
Welding Sheetmetal P/M
redesign, engineering, reverse engineering, analysis and optimisation to Chemical Reaction Kinetics / Combustion Development Molding Treatment

save money, material & time. Fatigue Fracture Simulation

Web :
advanced engineering Email :
your partner in
simulation needs Ms. Uma, +91 9591994642
FatigueDurability India 2016

Glimpse of FatigueDurability India 2015

To Book Post

Technical Secretariate Dr. S. Seetharamu
FatigueDurability India 2016 - 2nd International Conference & Exhibition Organizing Committee Chairman
Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies [ISIFS] FatigueDurability India 2016
# 28 (Old No 619/1), 2nd Floor, 36th Cross, 2nd Block, Former Director - Central Power Research Institute
Rajajinagar, Next to Srinivasa Kalyana Mantapa Present - Professor, Dept. of Mech. BMSCE
Bangalore-560010 India

Dr. R W Khare
Ph/Fax: +91 80 23320171 / 49539628 Convener - FatigueDurability India 2016
Mobile : +91 9902900722/9900138009/9900137005 Materials & Failure Study Expert &
Email : Head Instiute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies [ISIFS]
Web :