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Operations Management Suite

Security & Compliance

Easily monitor security threats within IT Operations

Modern security challenges

Todays IT Security and Operations teams are tasked with managing
highly complex, hybrid-cloud, cross-platform systems that are
increasingly vulnerable to a growing number of sophisticated cyber- KEY CAPABILITIES
attacks. With this, IT Operations teams have a requirement to identify
any security threats to their environment as soon as possible, in order Cloud native, infrastructure-
to mitigate damages, as well as continue to cost-effectively meet SLAs. free, security management
as a service

Quick and easy security
Security & Compliance within Operations Management Suite enables IT posture and threat detection
operations and security teams to more quickly and easily understand
the overall security posture as well as detect and investigate security
threats to their environment. Security & Compliance leverages Unified view for all security
Microsofts own security data and analysis to perform more intelligent related issues, all within the
and effective threat detection, helping customers to mitigate damages context of IT Operations in
and more easily comply with security audits. Operations Management
Core benefits
and third-party intelligence
Single pane of control to gain insight into security for more accurate threat
threats across multiple data sources such as Linux, detection and investigation
Windows, AWS and Azure.

TRUSTED SOURCES OF INSIGHT Quickly and easily supply

and query set for security
Cloud native, infrastructure-free, management as a audits and investigations
service solution. Incomparable trusted and experienced
sources of insight.
Leverage best practice
recommendations and
Leverage threat intelligence and behavior analysis to
investigate and mitigate damage, as well simplified

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Microsoft Operations Management Suite Security & Compliance

Threat detection and prevention across your hybrid cloud

Single platform for security management Trusted sources of security intelligence

Quickly and easily view the security posture of Correlate and analyze your data through a trusted
your entire environment within a single pane of and experienced source of intelligence, such as
glass, across your entire infrastructure including Microsofts product group, support group,
on-premises and cloud, and both Windows and Microsoft IT, and Digital Crime Unit as well as
Linux. the most advanced third party intelligence
Access anywhere
Efficient data storage
Access your dashboard anywhere with customized
Regardless of the data increase, Operations
rules and alerts to monitor your entire managed
Management Suite will provide bottomless compute
resources through your Windows, Android or iOS
and storage capacity, allowing you to cost-
mobile. Operations Management Suite provides a
effectively monitor security events over longer
unified and consistent user experience.
periods for more accuracy, and supply data for
Quick data collection critical security audits.

Save time and reduce effort in identifying security Streamlined Audit and Compliance
event and threat data to collect and analyze. Once Slash time and resources to comply with security
you have the agents connected, the service will audits Operations Management Suite makes it
automatically select and collect necessary data to easy to supply all of the critical security data in a
gain insight. comprehensive and searchable platform, as well
as exportable formats for complete compliance.

Shift to cloud-enabled security

Forward-thinking companies are already

shifting away from traditional perimeter
defenses in favor of cloud-enabled Unified views of
cybersecurity that is based on real-time key security data
analysis of data and user-behavior

- The Global State of Information Security Survey

2016, PwC

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