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InventO - GSTR1 Filing

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Accounting | Billing| Inventory Management System

(GST Compliance with GSTR1 Integrated)

Our Inventory Solution is recognized in the market

for its optimum performance, and 100% results.
While commit to meet the clients requirements, our
services are managed by dedicated and capable
individuals who have vast knowledge about the
subjects. We firstly understand the clients psyche
and develop long-term relationships with them.

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What is Inventory Management System?
The fundamental function of stock and inventory
management is to allow organizations to track, store,
sort and organize their stock levels. Inventory
software facilities the logistical management of stock
and items and can enhance processes related to
ordering, transportation, storing, assembly,
dispatching and delivery.

Also called a inventory control system, it could be

utilized across commercial enterprises from
production to sales by manufacturers, wholesalers
and retailers. Characteristics of these products
consider more effective recording and maintenance
of stock levels, quality control, sorting by distinctive
items types, tracking the last shipments of products
and organizing recurring requests.

Inventory Management Software can help

organizations to avoid problems, for example, over
ordering and over stockpiling expenses. They can
help to ensure raw materials are constantly in
inventory software, monitor how much time a

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product stay at different areas, and follow product

Inventory Management System is gainful to

organizations who deal with huge amounts of items,
allowing them to focus their efforts on enhancing and
analyzing different regions of the business. It is so
helpful for small entrepreneurs and retailers who
need a clearer review and more control over their
product flow.
Inventory management system is gainful to
organizations who deal with huge amounts of items,
allowing them to focus their efforts on enhancing and
analyzing different regions of the business. It is so
helpful for small entrepreneurs and retailers who
need a clearer review and more control over their
product flow.

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Functions of InventO Software:

InventO software allows lots in streamlining the

operations and is going beyond in residence
inventories. In recent times, they help you to track
whether or not the goods have reached your
customers or even provide you with a concept of
what objects are promoting greater than the
alternative. Here is a rundown at the essential
features seen in InventO Software:

Ease of use: InventO Software is free to install to put

in and is configured nicely for your operating
systems. With systematic instructions, the software
program gets install easily.
Compatibility: Maximum InventO Software is
compatible to the windows operating systems which
most of the businesses use. This makes it the most
favored software for commercial as well as non-
commercial small and medium-based businessperson.

Data storage: The software continues storing the data

over a time. Because of this, you simply need to

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maintain adding the essentials objects within the list
without annoying approximately losing the precious

Ease to access: The great part about the stock

software is the accessibility. Your personnel also can
use the software without any interference.

Customization: Inventory software program solutions

assist you to create prints of the data and even
customize those prints according to your needs.
Multiple prints of the identical data in unique manner
also are possible.

Excel is now outdated: Excel does not assist in

tracking the stock because it needs to be created
manually. This makes the software a good desire that
lets in automation of the complete stock process.

Integration: Positive accounting software program is

included with the stock software unfastened. This
enables the companies to enable their monetary and
inventory technique easily administered.
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Mobile accessibility: Certain free inventory software
systems device is available on the cellular too. They
may be made on responsive layout platform. Which
means that those software are designed to be used on
desktops, tables and mobiles.

Security: Inventory management system for small

business comes in specific user's accessibility. As an
enterprise head, you may assign roles as to how an
awful lot access your personnel or crewmembers
should the stock data. This compartmentalizes the
modifying or inputs of each of the employee in
accordance to their work.

The role of InventO Management software on your

You want to have products to be had to fulfill your
customer's needs and additionally no longer overstock or
under inventory any particular product. Therefore, as
opposed to counting on your memory, your stock

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management software program and stock software
program facilitates you in making better judgments.

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Some Roles of InventO Software are as follows:
1. GSTR1:

What is GSTR1 filing?

The concept of filing of GSTR1 (GST Return 1) can
be understood within the light of compliances under
goods & services tax. As we all recognize that the
lately carried out tax shape has mandated monthly
return filing, as a consequence making each month a
taxable length for generation and submitting of a hard
and fast of returns, specifically GSTR 1, GSTR 2 and
GSTR 3. Each this rather is to be filed on the way to

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claim the transactions made within the said taxable
period by the registered taxpayer to the government.
Among those three, GSTR 1 paperwork the base
document that lists the transaction of deliverof
goods by means of business or trader. In easier
words, it is the specified return prepared for the
invoices raised by the business toward the buyers.
Harmonies System of Nomenclature (HSN) for goods
and service accounting code (SAC) system for

B2CS and B2B:

The terms B2C and B2B are used very frequently
these days, these are stand for "Business to
Consumers Services" and "Business to Business",
these two are very different kind of transaction
because the intension of transaction is altogether

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It is serious to large customer Invoice. It means
Interstate sales to unregistrated person of amount
more than 250000.

EXP: Exemptions under GST certain goods are kept

under nil GST rate to benefits the masses.

CDNR: Credit Debit Notes Refund vouchers issued

to the registered taxpayers during the tax period.

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2. Dashboard.

Overview and Sales Chart.

New items information.
Purchased items information.
Sold items information's.
Weekly, Monthly, and daily reports.

InventO Software Page 12

3. Product:

Product form is used in add / edit / delete product.

Facility of inbuilt HSN / SAC code.

InventO Software Page 13

4. Sales:

Sales from gives all details of production

Function like add / edit / delete sales information as
per GST Compliance.
CGST and IGST included services.
Calculation of all CGST, SGST, IGST inbuilt
function included.

InventO Software Page 14

5. Purchase.

Purchase form is also used to add / edit / delete

purchase product as per GST Compliance with
included calculation of CGST and IGST.
You can search product information using Barcode
You can also print information using Barcode

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6. Software Setting Function.

Software setting function is easy to use for any users.

The Setting function has facility of Company setting,
Category Wise setting, Sub category setting, Branch
Setting, TAX setting, Discount Setting and
Warehouse setting.

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7. Reports.

Reports you can get from InventO software:

Daily Sales Reports.

Product Reports.
Purchase Reports.
Purchase Return Reports.
Sales Reports.
Sales Return Reports.
Payments Due Reports.

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8. Transfer.

Transfer Form is used for change one warehouse to

another warehouse.
You can also get transfer information details.

InventO Software Page 18

9 Warehouses.

Warehouse assignments of details information of:

Sales Return.

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10. User Group.

User Group.
The main user in this software is:
Admin. - Admin can see and changes all information
in this software.

Manager. - Manager has right to check all details of

production information.

Seller. - Seller has details of sales information in this

InventO Software.

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Purchaser. - Purchaser has information of purchase
product from warehouse and from buyers.

Accountant. Accountant has all transaction details



Processing Environment :-

PLATFORM : CodeIgniter(PHP)
Operating System : Windows 7 Professional.
Language : PHP 5.5.12 or Higher
Back End : MYSQL 5.6.17 or Higher

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Hardware Requirements :-

Pentium Dual-Core Processors

1GB of RAM
160GB of Hard Disk
Server/Client Side

Software Requirements :-
- Wamp Server
- Text Editor
- Web Browser(Crome, Mozilla)

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Thank You
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