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Adventures in Highwold

By Corey Ryan Walden

A pre-made town compatible with any fantasy

role-playing system. Ideal for low levels.
2 Adventures In High Wold

High Wold At A Glance Encounters In High Wold
My hope is that Adventures In High Wold is the first of The Encounter Table below suggests possible
many instalments that will help you, the DM; prepare an encounters within High Wold and the surrounding
easy and seamless campaign. Many classic adventures areas. You are encouraged to pick an encounter that
and campaigns have begun in a town, and so its apt fits the mood of your game at a pace that is right for
that we begin by introducing the town of High Wold. To your group. Otherwise roll a percentile dice (d100) and
ensure maximised flexibility High Wold has been consult the table to identify the indicated encounter (1-
purposely left sparse and generic. This resource is not 10). Next roll a d4 to determine the attitude of those
an extensive adventure. Rather it is optimised for easy encountered. Alternatively roll a d10, matching the
insertion into a campaign. The challenges are suited for result with numbers events 1-10 below, and pick an
low-level characters, but this can be easily modified. It is attitude.
simply a generic town, for you to use as you please.
Encounter Table
Throughout this document are shaded sidebars that look
like this. These sidebars include options and details from Event (pick or roll) % Chance Attitude & Actions
my own campaign that you can either ignore or adopt (d100) (1d4)
as you see fit. For those who are interested in this 1. Highwaymen 01-14 1-2 Friendly; 3
setting, more is coming! For those who are not, scour it Unfriendly; 4
for ideas, or discard it entirely. The town of High Wold Hostile
is situated between the military city of Northlane to the 2. Town drunk 15-30 1-3 Amicable; 4
west, lakeside Molon in the southeast, and the beautiful Violent
Elderwood forest due south (see map below and at the 3. Boisterous 31-45 1-3 Obnoxious 4
end of this booklet). Of course, for your own campaign, Mercenaries Violent
place High Wold anywhere you wish. Add NPCs, 4. Tall folk 46-58 1-3 Friendly; 4
change the details, remove areas or rename the town Withdrawn
entirely! The rule, as always is to have fun. 5. Farmer/townsfolk 59-74 1-3
Ignores/Avoids; 4
High Wold is a small, sleepy town. Historically High Abusive
Wold has flourished, being on a main trade route, but 6. Hunter/Trapper 75-85 1 Chatty; 2-3
due to the greed and corruption of the mayor it has Terse; 4 Ignores
fallen into neglect and disrepair. The buildings in the 7. Wandering 86-91 1 Mysterious; 2
town are shabby and drab. Poverty is rampant and the Stranger Verbose; 3
townsfolk are unkind, gruff and incestuous. Bandits and Insightful; 4
outlaws threaten the roads, making travel unsafe. High Worried
Wold can be used as a lawless town on the edge of 8. Bandit 92-94 1-3 Attacks; 4
civilisation, or a village resisting the sovereignty of a Flees
king. Before you read through the area descriptions you 9. Crazed Knight 95-97 1-3 Holy
may wish to view the map of High Wold at the end of Mission; 4
this document. Happy Gaming! Attacks
10. Vagabond 98-100 1-2 Trades; 3
Insults; 4 Ignores
Quick tip: If you want to determine encounters quickly,
roll the two d10s and d4 simultaneously.

For more information see Appendix I: NPC Information.

Rumours & Stories

Anyone asking around town can discover the following:

A nobles daughter has disappeared in the High

Wold area. There is a reward for anyone who
finds her (See Area 3, Area 10 & Area 13).
Mercenaries have been travelling through High
Wold recently. Theyve been hired to fight a Services:
threat the south (See Area 3 & Appendix II: Item Price
Other Adventure). Ale 2cp
Moonshine 2cp
Bandits and highwaymen are harassing the roads Smacker (one long shot of a spirit) 4cp
around High Wold. They are getting bolder each Steaming Ginger Root 4cp
year (See Area 8, Area 12 & Appendix II: Other Porridge 1sp
Adventure). Stew 1sp
People have been disappearing in the coastal Lodgings 4sp
capital (Farlow). It is about four days travel to
The currency in the realm of Farlow is divided thus:
the southwest (See Appendix II: Other
1cp = 1 copper mark
1sp = 1 eight or 1 piece of eight
1. West Road 1gp = 1 golden Pes
The last two days of travelling have been uneventful.
Several dens along the highway have provided shelter
at night, and hunting and water is plentiful. Closer to Finding information about the missing nobles
High Wold the road becomes neglected and broken. daughter will be difficult as the patrons are
The path descends for a few miles, until the road unfriendly. A woodsman kidnapped her. The
becomes a rough pathway of stone. In a small hilly mayor (Area 10), the innkeeper, and the
nook rests the sleepy town of High Wold. innkeepers wife are the only people aware of
his crimes. These three people can be
The road (from Northlane) to High Wold has not been threatened or bribed to reveal what they know
maintained, making travel via horse and cart (if the price is right of course). The woodsmans
challenging and perilous for horses. It is entirely hut is in the northwest of the town (Area 13).
appropriate to show the players the map of the town if
you wish. Otherwise mention that there looks to be Trouble is brewing in the south. The mercenaries
between 20-30 buildings. One is obviously an inn in the tavern (see below) can tell anyone that a
(Area 3), and another is a watchtower (Area 10). The few towns have been burnt and pillaged by
townsfolk and farmers ignore travellers. monstrous invaders.
2. Typical Farmers Shack
This simple home belongs to one of the villagers. It is
Personality and description: Perverted, unpleasant,
modest, and in disrepair. You would deduce that
manipulative and greedy. He has long greasy hair, a
nothing of value is in this house.
hooked nose and a nervous twitch.
Nothing of value is here. Relationships: The innkeeper has a timid wife that assists
the innkeeper with his duties at the tavern cooking,
3. The Empty Tankard Tavern
pouring ale and taking money. Her sister also helps.
This aged building is a tavern. It is a long, worn
Motivations: Money and power. The innkeeper aspires
building with a shingled roof. A sign swings in a
to run the town. Although he is friends with the mayor
sudden gust of wind, depicting a large bald man
he will happily betray him if something is to be gained.
swigging from a handle of ale.
The innkeeper is named Potipher, his wife (who is also
The Empty Tankard is the safest locale in an unfriendly his daughter) is named Gwendoline, while
town. Most of the locals come here after work each Gwendolines sister who helps in the tavern (and is also
day, as well as the various Tall Folk who live in the her daughter) is named Harrietta.
town. The tavern is old and decaying. No one will serve
Tall Folk
the customers unless they push their way up to the bar
Personality and description: Tall, gentle, slow and kind-
and order.
hearted. The tall folk are around seven feet tall.
General attire is collared shirts, leather vests and plaid
pants. The Tall Folk are tolerated (but not liked) in High
4 Adventures In High Wold

Wold due to their size, strength and protection. They Roll 2 six-sided dice. Players wager whether the result
are undoubtedly related to giants. There are two Tall will be 1-6 or 7-12. 2:1 pay out for those who guess the
Folk in the bar. correct wager. Those who guess wrong lose all their
wagered money. A roll of exactly 7 pays out 3:1 on a
Relationships: There are around 15 Tall Folk total living
correct guess, although once again, wrong wagers
in High Wold. While they are peaceable by nature,
result in the loss of entire bet.
they resort to violence if their clan is threatened.

Motivations: Peace and harmony within High Wold.

4. Blacksmith
A banging resounds from this building and a hot
The two Tall Folk are named Gorgo and Voltra.
furnace indicates it is a blacksmith. It is situated next to
the empty tankard.
Personality and description: Drunk, bolshy and The blacksmith is a quiet man. He is somewhat surly, but
arrogant. They are well armed and armoured. The his prices are fair. He has a young apprentice who
mercenaries gamble, drink, boast and are generally works on horseshoes and nails, or assists his master. A
obnoxious. They will loudly tell anyone about the raids variety of weaponry and armour is available from the
to the south, detailing their various exploits. blacksmith, although the selection should be limited
Relationships: The mercenaries are only loyal to each given the small size and relative isolation of the town.
other, and will attack anyone who threatens their
The blacksmith is named Charo.
5. Chapel
Motivations: Fun, pleasure and a taste for violence
every so often. Add some money into the mix, and This small stone building is a chapel. A sign says tithes
theyre golden (get it?). welcome. A small, neat garden flanks the stone steps
leading to the front door.
Golden Hawks:
This group is known across the realm as a famous
A chaplain oversees the chapel. He can provide healing
band of sell-swords. They have been dealing with
or other services for faithful tithers (those who make a
barbarians crossing the mountains and raiding on the
sizeable donate). The interior of the chapel is simple.
Molon Plateau (see maps pg.1, 9 and Appendix II:
Other Adventure). Chapel of Yeroc:
The chaplain is named Marlo, dedicated to serving
Others Yeroc the Mischievous. The chaplain will lecture
Personality and description: A cluster of townsfolk and
visitors on the virtues of cunning and guile relating
farmers will always be in the tavern. They are gruff,
the virtues to tales of Yerocs underhanded victories
rude and generally ignore foreigners. Some will gamble
against his opponents. A mural on the western (back)
with outsiders. The gamblers are surreptitious, using
wall depicts a man leaping on an unsuspecting traveller
rigged dice to cheat. If caught they will resort to
and stabbing him.
bullying or denials.
6. Town Hall
Relationships: The townsfolk will protect the innkeeper
and each other if violence or hostilities eventuate. If This building appears to be a meeting hall. Its currently
things get crazy, theyll flee. vacant as the doors are locked.
Motivations: Money, ale, warm food and bullying. The building is empty as no town meetings are in
The Encounter Table (pg. 1) can be useful for adding progress. If anyone breaks in nothing of value is inside,
any other patrons you see fit. just a long table with benches.

Gambling 7. Militia Outpost

A favourite pastime of the townsfolk is gambling. Dice A few men in simple green tabards swing swords at the
games are the most common, although card games are back of this building. They look to be town militia.
popular also.
The captain of the militia is thoroughly loyal to the
mayor and reports directly to him. Guests are not
welcome here. If a crime is reported the captain will pleasures, rather than improving the town. He is
appear uninterested (he is), making vague promises to thoroughly selfish and mean-spirited.
look into it.
The mayor knows about the kidnap of the
Should the town be attacked half a dozen militia will nobles daughter. He is aware that his friend
gather within a minute or two to restore order. If things woodsman has her in his home in the northwest
get bad, the townsfolk will congregate here or at the corner of town (Area 13). He can be
mayors tower (Area 10), arming themselves with threatened or bribed to reveal this information.
spears, pitchforks, daggers, axes or short swords to
If anyone enters the mayors home uninvited his
resist the troublemakers.
two bodyguards will attack immediately.
The captain is named Xanus.
Upon entering the home of the mayor you are attacked
8. Tall Folk Home by his two bodyguards. One is a tall, ugly woman with
blue eyes and flaming red, curly hair. The other is also
This odd home has larger dimensions than a regular
a squat, dark haired dwarf with a thick black beard
home. The roof is much taller, but seems to be a single
wielding two weapons: an axe and a small curved
storey. From the road you can discern the head of a
dagger. A crazed ape jumps up and down, screaming
large being within.
and squawking in a cacophony of terrifying noise.
The Tall Folk are peaceable by nature, but generally Female Bodyguard
mind their own business. They will allow strangers to Tall, ugly and foolish. She has everything it
sleep in their barns in exchange for some help tending takes to be a bodyguard for the mayor. She is
the garden, moving stock or making hay. They enjoy a sadistic and enjoys the pain of others.
wholesome joke, and are fond of listening to stories.
Dwarf Bodyguard
They are aware of the traders (Area 12) agreement This unpleasant character has black wavy hair
with the highwaymen outside of town, and can be and black eyes. He brandishes two weapons to
convinced to share their knowledge. fell his opponent while his pet ape will rend
9. Water Mill intruders limb by limb.

Next to a flowing stream is a partially submerged water If a fight breaks out, this encounter could be deadly for
wheel with a connected building. This is a mill. low-level parties. Remove the Ape/Baboon if necessary.
It should be difficult to depose the mayor however, and
The mill is used to refine flour. If it is visited during the his bodyguards have ensured he has not been
day some surly, muscled workers will be on duty. They overthrown.
are responsible for bringing the grain into the mill and
working it. Most of the workers are covered in husks Treasure: The mayor has a sizeable treasure hoard.
and dust, and have little time for chatter. Depending on level of the party, he may have a few
potions, a magic blade and/or a few hundred gold
One worker (named Arley of Winow) likes to
chat. He heard a strange disturbance near the The mayor of High Wold is named Lord Flabo Funkis.
woodsmans cabin a few nights ago (Area 13). His bodyguards are named Talia the Mean & Durko the
He can tell anyone interestedfor the right Dwarf.
price of course.
11. Jewellers
10. Mayors Tower
A sign depicting a golden ring is nailed to the door of
Although High Wold sits in a gully, there is one home in this small house.
the village that broods above the rest - a stone tower.
The tower was probably the original defence against This is the house and business of the town jeweller. She
enemies when High Wold was in its infancy. is a lovely old woman, with a kindly smile, and a
generous spirit. The jeweller will purchase any odd and
The stone tower is at least 500 years old. It is the home interesting gems or metals. She sells her own jewellery,
of the mayor. He is a corrupt and greedy man, taxing which is on display in her shop. She is not greedy, and
the citizens heavily and spending the money on his own will happily reach an agreeable price.
She is named Hesenia.
6 Adventures In High Wold

12. Trading Post A rugged woodsman can be spotted inside with a
Although no sign betrays this buildings purpose, it is beautiful, fair-headed maiden.
evident that it is a trading post. to the player description. These are the
Like the blacksmith (Area 4), a significant variety of doppelgangers obviously.
commodities are available here - livestock, grain, For a low-level party the challenge of the
spices, rope, blankets, clothing, boots, a few weapons doppelgangers will probably be too great.
and tools etc. Two traders own this establishment. They
are sycophants, and will do anything for a sale. 14. Tanners
The traders have a business agreement with some of the Poised at the edge of town, the horrid stench of urine
highwaymen that reside in the area, supplying them emanates from this building. It is otherwise wooden and
with goods and weapons (See Encounters Table or nondescript.
Appendix II: Other Adventure). If this fact is uncovered
This is the tannery. Urine is used to cure the leather,
the traders will gladly reveal the location of the bandit
hence the smell. An assortment of leather goods such as
hideout, if it means preserving their lives or reputations.
armour, vests, saddles, bags and shoes can be
One of the Tall Folk (Area 3 or 8) and the woodsman
purchased here. The tanner is a smelly weasel-of-a-man
(Area 13) know the traders dirty secret, having
with squinty eyes, a potbelly, and a toothless leer. He
witnessed them leave town with some goods for the
provides unwanted attention any women passing within
highwaymen on occasion.
his vicinity. He is the frequent recipient of slaps, curses
13. Woodsmans Hut and threats from the women-folk in the town.

Nestled in a small glade is a hut. It is a small abode,

with a single flickering lamp inside. A rugged
woodsman can be spotted inside.

The kidnapped nobles daughter is held captive within.

She is trapped under the floorboards of the house. If
she is rescued, she can be returned to the nearest city
for a reward. If the players are there for any extended
period of time, she will muster her courage and bang
on the floorboards above her head.

The woodsman is unshaven with a thick mustachio. He is

rude and doesnt abide strangers. Given his guilt, he
will banish intruders from his dwelling before they can
discover the girl underneath the floorboards.

Alternative: Appendix I: NPC Information

In my campaign the nobles daughter was the
Ape (Area 10)
woodsmans lover. She had run away from her home in
See the entry for Baboon or Ape in the
the city to live with him in High Wold. Unfortunately two
relevant manual or reference document for your
roving doppelgangers broke into the house, killing the
preferred system.
woodsman (named Pastrumen) and assuming both their
Use whichever is an appropriate challenge for
forms, hiding the girl under the floorboards next to the
your campaign.
murdered corpse of the woodsman.
Bandits (Encounters & Appendix II Bandit Threat)
If youre running the regular scenario and players are Low-level fighter (levels 1-3) or a bandit.
seeking reward, the nearest city is Northlane (see map Bandits are generally armoured with leather
on pg.1). and shield, wielding crossbows, pole-arms,
swords and spears. They will always carry
If this alternate story is used add
money or gems.
Crazed Knight (Encounters) Players may wish to pursue the bandit threat
Low-level fighter or paladin (levels 1-4). surrounding the town, and nearby highway. The
Armoured in plate and shield, armed with highwaymen live as outlaws in a forest a few miles
sword and bow. Carries money. outside High Wold.

Doppelganger (Area 13) Their base is comprised of crude shelters and a cave. It
See the entry for Doppelganger in the relevant is suggested that 4-6 outlaws are discovered there at
manual or reference document for your any time (or 6-12 for a large party). Would-be
preferred system. vigilantes may find a treasure map among the bandits
spoils leading to more adventure, or discover that the
Mayor (Area 10)
bandits are just the tip of the iceberg to a much larger
Fights as 1st level fighter.
problem. In any event defeating the bandits should
Equipped with chain and two-handed sword.
result in reward.
Mayors Bodyguards (Area 10)
3rd level fighters. Trouble in the South
Talia wears half-plate, wields a trident, shield Hordes of barbarians have been ranging the southern
and a composite longbow. mountain peaks and ravaging town and farmland alike.
Durko wears chain, wields a hand axe and a The mercenaries in town have been hired to prevent this
dagger. threat. After hearing the tales from the mercenaries
Both carry money. players may wish to investigate these troubles further.

Mercenaries (Encounters or Area 3) This was an invasion of goblin bands in my campaign.

Fight as low-level fighters (levels 1-3). For a low-magic, or human-centric campaign, replace
Alternatively use the stats for bandits. the goblin invasion with human barbarians, or devise
The mercenaries always have money. your own threat.

Militia (Area 7) Slavers

1st level fighters. In a large city to the southwest people have been
Alternatively use the stats for bandits. disappearing, never to be seen again. Corsairs have
been kidnapping and enslaving folk up and down the
Militia Captain (Area 7) coast, shipping them to a far off city. The DM can flesh
3rd level fighter. out this adventure seed as they see fit.
Armoured in high quality chain, and a carries a
nice sword. In my campaign the large city is Farlow (see the area
map on pg.1). The corsairs were taking prisoners to
Priest (Area 5) Aisely in the far west to be sold as slaves.
3rd level cleric (chaotic neutral).

Tall Folk (Area 3 or 8) Credits

As a shorter Hill Giant (albeit chaotic good). Writing & Design: Corey Ryan Walden
Townsfolk (See Description) Editing: Marv Finarvyn Breig, Josef Richardson
0-level NPC Cartography & Layout: Corey Ryan Walden
Minimal treasure, weaponry or power. Artwork: Marie Wade & Public Domain
Acknowledgements: Sarah, Richard, Jo, Ben & Hugh.
Traders (Area 12)
3rd level thief/rogue or 2nd level monk (lawful I hope youve enjoyed Adventures in High Wold. Email
evil). me at for more information
on upcoming products. Thanks for your support!
Woodsman (Area 13)
3rd level ranger. 2014 Corey Ryan Walden
Chain armour, dual wielding long sword and ISBN #: 978-1-312-82492-8
hand axe.
You may copy this document for personal use. For
Appendix II: Other Adventure other uses please contact the author for permission.

Bandit Threat
8 Adventures In High Wold