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Altro PVC welding rod 4.


WR105 WR12

WR291 WR340

WR79 WR338

WR191 WR353

WR287 WR339

WR85 WR146

WR81 WR42

WR82 WR148

WR83 WR248

WR261 WR41

WR84 WR341

WR86 WR305

WR201 WR282

WR101 WR337

WR301 WR153

WR277 WR336

WR100 WR61

WR39 WR290

WR231 WR347

WR72 WR289

WR194 WR20

WR288 WR52

WR71 WR302

WR155 WR74

WR292 WR286

This range represents only part of the full colour range available.
For additional colours please contact Altro.

0467 07/16 Exact material match with samples cannot be guaranteed.