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Exercise for all tenses. Fill in the correct form of the verb in ( ).

For example:

have been sitting haven't caught

I here for three hours now but I a single fish yet (sit, not catch).

built are exi

1. The ancient Romans fine monuments and old roads some of which still today (build, exist).
saw w ere sitting
2. I you yesterday. You outside a cafe (see, sit).
has never seen w anted didn't have
3. She the sea in her whole life. She to go there last year but she any money (never see,
want, not have)

4. I has not been wearing black stockings since I was at school (not wear)

5. I have known about their affair for years (know)

6. I have been learning English for the past two years and now I m studying Russian too. (learn,

7. Mum has been working in the garden the whole day (work).

8. We have been having lovely weather for the last two weeks. I hope it that way (have, stay)

9. Most shops close at 6 p.m. on Saturdays (close)

10. Where will you spend your holidays this summer ( you, spend).

11. I will have this novel finished by December. By then I will have been working on it for over a year (work)

12. Now that you have finished work you can go home (finish)

13. When a passenger plane flied off course a few moths ago it crashed into the mountains and killed
everyone in it (fly, crash, kill)

14. The scientist suddenly saw the answer to the problem that he had been dealing with for the last two moths.

15. If you hadn't been so lazy, you would have finished the work by now (finish).

16. Where on earth have you been ? - I have been waiting for ages (wait)

17. The weather is really awful here. Does it always rain like that ? (it, always, rain)

18. Things have changed since I was a girl (change)

19. He broke his leg in a skiing accident last year (break)

20. I saw a great film yesterday. ( see)

21. Have you ever bought a new car? ( you ever buy)

22. I met him last Monday. ( meet)

23. The band was playing while I was writing . ( play, write)

24. She bought the new car in 2005. ( buy)

25. Her mother has been living in Victoria for the past five years. ( live)

26. They have already been in Germany when we arrived a few days ago. ( already be)

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27. Do you plan to get married? ( you plan)

28. I have had so much fun since I was a kid. ( have)

29. When I got up I was looking out of the window and saw that it rained . ( look, see, rain)

30. Janet had worked for Smith and Brothers before she came to work for us. ( work)

31. I have seen three movies so far this week. (see)

32. How long have you been waiting for me? ( you wait)

33. I flew over Loch Ness last week. - the Loch Ness monster? ( fly, you see)

34. Im afraid Im not hungry. I have already eaten . ( already eat)

35. Peter was playing football in the afternoon when he got the call. ( play)

36. What were you doing between 9 and 12 yesterday morning, the detective said. ( you do)

37. He kept looking at her, wondering where he had seen her before. ( see)

38. The doctors waiting room was full of people. Some were reading a magazine, a womanwas kniting

and a child was playing with a doll. Suddenly the door opened and a nurse came
out. ( read, knit, play, open, come)

39. Travelling had became much easier and more comfortable in the past hundred years. ( become)

40. I have just baked cake. Thats why my hands are full of flour. ( bake)

41. When I first came to this house it was quite a noisy area. ( be)

42. He twisted his ankle while he was skiing . ( ski)

43. Have you ever looked the doors before you leave the house? ( you ever lock)

44. My best friend and I have known each other for 15 years. ( know)

45. Jack usually smoked but he does not smoked when his father comes. ( smoke, not smoke)

46. Have you had breakfast yet? Yes I had it together with Sue at 7. ( you have)

47. I did this kind of work when I was a small boy. ( do)

48. He was reading the paper when his wife came home. ( read)

49. He has been speaking for an hour now. Ill be finished soon. ( speak)

50. How did you get there? We we walked . It didnt take long ( walk)

51. Our baby Mona is walking now. Shes a year old ( walk)

52. We have to rest. Wehave been waiting for over four hours ( walk)

53. It was a tough match. At half time three footballers were taking to the hospital ( take)

54. My dog looked guilty. He took some food from the kitchen table. ( take)

55. We need a new car. We have been having this one for ages. ( have)

56. We were having a lovely picnic until my wife was stung by a bee. ( have)

57. Dont call at eight. We are having dinner then ( have)

58. Our sandwiches are freshly freshly made every day ( make)
Compilation of Martolop Sinambela
59. By the time Im forty I will have made enough money to retire ( make).

60. Where are my jeans? They are being washed at the moment ( wash)

61. Simon was all wet because he washed the car. ( wash)

62. My sister earns a good salary. She sells computer software. ( sell)

63. Nobody wants to buy the house. It in an auction next month. ( sell)

64. At the end of this term I will be sold for six years. ( teach)

65. The children were being taught how to make cake when a boy dropped the bowl on his foot. ( teach)

66. Water freezes at 0 C (freeze).

67. She leaves for England in a week (leave).

68. Thousands of people were enjoying the show when suddenly the plane (enjoy, crash)

69. She golfed in southern France a few weeks ago. (golf)

70. They have been playing in the garden since dinner time (play)

71. I didnt fell well lately (not feel)

72. She told us that she had not seen such a great film before ( not see)

73. I here any more when John arrives(not be).

74. They played tennis all afternoon yesterday (play)

75. Do you ever to Venice? It's a great city (You, ever be)

76. Why you not asnwered the phone last night (you, not answer)

77. We usually eats fish on Friday, but today we are eating chicken. (eat)

78. He realized that he his keys (lose)

79. Right now we are learning French (learn).

80. Unless the weather gets better we are not be able to go fishing tomorrow (not be able)

81. Do you ever painted anything like that before (You, ever paint) ?

82. After he had done his homework, he went to play with his friends (do).

83. Have done your work yet? Yes, I did it all yesterday. (do)

84. We around the table when the lights out (sit, go)

85. Last weekend the whole family up to the mountains (drive).

86. Next week we will move into our new house. (move)

87. He was sure that he saw that man before. (see)

88. What you had have for breakfast? (you, have)

89. She had a bath when the telephone rang (have, ring).

90. She had been playing the piano for eight years. (play)

91. He is never on time. (be)

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92. You look terrible. ( you, drink) ?

93. He realized that he losed his keys. (lose)

94. I m very angry with you if you do not stop smoking. (be)

95. They for her for some time when she finally (wait, arrive).

96. I am writing all the postcards now. (write)

97. Where is John? He out. (just, go)

98. Things had changed since I was a girl (change)

99. He broke his leg in a skiing accident last year (break)

100. I ( always have) trouble with by engine these days.

101. If I were a ghost I ( try) to frighten all the people I dislike.

102. He ( know) her for a long time before he finally got married to her.

103. I hope it ( not rain) when we leave church.

104. Since you gave me your number I ( phone) you four times and ( not find) you at home.

105. ( you , ever meet) our president ?

106. It ( take) a long time for man to learn to make tools and weapons.

107. John came in with a very dirty face and I wondered what he ( do).

108. They ( live) in Liverpool for ten years when I first met them.

109. How is Peter at school (get on) ?

110. John and Howard a conversation at the moment. (have)

111. here? (you be) Yes, I here on holiday last year(be) . How the weather (be). Well, to tell the

truth, it all the time. (rain)

112. Where the knife? (you find) - I it in the garden (just, find)

113. It for two days.(rain) When ? (it , stop)

114. How long ( you drive) ? I ( drive) for ten years.

115. We ( live) here since 1979.

116. I ( fly) over Loch Ness last week. ( you see) the monster ?

117. But when I ( leave) school I ( cut) my hair and ( wear) it short ever since.

118. I ( not drink) whisky. Well, have some now.

119. When I ( look) through your books I ( notice) that you have a copy of Murder in the Cathedral.

120. One day Jack ( go) to town and ( buy) an alarm clock because he never up in time (get)

121. The plane that you ( look) at now ( just take) off for Paris.

122. This is my house. How long ( you, live) here ? I ( live) here since 1950.

123. Shakespeare ( write) a lot of plays.

Compilation of Martolop Sinambela

124. My brother ( write) several plays. He ( just finish) his second tragedy.

125. I ( not see) him for three years. I wonder where he is.

126. He ( not smoke) for two weeks. He (try) to give it up.

127. Chopin ( compose) some of his music in Majorca.

128. I ( read) his books when I was at school. I ( enjoy) them very much.

129. I can't go out because I ( not finish) my work yet.

130. The clock is slow. It isn't slow, it ( stop).

131. Here are your shoes. I ( just clean) them.

132. I ( do) this sort of work when I ( be) in the army.

133. He ( go) out ten minutes ago.

134. ( you have) breakfast yet ? Yes,I ( have) it at 8 o'clock.

135. The actors ( arrive) yesterday and ( start) rehearsals early this morning.

136. It ( be) very cold this year. I wonder when it will get warmer.

137. He ( break) his leg in a skiing accident last year.

138. Mr. Pound is a bank manager. He ( be) here for 25 years.

139. ( you be) here before ? Yes, I ( spend) my holidays here last year. (you have) a good

time? No it never ( stop) raining.

140. ( you ever try) to give up smoking ? Yes, I ( try) last year, but I ( find) that I was getting so

fat so I ( start) again.

141. ( you, get) that scar ? I ( get) it in a car accident a year ago.

142. Judy is good at languages. She (speak) 4 languages fluently.

143. I usually (drive) to work by car, but today I (go) by train.

144. I (work) on my test at the moment.

145. The moon (revolve) around the Earth.

146. The water (boil). Can you turn off the stove?

147. Jacky (go) swimming every morning before she (go) to work.

148. I sometimes (read) books in English.

149. Johnny (watch) videos at least once a week

150. She (go) to New York next week to visit her sister.

151. She (speak) French but she (not speak) Italian.

152. Listen! I (try) to explain this to you.

153. Where is she now? She (walk) home.

154. The helicopter pilot (fly) every day.

Compilation of Martolop Sinambela

155. He (like) chocolate milk but right now he (have) a cup of coffee.

156. She (speak) 4 languages fluently.

157. I usually (drive) to work by car, but today I (go) by train.

158. I (work) on my test at the moment.

159. The moon (revolve) around the Earth.

160. The water (boil). Can you turn off the stove?

161. Jacky (go) swimming every morning before she (go) to work.

162. I sometimes (read) books in English.

163. Johnny (watch) videos at least once a week

164. She (go) to New York next week to visit her sister.

165. She (speak) French but she (not speak) Italian.

166. Listen! I (try) to explain this to you.

167. Where is she now? She (walk) home.

168. The helicopter pilot (fly) every day.

169. I think it tomorrow (rain)

170. I will lend you the book if you to return it tomorrow (promise)

171. Could you please lend me your rubber . I a mistake and I want to correct it (make)

172. He towards the bus when it started to move. (run)

173. I English for six years now. (study)

174. He his friend yesterday and found out that he out the whole week. (visit, be)

175. Look over there ! What in the middle of the street? (the boys, do)

176. I hundreds of students up to now , but I such a hopeless class as this one. (teach, never meet)

177. I on the road when I saw a lorry approaching (lie)

178. What next weekend ? - It depends. If the weather is fine we will go to the zoo. (you do)

179. If you drove slowly you so many accidents . (not have)

180. He was playing the guitar when somebody the door. (open)

181. Shakespeare over 400 years ago (die).

182. The last train normally the station shortly before midnight. (leave)

183. a Russian novel ? (you ever read)

184. Thunder Henry in the middle of the night. (awake)

185. The clock four. (just strike)

186. If you careful you could have broken your leg (not be)

187. I stayed indoors because it (rain)

Compilation of Martolop Sinambela

188. He normally coffee but today he tea because he's got a cold (drink, drink)

Compilation of Martolop Sinambela

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