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Your Body is Perfect. The Earth is always right.

I come to you with a very important and genuine plea. There is a...kind of a meta-cognitive
disorder occurring within society right now. I can't explain it without getting to the immediate
tangible issue, so Ill do that first. Basically I want to offer what I believe and feel deeply is the cure
for cancer (perhaps even any disease, I am imagining because all is basically inflammation) but the
thing preventing me is don't understand the source is something you are constantly
exposing yourself in via your immediate environment. It's like you've been walking through a field of
thorns your whole life, and I'm yelling at you to stop and pick them out. You won't feel better right
away...maybe when you're halfway through but the point is to find out yourself empirically. Really, it is
a kind of tragedy that such a thing as healthy food ever has existed, because all food is supposed to
be good for you. I do not totally understand the reasons for everything, but i do understand the
causes and ways which they can be mitigated for the benefit of society. but the thing is it gets a bit
political in its solutions. complicated still is that to me it is plain black and white--this is something
that must be done and changed in our mentalities and how we relate to our bodies. but how to do
such a thing? it is like trying to untie a rope tangled with fishhooks while underwater. while
underwater because, i will constantly be subject to people who want to hurt me just for disagreeing.
harsh, i know. it's insane. the depths of psychological dilemmas i have faced are great, and i can only
hope for a greater understanding by making my case very clear for what it is and that time will prevail.
I just want to help people avoid all the harmful effects of false knowledge that I used to experience in
the form of extreme head fuzziness/drowsiness/inability to focus.

I want to also mention that...despite my previous enthusiasm for local farming (and though it
served me well at the time) it was actually in failure of a complete understanding. Listen well when I
say to youthere is not much that actually has to change in order for society to make the shift to a
truly enlightened habit of health. But it absolutely requires a shift in your sense of reality and what
you believe to be true. It should be discarded like so much bathwater.

The single most important thing that needs to happen FOR us (because its not feasible
otherwise) is that we discontinue the use of any toxic additives/use of pesticides and then we must
come to realize the most simplest truths of what is and isnt meant for your body.

So here goes. i hope i don't go too overboard, but i am going to detail every nook and cranny of what i
have discovered. i have grown the ability now to identify with great acuity the effect anything has
upon my body. even one bite of the wrong thing can throw me, especially since what i did initially to
my immune system...but that's for later. This is just gonna be an easy, run-down list detailing what
should be done to live as healthy, natural life as was originally meant to be. All of this is confirmed by
my most honest experience and critique and I am not paid by any corporation to sponsor or endorse
anything. In fact, I hope they all go to hell! There AREN'T any corporations who are really doing it
totally right because their only real priority is to exploit you for cash selling you things you don't need
all while squeezing the earth of all the resources that we actually DO need to live. Madness!
AnywayIll go into reasons for the things I say after the list is over.

I used to believe there was some kind of enlightenment purpose to life, but what Ive found is that
those people are just making the best out of what is already known (which is faulty). An enlightened
person still has an immune system. It's just adapted in certain ways, usually. The truth is, you don't
want to detach from pleasure and be able to transcend pain. That's societal bullshit and societal
bullshit always tells you that you have to work really, really hard before you get anything worth
attaining in life. The contrary is actually true, but we're so desensitized by society that we can't
fathom what is actually going on.

Its not hard or gross to eat healthy. Really, all things are healthy until they are tampered with by
antibiotic/pesticides/pasteurization. The sad reality is that its all corporatism, and it is totally
inescapable until we become aware of whats already going on and the implication. Really, its the
addiction to convenience/cultural aesthetics that is killing us. Peopleyou can have what your body
desires. You just dont see it right now because ethical farmers dont have access to big funds and
machines, plus a huuuge misunderstanding of how life processes work.

Which is why I feel--

People dont know this but health is literally = happiness! At least as it averages out over time...were
just too distracted by culture to realize that materialism is just one way people attempt to pursue
happiness and mistake it for all that matters. Personally, I have absolutely no desire for anything
society offers me in that regard! Which is why I also like this short speech

So read on, and ill explain to you how everything you believe is fundamentally wrong and how those
conclusions were derived to be true.

[if I put this notation ** it means refer to my separate health document for storage principals, a set
of principals I outline that applies to all foods]

-i have an entire section on exercise towards the end of this document but all im gonna tell you can
be summed up right now: DONT DO IT. This sounds sketchy right of that bat to you but you can read
here that is just one example of the programming that we are tricking ourselves with (the first one
Supersize me):
shockingly-full-crap.html. If you want to skip to why, rather than explaining this twice you can just
scroll til you see the *~* mark.
-Milk must be raw. For ideal health circumstances, this should always be the case.
-Any wireless device (radio/internet/phone) is causing your body commensurate damage by the
amount of bandwidth you are using. So reallyfor any audio/video/large file streaming we SHOULD
be using a wired connection. It's also much better for your device's lifespan and increases speed
somewhat. Either wayradiation is bad. In any case, the more you can localize it the better (at-home
wi-fi is better than satellite).
-i would like to also offer a solution to the issue of people needing cell phones. It's simple
reallyadd an option to all new cell phones to connect manually to an ethernet hotspot. So this way,
anyone can walk into a cafe and perhaps there's a retractable cable under the cable they can plug into
their phone. So this way, you can use the cell phone all you want all while maintaining the optional
ability to use it wirelessly for emergencies! :)
-Body temperature must be maintained with a small tolerance for ideal homeostasis and health.
Avoid any extremely hot/cold beverages and always allow your food to cool properly after cooking.
Yes, LET THAT COFFEE COOL. Like a lot. Avoid frozen desserts. I actually drink ice cream like a
beverage sometimes **. The obvious exception here is if the thing you are eating is opposite in
temperature to the climate you are in (IE: ice cream is pretty much okay on a hot summer day).
Sweating is always bad, as is shivering (but they are also good because they are functions of the
immune system. This seems complicated but should make sense by the end of this doc).
-Avoid foods that are high in hard-to-chew fibers. Your body naturally craves sugary fruit and fatty
meat because those are the primary sources of energy. ALL CRAVINGS ARE GOOD AND NATURAL.
This becomes more apparent as you allow your body to settle into healthy metabolic habits. Spending
all those calories just to chew and digest is not helpful. This includes steak, btw (unless you cook it
-good example of acceptable meat chewiness: when I cook ribs for myself I cook them for 2
hours wrapped in aluminum so they come out extra buttery smooth with little/no firmness.
-you want fatty meat. The reason people think fatty meat is bad for you is because...well it is.
BECAUSE it's not being stored properly prior to eating**.
-Gluten-free is crapola. Ignore it. You want natural, fresh-baked bread with nothing added or
subtracted. Gluten is good for you, actually. I'm gonna assume that it's like anything else in that way.
-You want natural salt. Like, usually aim for colorful salt. Yes, salt is good for you. But it should be salt
from crystals ideally. Avoid sea salt, I say. Nothing wrong with iodized.
-Plastic is not bad for your health. If you ate a small amount of plastic straight, you would be alright
(but it would still be bad obviously). The only time you should really avoid it is if you are going to put
something in it that would cause the plastic to dramatically heat up and thus melt/adsorb into your
food. Then, you should use glass. Like, just never microwave it. Even if they do say to leave the
plastic film on for things. Bad news.
-drink natural spring water or use a Berkey brand filter for ideal water if you feel your water is
-You probably don't get enough sleep. Dreaming is good for the nervous system. So is spiritualism.
You ever heard the term beauty sleep? Take that literally ladies (and extra-special men), because
the more sleep and relaxation your body gets the more attractive you WILL become. Oh, and theyre
called anabolic steroids for a reason! Anabola = state of rest.
-drugs are not really good or bad for you. They act mainly as catalysts (but there is a nutrional intake
so yeah they are actually net good for you but I would only ever apply this principal to drugs absorbed
through the normal metabolic pathways). There is no actual difference between illegal and legal OTC
drugs except STORAGE and POTENCY. Certain drugs are only particularly dangerous because they are
synthetically derived which means they have very little of the original immune system from
whatever natural source they are derived from (the sort of things which would naturally decay and
lead you not to consume the compound in particular). Prescribed Medications: same thing. That's
rightIm not like all the natural food advocates who think it's not natural or whatever. The thing is
thoughthey putrify HYPER-FAST**.
-you may choose disbelief here, but any negative effect INCLUDING bad trips on psychedelic
drugs is a purification of the nervous system (this may or may not come from putrification of the drug
itself)**. Your brain has faculties that you are not fully attuned to but if attuned you can make great
strides in your own processing ability.
(I do not personally condone or choose to use any illicit drugs myself K. wait until the science
catches up to me, I say)
-using natural cleaning products is a good way to minimize environmental stress. Try to get something
with no scents added or synthetic chemicals.
-there is this really great product (though you can use any gel/cream that has the active ingredient
methyl salicylate) called Germa (tm) Ubre. I recommend it for many things (most use it for muscle
tension). It helps me attain high level of bliss on a good day and relives nervous tension on a bad one.
But whatever product you use remember to use correct storage principals**. There are lots of things
you can experiment in this regard for improving your experience. Go nutsherbal supplements,
ointments, essential oils, etc.
-i'd like to add (and these is some strong evidence supporting this conducted by other people)
that essential oils which they say are not for topical use or consumption actually ARE...if stored
properly**. In fact, they are some of the very best things to use
-avoid nuts that are pasteurized. Or anything. Ever. This does not help prevent bacterial issues and
actually destroys the GOOD bacteria.
-okay so raw food diet. I used to believe that the more you cook something the worse it is because
you are heating away the nutrients. FALSE. Cooking is good for most vegetables. Beets, carrots,
broccoli (less so). You want them to be easily chewable for your digestion. I would even slightly
under-boil eggs but really you want to fully-cook everything. But once they are cooked, they will
decay quickly afterwards**.
-why do people gain weight? Not because of lack of exercise. It's because your metabolism is bad.
You don't spend any time in a resting state that allows your body to absorb all the nutrition required
and avoid inflammation. You are, when exercising, just burning fuel. reminds me of this good
furthermore, I am living proof of my dietary system. I used to weight very little and looked
borderline anorexic despite eating more than anyone else. Now, I am at a perfect weight for my
-if nudism were the norm, it'd be better for everyone. BECAUSE sweat accumulates on clothes. True
fact. If you were always nude, you wouldn't have to take as many showers.
-can I say something about hippies? They are right about a lot of things but they don't
conform to a fault. Thus, you have a culture which is inherently opposed to hippie-esque pincipals just
because they didn't do the necessary thoughtwork to solidify things which kinda ruins things for me.
-See storage section for why you shouldnt buy pre-sliced bread or un-sealed bakery products**.
-Vitamins and minerals are pretty great (properly contained)**. Though you SHOULD be able to get all
your stuff from food sources, many parts of what you eat are separated out (like liver for example) and
you miss out on the most nutritious part of the food. Take as many things as you feel comfortable
with and ALWAYS chew these instead of swallowing. I mean with tablets. Doesnt matter so much
with capsules. You don't really need to siphon out exactly which ones are best for you because your
taste buds can always tell you exactly what you need. I mean you can but it's perfectionism to a fault.
You can almost always improve your health in some way by adding a good herb or two along with
some b vitamins. Herbs = very underrated. tobacco is just an herb. Only reason its bad is
putrification**. Go ahead, be subjective about it and take what makes you feel good personally.
Tinctures are very effective and always get the best parts of the plant. You also, btw, can and should
take them in much larger quantities than is recommended. Like, I cant technically recommend this
and definitely listen to your own body/taste buds, but personally I do take sometimes as much as 1 or
2 dozen pills at once. With herbs ill take like 9 capsules at once. Part of this is because my body
weight is high due to height. But I find really the best thing is to when you first start on something
take it in large quantities so your body becomes more in sync and rich in that thing so that later you
can balance it out and take it less frequency. Just my opinion, though, so please use your own
discretion and know this may not apply to all supplements.
-and while im talking about health aids, I really recommend probiotics and enzymes in general
because most of the food we eat today lack significant quantities of them that are present when we
used to be eating food right off of the tree/plant.
-avoid mercury dental fillings. Or any fillings, really. Why? Your teeth can and will heal themselves
and there is never any real benefit to filling. It may postpone the pain, but that pain is needed!
Adding the fillings just means if you want to actually heal (and you do, dont doubt that bit) you also
have to deal with the pain of removing the harmful material you just implanted.
-interesting tidbitif you are doing everything correctly, pain will actually feel good. This is
why I think I have a good case for immortality being possiblehealing that is easy to do
-knowledge about fruit skins being good is wrong. You want the juicy part insidethe only reason
they think fruit is good is because that is what protects the fruit from bacteria**. Strange thing
thoughthe skin is fine to eat if it is A) processed with the rest of the fruit juice or B) eaten directly off
the plant with no time in-between. So feel free to eat dried fruit or pulp in orange juice etc.
-I think (needs testing) that if you eat fruit immediately off the vine it does not matter if you
eat the skin. This is because the plant is a living thing with an immune system which protects it
already. Kinda like if you literally just cooked the bread, the crust is actually good for you which is why
oddly enough frozen bread crusts are good for you. But most of the time, just treat the outside of the
plant like a carrying case.
-You don't need sunlight. At all. You're not a plant. Don't do earthing. Don't sungaze. No, you do
not need the vitamin D from sunlight and no you do not even need to be outside for fresh air (get a
purifier). I take a vitamin D supplement and it's great but not rly better than anything else.
-Additionally, people often say black people need more sunlight because their skin is more
resilient to the effects of UV radiation but in reality the darker skin pigmentation is just an adaptation
to the harsh effects of sunlight. Like an exoskeleton--useful in environments where you can't escape
the sun but otherwise (and this same principal applies to everything) it's actually a hindrance because
it takes more bodily resources to generate that protective skin. Like, when's the last time you've seen
a turtle doing itself good on dry land, my nigga? But...I guess since most people don't know sun is bad
for them it would serve to benefit black people in this situation if they happen to spend a lot of time
outside. Once you do know this however unpigmented skin is the ideal state. Sorry black people! I
don't know what to tell you--
Also IMHO black people are the best singers ever. If you're gonna call me Hitler or whatever for
making this scientifically-based judgment then you can F- yourself because I know and believe all
human life has value and is always preferable to death and hating. K? Thx. Free love bro. Free love
and efficiency.
-Any extreme stimuli (loud noises/bright lights (and that includes the sun)) should be avoided ideally.
Wear protection. Yes, you can go to concerts still lol. Don't be extreme with anything. I always wear
earplugs when I am at rest. General rule of thumb is if your body resonates with it then it's good for
you :)
-any extra activities that don't contribute to your naturally-used abilities are bad for you. It is a shame
that schools are so hard on students to do extra-curricular activitiesthis can only be harmful to
overall performance grades.
-On that note, avoid being paranoid about any of this. Don't worry an extreme amount about every
bit of everything because you will actually just hurt yourself more exerting energy calculating every
last bit of everything. Your body expects stress and can deal with it. Really, doing any amount of
processing WILL kill your brain cells (or at least sap energy). The key is to know this to avoid wasting
your time.
-Pretty sure polyester is just bad. That shit is not natural. Cotton. Wool. Silk, w/e. We really need
these to be produced without the use of pesticides, btw. Happy cotton. Happy clothes. Beware
synthetic dyes.
-Food that is juiced/ground up is NOT the same as being processed (like pasteurization). I drink tons of
fruit juice. In nature, animals would always eat fruit fresh off the tree. Today, you can't do that. Maybe
people resort to local farming but I tell you its not necessary because we have modern methods to
avoid putrification (doing so is the main benefit of local farming so yeah there is logic to it)**! People
think that fresh fruit is better than juice, juice is actually healthier because you are getting a lot more
density of fruit goodness and no harm work in removal of skin/inedibles.
-Stay away from orgonite/crystal healing. Dumb. Not to say crystals can't do anything're just
not there yet. Lol.
-ginger, garlic, onions, radishes, turmeric, spicy peppers, wasabi, and any food that causes pain upon
eating is a purifying effect. Its similar to working out, but for your immune system instead of your
muscular strength. Try to do this often, if you can. Pain purifies. This is true of almost anything
even something like the burning sensation a man gets if he puts something like Bengay on his testicles.
I am complete f**king seriousthat is strengthening your immune system. Even boredom has strong
nervous system healing abilities. Nothing is quite as strong as...nothing--
-I used to think any kind of mental activity from reading to playing video games to watching movies
taxes your energy supply and therefore immune system. Problem with this is obvious that the brain
craves stimulation (even if from a purely Darwinian perspective this makes little to no sense) and as
we know all cravings are good so the belief I have settled on is that -brain input should be equal to
brain output-. Or just go with the flow Dreams can also count as output but I recommend making art
and actively using the brain to make use of your whole nervous system. Don't go crazy on this
though...just bear in mind the following words:
-I have a personal belief that all forms of entertainment are based primarily around conflict
and you are cognitively biased to enjoy these things. Conflict as entertainment is so pervasive that
your nervous system has actually taken to it and rewired itself. More on this issue later.
-Braces are really bad for you. And so are retainers. I'm not gonna go into details cause I know I can't
change your mind on this but teeth alignment is reflective of inner psychology. Always go to the root
cause to fix issues in your life. If it causes you pain, it is bad. See, i'm weird because I believe that
your appearance SHOULD be a direct representation of your immune system, but our system is so
fudged that we want to constantly trick one another into a false appearance (sigh). In reality, your
teeth can actually recalibrate themselves with enough time and effort towards healing. I was given
permanent retainers on both rows of teeth and you can see today (i've since had them removed) that
the enamel at the base of each of the teeth that they were putting pressure on broke off! Specifically
those exact teeth! But I'm not getting dental workthey will heal over time. It's all in the smile
-when you wipe yourself, its good to clean yourself with a wet paper towel at the end. Just removing
residue is not enough to clean.
-there are about 10 billion forms of complex, expensive therapies that exist. Here's the dirt: you don't
NEED any of them. Some are nice. Some are relaxing and it can be deceiving because ultimately your
body just has to work out the kinks itself. I mean really...people get crazy about this shit but if you
really care about your health you gotta dig your feet in the ground and SHOULDER TO THE PLOW. I least thanks to how shitty cultural ignorance has made your life up until now. Your body has
really taken, in that regard. Anything (literally anything) can be overcome in this way, but it's up to you
to decide what you wanna do. All systems are meaningless except to your own desire for them. Read
that sentence three times.
-adage: to clarify, its worth noting that even though we all desire certain sense pleasures (via
massage, aromatherapy, drugs) its important to note that these things are not actually granting a net
gain in pleasure. No, reallythey are merely catalyzing or releasing endorphins that WOULD get
released/used at some point either way. The only things that determine your actual level of net
pleasure are your overall health habits and that means avoiding putrification in foods** (and drugs,
which is going to be a shell-shocker to all of you, I know), eating the correct amount of food/water,
respirating as much as possible within homeostasis, and all sorts of other things I cover in the rest of
this doc. Which is why, when you read something like this
along with cases of people using psychedelics for PTSD therapy or whatever, it begins to be obvious
that all of these things are just SUBJECTIVE RESPONSES TO STRESS, and the only real treatment is to
realize the satisfaction of that thing that is important to you. Which makes me think of a perfect
statement from my favorite rapper that to me speaks to the purpose of life--
We the American working population
Hate the fact that eight hours a day
Is wasted on chasing the dream of someone that isn't us
And we may not hate our jobs
But we hate jobs in general
That don't have to do with fighting our own causes
We the American working population
Hate the nine to five day-in day-out
But we'd rather be supporting ourselves
By being paid to perfect the pastimes
That we have harbored based solely on the fact
That it makes us smile if it sounds dope

from9-5rs anthem by Aesop Rock

-Formalized meditation is retarded. There is NOTHING to gain from sitting in full lotus posture or any
such activity that you will not gain much better from laying down in the pure state of relaxation.
-This is an untested theory but I strongly think that cows and chickens are not meant for eating. These
are animal which supply us with two of the healthiest things you can put in your bodymilk and eggs.
Eat food from animals which don't constantly lay eggs or have udders. Pork is good [EDIT: any meat is
fine its based upon craving but I still see merit to this as the eggs/milk incentivize keeping them alive].
Think about how fatty a pig is compared to a chicken...remember you don't want all protein that's
always a bad idea. You want an animal that can produce lard...which is the best part for you (stored
correctly). Yes, I mean fat. Is good for you. Is that so hard to believe?
-added notation here: i'm starting to believe meat is not the ideal food to eat. No, it's not
bad for you par say, but when you consider everything nature does to create a fruit versus a living,
breathing, walking organism, I think you would find that it's simply better to use things that are
intended to be eaten by mother nature. This is just my opinion. Plus, if we did it would save
bucketloads of resources. I actually still eat chicken/beef out of habit and it doesn't present any
negative health effects in any way I can notice. Worth noting though I would not do this willingly if
opinions at supermarkets were more diverse and not meat-centric.
-also this:
-i want to also add that I think it rests on society to become vegetarian (not vegan, I think that
is fine). I go on this point more in my spirituality document but essentially from what I can ascertain
the universe will do to you as you do unto it so we should take this opportunity to break the chain of
predator/prey hierarchies and enter into a harmonious state with our environment.
-furthermore (yeah I know) I think that being a vegan is an inherently flawed practice. its not
like youre eating a living thing, and this article in particular says its so about eggs
-Don't do yoga. You are wasting your time. Your body knows how flexible is should be for any given
real-life circumstance. Get good at anything and your capacity to sustain yourself/get good at any
other (unrelated) thing is decreased. Bodily processing is finite. Will is all.
-anyone who talks about the spiritual benefits of yoga is full of baloney. Though I'd say yeah,
it is better than exercise. It's sometimes good (and this is true of all stretches no matter if you practice
an actual form of yoga or whatever) to using stretching as a tool to relieve tension in the body. And
you WILL find that the body has accumulated a whole lot of tension in your lifetime of socially-
ordained rituals. Anyway...spiritual healing rituals are great for alleviating that extra stress that builds
-though, I can attest to the fact that sometimes it feels good to just stretch your tension out.
Go ahead, you prude. See although I have obliquely stated stress is bad for you thats not 100%
truth because there are stress thresholds within the bodys natural homeostasis. This applies to any
stress up to a defined point of pain/exhaustion. Becauseyou have to thinkeven anything which is
not in its entirety fun and enjoyable is some form of stress. Everything in moderation. You need some
stress to get stronger.
-Circumcision is evil. Stop doing it. Skin and nerve cells are a part of the immune system and it is an
organ so you are damaging men's immune systems significantly. If this was done at a mature age
instead it would be blatantly obvious that this is a piss-poor idea. I'll say againTHERE ARE NO
CIRCUMSTANCES THAT IT IS GOOD TO CIRCUMCISE. Plus, the women are missing out too because it
makes it harder for a man to embrace his masculine aspects.
-if you want to tone your body/lose weight it is actually very useful to do inner body exercises like
deep breathing/flexing. this article actually is exactly what I am saying that you dont need to strain
your body to lose weight. its the breathing thats important:
so if you put your focus inward on processing everything in your body then that should be could be
the weight loss method as opposed to exercise which has the incidental effect of causing damage to
your bone and muscle tissues (plus having to organize your insides for efficiency of motion).
-do not calorie count. Ever. I know everyone thinks that you gotta cut down on calories to lose weight
but I promise you if you are following my guides correctly counting calories is always highly unhealthy.
See, I know that this practice of weight watching does actually work in the normal world, but thats
because the problem is that food itself (with the exception of things that hardly absorb bacteria like
raw vegetables (notice that this changes instantly upon being cooked)) is actually a net negative
factoid in your overall health. Basically, the concept im saying is that its made so in the modern
world that food itself has become bad for you and the less of it you eat the better!!!
-on top of that, the same thing applies to fasting. Following desire > abstaining given that you
are following correct principals.
-also, I would like to note here that if you are looking for an extra health boost, one of the best
ways is to consume (in moderation) pure food oils and vinegar. You have to be careful with the
quantities because they are very concentrated forms of nutrition but if you store them correctly** and
drink them slowly while watching your stomach for upsets they can really bolster your immune
system. The same goes for heavy cream (actually even better as it requires refrigeration). Tastes
gross, but feels great! In fact, these foods can replace most over-priced supplements. There are a lot
of testimonies for AVB (apple cider vinegar), molasses, and coconut oil in particular but personally I
think thats a fallacy and that anything you take will be good. I dont believe in the whole omega 3/6
balance either any more than I believe in balance of any mineral/vitamin in your body. Just as long as
you get a general spectrum of food and follow your cravings, its healthy!
-don't give blood or ever let your blood be taken for results if possible. I had a really bad experience
with this once. Basically the premise is the same as when your body falls through the ice into a frozen
lakeyou start losing circulation in a bad way fast. Except ofc...the blood is still gone and your body
has to remake it. You have to think of your body as equal to your consciousness:

-Most fruits actually give enough water content/hydration where you don't need much water if you
are eating a healthy diet (all healthy diets NEED fruit). I don't drink water. No, really. If it's hot out?
I'll grab a nice cool bottle of water so I don't sweat. That's about it. Otherwise, I'll eat a cucumber.
This is not actually a good habit and I have since stopped. Just listen to what the body wants! Forget
that 9 billion cups a day nonsense.
-Taste buds are the best psychiatrist because in the same way if you only ate one type of food and
also in the same way are deficient in certain things, such as foods like spinach provide iron, we require
specific correlating medications. In fact, your cravings could already be giving you the correct signal.
-Pineapples should be Spongebob's-house yellow, not ever green. Hard to find today.
-you don't have to apply any cremes directly to any particular acne/skin ailment. I had warts and they
healed themselves holisticly. So go ahead and use whatever cremes on any part of your body. There
are some really useful ones. Dont rip the warts off!
-try to avoid eye strain if you can. The simplest way to do this is avoid using your glasses for far-sight
when you are doing near-sight activities and vice-versa. If your prescription is too strong, then get a
weaker pair to swap with on ZENNI.COM (this is not an ad...its just my advice for cheap glasses. All
you need is your measurements for your prescription and your pupil distance which you can measure
with a simple ruler in the mirror).
-honey does decay. It made me sick once when I didnt protect it**.
-hygiene myths are abundant. I have, if not entirely separated fact from fiction, at least alleviated the
need for intense investigation against its basic practices. So for me, there are a few basic principals.
First is: always wash your hair first. I dont know why, but I feel icky from the oil in my hair or w/e the
ef it is if I do my hair afterwards because I dont get the benefit of also washing that off with
soap/water. Okay so anywaythe way I do it in the shower is actually not using water the whole time.
The idea is to first turn on the shower and wet the whole body. Then, take a body wash (dont use
soap because it doesnt layer with your skin as well) and lather your entire body thoroughly. Turn on
the shower again when done, and then wash yourself off totally. thats itif you do it this way you
shouldnt have to shower very often because its very deep cleansing. I dont use a washcloth or
anything. Make sure to scrub the scalp thoroughly as well.
-EDIT: I find that in between these thorough showers (which can be enough to span 5-7 days)
its great if you can every so often take a quick shower to cleanse the parts of your body that accrue
the most bacteria. Im talking specifically about any areas with body hair. This is even more important
if you live in an area where you are getting sweaty. But either way, do it like thisget in the shower,
lather up those parts with soap/body wash, and then when you finish go over all those same parts
with a wash cloth. This will remove any grime that would still be stuck on your skin.
-oh use natural products ofc.
-when it comes to washing hands, its very simple. You dont need to wash with soap (only water)
after you use your personal bathroom. However, I find that with public bathrooms or even being out
at all it is good to wash your hands right after you get home. People spread a lot of germs and
bacteria. Generally though, people go overboard and the only way bacteria really get spread is if you
say put your hand in your mouth after touching things or eat something moist with your hands. I find
that when im at home I dont need to wash my hands at all even if I do do those things though.
-good to use hand sanitizer before eating anything moist with your hands (for best results, keep near
Okay toothbrushing. Ive developed this method with way more trial and error and frustration than I
ever thought it would take so trust me on this oneits good. Start your day (or whatever time you
like, really) with a good, thorough brushing using toothpaste just like you normally would. After this,
youre going to do something for the first time that you will then repeat throughout most days for
ideal results. Take the brush, clean it off good, (push your finger into the bristles, too) and brush JUST
THE TOP ROW of your teeth (or bottom). There will be no toothpaste involved in this at all. When
youre done, take the brush and clean it just as you did, again. Okay, finish that, clean again, and now
youre done with your teeth but your tongue actually picks up a lot of the bad stuff so gently brush
every part of your tongue. I like to really get in the back too so I might clean the brush another time
during this (and by that I mean I always do). So now, youre gonna be good on using toothpaste for
the new 2-3 days (just kinda feel it out for yourself I know when I need to use it again just listening to
my teeth). All you gotta do is do that same brushing/cleaning ritual again every several hours. Do
this, say, whenever you need to use the bathroom and try to do it like twice or maybe even three
times a day. It shouldnt take very long to dojust make sure to cover every part of your teeth (and
way in the back). Thats it! You may find it awkward not using toothpaste much but my mouth always
feels amazing this way. Like most things in society, its just an obsessive over-use of things when we
dont understand whats actually happening. You can also brush in the shower to save time while
washing out your mouth. Make sure to use a healthy toothpaste and NO, it DOES NOT matter if you
have fluoride in the paste or not. That's some hippy BS fluoride is not harmful. I used to be paranoid
myself (sorry for changing subject) and had a Berkey filter that removed the fluoride but I later
realized it was just as good with ONLY the original black filter elements that purify most
chemicals/toxins out of water. But yes, fluoride does change your brain chemistry slightly.
-NOTE: you dont have to brush your teeth in the morning theres no actual benefit to this (im
mostly sure).
-EXTRA: use a lot of toothpaste in this method. its also useful if (to make everything
efficiently accounted for) you do the exact same with-toothpaste method twice and use a lesser
amount of paste the second time. That really takes out the trash, and such. Like, in a diminishing-but-
still-useful returns kind of thing.
-M0R3: if your teeth start feeling somewhat soft, thats okay keep brushing them but with less
pressure. I would also highly recommend digging into your wisdom teeth, if youre lucky enough to
still have them. Like, really I find you can dig into those and do a full brush n rinse (in the plain
toothbrush bit) for each tooth and I find that very useful.
-Listerine. Very useful to do every few days. Doing it every day is wasteful. The point is to endure the
that stinging feeling until it's all gone and your mouth is done hurting. What you just did is the the
heck outta the bad germs in your mouth. Great stuff, but its really a no-pain no-gain thing. Oh, and
always get the flavor-free one because any flavor will putrify (made me a slight nauseous).
-flossing is good for your entire body. As with listerine it actually helps if you aim for the hurtjust
how it goes. You dont have to do this daily or anything, but if you have no previous habit you gotta
really dig into yourself before you start hitting diminishing returnsTHEN you can chill out and just do
it like one a week or something. And be sure to do the once-over on your teeth with the brush after
its all done.
-If you want fresh breath, pop a tic-tac. You think brushing mint into your teeth does anything to
prevent cavities? That's just for scent so...idgaf.
-Even the basic medical wisdom off apply pressure to bleeds/cuts is false. Your body knows what to
do. Always. The key point is to make sure the body is stress-free! Ofc never gamble if the situation is
dire. Use hydrogen peroxide. That blood you dried up with cotton is needed by your body to clot the
-I'm not gonna tell you to not go to the dentist every year but here's the thingi don't get cavities. In
fact, I heal them. It's all different forms of pain and different forms of pain can all be healed through
anabolism and NOT breaking down our sensitive gums with harsh friction and floss that causes you to
bleed. These are not signs of healing these are signs of your body adapting to undesirable pain. Even
fillings can be healed, and are in fact preventing your body from doing it's usual healing (plus,
MERCURY OMFG. Ever heard the saying mad as a hatter? yeah. How 'bout mad as a cro-mag??
lol-- OFC this all comes down to whether or not
your body actually has the capacity to heal which requires a steady, consistent input of healthy, fresh
food for your teeth to enable your immune system.
-leafy greens actually are not so great in nutrition. Too much chewing. It really is better taste = better
health which is the opposite of what you're told. I just throw away beet greens and the like but
spinach and kale are acceptable.
-people are very biased about scents. I don't know why but i'm guessing the only really "acceptable"
smell is mint because it signifies the culture--cold, crisp, clear, and to the point. For a better
explanation of my rationale here, see movie "The Holy Mountain" (not for children or the mentally-
feeble). I mean, imagine if you were on public transport and they maintained a strong source of
lavender scent. Some people would complain they felt sleepy or even high! But minty scents are
always acceptable. Huh.
-may I also say on a complicated note: scent is a form of communication [citation: movie 96
Souls]. It's a necessary part of human interactions and is a strong reason we should consider the
demerits of living in the era where we communicate strictly through the internet and smartphones.
Anyway...i'm just gonna leave this here:
-that said, avoid being stinky easily by applying baking soda to your armpits. It's very easy,
inexpensive, and 100% effective.
-avoid elevated beds. Yes, you heard that right. Be as close to the floor as possible. Reason being
you body is actually using resources in order to prevent itself from moving aka create a more
clenched bodily state. Take the tension away.
-And also, it's perfectly okay to put oils and such on your body but the thing to realize's all just
different means of absorbing the energy into your body. IT'S ALL FOOD. WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO GO
-double extra note: for any body creams/gels you only need to let them sit on your skin for so
long until the active elements are absorbed and you can wash yourself in the shower or whatever. 30
minutes is pretty much always enough. Jus sayin'.
-triple extra note: though I would recommend storing oils properly if you want to ingest them
for health (a good idea), if you dont want to store them you can just apply to skin to reap the benefits
without your body having to produce enzymes and such.
-I also wanna say with regard to common ides of hygiene that most of cultural tropes are just
ignorance that has caught on. It's all relative! Your mama tells you to brush your teeth but it's just an
aspect of maintenance. What of energy conservation? Or probiotics? And storage techniques, etc?
Everything is just part of the same system so you should never speak of things subjectively in ways
that demonize/extol things unrealistically.
-Heres a great use of the futon anyone can enjoy: personally, I love to put herbal tinctures directly
into the cotton bedding inside for skin absorption. The absolute best thing to do for your health is
take a huge thing of essential oils, open it right over the futon and dump it all over (or, more
practically, open up the inside and dump it into the dry cotton). If you like the scent, you can soak up
enormous health benefits this way. And yes, it will go through a thin sheet dont worry about that.
Lasts for months (benefits, not scent). Do the same thing with herbal tinctures, colloidal silver, or any
liquid nutrition aids. THEY WILL NOT GO BAD**.
-make sure to wash or replace your sheets every few weeks (the more you shower, the less you should
have to tho cause it's mostly dead skin accumulation that is the reason for doing this) using a
detergent that doesn't damage the skin.
-try not to move around in bed after you ate. This disrupts digestion and can cause stomach upset.
-Last thing I want to include is tips on sleeping and maximizing energy efficiency when resting. First
off, let's dig into this mad tune:

-you should always lay down, even after or during eating (if you can). Blood circulates perfectly this
way and that is more vital to your health than the notion that you need gravity to digest properly.
-EDIT: this is kinda wrong. You can easily sit up and assume non-laying down positions but
they should be self-supporting (like you are mostly limp or your vertebrates are loose in your back).
-plant your butt on the ground firmly when laying on your back. TRY (don't overdo it) to keep your
legs down. That's your nervous system being dumb on part that you haven't attuned to it yet.
-avoid laying on your side/front. Sad reality is our nervous systems are so f'd up that we can't relax in
the proper position our bodies (especially the butt) were made for. However, this is sometimes
inevitable because your body will start flexing its muscles a lot and eventually tire out. BUT...this does
prove that you can gain muscle by doing nothing. I swearz it! Another unfortunate thing is that
normal bouncy spring beds are bad for laying on your back--you need a solid, heavy futon. Futons are
the most real form of bedding. Forgo springs and such fancy thingsjust pure, dense, fluffy cotton.
And I don't think lying on your side/front is actually very bad at all...but yeah back is superior I think
and should be the idealized state for sleep. Sadly, futons are horrible for your ribcage if you lie on
your side. You can (other than swapping beds every time you get exhausted) use a very large/firm
pillow for your back and a smaller, but still firm pillow on your ribs. Actually just use a big firm pillow
in the center of your rib area for laying on your side and that works for me.
So basically, spend as much time laying on your back as possible but swap to a bouncy bed/using 2
pillows to protect your ribcage (or use the pillow under your side option for maximum making-sense).
I also find it's nice to use a neck pillow to avoid muscle tension in your neck area. Or, just elevating
your body's center with a pillow is enough to keep the neck poised. There are lots of different tricks to
this. Sometimes I put my head partially over the end of the futon and my neck falls into place without
EDIT: ive found with certain futons its perfectly okay to sleep on the side. Just be comfy, try
different things to see what works for you.
-and yeah, always remember that big corporations make big money off of other people's suffering.
Don't buy into their hype and dogmatic attitudes because it's all a ploy to keep you in line. From the
top to the bottom of society, conformism and the norm are enforced. If you want to live a stress-free
life, get as far away from it as you can. Live simply. Avoid this sh*tty culture with every ounce of will
you can muster.


Fact is focus everything is focus and focus requires energy. I have focused so strongly on these facets
of my health that it became the primary lotus of my life, even when it has been inconvenient,
expensive or at one point illegal. I believe so strongly in them and their capability to alter the entire
world as we know it. It grants people the potential for enormous inner strength in that which has not
yet been recognized as strength. It says a lot about why we have so many disorders, mental and
physical, in today's toxic climate and I believe is even causal to poor social conditions of today; the
mainstay is to be a do-nothing and say your how do you dos as casually as possible with no degree
of creativity seen in our daily life. I think if more people knew how much good health practices
benefited them that many more people would be open to the idea of living minimalistically. It's very
easy to enjoy low-budget (or it would be, if we had sensible farming practices worldwide) bliss and
happiness in all things. We have begun to use materialism as a crutch for real pleasures of life, and
even love itself is at risk. When we cannot appreciate another person's differences, it is usually
because we are not looking hard enough, and no one has the energy to look deeply into another
person now. For this reason, social outcasts are offing themselves by the hundreds daily and people
with real creative ability capable of seeing the distraught nature of the ramifications we are faced with
are diagnosed with disorders. I don't want to get quotey, but if anyone deserves a recognition here
it is Terence McKennapsychedelic drug enthusiast and modern mystic philosopher:

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by
removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it
will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted,
who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in
the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it's a
feather bed.

This is what I have done in many ways. I subjected myself to doing something odd and repetitious for
two and a half years, just to further my cognitive power and it was only through this happenstance
that I discovered what I will now call the cure for cancer despite what other people may think of the
reality of how biology works (I have/am making a video about my experience).

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

Let me talk about prescribed meds again: I find that they are actually a bit like anabolic steroids for
your brain functions. That is to saythere is no magic pill. They are simply enabling certain parts of
your brain over others and have been quite helpful to me in strengthening my self. For exampleone
med I take may make it very difficult to move/physically exert yourself, but there is an inner
strengthening pain that comes with it (for me) that if you are able to get with it will make you very
strong. I am basically trading physical strength for mental and spiritual aptitude. Some doctors say to
avoid pain...even telling you to distract yourself. But it's no pain no gain! If you want to be super-
smart/focused you have to strengthen your inner reserves. Even your emotions can work like a
muscle and are considered a part of your immune system. You fight depression by feeling depressed.
And don't come to me with so-and-so sob story because this is simply how your body and ALL
biological beings work. You have to hone in on what you want from yourself and work hard while
keeping in mind you are a finite being. Do not over-push yourself but the pain is what you NEED. Its
also helpful to better define for yourself what is/isnt pain. The pain is what your body is trying to tell
you. Ive only gotten where I am by communicating constantly with my body. Obviously you
ultimately want to be over whatever it is that pains you but until then take this same attitude to what
pain really ishealing/strengthing...

You do not like pain. No, stress is not helping you become healthy. A masochist or someone similar is
someone whos immune system has GIVEN UP ON LOVE AND HEALING and is using a coping
mechanism out of rebellion against biology. In my worst moments I have felt a very physical pang of
my body saying it wanted to commit suicide, but I knew I was in a highly stressed state and that I could
heal myself so I, in communion with it, told it to be patient and it listened. Your body is actually really,
really good at storing energy for when it needs it and NOT for randomly burning away calories for no
reason. Killing yourself is like deciding to throw away all the delicious food in the world. What people
who are suicidal don't realize is that all pain and stress = cell death. All cell death requires healing via
kundalini/chi energy found within your body. You cannot feel anything because you do not look within
when really the healthiest state for healing and resensitizing is hibernal. My theory is that, when it
comes to kundalini energy flow, if your base output is lower than your recovery (IE there is left over
energy when it cycle all the way from bottom to top to bottom again) then you should actually not
experience negative effects of aging.

I watched an episode of Joe Rogan where the guest host was talking about immortality:


Two things I remember are that he said 1) breathing is bad for you and 2) diet changes did not
significantly affect lifespan. This is perfectly in alignment for what I have saidanything which causes
increased respiration is going to be bad for you and that any food is healthy for you so long as it is
correctly grown and eaten in a non-decaying state. Yes...any food. Drinking liquid cheese would be an
example of something highly unhealthy, rite? Actually this is an example of how bacteria putrify good
things quickly. If you drank it from freshly-sealed contained it would be enzymes/very healthful. If
someone were to apply my techniques, it is possible that their lifespan would be elongated beyond
anything ever done previous.

I actually physically create my own memory using muscles in my abdomen and heart. Walking is very
tiring to me unless it is pre-ordained. And this is not such a problem as you would think because I
walk very little. My brain is capable of things I didn't think were possible, I feel the dream world to
become increasingly real, and I feel spirits come and go in agreement or disagreement with me.
Hallucinations. They do not always bother me. I figure the state of the world is so tragic I can deal
with whatever things happen to come up in the meantime. All that really matters is that I keep getting
to develop my mind, and as it turns out I may have a very long time to do this. The shamanic path is
my personal life choice, and if you understood spiritual reality (which I will explain later) youd see that
interestingly enough we can do a lot to dictate our place in and perception of reality:

That we live in a faulty reality/illusory philosophy gives way to certain permissible kinds of mental
disorders given that the greatest virtue is to -intend- to do right but that there is no actual way of one
being enabled as such. The gravity of such a situation is continually scaling itself against people's
expectations for without proper guidance there will be a kind of anti-bottle-effect where nothing will
transpire in the direction they had intended. We can only become more aware of the fault as it piles
up, like a flood continually approaching the line of disaster. This article has a lot of truth to it:

I find it ironic people who dont believe their food is being poisoned, who dont being their
materialistic neediness is destroying the planet all because they cant see it firsthand, insist on
buckling down on bacteria with such urgency. You NEED bacteria to live, to create entropy in the
environment. They only understand things like expiration dates which are really of very little
consequence outside of what is easily perceivable (change in taste/appearance).

Here: a more organized talk on how inner processes work:

so you think in words, right? most people do, but not all the time. in fact, words are an inefficient form
of thinking. you only use words to think because of a lot of the time you are thinking about and
planning your communications in the future. and of course, habit is a part of it. but consider in the
name of efficiency how your brain would function if you were to not use words to think.. it sounds
almost impossible to you, yet all animals do exactly this. The reason for this is so that their mind can
operate more mechanically since part of the function of the brain is to make the nervous system more
efficient. in order to do that, you must relay certain meta-thoughts to it to define your preferred pace
and tenor of thought. over time, your thoughts can become less like words. this is a more efficient
process, but in order to access such a state of mind, you must give your mind a lot of time to settle
just as if you were waiting for dust to clear in a sandstorm. because though you may believe your mind
to be actively working within the present at all times, it is actually running a course check for you in
order to ensure future efficiency and compartmentalize your will in order to do things in the correct,
presentable, streamlined form. it's like you have grease or lubricant in your mind, a tool used when
you know something for certain has to be done, and other tools to in order to function according not
just to what actually is happening but your own subjective expectation set. in fact, i believe the
nervous system can be programmed simply by putting for the thought of a future possibility, and
placing your own value on the likelihood of that happening. Theres an entire complex theorm here
that would explain how the body can delineate resources and make decision for the most energy
efficiency and its important to learn this and pay attention to your body because longevity is
equal/summed by life force which is always churning through your body in its many channels. If you
imagine what behaviors would keep you alive the longest in a desert (or any situation/conditions),
those are the most desirable conditions for extending your ability to feel bliss and live longer.
Basically, that would entail no movement, shade, laying down. Anything other than that, and your
lifespan will diminish. But this is even more complicated in that passive things such as having to
remember something, or feeling anticipation for some kind of potential future event ALSO will do
that. Plus, theres a pre-ordiand variable of how much oxygen your brain vs your body are using and
such. i want to take the idea of meditation here and intensify the notion a bit. it's like this--your mind
has so much clutter in it. all you can do is sort through it but like a cancer it keeps coming back. It's like
there are so many layers you have to peel back and dig through and then you can get into the
primordial self. you can still the mind like a motionless pond just like they say in Bhuddism, but
ultimately this too is a misguided process because what your mind is doing is a completely necessary
practice for it. just as pain is necessary in all healing. this is in fact another tenant of my practice here--
being able to feel the pain. it is strange to me that today we make such an inane use of the placebo
effect. but a part of this issue is the way that we define health. health, simply put, can be thought of in
the term of "what am i capable of doing myself." the more efficient you can do whatever it is you plan
to do, the healthier you are. strange fact--bliss is a phenomena which can be somewhat easily
achieved. No, you dont need drugs. Those only catalyse. it just takes time in my system. See, your
body relegates pleasure to the back of the line--just as you may in your own life choose to indulge in a
delicious meal or take some time off to be with your partner only after you have finished your work.
bliss is the natural result of a surplus in bodily resources if you are playing your cards right. ofc for
most of us the work doesn't end and that's a part of the problem and its especially bad to see people
constantly doing things that are in fact contrary to what the will of the unconscious bodily processes
we all share as humans. the more stress you have in your life, the less healthy you are going to be. and
i mean any form of stress. This is actually the reason we all need glasseswe put too much stress on
our eyes and they get tired. exercise as a concept is misguided. it may make you healthier, but not in
the ways that you actually want to be healthy. this is because we are ignorant to the simple fact of
ACTUAL, EASILY ACCESSIBLE BLISS and also that we are capable of being totally in control of processes
that occur constantly in our bodies unnoticed. health is not how many calories you burn, or how
skinny you are--health can actually translate to things like IQ scores and is the primary indication of
happiness. part of this, however, is realizing that some people are more bound to being happy easily
because the type of lifestyle or activity or desire is more conducive to it. and also that the idea of how
happiness is quite subjective, and ironically so is health! can you believe that? whatever it is you want
to do or feel or be, your capability in that facet is the only real indicator of your health. not high blood
pressure, not blood sugar, or anything. in fact, health wisdom today says to drink plenty of water, get
the juices in your body flowing? i didn't drink water FOR TWO YEARS. i drank milk. the whole kind.
but i still functioned perfectly. better, even. my body knew to crave milk even though i had never drank
it in my life because i was doing activities that were burning up my inner fuel reserves without losing
water weight (or having to shift my metabolism to decrease weight for greater efficiency such as
running). i was doing something that used up mostly pure energy/will of the mind. and as i
progressed my body and my perceptions began to change in suit. they did this to meet with my body's
needs, and hear me now on this because it's the greatest happy ending to all health wisdom i can put
forth or that exists--everything that your body wants and feels is valid. every violent impulse, every
desire to butter the heck outta your baked potatoes, etc. all these things are bodily needs in one way
or another and there is no cheat code that allows anyone no matter how just or moral to be
impacted and negatively afflicted by desires which go unmet. its all just a matter of chemistry and
balance so in a way resolving health issues could be the key to resolving issues with crime.

so what do i do? i do nothing (or at least I used to. ive since realized the nervous system is a bit more
fleable when it comes to what is the most ideal things to do). for days, weeks, months even. this
sounds impossible to you but really Im no different from any body-builder. while doing this i stress my
body a lot, flex it while in a stagnant position. the tenant of exercise "you shouldn't eat and then go to
sleep" is wrong. your body is USING THOSE CALORIES. energy is flowing all the time through your
bloodsteam. it always does and you actually store it much better when your body is relaxed. but you
don't realize that your entire body is involved in digestion--you think it's just your stomach when your
entire torso is taking place in organizing things.

what Im doing by concentrating my energy/allowing tensions to resolve themselves (this is the

(ana/cata)bolic dichotomy) isn't just burning calories it's burning off inadequacies, undesirable mental
symptoms, pain, unwanted aspects of my personality, disorganized plans, and overall just causing my
nervous system to be much more calibrated than the average person. Another way to think about this
is ridding yourself of toxins in the body. its a slow process, but always rewarding. theres not a
single thing you can/cant do that wont have a recipricol effect (either good or bad, depending on
how well you can follow my guidelines) in the body. It can be confusing at times because sometimes
you will wholly in your body WANT to do specific tasks and this is delegated primary by the un- and
sub- conscious which either know things you dont or over-ride your decision-making process in order
to expedite that which is wholly necessary or completely desired within. your body will in fact create
reactionary anti-bodies in response to things that don't actually happen, or things that you expect to
happen in accordance with whatever your plans for yourself are (for example, the more you drive the
more fear-bodies will be generated in your reationary immune system.

Demi-tangentally, heres an awesome song by The Mars Volta: Teflon

any athlete could benefit tremendously from doing nothing. in fact, any athlete could be devoted to
their sport 24/7 with this knowledge and become legendary. in doing this I acquire what i call the
"child consciousness," attaining consistent levels of bliss, and cultivating a very high level of body
awareness which most people knew only as babies (but actually the ideal state is adulthood not
childhood because your body is already done doing the growing part). And remember the question is
not can I do nothing and become better at sports but can resting my body more consciously
enhance my regiment that already exists? when you begin practicing this, you begin to notice how
certain factors are weighing you down. it can actually become incredibly obvious why you want to not
eat unhealthy food or be around toxic chemicals. healthy food actually becomes pleasurable, and you
begin to realize that every craving in your body is a need that is supposed to be met. you can begin to,
after cultivating the right habits around doing nothing, you can actually obtain aspects of animal
consciousness where you do not desire constant stimulation. Another odd effect ive noticed is that
craving is dictated not by subjective values but entirely by what the body needs (even veges are
delicious!). you may even increase your intelligence to see that many forms of entertainment today
are all based in conflict, and a lot of philosophy goes into any media you may consume. all this is the
benefit of having a calm mind free of the normal attachments to society (which, btw, just plain suck).
personal development and good habits are really the only true path to happiness. i am a personal
believer that the happiness of anyone is improved by the happiness of everyone; suddenly, people are
open to creativity. they become more physically expressive and open to your presence because they
feel good inside and they aren't busy. war becomes a trite phenomena with no backing. All is the
inner conflict coming into a head where stress cannot build up anymore so you can say that all causes
and effects are essentially mechanical in nature and therefore predicable.

part of our pain is that we don't FEEL our pain. in fact, in my experience pain is not really that painful--
it's just because you lack capacity to immediately heal yourself. so much of what is done to our bodies
is shut in, left to a low-priority zone in our consciousness that may never get addressed (thusly, aging
happens). this is because we don't associate the symptoms of a problem as actually being the disease
but an effect of it. those symptoms ARE the healing, and they are necessary. The cause could be as
simple as slightly putrified food. you need to cough, feel headaches, and all of that nastiness. if you
don't, you aren't really doing anything for yourself. it's a form of procrastination and calibrating your
nervous system to basically only get by rather than prosper. you have to think of yourself as finite. in
that sense, prioritizing your physical well-being comes first and then pleasurable activity comes last.
and your body knows to do this, but you don't know your body knows, and in this regard YOU REALLY
DON'T KNOW YOURSELF. crazy to think, but you ARE your entire body. it's more than just a brain--you
are a specimen of biology and full of all kinds of potentialities you may not even know exist! in fact,
more and more i keep believing autism is a response to this essential issue of knowing without
knowing. our immune systems are crying out but we have no way of immediately knowing they are or
what to really do about it! Medical science today is like very slowly being put in a death box. All they
do is cover/patch up the noticeable symptoms without giving the body time to heal. In fact, tumors
shouldnt be removed. Yes, I know that sounds 100% LUDICROUS but the issue isnt the tumor but the
cause of it so...if you can fix that, then you will attain new levels of health. At least in so-called
natural healing they take notice of the causal symptoms. In reality we ALL have serious symptoms!
Otherwise, we wouldnt be dying. For example, if I tell you dont think of pink elephants, your brain
has no choice but to do just that! Which basically means...acute OCD. We need to fix our priorities
because all anyone cares about is looking muscular when there is so much more potential!

so to sum it up--drop the exercise. Align yourself with the fundamental principals which govern health
(which, as I have indicated, are much much easier to do than is previously thought because ALL food is
healthy. No need for locally-grown or non-factory-farmed because all that really matters is correct
storage**) and see how far you can go. our culture doesn't have a clue how easy it is to grow produce
so we go and pay obscene amounts for it. go to Cuba, and you can get an entire bucket of the world's
freshest coffee beans for ONE DOLLAR. there's really no point to uphold all the current societal norms
that are materialist-centric because happiness can be obtained easily by all via digital entertainment
and a diet which gives great fortitude and bliss. we are literally hindering and fooling ourselves into
believing there is hope to be had in this game we play when we really have to do it for ourselves--and
it's actually quite easy! love and happiness are dirt cheap! we deprive one another and as a result all
of us are deprived. it's just like the joker says, but we're not functioning in a society where scarcity is
the norm! i say--open up the world, let these people now free in time and energy and being to be set
forth on one another in glorious beauty to behold human nature for all the potential it holds for us! i
know you have a picture of reality right now that seems pretty convincing, but all of that can fall away
very easily. reality is subjective, and can be under your whim if only you put in the time and effort. let
your mind be shaped. it can only free you further.

as we learn and grow, we'll eventually start to incorporate a resource-based economy that benefits all
humans. many jobs will become obsolete and there will be no economic segregation--just measures of
time spent working. people will become less violent and greedy. we will look back in history and see
time spent in growth and failure to incorporate the needs of the other along with the needs of the
self. this applies at the level of countries. we will see in clear contrast what life means as it is meant to
be and how it is. it will be heaven on earth, and there is no stopping it.

So yup. Your energy is finite and dependent on what you choose to do, and you should not ever eat
poisons or subject yourself to eating habits which allow for putrification or are lacking in
nutrients/calories (so what I mean is that asceticism and hedonism are both equally valid here). The
song is about mental illness which is really caused by lack of willpower, toxins, etc. That's really the
summation of all that nonsense I just asked you to watch. Lol. On top of that, the primary dogma
today is that all divergences from neurotypical-isms are bad news but in reality when you fix the
stress-causers mental illness can really quite beautifully transform itself into the direction of real inner
evolution (which I talk about how my experience with schizophrenia has developed in another
document). I mean, thats just the case with ALL forms of stresswanna fight about it? its all
subjective--whatever happens to you when youre stressed in your body whether the response is
physical/mental illness or even glitches in your personality is all subjective to your own biology and

Leave off fine learning! End the nuisance

Of saying yes to this and perhaps to that,
Distinctions with how little difference!
Categorical this, categorical that,
What slightest use are they!
If one man leads, another must follow,
How silly that is and how false!
Yet conventional men lead an easy life
With all their days feast days,
A constant spring visit to the Tall Tower,
While I am a simpleton, a do-nothing,
Not big enough yet to raise a hand,
Not grown enough to smile,
A homeless, worthless waif.
Men of the world have a surplus of goods,
While I am left out, owning nothing.
What a booby I must be
Not to know my way round,
What a fool!
The average man is so crisp and so confident
That I ought to be miserable
Going on and on like the sea,
Drifting nowhere.
All these people are making their mark in the world,
While I, pig-headed, awkward,
Different from the rest,
Am only a glorious infant still nursing at the breast.

I have a basic theory about suicide, and it really revolves around the concept of this song. It is actually
a delusion that showcases full-front the fallacy of our cultural beliefs. Pain, in any form mental or
physical or emotional, is all part of the healing process. The more you are willing to subject yourself to
pain, the more quickly you can heal yourself. For exampleput salt on your open wounds (the good
kind, ofc). It will heal much more quickly afterwards (actually similar to hydrogen peroxide but that is
better). There is nothing to gain, ever, from causing yourself more unnecessary pain. I believe that
death is the worst possible thing imaginable by any standard and I do not believe in a heaven if you do
right in your lifetime. When you commit yourself to death via suicide, you are actually surrendering
your free will which no one can really comprehend the severity of it because once you get there you
can not come back. You are a biological being and bound to biology for eternity. There may be a
greater intelligence but it does not change the fact that if you cause yourself harm, you must suffer to
recover from it. It's all about the finite mental resource, and you cannot think of a faster or restful
death as more or less painful BECAUSE pain is the thing that is telling you that you are alive. Your
survival instincts kick in, even at small things and NO being, EVER, in ALL HISTORY OR EXISTENCE has
wanted to experience more pain than it has to. I mean, the brain can convince itself of physical pain,
but there is an aspect of the mental health which is just using that to cope/indulge certain emotional
tenancies. So...i suggest if you are actually suicidal then I suggest doing something benign but painful
(like say eating really spicy food) so you can understand what finite willpower reality is before you pass
the point of no return with is precious, in every form. Treasure your pain, for all that is
means in return to you. Because only then can you evolve.

Plus, you dont know what your body chemistry is capable of doing. There are so many things you can
tweak that show how the brain receptors you have are capable of changing reality. Essential oils are a
good example in all their varieties of effects.

Suicide in all forms is bad. I do not condone suicide in any form. The point is...there is really nothing
to gain from death in any circumstance no matter how bad. Even the worst torture. Thats all ego
games people play in movies. The quote comes to mind--a good man will kill you in an instant. you
always see the bad guys want to indulge the kill and then they get f-ed up.

it all comes from basic misunderstandings on the way we use our bodies. for example, would you use
a flashlight in place of a headlight if you were a geologist so you could "develop improved hand-tool
dexterity?" would you, in order to improve your ability to accomplish tasks, do multiple "screwdriver
exercises" in order to more aptly perform the actual task? Its the same thing with exericse.

The most crucial part of this content is making the choice to allow the body to heal and rest rather
than strain itself. It's sad that this exercise mentality of always doing more and more has overtaken
our culture so now we spend most of our times both in jobs and personal lives doing things that are
both cancerous and ineffectual. I hope that in the future this changes and that we work towards goals
of efficiency and disregard our attachments to competition so that we can grow as one. Really, we are
to blame for all the physical ailments in the world (including retardation. im telling you, this can all be
fixed with time) because we have failed to understand our own bodies. But anyway, I suggest living a
minimalist lifestyle so one can spend less time working and more time recovering your heavily
damaged immune system. Ofc if you like sports thats another issue and you should definitely pursue

See my full debate here


From the link:

All forms of stress are equal, and forms of stress are indicators to your body to get better at that
particular thing. All forms of stress work within the finite capacity of the body. Resting is the best
thing for your immune system/overall well-being (and that in fact you can regain your neurons from
childhood to enter that state of exuberance with life again).

Someone posted in contrary a picture of a man who is highly survivalist, telling me his blood pressure
and all that is way improve over ordinary person. And yes, that is true. But it is like a used balloon.
See, you will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS adapt to suit your environment whatever it is. Your body will
adapt to where you are and what you are doing in the most ideal way possible. Change any factor and
that balloon has to stretch further out. The fallacy here is the largest one I can think of in all scientific
fields todayyour happiness too is a part of your immune system. Think about what your body may
compromise in order to survive...because to your body it's ALL about survival. Your immune system
puts up with a sheep-ton of negative environmental factors today and you've given it no time to
recover. Tragedy. You cannot save yourself with a pill or an exercise routine. A pill will simply
suppress symptoms. Exercise will not help make you happy. You body needs anabolic rest. And you
can't get it anymore because society has you running rings around in your head just to pay the bills in
a system which is so mixed-up as to actually create the very problems you are paying for it to solve.

And btw (don't miss out on this) Strawberry Jam is legitimately the best album all time:

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