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Recent years have seen a number total of 128 institutions in the UK and Another unique advantage
of foreign universities establishing fourth in Scotland while ranking top in offered at Heriot-Watt University
their presence in Malaysia. One such Scotland for a number of its courses, is its intercampus transfer
notable institution is Heriot-Watt which include chemical engineering programme, known as Go Global. In
University Malaysia. and building. todays globalised world, having an
Headquartered in Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University Malaysias international study experience can
established in the 1800s, Heriot-Watt campus, which is located in Precinct 5, provide students with an extra edge
University has built an impressive Putrajaya, offers myriad programmes in the eyes of potential employers. Its
reputation in various fields, including at foundation, undergraduate and strong presence in the UK, Dubai and
business, engineering and the built postgraduate levels. The university Malaysia allows Heriot-Watt to offer
environment. works closely with professionals in the students just that.
According to the Guardian industry to develop and accredit its Under Go Global, students can
University Guide 2017, the university curricula. transfer to any of the universitys
ranks 27th in the United Kingdom and This practice ensures that campuses as long as their programme
fourth in Scotland. In the UK, it is also the universitys programmes are is offered at the campus of choice.
placed second for building and town professionally relevant and meet They have the flexibility of choosing
and country planning as well as third industry standards. Whats more, these when they would like to transfer as
for accounting and finance. programmes have been designed to well as the duration of their transfer.
According to the Times/Sunday fulfil the membership requirements Academic barriers are close to none as
Times Good University Guide 2017, of relevant professional bodies in the the same syllabus is used at all of the
Heriot-Watt is ranked 37th out of a different fields. universitys campuses.

For more information on the Go Global programme as well as programmes and scholarships
offered at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, visit its campus in Putrajaya.

visit: | email: | call: 03-8894 3888

Explore the world of
health sciences at SEGi

Congratulations, you are now one and Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)
step away from becoming a university as well as listed in the International
student. We know that it is a big step Medical Education Directory (IMED) and
especially in making the right study World Council of Optometry.
choice for your future career. We go above the limit to produce
SEGi University & Colleges will knowledgeable and clinically competent
help you get the best education and healthcare experts with the usage of
maximise your true potential, propelling state-of-the-art facilities so that you are
you beyond industry standards. fully prepared for your future career.
If you aspire to be part of the Our optometry classes run its
healthcare industry, SEGi is the right clinical training in a separate fully
place for you. Aspiring healthcare equipped clinical facility, SEGi EyeCare,
professionals may begin their journey both in the main campus as well as in
with our Foundation in Science after a hospital setting in Tropicana Medical
obtaining their SPM results. Centre.
The Foundation in Science at SEGi Besides the exceptional facilities
is a one-year programme that is spread for learning, we will broaden your
over three trimesters, designed to learning experiences so that you will be
assist you in your transition from the responsive to the changing needs of
secondary level of education to the the community.
tertiary. The Faculty of Dentistry is actively
Upon completion of the foundation involved in community activities and
programme, you can gain direct entry to regularly provides free dental check-ups Accounting & Business, Engineering
any of the health science programmes to the public at its Oral Health Centre. and the Built Environment as well as
you desire, including medicine, Technology & Innovation.
optometry, dentistry, pharmacy and Igniting your true We are steadfast in our quest
biomedical science. potential with SEGi to make education accessible to all.
Today, we are well known for our Throughout these 40 years of caring
globally recognised health science We aim to complement your ability, and sharing, SEGi has offered more
programmes with leading clinical passion and learning style by helping than RM100mil worth of scholarships
partnerships. you make the right study choice. We to deserving students to help them
Our medicine and optometry offer a wide range of programmes fulfil their dreams. At SEGi, we believe
programmes are fully accredited by the from various disciplines to meet the the best in every student can be made
Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) individual learning needs, which include possible.

Top Careers 2017 / 06

Editors Note
SPM results are out and you now stand at the open door of Publisher
opportunity. You have a couple of major decisions to make Times Media Sdn Bhd
concerning your next few years of study from your pre-
university options to the degree you are going to pursue in Editor
university. Priscilla Rajan
The world as it stands is a highly connected and
technologically savvy one. Keep in mind that this will only get Sub-editors
more advanced by the time you graduate from university, so Amanda Soo
it would be advisable to get equipped in tech fields before you Sheena Hemala
enter the workplace.
Climate change is another constant we should be prepared Writers
for. Why not be a part of the solution? Green technology Ian Jerome Leong
experts will be in demand as companies hope to turn their Lucas Pusparajah
bottomline green. Mike Thomas
As much as change is in the horizon for you, like Nisshanthan Dhanapalan
Shakespeare, some classics live on. These include careers Theresa Belle
in healthcare and education. These are the courses parents
often nudge you towards, with good reason as the demand for Designers
professionals in the healthcare and education industries will be Khairun Nissah Khair
ever present. Ainna Nurzulla Azhar
Explore our booklet for more ideas and career options. We Troy Wellington
wish you the best of luck!
Senior Business
Development Manager
Mahdad Jadidi

Tarmizi Musa


B-01-36 Dataran Cascades,
No.13A, Jalan PJU 5/1,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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& Finance after uni & Law Scholarships

30 34 38 42 44
Computing Communications, Engineering Mathematics Hospitality
& Technology Advertising & the Built & Life & Tourism
& Arts Environment Sciences

Top Careers 2017 / 07


The world around us is changing faster
than ever. For instance, in the online
industry, changes take place daily and
many companies struggle to keep up.
The online platform is now linked
closely to many industries that once
ran their business predominantly
Top Msian Scholarship
through brick-and-mortar shops.
An accountant used to have a pile
of papers on his desk with financial
sheets and balances. Now, the process
of accountancy is fully digitised.
For those in the banking industry,
the Internet is a major asset for their
operations. The point here is that
change is imminent and it will touch
everything regardless.

Over the years,

has been tracking the most popular
courses among our visitors
and users of our services. The
following is the top 10 courses for
2014, 2015 and 2016.

The types of courses

and study options that SPM
Rank 2014 2015 2016
graduates look for in their
1 Actuarial Science Accounting Accounting research is a reflection of
2 Petroleum Engineering Actuarial Science Medicine the current higher education
3 Medicine Petroleum Engineering Psychology landscape and employment
4 Aircraft Maintenance Chemical Engineering Biomedical Science market.
5 Biomedical Science Psychology Actuarial Science The table shows that
6 Chemical Engineering Medicine Pharmacy certain courses are consistently
7 Nutrition and Dietetics Dentistry Chemical Engineering popular among visitors. There
8 Psychology Biomedical Science Dentistry are several reasons for this. A
9 Accounting Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Maintenance closer examination reveals an
10 Automotive Engineering Pharmacy Forensic Science intriguing trend.

Top Careers
Careers 2016
2017 / 08
/ 08
Chemical Engineering Biomedical
As the world gradually moves
away from fossil fuel and Science
towards sustainable and
environment-friendly energy This popular field is related to
solutions, chemical engineers medical sciences, technology,
and scientists are highly needed in pharmacy, insurance and forensic
the field to create innovative material science. As the biomedical field is
and composite solutions. intertwined with many industries,
Chemical engineering, being a multi- job opportunities may include
use degree, is crucial in areas related becoming a forensic scientist,
to manufacturing, sales and marketing, clinical biochemist, microbiologist,
food processing, toxicologist, medical researcher,
pharmaceuticals, research science writer, medical sales and
and development, agriculture marketing executive, teacher, or lab
as well as the oil
and gas industry. Top Msian Scholarship Biomedical science students
need to be skillful in analytics and
Fresh graduates in the field need
practical knowledge as well as interpersonal and technical research, computer and statistics,
skills. Theoretical knowledge, while important, must not be decision making, leadership,
the only set of skills held by a fresh graduate. communication and teamwork.

See page 38 and 39 for top careers in the fields See page 42 and 43 for top careers
of engineering and the built environment. in the mathematics and
life sciences field.

The future of a graduate in the behaviour, leadership qualities, in the regulation and billing
field of accountancy is, in a certain excellent communication skills processes, and cost management
way, guaranteed. However, the and self-management. Of course, will be more efficient than ever.
field is changing dramatically knowledge of the relevant laws is a Therefore, future accountants
because of the influence of must-have. must be equipped academically
technology, regulation of the In the next five years, the and industrially to meet the
industry, global economic issues, field of accounting will be as emerging markets needs and
political landscape and the pace at demanding as ever. Small- and secure a greater chance at getting
which change occurs. medium-sized organisations their dream job.
The field continues to be a will be able to access cloud The biggest accountancy
popular choice because of the accounting and cloud firms in Malaysia include
continuous demand for skilled management services. This means Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, Grant
accountants. However, a degree in an accountant with programming Thornton, Crowe Horwarth
accountancy, as important as it is, skills will be valuable for International, Halim & Lee, and
isnt enough to keep up with the developers. This market isnt new DFK International. Some of these
changing times. but used to be only accessible firms operate internationally.
Accountants, or future to big firms. With small- and
accountants, are expected to have medium-sized firms accessing
computer and analytical skills it, the field has great potential for
See page 14 and 15 for top careers
beyond classroom education, growth.
in accounting and finance.
programming knowledge, adaptive There will be a massive change

Top Careers
Top 2016
Careers / 09
2017 / 09
Over the years, the interest in psychology
has increased dramatically. With more
institutions becoming specialised in
the field, secondary school-leavers
are beginning to understand that a
qualification in the field of psychology
can land them a job in various fields.
Psychologists can be educators,
writers, journalists, marketers, counsellors
and clinical practitioners, to name a few.
Individuals in the field of psychology
need to be fast learners with excellent
interpersonal skills, soft skills,
adaptability, analytical and research skills,
and information technology skills.

See page 22 and 23 for top careers

in healthcare.

Actuarial Science The Medical Field

In recent years, the medical field in
A relatively new field in Malaysia, actuarial science is Malaysia, whether in allied health,
rapidly gaining popularity among students who love pharmacy or dentistry, has faced
working with numbers. unprecedented challenges that include
The function of an actuarial scientist is similar the potential increase in unemployment
to that of an accountant. However, actuaries work in and housemanship for doctors in public
the insurance and risk management field. Actuaries healthcare facilities. The future of the
require excellent skills in probability calculations and field is unpredictable and is subject to
communication. changes in regulation.
Graduates in the field require communication and Many medical graduates may rely on
presentation skills, knowledge of sophisticated software getting a job in fields that are indirectly
and computer application, programming skills as well as related to their formal education. For
meticulous mathematics and analytical skills. instance, a graduate of medicine might
Besides the insurance industry, actuaries serve as work as a sales representative for a drug
the backbone of change within almost every industry company.
that provides essential services to society, primarily However, medicine continues to be
healthcare. a highly sought-after career with much
Actuarial science is still in the evolving stages in innovation and technology involved, and
Malaysia. In five years, it will gain more stability and is one of the highest-paying jobs.
traction in the market.
The biggest employers of actuaries include
governments, private insurance companies, banking and See page 22 and 23 for
financial services, and property consultation firms. top careers in healthcare.

See page 42 and 43 for top careers in the

fields of mathematics and life sciences.

Top Careers 2017 / 10

Dreams and
imagination drive
Petroleum Engineering creativity, innovation
The focus on petroleum and the industry. and productivity.
fossil fuel is being diverted to A job in the oil & gas industry
more environmentally friendly pays particularly well but is
solutions. very demanding. It involves
According to The Wall Street outstation work, travel rotations
Journal, it is becoming harder and even working offshore on oil
and harder to get a job in the rigs in various locations. It is important for young people to
field due to market saturation, Some of the biggest recognise the value of passion and
the demand for specific skills employers in Malaysia are BHP dreams while incorporating real
as well as the nature and Billiton, Petronas, ExxonMobil, market value to materialise their
operational environment of Hess Corporation and Shell. ambitions.
Fresh graduates must be able to
earn new skills to keep up with the
See page 38 and 39 for top careers in the changes that take place so frequently
fields engineering and the built environment. within the employment market to keep
their chances of employment high.
It is also important to instil an
entrepreneurial spirit within young
people like you who are SPM and soon
to be college graduates. The move of
the Malaysian government to support
entrepreneurial values is driving many

Aircraft to initiate their own start-ups.

If these entrepreneurs succeed,
they will support the market by
Maintenance creating more jobs and contributing
to the national economy. If they were
not as successful as theyd hoped
Malaysia is one the of the worlds In addition, the vertical
to be, which is a real possibility, the
most recognised names in the flying (helicopters) business
experience they have gained from
field of low-cost commercial is expected to grow as well.
the endeavour could land them their
air travel. With companies such Several companies are studying
dream job.
as AirAsia, FireFly, Malindo Air the feasibility of rideshare-like
and MASwings, this business is services for the niche market of
expected to expand exponentially vertical flying.
because of the transformation of Malaysia now operates two
air travel and affordability. massive, world-class airports
As the business expands, and more than 30 regional
there is a growing employment airports. With so many flights in
market and demand for skilled and out of the country as well
and qualified professionals to as regionally, skilled individuals
ensure the regular maintenance and qualified graduates of this
of aircrafts as well as the safety field are in continuous demand
of passengers. across the country.

See page 38 and 39 for top careers in the related field.

Top Careers 2017 / 11

Syuqry Ismail completed his CIMA Professional Qualification at
the age of 21. Upon graduating he was employed by Petronas as
Risk Performance Executive. He shares his experience here:

CIMA is global and we are trained to become industry leaders.

CIMA makes you grasp how the overall business world functions.

The most interesting experience is that everything I learn is so practical.

Its more than what was taught in class.

If you want to be a business mastermind, take CIMA!

Syuqry Ismail,
Financial Risk and
Governance Executive,

Unlock your career potential with CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

The CIMA Cert BA elevates people and businesses to success by developing skills and unlocking talent. It offers a route into
the CIMA Professional Qualification and is also a valuable qualification on its own. The learning and skills you will develop
from the CIMA Cert BA will provide you with an excellent grounding in the fundamentals of the different areas of accounting
and how these relate to the business world.


The Qualification The Qualification unleashes Our competency-based Go further with a globally
addresses the needs of potential in business and syllabus equips you with the recognised qualification that
people and businesses finance professionals and skills you need now and gives you the skills and
worldwide. unlocks talent in businesses. in the future. knowledge employers demand.



Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
T. 03 77 230 230 E.
Here are some things to know about the career:
1. Management accounting is about looking beyond 7. Companies around the world are demanding more
numbers and spreadsheets to add real value to the skilful accountants who can contribute to both finance
success of a company. and business strategies.

2. Management accountants are the brains behind turning 8. Running a business today is not just about producing
finance data into business strategies for the company. financial statements but more about the value from
producing these financial statements. Management
3. Management accounting combines accounting, finance accountants have to make decisions that would create
and management with the business skills and techniques value to help other parts of the businesses.
you'll need to add real value to any organisation.
9. Management accountants are becoming the drivers of
4. Management accountants are qualified to work across the business in most companies as CEOs look upon
the business, not just in finance, advising managers on them for advice in formulating business strategies.
the financial implications of big decisions, formulating
business strategies and monitoring risks - much more than
just crunching numbers. Having the CGMA designation on my
business card shows clients Im a qualified
5. Management accounting is more than that as it has a professional, who has the right skills to
deeper breadth of knowledge about driving the success perform the work to a high standard.
of businesses.
Lana Brenchley,
Outsourcing Manager, Wilkins Kennedy
6. As businesses around the world become more volatile,
Boards of Directors, CEOs and top management are
looking out to their Chief Financial Officers (CFOs),
Finance Directors and finance team members to be
more than just regular accountants. They want
someone who can decipher finance data and advise
CIMA allows me to pursue
them on the best strategy moving forward.
my aspiration to become a
rounded finance professional
Differences between within the industry.
Financial Accounting vs. Management Accounting

Financial Accounting Management Accounting Albert Ateng,

Controls Lead,
a. Prepare reports, a. Collate information such Shell.
generally based on as revenue, cash flow
past performance, and outstanding debts
in line with reporting to produce timely trend
requirements. reports and statistics to
inform important
b. Produce the required day-to-day management
financial information and business decisions.
for use by other
functions within the b. Combine financial CIMA is more forward looking
business, for example information with
and business oriented, and
department managers. non-financial information
to paint a complete
it lets you think of the box.
picture of the business,
then use this to drive Mayuresh Mutalik,
AVP Finance & Accounting,
business success.

Find out more about becoming a

Management Accountant with CIMA today
T. 0377230230 E.
Accounting & Finance

Market demand in Malaysia

The rise of technology within the last decade with greater convenience.
Malaysia is an early adopter of

establishment of the International Centre

for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF)
and Malaysia International Islamic Financial
education, e-banking, crypto-currencies and Centre (MIFC) puts Malaysia at the forefront
other online processes have allowed people of Islamic banking that is expected to
grow globally.

Career options

1 Personal
Financial Advisor
With the countrys challenging economic
prospects, a larger number of individuals
are more likely to seek the guidance of

Starting salary range:

RM2,300 to RM2,700

Individuals who choose this career path will eventually
oversee the investments of funds, manage associated
risks, supervise cash management activities and even
deal with mergers and acquisitions of companies,
making them important people for corporations.

Starting salary range:

RM1,700 to RM2,500

3 Underwriting Officer
4 Claims Adjuster
As the countrys population is becoming
more money conscious and begins to see the The demand for claims adjusters is
need for personal and commercial insurance ever present as there is a need for
covers, there is a steady demand for insurance professionals to determine the extent
underwriters who can assess and determine of an insuring companys liability
the magnitude of a claims payout for new concerning personal injuries or
policies. property damage.

Starting salary range: Starting salary range:

RM2,800 to RM3,200 RM1,700 to RM2,500

Top Careers 2017 / 14

The proposed
development of the

in Malaysia is targeted to
create 275,400 new jobs
by 2020.

8 Compliance
Experts who are able to grasp the
tricky and many regulations in
taxation are highly sought-after by
companies that wish to abide by the
law yet be prudent in the necessary

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM2,800

7 Risk Analyst
More and more companies are venturing
into new investments and those with
sizeable funds may choose to invest

to project the potential losses and gains

in each investment opportunity and
recommend the best decisions.

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM2,800

6 Data Scientist/
5 IT Security Consultant Engineer
Big data analytics is proving valuable for
and complicated networks, companies companies of all sizes across the globe.
are paying big money to ensure they do Companies are always on the lookout
not fall prey to IT hackers who may make for skilled professionals who can analyse
unauthorised monetary transactions or
streamline business operations and

Starting salary range: Starting salary range:

RM2,800 to RM3,500 RM2,200 to RM2,600

Top Careers 2017 / 15

a job
after uni
Financial incentives to
Employability Reasons for unemployability students with exceptional
As of December 2016, the There is a mismatch between performance
employment rate of fresh graduates the skills and qualities sought by Engaging in student-centred
in the country rose by 1.1% from employers and the actual skills competitions and activities
76.1% in 2015 to 77.2% in 2016. Both and qualifications fresh graduates to drive innovation and
public and private universities seem possess. inventions
to be close in terms of employment According to JobStreet.coms
competition, according to official Employer Survey, among the reasons Public universities
statements made by hiring managers fresh graduates are unsuccessful in are changing
and companies. getting a job include:
Higher Education Minister Unrealistic salary demand The ministry recognises that
Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh was quoted Poor command of the English public universities need further
in the New Straits Times as saying: language improvement. New initiatives have
Technical and Vocational Education Choosy about their first job or been introduced to help, including:
Training (TVET) graduates recorded company Industrial collaboration
a robust increase in employability Poor communication skills through companies owned
this year, with Malaysian technical Poor attitude, character and/ by public universities to
universities showing a graduate or personality commercialise their research
employability rate of 87.1%, and expose students to
followed by polytechnic (88.6%) and Private universities industrial practices
community college (97.2%). moving forward faster Reducing funding for public
While most graduates were able universities to encourage
to secure a job or further their higher According to numbers published by them to find other avenues to
education within six months after the Higher Education Ministry last generate income
graduation, there are still about 22.8% year, private and public universities Introducing the 2u2i
of fresh graduates struggling to find a have employability rates of 79.5% and programme, which allows
job. Why? 76.1%, respectively. students to spend two years
Private universities seem to be studying and two years in
moving faster compared to public industrial practice
universities because they are driven Bringing in successful
by competition. Competition among entrepreneurs and corporate
private universities push them to leaders to share their
provide higher-quality education experience and expertise with
by implementing practices that students
include: The introduction and
Industrial collaboration; implementation of the
it is easier for companies Integrated Cumulative Grade
to collaborate with private Point Average (iCGPA) to
institutions than public assess the ability of students
ones due to less complex in nine key attributes
regulations Encouraging young
Exposure to real business Malaysians to become
and operational practices entrepreneurs

Top Careers 2017 / 16

FINANCE YOUR STUDIES GET ANSWERS features: Participate in our
More than 50 scholarships, active Q&A forum
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Complete guide to PTPTN application COURSES features:
More than 100 courses to
INSTITUTIONS choose from features:
Find out the courses that
Information on more than are in demand
100 institutions

Tips on how to apply to
public universities via UPU
How to get into
the uni that you want


and the
at Malaysias No.1 Higher Education website

visit us at Follow us :

Education & Law

Market demand in Malaysia

Education is among the National Key Economic Areas and is
expected to generate 2,143 jobs by 2020. Teaching is a noble

The demand for teachers is set to rise based on the
countrys growing population. In Malaysia, around 70% of
children within the preschool age group are going to school
while almost 100% are registered in primary and secondary
Individuals who do not see themselves nurturing young
minds may opt for a career in law. The legal profession

to provide careers with a healthy income legal services

directors earn up to RM29,000 monthly, representing one of
the 10 highest paying jobs in Malaysia.

Potential pathways
In the education eld From preschools and
kindergartens through to tertiary education, aspiring

and government schooling structure.

For those interested in law Besides becoming
a lawyer, a law degree enables one to learn skills

possibilities to venture into other industries such as

marketing and corporate communications.

Career options
2 International
School Teacher
Enrolment in international schools have
Early Childhood risen since 2006 and, with the opening
1 Educator of more high-end residential areas plus
greater spending power among parents and
dissatisfaction with public schooling, there is
With the presence of PERMATA
and its various programmes,
more kindergarten teachers Starting salary range:
are being recognised for their RM3,000 to RM3,600
contribution to childrens overall

Starting salary range:

RM1,800 to RM2,000

Top Careers 2017 / 18

6 Islamic Private
School Teacher
The number of Islamic private primary and
secondary schools have more than doubled
within the last decade. In addition to religious
teachings, many schools offer instruction in
English and international curricula such as those

5 General Law
under Cambridge International Examinations.

Starting salary range:

RM2,300 to RM2,500 Practitioner/Solicitor
A career in the legal profession is

challenging, many professionals enjoy the

variety of cases that may arise in ones
career. For example, a solicitor would
deal with litigation, taxation, will writing,
custody and divorce cases.

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM2,700

Corporate and
Retail Practice
to provide legal services to individual
clients, SMEs and corporations. Larger
corporations may have their own legal
teams to advise them on their daily
processes. This is interesting because there
will be a chance to ensure the legalities
pertaining to a business such as marketing,
licensing, intellectual property and

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM2,700

3 Niche Lawyer
Following the footsteps of more developed
countries, lawyers are forecasting a
greater need to provide expert advice on

lawyers who choose to specialise in cases

related to crime, human rights or

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM2,500

Top Careers 2017 / 19

Join Nottingham, Britains
global university in Malaysia
The University of Nottingham is ranked within the Top 1% universities worldwide*
*QS World University Rankings 2016/17

We offer a broad range of internationally recognised foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate

courses with research opportunities.
Arts and Social Sciences

Visit our Open Day and get a chance to ride on a hot air balloon to explore our beautiful campus.

Saturday 11 March 2017


The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus DULN001(B)

Jalan Broga, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan

t: +60 3 8624 8686
The Nottingham
The University of Nottingham is own 125-acre (50.6ha) Framework. Research at UNMC
described by The Times Good purpose-built site in Semenyih, focuses on addressing challenges
University Guide 2015 as the 30km south of Kuala Lumpur. facing Southeast Asia and countries
nearest Britain has to a truly global Designed to reflect University Park in the Islamic world.
university, with campuses in China Campus in Nottingham, it is a self- Over the last few years,
and Malaysia modelled on a contained, vibrant village with about research capacity has developed
headquarters that is among the 5,000 students and 700 teaching rapidly and an increased number of
most attractive in Britain. and administrative staff from all over research grants has been funded
Opened in September 2000, the world. by various sources in Malaysia, the
The University of Nottingham The University of Nottingham is European Union and the UK, with
Malaysia Campus (UNMC) was the placed 75th in the world by the QS research funding totalling nearly
first British university to set up a World University Rankings 2016/17. RM13mil in 2014.
campus both outside of the UK and Foundation, undergraduate and UNMC offers the best of UK
in Malaysia, earning The University postgraduate taught and research education in an Asian setting. With
of Nottingham the Queens Award courses at UNMC are taught within programmes identical to those
for Enterprise 2001 and the Queens 17 schools and departments across offered at the campus in the UK,
Award for Industry (International the faculties of Arts and Social UNMC students are awarded The
Trade) 2006. Sciences, Engineering and Science. University of Nottingham degree
In December 2015, UNMC UNMC graduates are highly certificates when they complete their
was awarded a five-star rating sought-after, with 92% employed or course.
for the quality of its research and pursuing further studies six months Students can study abroad at
innovation, making it the highest- after graduation. Nottinghams UK and China
rated international university in The University of Nottingham is campuses or its many partner
Malaysia in the Malaysia Research proud of its international reputation universities across the globe,
Assessment (MyRA). for world-changing research, being offering intercampus, international
In September 2005, the rated No.8 for research power in the exchange and summer school
Malaysia Campus moved to its latest Research Excellence programmes.

For more information, visit


Market demand in Malaysia

There is high focus to provide adequate healthcare
facilities, resources and skills as Malaysia will become
an ageing country by 2030. Moreover, there is
changing culture that is more open to professional
aged-care centres to look after seniors.
The launch of healthcare as a National Key
Economic Area is projected to create 26,966 jobs,
generate an income of RM6.59bil and attract a
further RM4.96bil in new investment by 2020.

Nations leading players

Apart from a host of state-of-the-art hospitals and
facilities, Malaysia is making waves in healthcare
manufacturing and services.
IHH Healthcare Berhad is Southeast Asias
largest private health company and the worlds
second largest listed healthcare operator by market
Among Malaysias top pharmaceutical companies
are Antah Healthcare Group, Bio-Pharmaceuticals
Sdn Bhd, Hovid Berhad, Kotra Pharma (M) Sdn Bhd
and Pharmaniaga Berhad.

1 Registered Nurse
With a total of 92,681 nurses in Malaysia
and less than 3,000 nursing graduates each
year, the nation will continue to be short of

nurses is 130,000.

Starting salary range:

RM1,800 to RM2,500

2 Dentist
As up to 75% of Malaysian schoolchildren
have dental caries, the Health Ministry
strives to improve the nations oral
Doctor and Medical
health situation.
The country needs to produce
1,100 dentists annually for the next Specialist/Surgeon
School-leavers in Malaysia have long favoured a career in
dentist-to-patient ratio of 1:3,000. medicine due to job security and handsome remuneration. More
Starting salary range: doctors are needed to raise the current doctor-to-population ratio
RM2,600 to RM3,000

Starting salary range:

RM2,600 to RM3,100

Top Careers 2017 / 22

8 Veterinarian THE
Pet care is a developing trend in Malaysia INDUSTRY
only one veterinarian to every 15,000
citizens in Malaysia and those who enrol
in a veterinary programme will have a
Starting salary range:
RM2,500 to RM2,900

new people daily
You are comfortable
7 Mental Health interacting with
patients and industry
Counsellor professionals on
healthcare processes
Higher stress levels and the juggling of and better healthcare
various commitments come hand in hand delivery
with a developing economy. You are determined to
Counsellors mental health provide the best care
professionals are increasingly relevant and service to others
in a community where cyberbullying You are meticulous in
and the pressures to perform well are the way you work
prevalent among both adolescents and You are able to think
adults. critically and solve
problems creatively,
Starting salary range:
RM2,300 to 2,600

6 Aged -Care
With the private aged-care
industry still in its infancy,
there is a great need for more
aged-care workers and better
governing in the provision of
services and facilities.

Starting salary range:

RM1,600 to RM2,000

Audiologist and Speech- 5 Optometrist

4 Language Pathologist Almost 39% of Malaysians have vision
Malaysia needs 1,325 audiologists and 5,000 problems more than 60% of those affected
speech-language pathologists but the country are below the age of 39 and live far from cities
has a long way to go to reach this number. It is with proper eye care facilities. Malaysia needs
estimated that 5% to 10% of the worlds nearly 3,000 additional optometrists to meet
population live with speech-related problems. the national requirement.

Starting salary range: Starting salary range:

RM2,300 to 2,800 RM2,500 to RM3,000

Top Careers 2017 / 23

Paving the way
for a bright future
Is the university where you programme consists of 10 will spend a lot of their time in
intend to pursue a veterinary semesters. our purpose-built clinical teaching
degree accredited by the World Students will be required to facilities as well as working with
Veterinary Association (WVA)? complete 151 credit hours, which local clinical associates at existing
Graduating from a WVA-accredited amount to eight semesters (four on-site agricultural facilities and
institution is a prerequisite to be years) in the Bachelor of Veterinary adjacent veterinary laboratories.
granted a licence or certification Medicine. The blossoming career
for professional practice by most The other two semesters (one prospects of graduates in this
licensing boards and credentialing year) will be in the Professional field are not narrowed down to
agencies. Study Phase, which comprises just becoming veterinarians or
In line with the WVA 40 credit hours. These are researchers but also being a part
recognition, Medic Pro Link requirements to be a graduate in of a team of entrepreneurs in the
officially represents universities Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. field of agro-livestock, pertaining
that have gained approval from The five-year veterinary production division in various
Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam student life begins with a clinically livestock commodities or in the field
(JPA) and the Malaysian Veterinary integrated programme that covers of animal medicine.
Council such as the Bogor the common domestic, wildlife and They can opt to be a self-
Agricultural University, Gadjah exotic species. employed veterinarian, surgeon
Mada University and Airlangga Medic Pro Links programme or be employed in departments
University. follows the philosophy of relevant to forensic science, among
Its Teaching Animal Hospital for government universities that others.
students practical training is one education needs to be hands on. Let us assist you in your
of the best of its kind in Southeast Hence, students are required to journey of becoming a veterinary
Asia. have contact with animals and deal physician.
An average grade in SPM (Sijil with clinical
Pelajaran Malaysia) is sufficient to case
achieve your dream of becoming a scenarios
successful veterinarian. from
The university offers reasonably the very
affordable tuition fees with a range beginning
of RM80,000 to RM120,000, which of the
is very economical compared to course.
the fees of universities in Western With
countries. this in mind,
The five-year full-time students




Yayasan Tenaga students currently pursuing their to pursue their own of study
undergraduate degree at public in top universities in any country
Nasional Berhad universities (IPTA), UNITEN of their choice.
(Universiti Tenaga Nasional),
Scholarships offered: UTP (Universiti Teknologi Application requirements:
International scholarship Petronas), MMU (Universiti Applicants should have
Local scholarship Multimedia) or MJIIT (Malaysia- scored straight As (A+) in the
Convertible study loans Japan International Institute of 2016 SPM examinations.
Technology). Applicants should not exceed
Please note that the following the age of 19.
requirements apply to the Yayasan iv. Program Khas Applicants should possess
TNB Overseas Scholarship. Other Kejuruteraan JKPJ strong leadership qualities,
scholarships from Tenaga Nasional This scholarship provides good team work capabilities,
Berhad may have differing criteria. specialised programmes for its and excel in extracurricular
Fields of study of the bachelors recipients to study engineering activities and sports.
degree offered are electrical in France, Japan, South Korea or Applicants should also have
power engineering, mechanical Germany. exceptional interpersonal and
engineering, civil engineering, communication skills.
accountancy and economics. Note: These scholarships are only offered
to Malaysian citizens and for those ii. Kijang Scholarship
Application requirements: who have not accepted any This scholarship is awarded to
Applicants should not exceed sponsorship from any agency for the eligible individuals to pursue
the age of 19 for 2016 SPM bachelors degree or the same pre-university courses followed by
candidates and 21 for 2016 level. undergraduate studies in
STPM candidates. economics, accounting,
Applicants should be active in Application requirements: actuarial science and law at
co-curricular activities. Applicants are to be in good selected leading universities
Applicants should possess a health and not suffering locally and globally.
strong personality and good from critical illnesses such as
leadership skills. hepatitis, AIDS, HIV, etc. Application requirements:
Applicants should have no Applicants are to possess a Applicants should have
siblings who are currently a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) scored a minimum of 8As (A
recipient of YTN scholarships. and A+) in the 2016 SPM
Family members of applicants examinations.
Applicants should not exceed
on date: should not be blacklisted
Applicati 7 the age of 19.
arch 201
by the JPA or under JPAs
3 to 10 M 7 W v1 litigation. Applicants should possess
goo .g l/ jH strong leadership qualities,
Website: Applicants should
academic requirements (to be good teamwork capabilities,
when the application and excel in extracurricular
is open). activities and sports.
JPA Scholarship Applicants should have
li c a ti o n date: exceptional interpersonal and
App communication skills.
i. Program Penajaan Nasional
This scholarship is offered to 20 M ay 2 0 16
year: 5 on date:
students with the best SPM results May. Last l/8UiGR Applicati
g o o .g ast year:
March. L
to study in any world-renown Websi te :
e ra ll y in
Gen l 2016
university. to 30 Apri
3 March l/ 0v3zYD
ii. Program Dermasiswa B40 e b si te : g
This scholarship is offered to Bank Negara Scholarship
students from families who are in
the bottom 40% of the household Pre-university
income group. i. Kijang Emas Scholarship Scholarship Award
This scholarship is awarded
iii. Program Ijazah Dalam Negara to top students of the SPM Since the inception of the award
(PIDN) examinations. The Kijang Emas in 1972, Maybank has sponsored
This scholarship is open to recipients are given the freedom more than 1,000 scholars.

Top Careers 2017 / 26

Sponsorship (no bond) income of RM10,000 and examinations with a
Features: below. minimum of A- for chemistry
Full education with Interested candidates and physics.
assistance from who are in their year Non-technical
pre-university/foundation (semester 1 and semester 2) Applicants should have
studies up to bachelors at top local universities are attained a minimum of 4As
degree level at local encouraged to apply. (A+) or 5As in the 2016 SPM
institutions (tuition fees, examinations.
laptop, accommodation and ii. Pre-University Scholarship
living allowance). Programme (Local) on date:
Career Preparatory Suite This scholarship offers its Applicati
(internships, business recipients to do foundation G was
assignment, presentation studies locally followed by a rc h . L ast year:
M 2016
impact and effective undergraduate studies at 10 March 8LIy
communication). top universities in the United
This scholarship covers Kingdom. Website:
courses in all elds of study.
Application requirements:
Application requirements: Applicants must have
Applicants must have obtained at least 7As Yayasan Khazanah
attained a minimum of 6As (A+ and A) for the 2016
in their SPM examinations SPM examinations. i. Khazanah Global Scholarship
or equivalent. Applicants should have a The Khazanah Global Scholarship
Total annual household gross monthly household is a prestigious award that offers
income of applicants should income of RM10,000 and opportunities to bright and high-
not exceed RM40,000. below. achieving Malaysians to pursue
Applicants should possess undergraduate and postgraduate
leadership experience in on date: studies at selected leading
co-curricular activities. Applicati universities around the world.
Applicants must not be r:
. Last yea
a recipient of any other of March 2 0 16
Application requirements:
p ri l
scholarship or award from to 2 A
3 March
Applicants must have
other organisation(s) or obtained a minimum of 8As
foundation. Website: (A or A+) in the 2016 SPM
examinations with A or A+
on date: in Bahasa Malaysia, English
Applicati r:
. Last yea
in March
history and mathematics.
Generally 0 1 6 Petronas Scholarship Applicants should not
arch 2
1 to 20 M lI exceed the age of 18 at
Website The sponsorships are open for the enrolment date for the
undergraduate programmes at foundation studies.
Universiti Teknologi Petronas Applicants must have
(UTP) and foreign universities. obtained at least 8As in the
Yayasan Sime Darby recent IGCSEs.

The Yayasan Sime Darby

Sponsorship Programme) for on date:
scholarship applies for those Applicati
who wish to pursue full-time UTP
Successful candidates are G dline was
studies at pre-university
h . L a st year: Dea
required to complete a one-year Ma rc
and undergraduate levels in h 2016
foundation programme prior to 10 Marc
prominent universities locally Qr8FD
pursuing the bachelors degree.
and overseas. Website:

i. Undergraduate Scholarship
Programme (Local) Successful candidates are
Application requirements: required to complete up to
Students must have 24 months of a pre-university
programme prior to pursuing For more information on
completed STPM/ other scholarships offered
pre-university/foundation/ the bachelors degree.
by various institutions,
local matriculation/diploma visit :
with a minimum CGPA of Application requirements:
3.50 or 3As for A-Levels Technical
programme. Applicants should have news/guide-to-top-
Applicants should have a a minimum of 4As (A+) scholarships-2017/.
gross monthly household or 5As in the 2016 SPM

Top Careers 2017 / 27

International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)

What you need to

know about IUMW

The International University

of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) was
established in a collaboration
between the University of Malaya
(UM) and University of Wales, the
United Kingdom.
Leveraging on both universities
outstanding achievements and
band of academicians, IUMW offers
an array of undergraduate and
postgraduate courses to local and Why Study at IUMW? Location
international students, in addition
to having visiting lecturers from the
Dual award* Situated strategically at C
University of Wales.
IUMW offers dual-award the UM City Campus in Kuala
IUMW is one of the first M
programmes in collaboration with Lumpur, this city campus is
universities in Malaysia to offer a
the University of Wales. located just 10 minutes from KL Y
dual-award degree with direct credit
City Centre. Its proximity to the
transfer to a UK university, offering CM
Study Visits programme* Sunway Putra Mall and Kampung
its students a chance to participate
Students have the opportunity to Baru will give you access to a MY
in Study Visits, a programme that
either study one semester at the wide variety of restaurants, cafs
allows undergraduates to spend a CY
University of Malaya or University and shops.
semester at the University of Malaya
of Wales in the UK. The campus is easily CMY
or University of Wales.
accessible by public transport
The internationally recognised K
One tuition fee* and located within 10 minutes
degrees allows you to experience
Students may study from walk from the Putra KTM Station
good-quality education at an
foundation to undergraduate levels and Star PWTC LRT Station.
affordable price with access to
with one fee structure.
University of Malayas library and
facilities. *Terms apply

Accommodation Facilities

Computer and IT facilities IUMW has a MQA

Off-campus accommodation (Malaysian Qualifications
Learning resource centres
IUMW has two prime (library, seminar rooms) Agency) rating and its
Multipurpose sports court programmes are accredited
accommodations in its surrounding
Counselling service centre by MQA.
areas Bestari Condominium and
International Student Centre Approximate fees
Amara in Gombak.
i. Foundation: RM12,000
Both accommodations are Shared facilities:
ii. Diploma: N/A
fully furnished with beds, study IUMWs parent university,
iii. Undergraduate degree:
tables and air-conditioned University of Malaya (20 minutes
RM40,000 to
units (optional) and are within from IUMW campus), welcomes RM 60,000 (depending on
walking distance of the campus or IUMW students to use facilities the programme)
accessible by public transport. at its main campus. Among them Scholarships
are the sports complex, library and Foundation: up to 50%
laboratories. tuition fee waiver
Undergraduate degree:
For more information, visit up to 100% tuition fee or call 03-2617 3000. waiver
Computing & Technology

Market demand in Malaysia

There is continuous growth in the information and
communications technology (ICT) sector especially
in Malaysia, thanks to innovations sprouting all
over the globe.

lives from connecting with people to streamlining

the way we work in the 21st century. This has
created avenues for various applications in terms
of connectivity, data storage, entertainment and

Career options

1 Cybersecurity
As Malaysia progresses in digital and cyber
applications across industries, cybersecurity
specialists will play a crucial role in ensuring the
safety of online information by working with the
government and private cybersecurity agencies.

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,500

Statistical Analyst
2 and Data Miner
becoming increasingly important with the need
for analysts with niche skills and knowledge in

miners can work in a variety of businesses and

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM3,800

Cloud Computing 4 IT Auditor

and Distributor
Malaysia was ranked eighth in Asia Cloud Computing IT auditors oversee the collection of data as well as evaluate
Associations (ACCA) 2014 Cloud Readiness Index the information systems, practices and operations of
with the implementation of the Digital Malaysia organisations that hire them for their services. A local study
2020 plan. This will create a demand and pave the showed that as more companies rely on IT, it is necessary to
way for cloud computing experts that various service audit the information systems of organisations. This not only
industries will depend on.

Starting salary range: Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM3,800 RM2,000 to RM3,800

Top Careers 2017 / 30

8 Intelligence
sought-after in hopes of further enhancing
the technology so that it may be applied
in various industries. According to Prime

intelligence can improve the delivery of

public service in the Asean region.

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM3,500

As the government places the
communications content and
infrastructure sector as a major
driver of gross national income, it
is projected that 43,163 jobs will
be created by 2020 and Internet
technologists would be part of this

that deals with the transmission of

data through different systems and

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM3,800

6 Engineer
With the Economic Transformation
Programme estimating that

5 Game Designer computer technology will create

job opportunities for nearly
two-thirds of the 1.3 million jobs
Game design is a growing industry in Malaysia with local under the science and technology
gaming studios collaborating with those overseas to come industry by 2020, software
up with world-renowned games such as Uncharted 4 on engineers will have a plethora
Playstation 4. Game designers are also required to be of opportunities to explore in
well-versed in general knowledge and the skill of healthcare, banking, entertainment
storytelling that comes in handy when producing a game. and the Internet of Things.
Starting salary range: Starting salary range:
RM2,000 to RM3,800 RM2,000 to RM3,500

Top Careers 2017 / 31

The University of Southampton Malaysia Campus
graduate and three-time Lloyds Register
Foundation scholar, Jeremy Fong, shares the
joys and journey of achieving a lifelong dream
to work in a leading aero-engine manufacturing
A few months before graduation, Fong
secured a place on a graduate scheme with
Rolls-Royce, a leading aero-engine manufacturing
company. Securing his dream job was not an
easy feat, he had to make an online application,
complete a series of online tests and go to an
assessment centre.
Fong performed extremely well, placing first
out of 12 shortlisted candidates and was offered
a job as a control engineer at the Rolls-Royce
Birmingham office in the United Kingdom.

Why did you choose to study at Southampton?

I spent the first two years of my Master of Engineering degree at the Malaysia campus and my final two years at
the Highfield campus in Southampton. I chose to study at the Malaysia Campus because of the low student-to-
lecturer ratio that encouraged the two-way learning that is especially important for Southeast Asian students as
we tend to be quiet, passive learners.

How did you find studying at the Malaysia Campus?

My first year at the university was a real adjustment as there was no spoon-feeding of knowledge. However,
the experience helped me to start taking responsibility for my own learning. This work paid off when I won a
prestigious Lloyds Register Foundation scholarship for coming out top in my year, three times in a row, which
paid for my tuition fees.

How did you find moving to and living in the UK?

When I moved to the UK, I was afraid of making new friends and fitting in but it turned out to be the best
experience of my life. At Southampton, I was based in a building which also housed the Institute of Sound
and Vibration Research, so I made friends with students from the acoustic courses. I also took advantage of
the wide range of clubs and societies available and joined the Catholic Society, which became my second

Did you feel supported by the university?

During my final-year dissertation, I was lucky to have Prof Phil Joseph and Dr Michael Kingan, who were
always there to help me. When I completed my dissertation, I had done a full spectrum of my subject area
and felt well prepared for my future. Studying at the University of Southampton was definitely the right
decision for me. Through my experience at the university, I discovered my passion for engineering and, over
the past four years, Ive made some lifelong friends who have helped me develop as a person.
Communications, Advertising & Arts

Market demand in Malaysia

1 Media Manager
of time online, media is rapidly moving towards digital
platforms. People get all the information they want
Social media is now an integral part of peoples
from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,
lives and many businesses are taking advantage
Instagram, blogs and news portals. The local advertising
of it, using it as a new advertising and marketing
expenditure for the rst four months last year totalled
tool. Companies are constantly searching for
talented individuals who are social media and tech
expand exponentially.

Career options Starting salary range:

RM1,800 to RM2,700

2 Writer
Although many writers started out in print
and traditional media, writers are now more
sought-after to provide creative digital content and
copywriting features for client-based businesses.
Digital start-ups also seek writers to
maintain good website content.

Starting salary range:

RM2,100 to RM3,000

3 Online Curator
Similar to art curators who oversee the
contents in an art gallery, online curators

or online portal. Many companies,

information centres as well as media, news
and government agencies are looking for
experts to help curate their content for
their online platform.

Starting salary range:

RM1,900 to RM2,800

4 Stop -Motion
Stop-motion animation manipulates an
object in a way that gives the impression
that the object is in motion. Stop-motion
lms such as Wallace and Gromit and
the recent Kubo and the Two Strings are

room to grow in the industry.

Starting salary range:

RM1,500 to RM2,500

Top Careers 2017 / 34

8 Fashion
Marketing Manager
With Malaysia looking to boost local fashion products, fashion
marketing managers will have the opportunity to work with
companies and designers to develop branding, formulate advertising
campaigns and monitoring consumer reactions to campaigns.
With many local industry leaders such as Bernard Chandran,
Jimmy Choo and Melinda Looi, young fashion marketers have
plenty of opportunities to learn and diversify.
Starting salary range:
RM1,800 to RM2,400

7 Translator
Although English is the international language, languages
such as Mandarin, Japanese, French and Hindi are
becoming increasingly popular in formal settings. Our
world is becoming borderless and multilingualism is a
sough-after skill. This is crucial for diplomatic job
opportunities in embassies as well as in meetings and
summits of global leaders.

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,300

User Experience
These designers must pay close attention to detail,
function and pleasure when designing website and app
layouts. User experience designers have a unique job of
designing apps and websites to suit the interactivity of
their target audience as Malaysia continues to grow as a
regional technological hub.

Starting salary range:

RM2,100 to RM3,200

Film or
5 Video Producer
Film and television have always been at the
forefront of entertainment but have been
exponentially increasing with the rise of online
streaming platforms. According to Nielsen
Holdings, 42% of Malaysian netizens watch
television shows and movies via the Internet
and 80% of Malaysian netizens stream or
download videos online.

Starting salary range:

RM1,500 to RM2,400

Top Careers 2017 / 35

Students rocking their future
with straight As
Thirty-two students of the German- tip when studying is to maintain a good mathematics, additional mathematics,
Malaysian Institute (GMI) achieved relationship with coursemates and physics, chemistry, history and other
straight As in their IGCSE - Cambridge lecturers. subjects.
International Examination. The students Students who pass the examination Private candidates, on the other
consist of sponsored and privately with good results will be able to move hand, will have to attain minimum Bs
funded students who have carved a new on to do their undergraduate degree at for all of the subjects in their SPM or
pathway for their lives as they embark selected universities in Germany. equivalent qualification.
on a new adventure in Germany. For the German A-Level Preparatory For now, there are 654 GAPP
Mohamad Zaihan Ahmad, one Programme (GAPP) in GMI, students students from GMI who are pursuing
of the students who scored straight will have to undergo a 22-month their studies in various fields of
As, also happens to be a MARA preparation and a six-month intensive engineering across Germany.
scholar under the MARA Excellence German Language training programme
Sponsorship Scheme. He expresses his in selected language centres in About GMI
gratitude to his parents for their support Germany before they are accepted for
and feels relieved that all his hard work enrolment at the universities of applied The German-Malaysian
and effort have paid off. sciences (UAS). Institute was established in
He recalls a time when he With more than 50 affiliations with July 1992 and is located in the
contemplated whether to continue his the universities of applied sciences picturesque suburb of Kajang,
studies. However, after deliberating across Germany, students can choose just 25 minutes south of Kuala
and taking advice from close family the university they intend to go to Lumpur City Centre. GMI offers
members and friends, he decided to upon completion of the GAPP based advanced technology and skilled
take up the challenge of completing his on their results in the GCE Advance training under the Department
studies. Now, he savours the sweet taste level, Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache of Production Technology
of his success. (TestDaf), a German Language test, and and Department of Industrial
Mahirah Hanim Abdul Rahim, Vorpraktikum (practical training). Electronics.
a Yayasan Terengganu sponsored Students may enrol in this
student, says, My journey in GMI has programme as a sponsored or private
been the sweetest one. Enrolling myself candidate. Sponsored students will have For more information, visit
in A-Levels required me to change my to achieve straight As in their SPM or or call
learning strategy so that I am able to equivalent for Bahasa Malaysia, English, 03-8921 9191/9000.
catch up with my syllabus. Her main Islamic or moral studies, modern
It Starts At GMI


Diploma in CNC Precision Technology
Semester 6

JULY 2017

For further details, please contact:

Marketing & Public Relations Section, German-Malaysian Institute (247980-K),
Jalan Ilmiah, Taman Universiti, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: +603-8921 9191 /9046/9322 Fax: +603-8921 9003 Email:
Waze Coordinate: 101.798, 2.933 GMiNewsbreak @gmiocial92 GERMANMALAYSIANINSTITUTE


Apply Online at :

Engineering & the Built Environment

Job demand in Malaysia

Engineering is one of the many esteemed

contributed to the world in terms of

living, logistics and even technological

to become niche but multifaceted. Courses

in chemical, electronic and electrical,
mechanical and civil engineering play a big
part in the nations development vision.
As cities and towns continue to expand,
developers now seek town and urban
planners to design areas of development.

Career options

Energy Expert
With countries around the world aiming to employ
safer and more sustainable energy sources, there is
a need for individuals who can propose effective
ways to harness energy.
Renewable energy experts need to not only be
well-versed in basic engineering concepts but also
understand how different energy sources can affect
the environment around them.

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,400

Green Technology
2 Consultant
Many industrial companies are looking to reduce their

of their business. A green technology consultant can help

companies achieve this by auditing a companys standard
operating procedures and suggesting how they can
be further improved. These consultants are also referred to
when a company wishes to develop an environmentally
friendly product.

Starting salary range:

RM2,400 to RM3,800

Top Careers 2017 / 38

7 Urban Planner
With the development of regions such as Iskandar in Johor and the Malaysian
Vision Valley, good city and town design is important to ensure the safety and
its practicality for its inhabitants. Urban planners play a crucial role in not only
designing living and commercial spaces but also account for integrating the
natural geography and ecosystem with sustainable development.

Starting salary range:

RM2,800 to RM3,900

6 Architect
Architects are the professionals who take design and function
to a new level when it comes to living spaces. Architects
can opt to specialise in various other sub-disciplines such as
interior and landscape design as well as urban planning.
With the rapid development in the country, architects will
be sought-after to come up with creative and safe building

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,500

5 Railway Engineer
As Malaysia works towards building high-speed and
integrated railway services, the need for railway engineers

it can transport a massive number of cargo and people. High-

speed railway systems require engineers who are specialised
in mechanical as well as electronic and electrical engineering.

Starting salary range:

RM2,100 to RM3,700

4 Robotics Scientist
Scientists are constantly looking to build robots that can perform tasks

fast-developing industry that caters to many industries and scientists will

constantly be challenged to push boundaries in their innovations.

Starting salary range:

RM2,100 to RM3,300

3 3D-Printing Expert
3D-printing is taking the world by storm as we can now create
3D models out of anything. As applications in 3D printing

technology and the print material development as well as to

its maintenance and revision.

Starting salary range:

RM2,200 to RM3,900

Top Careers 2017 / 39

Financial support at your fingertips
The thought of burdening your parents University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) to a successful future.
with the cost of tertiary education can celebrates an abundance in financial So before you select your
make varsity life a bittersweet journey. support for those who need it. programme, check out the six forms
High-quality education should Furthering your studies is an of financial support available at IUKL
be made affordable for everyone and essential investment and the right that have helped more than 6,000
thats exactly what Infrastructure monetary support could be your ticket students.

IUKL Scholarship This scholarship

De Centrum City will
continue to develop in stages is available to those who shine at pre-
and the township will be university levels such as SPM, STPM,
built around the university. O-Level, A-Levels, Unified Examination
Certificate, foundation and diploma
studies. With a minimum of 5As in SPM,
students are entitled to this scholarship.

IUKL Sports Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is a perfect fit for
those who have exceptional sports
achievements at the state and national

IUKL Media Education Fund

Scholarship IUKL joins forces with
two of the largest media education
funds Star Education Fund and
Sin Chew Education Fund to offer
bond-free scholarships.

Tuition Fee Waiver Up to

50% tuition fee waiver is offered
to encourage students to excel
academically. This scheme is available
to students who maintain a minimum
CGPA of 3.75. No application is required
as it will be automatically granted to
high achievers.

Flexible Payment Scheme Designed

to ease the burden of students, tuition
fees can be paid in flexible instalments.

Study Loans In addition to

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Top Careers 2017/ 41
Mathematics & Life Sciences

Job demand
in Malaysia

From examining the National Key

Economic Areas (NKEA) of
the Economic Transformation
Programme (ETP), mathematics and

to grow sectors such as oil, gas &

energy, healthcare, agriculture and
In the healthcare sector alone, 40
projects are estimated to create more
than 25,000 jobs by 2020. This will
include graduates with knowledge
and expertise in biology, chemistry
and physics, among others.

Nation leading Career options

Companies that carry out the research
Clinical Laboratory
and development of medicine and devices
for commercial purposes attract life
sciences graduates. Antah Healthcare, Technologist/Technician
Apex Healthcare and Bio-Pharmaceuticals Complex laboratory tests and procedures would
are leading pharmaceutical or not be possible without skilled technologists
biotechnological companies in the country and technicians, who work with samples of body
and they are joined by international giants

services arm, Sigma-Aldrich. greatly contribute to the advancement of medical

Mathematicians and physicists can procedures.
they can also go on to work in academia,
Starting salary range:
research and development, or government
RM1,600 to RM2,300

2 Biotechnologist
or medicine, experts in the study and application of biological
organisms are required to identify and develop industrial

Biotechnologists are the backbone of innovation in the countrys

rapidly growing biotechnology sector.

Starting salary range:

RM2,500 to RM3,100

Top Careers 2017 / 42

5 Pharmacologist
The ETP seeks to advance
the countrys generic drug
manufacturing capacity, which
will require pharmacologists who
conduct research experiments
to develop and test drugs before
releasing them into the market.
This is a separate role from that
of pharmacists, who prescribe
readily available drugs to
consumers for safe and effective

Starting salary range:

RM2,500 to RM3,600

3 Physicist
Physicists trained in the application
of the laws of nature are in demand in 6 Scientist
various sectors, including mathematics,
mechanics, innovation and processing. A fascination with genetics, microbiology
With the nation looking towards building and pathology is necessary to explore
an advanced engineering, science and the biomedical world. Creating a
innovation discipline cluster in education, supportive ecosystem to grow clinical
there will be appropriate infrastructure research, as listed under the healthcare
and expertise to nurture excellent NKEA, requires highly skilled biomedical
physicists of the future. scientists who research methods to
prevent and treat diseases and health
Starting salary range: issues, both prevalent and emerging.
RM2,500 to RM3,000
Starting salary range:
RM2,500 to RM3,600

4 Space Scientist
Since the establishment of the National
Planetarium, Malaysian space scientists
7 Actuary
have been involved in astronomy,
microgravity sciences, space weather research, uncertainty with high-level mathematical
skill equips organisations with the insight
With the introduction of the National Space Policy to make calculated decisions, creating a
2030, there will be increased demand for scientists in healthy ecosystem for doing business.
educational institutions and federal or private Malaysia needs these statistical wizards
research and development departments, who in consultation, investment, insurance
enable advances in various facets of and pension sectors to support a growing
civilisation. economy.

Starting salary range: Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,000 RM3,000 to RM4,500

Top Careers 2017 / 43

Hospitality & Tourism

Job demand in Malaysia

With an average annual growth rate of 12%
since 2004, the countrys tourism sector
holds great potential as a contributor to the
nations gross domestic product. Under the
Economic Transformation Programme (ETP),
the themes of affordable luxury, nature
adventure, family fun, events, entertainment

drivers of the sector.

Malaysia requires 50,000 hospitality
personnel to meet the projected industry
growth of threefold by 2020. In line with
this, public and private tertiary education
institutions nationwide have introduced
courses in tourism management and culinary
arts, among others, with a focus on
work-based learning and practical training.

Nation leading

low cost airline AirAsia has grown to become

number of destinations.
AirAsia Group recently expanded with
AirAsia Japan and is set to conquer the
region with the addition of new destinations.
Internationally, the airlines AirAsia X arm

States (via Osaka to Honolulu). Chief executive

the airline has created more than 25,000

job opportunities in Asia.

Highlighted career

Pilot Career options

Boeing estimates that Southeast Asia will
require an estimate of 185,600 new pilots
through to 2030, based on plane orders
placed in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and 1 Hospitality Manager
the Philippines. With cheaper air fares and
travel rates, demand for these captains will
grow to match the Asian tourism boom. Of the 7,700 jobs projected to be created in the
Malaysian tourism industry by 2020, hospitality
Starting salary range: managers will play a key role in effectively
RM3,500 to RM4,000 coordinating logistics, whether in a boutique hostel

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,000

Top Careers 2017 / 44

6 Event Manager
To establish Malaysia as a leading business
tourism destination in line with the ETP,
the nation will require highly skilled event
professionals that oversee the planning and
execution of large-scale meetings, incentives,
conventions and exhibitions.
Starting salary range:
RM3,000 to RM4,000

5 Chef
Whether in a restaurant, hotel or private residence,
chefs are the captains of kitchens around the
country, playing an important role in upholding
Malaysias reputation as the home of good food.
The global retail sales in food products are
expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.8% to
US$6.4 trillion (RM28 trillion) by 2020 when it
comes to quality food, the demand is ever present.

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,500

4 Tour Manager
By 2020, it is estimated that the tourism industry
will contribute RM103.6bil to the gross national
income (GNI) visitors will need skilled managers
to plan network with travel and accommodation
agents to set up tours with trends shifting to shorter,
high-quality travel from those in Malaysias source

Starting salary range:

RM2,000 to RM3,500

2 Pastry Chef 3 Cabin Crew

Creating cakes, desserts and pastries is a culinary art An airline is only as strong as its crew, and
form of its own and, in growing the local patisserie with the growth of homegrown airlines
scene, Malaysian baking artists are increasingly and expansions of routes, the country
opening outlets or starting home businesses to will surely demand skilled stewards
showcase their culinary talents. There is a lot of and stewardesses to bring the nation to
potential to be explored in professional baking. greater heights.

Starting salary range: Starting salary range:

RM1,500 to RM2,500 RM2,000 to RM3,500

Top Careers 2017 / 45

As one of Malaysias most successful awarded five stars in five categories of provider of higher education in
and reputable private higher education the 2016 QS Stars University Ratings Malaysia, we realised that we needed
institutions, Taylors University has Teaching, Employability, Facilities, to refocus our attention and become
continuously provided excellent Internationalisation and Inclusiveness. balanced in our approach as an
services for its students in terms Having recently achieved its target education provider, he says.
of diverse study options, relevant of being top employers university While Taylors continues to
curriculum and teaching methods, of choice in graduate employability, maintain its reputation for teaching
ongoing partnerships with leading Taylors is aiming to boost its research excellence, the university will also be
universities worldwide, strong industry capabilities next. increasing its efforts in research and
linkages and a well-equipped campus. According to the universitys international engagement.
Offering foundation, diploma, vice-chancellor and president Prof Taylors will be appointing 100
degree, postgraduate and professional Michael Driscoll, Taylors shares successful research-active professors
programmes, the university provides a similar aspiration to the Higher to engage in high-impact research
a wide range of study options in areas Education Ministry to make Malaysia opportunities as part of its efforts to
such as business, medicine, hospitality, renowned for providing world-class strengthen the universitys standing
engineering, architecture and law. education and giving each of its locally and internationally in terms of
Taylors delivers holistic education students an education that will stand research, in line with Taylors aspiration
that results not just in excellent them in good stead upon graduation. to be one of the top 100 universities in
academic accomplishments but also To continue being a valued Asia by 2022.
graduates with qualities that are highly
sought-after in the global marketplace.
Industry-relevant learning activities
and curriculum are incorporated into all
courses in close partnership with the
relevant industries.
In the 2016 university rankings
released by Quacquarelli Symonds
(QS), Taylors University made it to the
top 200 universities in Asia, moving up
more than 20 places to be listed 179th.
Taylors is also ranked 29th among
Asean universities.
In addition, Taylors University was

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