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Sacramental Ashes used on Ash Wednesday from

burned palms from the previous year
LESSON 15 SAINTS Exulted describes Jesus resurrection. This is the night
when Christ broke the prison bar of death and rose
St. Crescentia Hoess called the little angel because she
victorious from the underworld.
spent her time praying in the church.
Easter season that lasts for 50 days
Saints models of fidelity, service and holiness
Easter Virgil - New members of the body of Christ are
Devotions to Saints expression of deep religiosity
baptized confirmed and given the Eucharist for the first
Ordinary Time the season which is divided into two one
after the Christmas season, one after Easter.
Ordinary Time season immediately after Easter.
Advent The season that begins the Church year
Solemnity of Christ the King end of the Liturgical
Calendar every year.

1. ADVENT (November 30 - December 24) Season of

LESSON 16 SUNDAYS preparation and waiting. Liturgical colors: Purple & Rose
2. CHRISTMAS (December 25) Lasts 12 days until the
Sunday the day we celebrate Christs resurrection Epiphany. Liturgical color: White
St. Isidore the Farmer has a strong devotion to the Holy 3. ORDINARY TIME Ordinalis showing order. Shows
Eucharist Christs early life. Liturgical color: Green
Lectionary the book that contains scripture readings 4. LENT Begins with Ash Wednesday until Holy Saturday.
Jesus Christ instituted the Liturgy Penitential Season. Recalls Jesus 40 days in the desert.
Liturgical colors: violet / purple.
5. EASTER Begins with Easter Vigil. Joyous, celebratory
LESSON 17 ADVENT season. Lasts 50 days, from Easter Sunday to Pentecost.
Liturgical color: white. Pentecost: red
Advent season of looking forward and waiting, not only 6. ORDINARY TIME longest liturgical season. Focuses on
for the coming of Christ, but for the second coming Christs reign as king. Starts after Pentecost, and lasts until
Adventus Latin word which means coming the Saturday before Advent.
St. John the Baptist forerunner of Jesus Christ
4 Sundays length of Advent season
Germany where the Advent wreath originated


Christmas brings us the great news of joy. Helps us

develop the spirit of giving, humility and simplicity.
December 30 feast of the Holy Family
December 25 to January 1 Christmas Octave
Coming of the Son of God why we celebrate Christmas
Passover feast celebrated by Jesus
King Herold ordered his soldiers to kill all male children 2
years old below.


Visita Iglesia Christians visit churches in order to pray

before the blessed sacrament
Lenten Season Season of forgiveness, conversion, and
Ash Wednesday first day of the beginning of Lent