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1. He has the house among all his 7. Aan : what is you favourite drink ?

friends. Bimo : ..
The correct response the complete the
A. big
dialog is
B. biggest
a. My favourite drink is ice cream
C. bigger
b. here you are the ice cream
c. The ice cream is so sweet
2. Your spicy ramen noodle is than d. My Mother buys ice cream
A. hot 8. I prefer eat boil egg . Fried egg
B. hotter a. better than
C. hottest b. to
c. off
3. Fried rice means d. on
a. kentang goreng
b. pisang goreng 9. We need to make a brownies
c. ayam goreng cake.
d. nasi goreng a. Noodle
b. Ice Cream
4. Vegetables means .. c. Chocolate
a. buah-buahan d. Paper
b. sayur-sayuran
c. makanan 10. I like this food. It good.
d. minuman a. Tastes
b. Looks
5. Noodles means . c. Feels
a. mie d. Hears
b. roti
c. nasi
11. Dandy likes a bowl of better than
d. bubur
12. fried rice.
6. Anton : what is your favourite food ? a. Noodles
Badu : .
b. Satay
The correct response the complete the
c. Milk
dialog is
d. Nugget
a. Can I have the food
b. The food is on the table
c. My favourite food is cookies
d. here you are the food
13. Make 3 good sentence from this

14. Arrange this word to the good

Hana beautiful is than Jesica

15. Andi is 165 cm tall. Donna is 167 cm

tall. So, Donna is _________ than

16. A buffalo is big. But, an elephant is

________ than a cow.

17. Bengawan Solo river is long but Nil

river is ________ than Bengawan
Solo river.

18. The elephant is the ___________

animal on the earth.

19. Write 3 kinds of food and drinks!

Foods :___________________
,____________________ ,
Drinks :___________________ ,
___________________ ,