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New : Computer Networks MCQ Questions and Answers

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Computer Science

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17. The _____ is the administrative section of the computer system.
Computer Science
A. Input Unit
Computer Quiz I
B. Control Unit
Computer Quiz II
C. Memory Unit
Computer Quiz III
D. Central Processing Unit
Computer Quiz IV

Computer Quiz V Answer

Computer Quiz VI

Computer Quiz VII

Answer: D.
Computer Science

Physics Central Processing Unit


18. The first movie released in 1982 with terrific computer animation
Botany and graphics was
Zoology A. Star wars
History B. Tron
Geography C. Forbidden planet
Commerce D. Dark star

Answer: A.

Star wars

19. What does the acronym ISDN stands for

A. Intelligent Services Digital Network

B. Integrated Services Data Network

C. Indian Standard Digital Network
D. Integrated Services Digital Network


Answer: D.

Integrated Services Digital Network

20.The name given to a program written in any one of the high

level languages is
A. Object program

B. Source program

C. Compiler program

D. System program


Answer: B.

Source program

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