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Lesson Plan

Class : 2 Sina
Date : 04/10/2017
Day : Wednesday
Week : 8
Time : 10.50 am 11.20 am
No. of Pupils : 17
Level of Proficiency : Mixed ability
Theme : Values
Topic : People all around us.
Skills : 1.0 Language for Interpersonal Use
1.1 Make friends and keep friendships by:
b. taking part in conversations and discussions
Level 1 iii. Responding appropriately to questions by stating,
refuting and giving details.
Language Aspect : Grammar- Personal pronoun
Learning Outcomes : At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
1. Present a dialogue by including three personal pronouns based
on the situation given.
Moral Values : Be polite
Teaching Aids : Worksheet, situation card and KWL Chart.
Stages Teaching / Learning Activities Teaching
(allocation of time) Aids

Set Induction 1. Teacher recalls students memory about

(3 mins) pronouns in the previous lesson.
2. Teacher writes a sentence without pronouns on
Rationale: the whiteboard.
To grasp the 3. Teacher instructs the students to change the
students attention. sentence using pronouns.
e.g. without pronouns:
Ramli is my neighbour. Ramli says that Ramli
likes to sleep.
e.g. with pronouns:
Ramli is my neighbour. He says that he likes
to sleep.
4. Teacher invites volunteers to write on the
whiteboard types of pronouns.

Development Explanation
Stage 1 1. Teacher briefly explains about todays lesson 1. Note 1
(7 mins) which is personal pronoun.
2. Teacher distributes Note 1 to each student.
Rationale: 3. Teacher writes two questions on the whiteboard.
To give input to the 4. Teacher instructs the students to identify and
students. underline the word pronoun from the questions
a. Mr. Ali is a teacher. He teaches in Taman
High School.
b. The workmen have finished the job. They
are resting now.
5. Teacher explains about singular and plural
personal pronouns to the students based on the
questions written.
Stage 2 Practice
(8 mins) 1. Teacher instructs the students to sit in a group of 2. Situation
four. cards
Rationale: 2. Teacher distributes a situation cards to each
To let students group.
practice their 3. Teacher instructs the students to do role play and
newly acquired imagine that they are having a forum in front of
knowledge. audience.
4. Teacher tells the students to brainstorm the idea
and write on a piece of paper.
5. Teacher allocates five minutes for the students to

Stage 3 Production
(8 mins) 1. Teacher invites volunteers to present their
Rationale: 2. Teacher monitors the use of personal pronouns in
To promote their conversation and writes in on the
collaborative whiteboard.
learning and to 3. Teacher discusses the answers given by the
encourage the students.
students to speak
the language.

1. KWL Chart
Closure 1. Teacher distributes KWL Chart to the students.
(4 mins) 2. Teacher allocates three minutes for them to fill in
Rationale: the chart.
To summarise the 3. Teacher sums up the lesson.
Extended activity 2. Teacher instructs the students to