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MAN OVERBOARD (mos) 1. On board action * Mark the position (GNSS) * Drop MOB buoy * Sound general alarm a + Start Williamson turn (or similar) * Post lookouts = Forward on both sides ~ Bridge wings (with binoculars) = If long-lasting search, rotate ‘and motivate 2. On board preparation * Lifebuoys, with ight and smoke + Rescue boat and equipment for pick-up + Phone number fo be obtained from ROC 3. Transmit distress, VHF, MF/HF, Inmarsat * Switch to voice + Transmit distress message 9.x "MAYDAY", 3 x name of ship * DTG (date and time group) + Type of distress, position * Assistance required and any additional information * Light and smoke signal Williamson turn 1, Rudder hard over {in an “immediate action” situation, only to the side of the casualty) 2. ‘After deviation from the ‘original course by 60°, rudder hard over to the opposite side '3. When heading 20° short of ‘opposite course, rucider to midship position and ship to be tured to opposite course IAMSAR MANUAL — ACTION CARDS —