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Effectiveness of the Use of English Only Policy to the Grade 7 Students of

Southeastern College of Padada

DO. 60, 2008. Addendum to DEPED Order No. 36,S. 2006 Implementing Rules and
Regulations on Executive Order No. 210, Establishing the policy to strengthen the use of the
English Language as a Medium of Instruction in the Educational System. The increased in time
allotment in the use of English for classroom instruction as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 36, S.
2006 and pursuant to the provisions of Executive Order No. 210 is hereby reiterated.The Speak
English Only Policy in the Philippine schools has advantages and disadvantages towards the
development of the communicative competence of second-language learners. Some of these
advantages involve the use of English in globalized countries and it is the lingua franca of
international business and diplomacy which is according to (Manginsay, 2008).

Despite of the numerous advantages of Speak English Only Policy being presented,
according to (Reardon, 2007) that one of the big arguments against bilingual education is that it
may do students a disservice because they don't learn English well and also suffer academically.
This is the reason why we come up with this study. For as to peer observance, not all students
can speak English fluently most specially the Grade 7 students. Or students can speak the
English language effectively but they lack on comprehension based on what was being taught or
what they have read. According to (Conde, 2009) in his article, Erosion of English Skills
Threatens Growth in the Philippines, the deterioration of English proficiency has been linked to
an overall decline in Philippine education. Accordingly, theres a recent government study that
shows only seven (7) percent of High School graduates can properly read, speak, or understand
English and poorly trained teachers are partly blamed. This could still be considered as a
problem for the use of English Only Policy could not be clearly seen if it is an effective one or

Aside from these facts, there are still points that are not clearly elaborated with regards to
this issue. One of these is the fact being presented by (Patricia, 2013) that students speaking
vernacular inside the campus are expelled for it is considered as an inappropriate conduct and
leads. This fact was not clearly explored and elaborated by the researcher for there is no exact
reason on why does certain sanction is given to a student. That there is no supporting detail with
regards to this idea being presented. Another is the Penalty of one (1) peso per every vernacular
language spoken. This was not also clearly stated on why does this certain penalty is being

This research aims to add details with regards to the effectiveness on the use of English
Only Policy among the students. Another, it could help both teachers and students to evaluate if
this certain policy could be a great help or the opposite effect when it comes to the teaching and
learning process. Lastly, if the use of this policy can still be use in the teaching and learning
process. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of the use of English Only
Policy as a medium of instruction and the policys relationship to English proficiency gained as
well as considers insights gained from student responses on these matters.