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Value system

A coherent set of values adopted and/or evolved by a person, organization, or society as a standard to
guide its behavior in preferences in all situations.

In todays day and age working together in the form of organizations had become a key element in
society. Just as our individual and social lives are guided by values, so must exist a value system for
organizations. The organizational value system and culture is the basis of the understanding of members
within an organization. It can be seen as what people within organization think is good for organization,
what needs to happen within organization and what might be needed within the organization in the
future. Thus in a way the organizational values reflect the mission and strategic goals of the

How an organization behaves is strongly linked to its value system. An effective value system can work
wonders for an organization. It can inspire employees and customers, influence organizational structure,
organizational identity, organizational culture and organizational strategy. Employees who fit in with the
value systems of the organization can drive up both personal and organizational performance. We can
say that organizational values are integrated into personality of a company thus playing a similar role as
values do in lives of individuals; directing behavioral patterns, influencing relationships within the
organization and influencing how company perceives its customers, suppliers and competition.

The value system is a reflection of the leadership of the organization and as such the leadership must be
exemplary in observing it. The overall success and performance of an organization depends on its values
and as such the leadership must ensure that not only does the organization have an explicitly stated
value system in place but that it is one that is never compromised.

The foundations of a great business or career is built upon truthfulness and honesty. As such I feel that
integrity is one of the most important values in a persons character. It is the defining trait of leadership
and the difference between success and failure. It means doing the right thing because its the right
thing to do. It enables a person to see the truth and have the guts to hear the truth. This allows him to
be more receptive to new ideas and ways of thinking ultimately allowing him to become an effective
leader. It is the difference between temporary and lasting success because it allows you to define your
ultimate goal and avoid the pitfalls of seeking shortcuts and naivety.