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Metro Dance & Music Company presents...

Christmas Around the World:

North Pole News

ACT ONE: Scene One
(Stage left apron we tune into two elf news anchors giving the morning news)


DOTTY: Good morning North Pole and Welcome to North Pole News. I'm Dotty

DANNY: and I'm Danny Drizzle

DOTTY: Oh the weather outside is frightful but santa's elves are busy making
preparations for the big day.

DANNY: That's right, our santa sendoff countdown is down to only 12 days left
until Rudolph and his gang of reindeer lead Santa around the world delivering
christmas joy to all.

DOTTY: (puts finger up to ear as if receiving information through an earpiece)

Let's take a look at our main street traffic cam and check in on how preparations
are going.

(Curtains open to main street North Pole, dance begins)


(After dance finishes the first flat is turned around to reveal tinsels office. Tinsel is
at her desk watching her laptop)

DANNY: (off stage) Looks like we are right on track. Stay tuned to North Pole
News for the latest updates. We'll be back after this break.

TINSEL: (slams computer closed) No wonder our subscriptions have plummeted!

How can we compete with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum . What are we going to
do? I use to be Santa's right hand elf. I use to help him solve all of his problems
but now I can barely get through to his secretary. (Picks up phone) Suzy, It's time
to call the Newsies in for a staff meeting. (hangs up)

(Lights up stage left on newsies. Alvin and the Chipmunks christmas song comes
on and newsies play around to it. Suzy walks in and interrupts them. )

SUZY: What are you guys doing?

SNOWFLAKE: Sorry Suzy. That song is just so catchy.

TWINKLE: And I really just want a hula hoop.

JINGLE: Anyways, whats going on?

SUZY: Tinsel needs you in her office. Right now.

COCO: Why? What kind of Christmas disaster do we need to fix now?

SPARKLE: Maybe Joy is back to her old tricks?

TWINKLE: Oh, or maybe Rudolph is missing.

JINGLE: Maybe nothing is wrong and we all get a big Christmas bonus.

ALL NEWSIES: (pause and look at each other then hysterically laugh)

SUZY: The sooner you get to Tinsels office then sooner you find out.

SNOWFLAKE: You heard her. Lets go!

(newsies cross stage right to tinsels office and enter with Suzy)

TINSEL: Ok, newsies I am going to give it to you straight. Things aren't

looking good for the north pole press. Ever since the North Pole News firsts
broadcast our subscriptions are at an all time low. But not to worry! I have a
plan. Stan Stanley, the producer of North Poles News, has been pestering me
to allow you newsies to be on-air street reporters. This might be our best
option but its a big change and I wanted to get your input.

SNOWFLAKE: Wow, I didn't realize things have gotten that bad for us.

TWINKLE: He wants to put me on TV!

JINGLE: Hold on a sec. Does this mean we won't be going around the world?
SUZY: All of your assignments will be local. Youll be covering different 3 NOTES: 48
events around the North Pole

COCO: I don't know about this.

SNOWFLAKE: Come on guys. This is a great opportunity for something

different! For a challenge.

SPARKLE: Snowflake is right! This could be awesome.

TWINKLE: We get to be on TV! Do you think I'll get to meet Dotty DoGood?
Shes my idol.

SUZY: You could be the next Dotty Dogood.


TINSEL: Alright newsies, let's vote on it. All in favor of joining the North Pole
News team say Aye

ALL NEWSIES (Except Jingle): Aye!

SNOWFLAKE: Come on Jingle, it'll be great!

JINGLE: I dont know.

SNOWFLAKE: All we can do is try. You might end up loving it.

JINGLE: Oh, all right! Aye!

TINSEL: Great! Let's head over to the new station right now and get started.

SUZY: Um, where's Pepper? I just noticed that she wasn't here. Let me call
her. (pulls out phone) Pepper? Where are you? You've missed the entire
meeting?... Ok, hurry up (hangs up) She's on her way.

(pepper enters Tinsels office with suitcases and bags)

TINSEL: What are you doing?

SNOWFLAKE: Elves are sad because Christmas is almost over. All of the47 PEPPER: Well, whenever you call a meeting, this close to christmas, it 4
good tidings and christmas cheer will be gone after tomorrow. usually means that were head off to some far off adventure. This year I just

COCOA: But that's nothing new and it's never caused a power outage wanted to be prepared.
SPARKLE: Oh, pepper.
SNOWFLAKE: It must've have been bottled up for years and years and
now elves can't bottle it up any more. TINSEL: Snowflake, why don't you fill her in on the way.

PEPPER: Can't we put it back in the bottles? PEPPER: What is it?

JINGLE: It's a figure of speech Pepper.
(All start exiting, snowflake whispers in peppers ear)
SPARKLE: So, what do we do to fix it?
PEPPER: TV! I'm not ready for my close up!
SNOWFLAKE: We need to spread the word that christmas sprite can be
all year round. ALL: Oh, pepper!

(All exit Tinsels office)
STAN: The power's back on! MAIN CURTAIN CLOSES

DANNY: You saved Christmas, Snowflake!

TWINKLE: Come on everyone. Let's get ready for Santa's send off!


ACT ONE: Scene Two 5 ACT TWO: Scene Nine 46
(Newsies enter stage right apron. Dotty DoGood is having her makeup (Main curtain opens to main street. The lights are dim and the newsies are
talking to people.)
touched up as Stan is giving her the breakdown of the upcoming news
segment. He notices the newsies)
SPARKLE: (to bystander) Thanks for speaking with us. Don't worry, we'll
figure it out.
STAN: Welcome to North Pole News. We are so excited to have you on
board. JINGLE: I spoke with the toy factory mechanics. It's not an issue on their end.

TWINKLE: It's Dotty DoGood. (faints) COCOA: What could it be? I looked over the north pole blue prints and
checked all of the connections but everything is all clear.
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Youre all set Ms. DoGood. (Snowflake runs on stage with Pepper)

(Dotty walks over twinkle and crosses to stage left to exit) SNOWFLAKE: We've got it!

TINSEL: Thanks for the invitation. My newsies are looking forward to this new TWINKLE: Got what?
chapter in North Pole journalism. PEPPER: Snowflake thinks that she has the answer.

STAN: Right. Well, my first assignment for you is weather. Which one of you (Dotty, Danny, Tinsel and Stan enter)
would be willing to cover the weather for tonight's newscast?
DOTTY: Let's hope so.

PEPPER: Oh me! Pick me! DANNY: Santa is suppose to take off in 10 minutes.

STAN: Anyone? TINSEL: Well, what is it Snowflake?

SNOWFLAKE: Low christmas spirit.

PEPPER: I'm right here! Pick me!
DOTTY: What? We're elves, we're the most spirited people in the world.
STAN: Alright, Pepper. You can do it!
SNOWFLAKE: No, I'm serious. I spoke with several people and they were all
PEPPER: Yes! pretty down in the dumps.

DANNY: But, it's our biggest night of the year! This is what we look forward to
STAN: If youll follow me to my office, I will hand out the rest of your for 364 days.
(all start to exit)
DANNY: I'm not following.

TINSEL: That's suppose to be my line. JINGLE: Just tell us, Snowflake. We're running out of time.

ACT TWO: Scene Eight 45 ACT ONE: Scene Three 6
(Lights up on stage right apron. Tinsel and Stan are discussing that latest (Lights up on stage left apron. News Anchors are starting the nightly news)
breaking news story)


STAN: Just received confirmation that 60% of the North Pole is without
power. Including Santa's workshop and bag's holding area. The toy soldiers DOTTY: Good evening North Pole and welcome back to your evening edition
are on alert and have beefed up their security.
of North Pole News. I'm Dotty DoGood
TINSEL: This has never happened before! I spoke with the electrical
company and they're baffled by it. No one can figure it out. DANNY: and I'm Danny Drizzle. Our first story tonight is the massive blizzard
heading our way.
STAN: Lets send out all of the newsies and start asking around. Maybe we
can find someone who knows something.
DOTTY: Let's send it off to our new street reporter Pepper Peppermint.
(Lights dim) Pepper, are you there?

STAN: Great, just great! We are 1 hour about from Santa's big sendoff and MAIN CURTAIN OPENS
now that station doesn't have power.

TINSEL: Hmm, why don't we send Dotty and Danny with the Newsies? We PEPPER: (frozen with awkward smile)
can broadcast live from main street when the power comes back.
DANNY: Pepper, can you hear us?
STAN: If it does.
TINSEL: Don't worry, Stan. My newsies are pretty good at cracking a case
and now that they have Suzy working with them I'm sure it wont be long
before the power is restore. DOTTY: It seems that we are experiencing technical-

STAN: I hope you're right, Tinsel. PEPPER: I'm here! I'm here. Sorry. (under breath) Oh man this is awkward.

TINSEL: Me too.
DANNY: Great to have you on board Pepper. Can you tell us more about this
(Stan and Tinsel exit) freak snowstorm?

PEPPER: (Reading from note cards, monotone) Yes, we have a large cold
front approaching from the southwest. We can expect it to bring between two
and five feet of snow. I advise to stock up on your coco and wait it out.

DOTTY: Any word on how this will affect our christmas preparations?

PEPPER: (fumbling through the cards) ummm, No.

DANNY: Alight, you heard it hear first. Stay tuned for more updates on this
blistery blizzard.
7 44
SNOWFLAKE: Don't worry Suzy. We'll be there with you.
STAN: And we're out.
SUZY: Thanks guys. You really are the best friends an elf can have.
(Lights out for stage left apron)
SNOWFLAKE: Come on, let's go talk to Tinsel.
SNOWFLAKE: (runs on from off stage) You did great.
(All start to exit)

PEPPER: You think so? TWINKLE: Wait!

SNOWFLAKE: Sure... SUZY: What's wrong?

TWINKLE: What about the story?

BLACKOUT SUZY: I think I have a few sources that I can interview.
(all newsies laugh then exit)



43 ACT ONE: Scene Four 8
(Lights up on stage right apron. Twinkle and Jingle are reading through note
SUZY: Yogi? You mean Yoga?
TWINKLE: Yeah, maybe that was it.
JINGLE: Alright, so you know what you are going to say?
SUZY: I guess you're right. I do, do something for myself.

(Pepper starts laughing) TWINKLE: Of course. It's all right here on the note cards.

SUZY: What is it Pepper? JINGLE: But you don't want to read straight from the note cards. You saw
what happened to Pepper.
PEPPER: You said Do Do.

ALL: Oh Pepper. TWINKLE: That's true. She'll do better next time.

JINGLE: What are you even doing here, Suzy? Are you spying on us? JINGLE: Lets hope so.

SUZY: Of course not! I've been hearing rumors about a hip hop street crew
MAIN CURTAIN OPENS to main street North Pole
and I was just following it up. I tried to get one of you guys to do it but you
were all to busy.
TWINKLE: I can't believe that our first assignment together is the penguin
SPARKLE: That's some pretty good investigative work Suzy. We've worked parade! We finally get to see it.
hard to keep our crew a secret.
JINGLE: Just try to stay professional Twinkle.
SNOWFLAKE: Yeah, have you ever thought about being a newsie?

SUZY: Only every day of my life, but Tinsel depends on me and I like being TWINKLE: Come on, Professional is my middle name.
on the sidelines.
JINGLE: Right.
TWINKLE: Maybe that's why you lost your Christmas sprite

SUZY: I don't understand. TWINKLE: (Holds finger up to ear) Here we go!

JINGLE: What Twinkle is trying to say is that you're Christmas sprite JINGLE: Hello Dotty. Twinkle and I are here on Main Street to watch the
disappeared because you weren't being true to yourself. annual penguin parade.
SUZY: Maybe.
TWINKLE: The penguin parade has been a tradition here in the North Pole
COCOA: It makes sense. Why don't you talk to Tinsel about being a newsie? for the past 212 years and this just happens to be the first time in 4 years that
I've been able to see it for myself!
SUZY: Oh, I couldn't do that.

SPARKLE: Why not? JINGLE: Even with record snowfall, the parade still goes on. Oh, it's about to
start. Here is the Penguin Parade!
SUZY: I don't know.
9 ACT TWO: Scene Seven 42
TWINKLE: Wow, that was amazing! They are so cute and fluffy and I just (Suzy enters from stage right in front of the main curtains. She is checking
over her notes and talking to her self)
want to snuggle with them!
SUZY: Ok, you can do this Suzy. It's just one assignment. All of the other
JINGLE: Another successful year for the penguin parade. This has been newsies are busy, with what I don't know. You know after all of the work
Twinkle and Jingle reporting from main street back to you in the studio. I've done this christmas you'd think that the newsies would be willing to
pitch in more. But no, instead I have to cover this story. Hip hop elves,
BLACKOUT how strange.

(Suzy exits in front of main curtains)



(After dance, pepper runs out and starts talking to the newsies. Suzy
enters and approaches the newsies.)

PEPPER: That was awesome guys!

SUZY: So this is your big conflict? Sparkle, you side that you were feeling
all stiff and needed a few hours off.

SPARKLE: I was, this is how I get loose.

SUZY: Oh, what about you Snowflake? You're suppose to be the practical

SNOWFLAKE: Everyone needs something for them self.

SUZY: I don't.

TWINKLE: What about when you hang out with yogi bear?

SUZY: What are you talking about? I don't know Yogi Bear.

TWINKLE: I saw it in your planner. Every Thursday you hang out with
Yogi. I just assumed it was Yogi Bear.
(Lights up stage in front of the main curtain. Sparkle and Cocoa are on the
PEPPER: There they go, off to protect the toys until they are delivered phone)
tomorrow night.
SPARKLE: Alright Stan, Cocoa and I will head over to the factory now.
DANNY: What an amazing sight to see, Pepper. You know, when I was a (hangs up phone)
young elf, I dreamed of being one of those coveted toy soldiers.
COCOA: Can you believe that? I've never heard of the toy factory assembly
line breaking down? What are they going to do?
PEPPER: But you're not a toy soldier.

SPARKLE: Stan said that they dispatched Santa's best mechanics to fix it.
DANNY: It wasn't until my 3rd christmas that my mother broke that news Let's hope we can get an interview with one of them.
to me. I was heartbroken. (sobs)
COCOA: We better get going if we want to get the exclusive.

PEPPER: Well, this is getting weird. Back to you Dotty.

SPARKLE: Exclusive? But were the only news station in the North Pole.

DOTTY: Weird indeed. Thank you Pepper. (Looks over at Danny COCOA: Let's just go.
sobbing into his hands) and now a word from a sponsors. We'll be back


BLACKOUT (Sparkle and Cocoa enter stage left and stop on of the mechanics)

MAIN CURTAIN CLOSES COCOA: Excuse me but do you have a few minutes to do an on air

MECHANIC: Sure, is Dotty DoGood gonna be here?

SPARKLE: No, the interview is with us.

MECHANIC: Who are you?

COCOA: We're newsies... Sparkle and Cocoa... we've saved Christmas the
past three years?

SPARKLE: We use to work for the North Pole Press but subscriptions went
COCOA: Never mind We go live in just a second. You ready? 11 ACT TWO: Scene Eight 40
MECHANIC: Sure (Lights up on stage left apron. Dotty and Danny are starting the nightly news)

SPARKLE: We are live at the toy factory with assembly line mechanic, uh, NEWS INTRO MUSIC

MECHANIC: (says real names) DOTTY: Good evening North Pole, Im Dotty DoGood-

COCOA: Now ________, how did this happen? DANNY: -and Im Danny Drizzle. This is North Pole News.

MECHANIC: Well, the do dads came off track which caused the thing a ma DOTTY: Our Santa sendoff countdown is down to just one day!
bobs to become loose.
DANNY: Thats right, tomorrow is the big day and we're all so excited!
SPARKLE: Wow, it sounds so technical. How long will it take to fix?
DOTTY: Our beautiful opening credits was shot by our talented newsies,
MECHANIC: It's already done. Were some of the best mechanics in the Twinkle and Cocoa. Wasnt that night sky beautiful Danny?
DANNY: Yes, it is Dotty.
COCOA: This is the first breakdown in North Pole history, is it not?
DOTTY: Our first story tonight comes to us from Main Street where are street
MECHANIC: That's correct. reporter, Pepper is waiting for the start of the annual march of the toy
SPARKLE: Is there anything else you would like to say?
DANNY: Yes, a tradition here in the North Pole. Every Christmas eve eve, our
MECHANIC: Uh, Hi Mom! toy soldiers march to Santas sleigh to guard the presents until Santa takes
COCOA: Well you heard it here first. The toy assembly line is up and running
thanks to these mechanical genius. Back to you Dotty and Danny. DOTTY: Lets send it out to Pepper.

SPARKLE: Thanks for your, uh, fascinating, interview. (Main curtain opens to Main Street)

MECHANIC: No problem. Hey guys wait up! Save some coco for me! PEPPER: Hello Dotty, I'm on Main Street awaiting the arrival of the toy
COCOA: Come on Sparkle. I just got a text from Tinsel. Were to meet at the
station. DOTTY: What can you tell us about the selected toy soldiers?

SPARKLE: I wonder what our next assignment will be.

PEPPER: This year seven were hand selected by the big man himself to be
the protector of the gifts the highest honor for a toy soldier.
PEPPER: Here they come!
ACT TWO: Scene Seven 39 ACT ONE: Scene Six 12
(Main curtain opens to Main Street, Twinkle and Cocoa are seen looking up at (Lights up on stage right apron. Stan is talking with Tinsel and Suzy)
the Sky)
STAN: This is a fiasco. What are we going to do?!
TWINKLE: Wow, I dont think that Ive ever seen this many stars before!
TINSEL: Calm down. We'll figure it out.
COCOA: Me either!
(All Newsies enter in front of main curtain from stage left)
TWINKLE: Look theres the North Star!
SUZY: Thanks for coming in ladies. Stan and Tinsel just got a breaking news
COCOA: Its real name is polaris story and they're completely freaking out.

TWINKLE: Polaris? Like North.. Pole. SNOWFLAKE: What is it?

COCO: Yep! SUZY: Better let them explain. (To Tinsel) The newsies are here.

TWINKLE: I didnt know that! Look, its the big dipper. STAN: We have a breaking news story but Dotty and Danny are stuck in the
snow. I need on air anchors and street reporters pronto.
COCO: Actually, its Ursa Major.
SNOWFLAKE: So what's the problem? We can fill in for Dotty and Danny.
TWINKLE: Whos Ursa?
STAN: Those are some big shoes to fill ladies. Who is up for the challenge?
COCO: Its the name of the big dipper.
TINSEL: Here's what we'll do. Snowflake and I will fill in for Dotty and Danny.
TWINKLE: Oh. Youre so smart Coco. with Pepper, Twinkle and Jingle on the scene.

COCO: Well, we better head to the station and get this footage to Stan. They PEPPER: I don't know if that's a good idea. I was horrible last time.
want to use it for tonights opening credits.
TINSEL: You'll be great! Just relax and be yourself.
TWINKLE: Alright, lets go. Bye Ursa.
JINGLE: Wait, what is the breaking news story? Santa's sleigh is broken, not
(newsies exit) enough presents for everyone, a reindeer can't fly, a rogue elf stealing letters
to santa?
STAN: Much worse. I- I- I can't even bring myself to say the words.
MAIN CURTAIN CLOSES TINSEL: Stan, pull yourself together. There's a coco spill down main street
TWINKLE: Not the Coco! 13 STAN: The three of us. 38

STAN: (sobs into hands) SUZY: Really?!?

SUZY: We only have a few minutes until we go live. I suggest that you all get TINSEL: Of course! We couldnt have done all of this without you!
STAN: All right. Now back to work!
TINSEL: Right. Snowflake, come with me. Pepper, Twinkle and Jingle head
TINSEL: Suzy, what do we have on the docket for tonight's broadcast?
to main street.

SUZY: Twinkle and Coco are out getting footage of the amazing night sky for
SPARKLE: What about us?
our opening credits, Pepper is out on assignment for the march of the toy
TINSEL: Head to the Christmas Tree lighting on 1st street. People will need a soldiers, Oh, and i'm following up on the lead of a hip hop elf crew.
pick me up after we tell them that all of the coco has spilled.
TINSEL: Great! Lets head to the studio to get ready.
COCO: We're on it! Good luck guys!
SPARKLE: Youve got this Pepper!

TINSEL: Come on Stan. Let's go get ready.

(All exit)


Lights up on stage left apron


SNOWFLAKE: Good afternoon, Dotty and Danny are stuck in the snow, so
Tinsel and I are here to bring you breaking news.

TINSEL: There's been a massive coco spill on main street. On the one hand
we don't have any cocoa but on the other the heat from the cocoa is starting
to melt the 7 feet of snow the we accumulated the other day.

SNOWFLAKE: Our street reporters Pepper, Twinkle and Jingle are on the
scene as cleanup efforts are underway.
37 TINSEL: Jingle, what is the current mood on main street? 14
ACT TWO: Scene Six
(Lights up on stage right apron. Stan, Tinsel and Suzy are going through the JINGLE: (from center stage with Pepper and Twinkle) The mood is somber.
ratings and reviews on a laptop) On our way down here we witnessed elves comforting their distraught
STAN: Im so nervous. What if we've only had one viewer! Well be finished.
SNOWFLAKE: Pepper, Any word on when the coco will be cleaned up and
TINSEL: I doubt we only have one viewer. Just be patient, the ratings should
most importantly replenished?
be in any minute.
PEPPER: (Looks at note cards, Twinkle gives her a nudge) Um, uh... (throws
SUZY: There in!
notes cards on the ground) The official word is not until tomorrow, but the
community is rallying and we may see clean up finished as early as this
STAN: I cant do it. You read them Tinsel!
TINSEL: Ok. hmm, lets see Oh!
TWINKLE: The main priority is cleaning up this molten mess and then efforts
STAN: Is that a good oh? will turn to replenishing the cocoa supply. It's going to be a rough 24 hours but
we elves are strong and we'll get through this together.
TINSEL: Ok Interesting...
HOLLY: (runs up to newsies) Its gone! Its all gone!
STAN: Oh boy, they hate us! Im ruined!
JINGLE: Tell us how youre feeling in the wake of this unspeakable disaster.
SUZY: Just let her finish.
HOLLY: There are no words.
TINSEL: (closes laptop) Well,
JINGLE: Can you try describe what happened here?
SUZY: Just say it before Stan has a heart attack!
HOLLY: I was next in line, at the Cocoa Bean cafe, when suddenly there was
TINSEL: They LOVE us! a loud noise.

STAN: YES!!!! PEPPER: Can you describe the noise?

TINSEL: and my newsies are a big hit! HOLLY: Bang, crash, creek, ect

STAN: It seems like we make a great team TWINKLE: Oh my!

(suzy looks down and seems upset) JINGLE: What happened next?

HOLLY: None of us knew what had happened and so when the barista went
to make my drink, there was nothing.
15 ACT TWO: Scene Five 36
PEPPER: Nothing?
(Main curtain opens to Main Street. Carols Christmas Carolers are seen
HOLLY: Nothing!! No cocoa! Nothing!


JINGLE: When did you notice the chaos outside of the cafe?

(After the song, the lights go up on stage left apron where Dotty and Danny
HOLLY: I heard a high pitched scream. Ill never forget that scream for as
are giving the news)
long as I live. Then we all ran outside and thats when we saw it.

DOTTY: Wasnt that exciting!

TWINKLE: What was it?

DANNY: Talk about getting in the Christmas sprite.

HOLLY: The cocoa! All of the hot cocoa was now a massive river down main
DOTTY: Its true, nothing says Christmas spirit better than Carols Christmas
Carolers, uh, caroling.
JINGLE: Like, the Nile?

DANNY: Well said Dotty. Coming up after the commercial break is a live look
TWINKLE: No, she knew it was real. She could see it with her own two eyes!
into the Peppermint Patty's rehearsal for the big Santa sendoff.
PEPPER: I cant imagine what you must have felt in that moment.
DOTTY: Stay with us.
HOLLY: It was awful. (sobbing on Jingles shoulder)
JINGLE: Back to you Tinsel and Snowflake.

SNOWFLAKE: Stay with us for updates on the Cocoa Commotion of 2017.

STAN: and we're out.

(Blackout center stage, main curtain closes.)

STAN: You guys were great! Thanks Tinsel for stepping in and saving the

TINSEL: What can I say. I've got a lot of experience in that department.

STAN: You know, I could use another producer here at North Pole News.
PEPPER: Thats a lot of dolls. 35 16
TINSEL: Really?! Uh, I mean, really? That sounds great.
TWINKLE: Thats a lot of kids.
SUZY: Congratulations Tinsel! You were great!
SNOWFLAKE: There you have it North Pole, the top 6 toys of 2017. Back to
you Danny and Dotty. TINSEL: That's producer Tinsel to you.

PEPPER: That was fun! So, uh, do we get to keep the life size toys? BLACKOUT

ALL: Oh Pepper.

ACT ONE: Scene Seven 17 34
ACT TWO: Scene Four
(Main curtain opens to 1st street, Sparkle and Coco are there ready to report.)
(lights up on all of the Newsies are in front of the main curtain)
COCOA: Hello Dotty and Danny, it's great to have you back in the studio.
SNOWFLAKE: Alright, are you all ready? Great, were about to go live. (holds
Sparkle and I are here at the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.
finger up to Ear piece) Thank you Danny. We're here in the VIP room at
SPARKLE: First up on the program is Carol's Caroling Christmas Carolers. Santas toy factory, unveiling the top 6 requested toys of 2017.
Their angelic voices have been a staple of the tree lighting ceremony since
JINGLE: First up, we have number 6 on our list, the classic teddy bear. What
Santa was a young boy. Our source, Mrs. Claus, tells us that they're one of
child hasnt received a Teddy Bear from Santa? This year Santa received 4.3
his favorite North Pole traditions.
million requests for teddy bears, down from 5.1 million last year.
COCOA: It looks like they're about to begin. Let's listen in.
PEPPER: Up next is our number 5 toy, a Jack in the Box. It's been 12 years
THERE'S STILL MY JOY SONG since Jack in the Box has made the list but with 5.2 million requests this year,
its obvious that this classic is making a comeback. I actually had no idea
SPARKLE: Wow, wasn't that beautiful. what a jack in the box was until today and they're awesome!

COCOA: Up next in the tree lighting ceremony is the famous dance team the SNOWFLAKE: Im super excited for the number four toy, a princess doll.
Poinsettias! While we combined the requests for any princess doll, such as Ariel or Belle,
the numbers are still staggering. Princess toys ranks number four with over
POINSETTIAS ROCKETTE DANCE 6.3 million requests.

SPARKLE: That was flawless. The Poinsettias never disappoint. One could TWINKLE: Number three is a first timer on the list. A super hero action figure.
say that they're always on point. With a combined total of over 10 million requests. This number included
requests for any super hero action figure, like super man, spiderman or my
COCOA: Let's take a moment to admire this years tree. favorite Wonder Woman.

SPARKLE: Only the best for Santa! SNOWFLAKE: Wow, thats impressive. I wonder whats next.

COCOA: It took all nine reindeer and 47 elves to transport this beauty. SPARKLE: Number two, with over 13 million requests, is one of my favorites,
a GI Joe figurine. Fun fact, GI Joe has made our list every year since it was
SPARKLE: Wow, thats a that's a new record. Last year it only took Dancer, first introduced to the world in 1964. Just goes to show that some toys never
Dasher and 10 elves. The committee out did themselves. go out of style.

COCO: That leaves with with our number one requested toy of 2017, a doll.
COCOA: Well, that wraps up this years event. From the 1st street Tree
Whether it was a baby alive, an american girl doll or just a classic baby doll,
Lighting Ceremony this is Coco-
the Doll has maintained its number one spot for the past 13 years. 2017
SPARKLE: -and Sparkle! raked in a record number of requests for at over 20.2 million.
DOTTY: Dr. Fitzherbert, we see the aurora borealis every night here at the 33 COCOA: Back to you Dotty and Danny. 18
north pole. Can you tell us what makes tonight special?
ELLA: The magnetic force that we predict for the North Pole tonight make it a
prime opportunity for more energy and more photon to be released. MAINCURTAIN CLOSES

DANNY: That means that, uh, umm.

DOTTY: That the light will be brighter then normal. Is that correct doctor?

ELLA: Yes, it is.

DANNY: Thank you Dr. Fitzherbert for your very technical explanation of the
Northern Lights

ELLA: Aurora Borealis

DANNY: Right. Let's turn to the main street traffic cam and watch this
scientific art


ACT ONE: Scene Eight 19 DOTTY: Good evening North Pole. Im your Lead Anchor Dotty DoGood- 32
(Lights up on stage left apron.North Pole News is about to start.)
DANNY: -and Im Danny Drizzle. Our lead story tonight is the Northern Lights.
NEWS INTRO MUSIC While the Northern lights are nothing new to the North Pole, tonight they'll be
the brightest theyve been in 100 years. We have Dr. Ella Fitzherbert, the
DOTTY: Good morning North Pole. I'm Dotty DoGood- world renown northern lights expert live, via Skype, from Alaska. Dr.
Fitzherber are you there?
DANNY: -and I'm Danny Drizzle.

DOTTY: It's been a crazy few days here in the North Pole. First with the blizzard, (Lights up on stage right apron)
then the assembly line breakdown and who can forget the coco commotion of
2017. ELLA: Yes, I'm here Danny. I would first like to correct you. The correct term
to describe the natural electrical phenomenon characterized by streamers of
DANNY: Our countdown to Santa's light off is down to just 9 days left! There's still
color in the sky is aurora borealis.
a ton of preparations left and well be there every step of the way giving you the
inside scoop.
DANNY: Oh, my apologies doctor.
DOTTY: Let take a look at the main street traffic cam. Word is coming in that
snowman from all over the north have come together for the annual snowman ELLA: No problem, it's a common mistake.
union conference.
DANNY: What can you tells us about a-roar-oh bor-mi-

ELLA: Aurora borealis.


(Lights up on stage left apron) DANNY: Right.

DOTTY: Just look at all of those cute buttons and top hats. ELLA: Perfect viewing zones are near the north or south magnetic poles.
This of course makes the Santa's village, my home town, the ideal location to
DANNY: Our street reporter, Jingle, just arrived on the scene to speak with the
view this scientific art.
Snowmen. Snowflake? Are you there?

JINGLE: (From center stage) I'm here with the famous snowman, Frosty. Tell me DANNY: What causes all of the colors?
frosty, I hear that youre the key note speaker at today's conference. What type of
things will be talking about? ELLA: Aurora displays are created when protons and electrons stream out
from the solar surface and slam into earth's magnetic field. This causes the
FROSTY: Oh, where do I begin. A hot topic this year is global warming but I don't
electrons in atoms to move to a high energy state. When the they drop to a
want to get into politics on live TV.
low energy state, the electrons release photon also know as light.
JINGLE: Speaking of warming, during the recent heat wave in the south east,
you lost 6 snowman this year. How will you honor them at this event? DANNY: (Looks to Dotty) Did you understand any of that?
ACT TWO: Scene Three 31 20
FROSTY: It's always heartbreaking when we lose one of our fellow snowman.
(Lights up on stage left apron. Dotty and Danny are about to get the news.
Weve put together a tribute slideshow as well as a special performance from
Stan is giving them note cards. The make up artist is touching up Dotty's
Vanilla Ice dedicating his hit, Ice Ice Baby, to our fallen brothers and sisters.
makeup. Tinsel and Suzy are off to the side)
JINGLE: It sounds like it's going to be a busy day for you. This year you are
STAN: Alrighty, our first news story is the Northern Lights. We have Dr. Ella
running for president of the snowman union. Can you tells us what type of
Fitzbebert skyping in her interview from Alaska. Danny, why dont you take
changes we can expect to see if you win?
point on this one.
FROSTY: Thats a great question, Snowflake. My main objective is snowman
DOTTY: Wait a minute. I always have the first news story. I am the lead
safety. If I win the election my first order of business will be a text alert for
anchor after all.
when temperatures reach melting levels.

STAN: Actually, youre co- anchors.

JINGLE: Interesting, can you tell us more.

DOTTY: Well, I always do the lead story!

FROSTY: As you can imagine melting is always on the mind of any snowman
and my hope with that new initiative would be to prevent it. I dont want to
DANNY: Oh Stan, just give it to her. It doesnt bother me.
watch another tribute slideshow next year.
DOTTY: See, Danny doesnt even want it!
JINGLE: Its sounds like you would be a great president of the Snowman
STAN: Tinsel, as a producer, what do you think? Union. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and best of luck in the
election. Back to you in the studio.
TINSEL: Danny does the story.

(Upset Dotty sits down at the desk)
SUZY: Now youve done it! No one stands up to Dotty. Shes the star of the

TINSEL: Danny deserves it and besides Dotty needs her ego deflated.

STAN: So Danny has Northern lights and Dotty, you have (checks clip board)

DOTTY: Weather!

SUZY: Were live in 3-2-1

ACT ONE: Scene Nine 21 30
ACT TWO: Scene Two
(Lights up on Stage right apron. Stan, Suzy and Tinsel and discussing
(Sparkle and Cocoa are seen in front of the main curtain. They are in a hurry)
upcoming new stories)
COCOA: Come on Sparkle, were going to be late.
SUZY: What about interviewing local business owners?
SPARKLE: Sorry, the line for cocoa was so long!
STAN: That's an idea for a fluff piece but we need something to really capture
our audience. COCOA: Great, should I tell the reindeer to wait for us because you had to
get cocoa? (starts to pulls Sparkle off stage)
TINSEL: What about the value of the chocolate coin going down?
SPARKLE: (breaks away) Wait a minute. Where's your cocoa?

COCOA: I don't have any.

SUZY: The demanding lists of toys from kids. (Looks at clipboard) What's a
fidget spinner?
SPARKLE: Hold on, I just realized that I've never seen you with cocoa. Oh
TINSEL: How about the ribbon factory? my goodness, do you not like cocoa?

STAN: What about it? COCOA: So what if I dont.

TINSEL: Well, the gossip around town is that they no longer use real silk, that SPARKLE: Your name is Cocoa!
they started using synthetic because of budget cuts.
COCOA: Come on Sparkle. We're late and the reindeer olympics are about to
STAN: Scandal, intrigue, hmmm. That's our story! Tinsel, inform the newsies. start. (starts to pull sparkle off stage)
Let send Snowflake and Pepper. I'll write up the story for Dotty and Danny.
SPARKLE: Cocoa hates cocoa. My mind is officially blown.
SUZY: Great Idea Tinsel but how are you going to get someone to talk?
(Main curtain opens)
TINSEL: I went to school with one of the ribbon workers, Satin. She's never
been able to keep a secret. Please look up her number in my Rolodex and set
up an interview.

SUZY: On it boss. BLACKOUT



(Lights up in front of main curtain and on stage left apron. Dotty is having her
SHORTY: Alright, whos up next? (To Newsies) Sorry guys, we're on a tight
makeup touched up and Danny is doing vocal warm ups).
STAN: Would you like to do the honor Tinsel?
TWINKLE: Hey Shorty.
TINSEL: Sure. We're live in 3, 2, 1....
SHORTY: Yes, Twinkle.
DOTTY: We interrupt this episode of Elf for an exclusive story. Our street
reporters Snowflake and Pepper, are at the ribbon factory with a current employe,
TWINKLE: I heard a rumor that the amazing Sharon Sparkle is debuting her
who wishes to remain anonymous
new song.
DANNY: She is giving us exclusive, top secret information about the scandal
SHORTY: Thats right! In fact she's next to rehearse. Would you like a sneak
thats a about to rock the gift wrapping industry.
DOTTY: It appears that a some point budgets cuts have caused the higher ups to
TWINKLE: Would we?! switch from 100% silk ribbons to synthetic. Lets go to Snowflake and Pepper with
our anonymous source.
JINGLE: Of course we would.
SNOWFLAKE: Yes, Dotty, we are here with our informant. She has been
SHORTY: Lets clear the stage. disguised for her own safety. Now tell me. When did you become aware of the
JINGLE: Now, as a special treat for our viewers, enjoy this exclusive sneak
peak of Sharon Sparkles new Christmas Eve talent show act. SATIN: One day I was loading the new spools of ribbon into the wrap-automatic
3000 and the ribbon just looked different.
PEPPER: Looked different how?
SATIN: I can't really explain but when you spend all day looking at ribbon you
JINGLE: Well, there you have it. This has been Jingle and Twinkle reporting notice things like this.
live from the Pine Cone performing arts center. Back to you Dotty and Danny.
PEPPER: What did you do after you noticed the difference?
SATIN: Well, I went straight to my boss. She closed the door and told me never
MAIN CURTAIN CLOSES to speak of it ever again.

SNOWFLAKE: Did she say why?

SATIN: I asked her and she told me the truth.

PEPPER: Of course she did. An elf can never tell a lie. It's against the elf 23 ACT TWO: Scene One 29
code of conduct. (Lights up on stage left apron. Newscasters are giving the morning news)


SATIN: Exactly, she said that the new ribbon was synthetic because we
couldn't afford to purchase real silk. (starts crying) When I think about all of DOTTY: Good morning North Pole! Im Dotty DoGood-
those presents, all around the world, with fake silk ribbons. It makes me sick
to my stomach. (takes off disguise to wipe away tears) DANNY: -and Im Danny Drizzle! Our Santa sendoff countdown is now down to
just 6 days before Santas sleigh takes off!
SNOWFLAKE: We thank you for coming forward and telling us your side of
DOTTY: Last weeks coco spill had the North Pole in a panic, but thanks to all of
the story. Well, there it is. Back to you Dotty.
the elves, who helped with the clean up efforts, we can now proudly report that
today is the day that coco is available once again.
SATIN: Aw man, do you think anyone saw my face?
DANNY: (whipping a tear) Oh happy day.
PEPPER: Umm, just the elves that were watching.
DOTTY: While Danny pulls himself together, lets check in on how the annual
DOTTY: Wow, what a scandal. We'll update you as we get more information. Christmas Eve talent show rehearsals are going. (Danny sobbing louder) Twinkle
and Jingle, over to you at the Pine Cone performing arts center.

DANNY: Great reporting Snowflake and Pepper and a big thank you to our
(main curtain opens to a bare stage with several performers practicing their acts
brave, anonymous, source for coming forward.
as Twinkle and Jingle are talking to the talent show director, Shorty. Suzanna is
just finishing up her act)
DANNY: We should state that weve reached out to the Silks and More
ribbon factory representatives and have yet to receive a reply.
SHORTY: Great job Suzanna. Let's see. (Checks clipboard)

DOTTY: Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

JINGLE: We are here at the newly renovated Pine Cone Performing Arts Center
with Ms. Shorty Crumb. She has directed the past 6 Christmas Eve talents shows
DANNY: Elf! Yes!
and claims that this year will be the best one yet!
TWINKLE: Tell us, Shorty, what makes this year different.

SHORTY: Well, it comes down to the talent. This year we have a better variety of
acts and the talent is unbelievable. (Looking around) Abbey? Where's Abbey?

ABBEY: Here I am!

SHORTY: Its time for your sound check.

COCO: Yourself? 27 ACT ONE: Scene Ten 24
(Snowflake and Pepper are in front of main curtain talking about their new
TWINKLE: Yeah, my middle name is Christmas spirit. jobs.)

JINGLE: If you say so, Twinkle. SNOWFLAKE: Im so proud of you Pepper! You get better every single time
you go live.
SPARKLE: I guess you are the most spirited elf that ive ever met.
PEPPER: Thanks Snowflake. Youre always so encouraging.
TWINKLE: No really guys, my middle name is really Christmas Spirit. You
can check my birth certificate. SNOWFLAKE: No problem kid. That coco spill coverage was some of your
best work! Now, our next assignment isnt very exciting. All we have to do is
COCO: Oh. interviewing local elves to find out what their favorite Christmas traditions are.

PEPPER: Christmas spirit is in your heart, Suzy. PEPPER: Ah, just like the old days.

SUZY: I know it is, but I just don't feel it. SNOWFLAKE: Hey, I guess youre right.

PEPPER: I know how to get your Christmas spirit back. Come on girls. (three wind up dolls enter from stage left and walk past the newsies. They
have to keep stopping to wind each other up)
PEPPER: Those girls looked like some pretty interesting characters. Can you
imagine having to be wound up to do anything. Craziness.

MAIN CURTAIN CLOSES SNOWFLAKE: Hey! That gives me an idea!

PEPPER: What idea?

SNOWFLAKE: riveting!
PEPPER: What is?

SNOWFLAKE: Their struggles and challenges will make a great story!

PEPPER: Ok, you lost me.

SNOWFLAKE: Those dolls. We could do a segment on them. All Wound Up

PEPPER: Wow. That does sound riveting! Should we call Tinsel and give her
the heads up?
SNOWFLAKE: You call Tinsel and Ill talk to the dolls. 25 ACT ONE: Scene Eleven 26
(Main curtain opens to main street. Suzy and Tinsel are sitting outside a
PEPPER: Perfect! (pats pockets) Can I borrow your phone?
cafe talking)

SNOWFLAKE: Oh, Pepper.

TINSEL: What's wrong Suzy?

(Newsies exit stage right as main curtain opens)

SUZY: What do you mean?


TINSEL: You've been acting really weird ever since this whole news station
thing happened. Are you unhappy?
(after dance the newsies walk on and approach the dolls as lights fade out
and Main curtain closes)
SUZY: I'm not unhappy. It's just that, uh, never mind it's nothing.

TINSEL: It's not nothing. Tell me.

SUZY: Ok, It's just that since we're not saving christmas or traveling around
the world, well, I don't feel the Christmas sprite.

TINSEL: I know it's different this year, but youve to look at all of the amazing
things weve been doing. We get to be in the North Pole during Christmas
time. How can you not feel the Christmas sprite?

SUZY: I don't know. I just don't.


(Newsies enter during song)

SNOWFLAKE: I'm sorry you aren't feeling the Christmas spirit Suzy.

TWINKLE: How sad.

SPARKLE: When I dont feel the Christmas spirit, I think about Santa and all
of the joy he brings.

COCO: I think about books, lots and lots of books!

TWINKLE: I think about myself.