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Olavo de Carvalho
Dirio do Comrcio, December 17, 2009

The most obvious thing about the analysis of history and society is that when
a situation changes very much, you can no longer describe it with the same
concepts as before: in order to account for unheard-of facts, not classifiable
under known categories, you have to create new concepts or perfect the old
ones through criticism.

With the stage of implementation of world government already in full swing,

it is pathetic to notice that political analysts, whether in academia or in the
media, continue to offer the public analyses based on the old concepts of
national state, national power, international relations, free trade,
democracy, imperialism, class struggle, ethnic conflicts, etc., when it
is clear that none of those bear any great relation to the facts of the world of

The most basic events of the last fifty years are: first, the rise of the globalist
lites, detached from any identifiable national interest, and engrossed in the
building up not only of a world state, but of a unified and entirely artificial
planetary pseudo-civilization, conceived not as expression of society, but as an
instrument for the control of society by the state; second, the fabulous
advancements of the human sciences, which have placed in the hands of

those lites means of social domination never dreamed of by tyrants of other


Many decades ago, Ludwig Von Bertalanffy (1901-1972), the creator of

general systems theory, aware that his contribution to science was being used
for undue purposes, already warned, It is perhaps the greatest danger of the
systems of modern totalitarianism that they are so alarmingly up-to-date not
only in physical and biological, but also in psychological technology. The
methods of mass suggestion, of the release of the instincts of the human beast,
of conditioning and thought control are developed to highest efficacy; just
because modern totalitarianism is so terrifically scientific, it makes the
absolutism of former periods appear a dilettantish and comparatively harmless

In his 1998 book, L'Empire cologique: La Subversion de l'cologie par le

Mondialisme (The ecological empire: the subversion of ecology by globalism),
Pascal Bernardin explained in greater detail how the general systems theory
has been used as a basis for the construction of a world totalitarian system,
which in the last ten years has definitively gone from blueprint to patent
realitya reality which is clear to all but those who do not want to see. Von
Bertalanffy, however, did not refer only to his own theory. He speaks of
methods, plural, and ordinary citizens of democracies cannot even have an
idea of the plethora of scientific resources now at the disposal of the new
lords of the world. If von Bertalanffy had to mention names, he would not
omit Kurt Levin, perhaps the greatest social psychologist of all times, whose

Tavistock Institute, in London, was founded by the global lite itself in 1947
with the only purpose of creating means of social control capable of
reconciling the permanence of formal legal democracy with the total
domination of the state over society.

Just so you can have an idea of how far all this goes, the educational programs
of almost all nations of the worldwhich have been in force for at least
twenty years noware determined by homogeneous rules directly imposed by
the United Nations, and calculated not to develop childrens intelligence or
conscience, but to make them docile, easily shapeable, morally characterless
creatures, ready to adhere enthusiastically and without discussing to any word
of command which the global lite may deem useful to its objectives. The
means used to achieve this are non-aversive control techniques conceived to
make their victim not only feel as if he acts of his own free will when he yields
to impositions from authority, but also develop an immediate reaction of
irrational defense to the mere suggestion that he should critically examine the
subject in question.

It would be euphemism to say that mass application of such techniques bears

influence on public education programs: these techniques are the whole
content of current schooling. All disciplines, mathematics and science
included, have been reshaped to serve psychological manipulation purposes.
Pascal Bernardin himself meticulously described this phenomenon in his
1995 book Machiavel Pdagogue (Machiavelli the Educationalist). Read it and
you will find out why your child cannot solve a quadratic equation or finish a

sentence without lapsing into at least three solecisms, even though he comes
back from school bossing around like a commissar of the people, demanding
a politically correct behavior from his parents.

The quickness with which sudden mutations of mentalityof which many

are arbitrary, grotesque, and even absurdare universally imposed without
finding the least resistance (as though they emanated from an irrefutable logic
and not from despicable Machiavellianism) could be explained by the simple
school brainwashing that prepares children to accept new fashions as divine

But obviously, school is not the only agency engrossed in producing such
result. Big media, nowadays massively concentrated in the hands of globalist
mega-corporations, play a fundamental role in dumbing down the masses. In
order to achieve this, one of the most widely employed techniques nowadays
is cognitive dissonance, a discovery made by psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-
1989). See how it works. If you read todays newspapers, you will see that
Tiger Woods, the golf champion, one of the most beloved citizens of late, is
now under heavy attack by newspapers and TV news shows because the poor
man has been found to have a mistress. Scandal! Horror! General indignation
threatens to drop half of the adulterers sponsorship deals and strike him out
of the list of the beautiful people who appear on advertisements for
sneakers, bubble gums, and miracle-diets. But here there is a detail not to be
missed: just beside the protests against the sportsmans immorality, there are
fierce attacks on right-wing extremists who do not accept abortion, gay
marriage, or the inducing of children to premature sexual delight. The two

moral codes, mutually contradictory, are simultaneously offered as equally

obliging and sacrosanct. Excited and impelled to all kinds of sexual
debaucheries, while at the same time threatened with character assassination
in case he may practice them even in a modest degree, the anguished citizen
reacts through a kind of intellectual breakdown, becoming a servile fool who
no longer knows how to orient himself and who begs for a voice of command.
The command can be empty and meaningless, as for example Change!, but
when it is uttered, it always sounds like a relief.

Blaming scientists for such state of affairs is as idiotic as pinning the blame for
murders on weapons. Men like von Bertalanffy, Levin, and Festinger created
instruments that can serve both the building up of tyranny and the
reconquest of freedom. It is we who have the obligation of taking away those
weapons from the hands of its monopolistic holders and learning to use them
for the opposite purpose, freeing our spirit instead of allowing it to be