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Chapel Perilous
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place "souls" go after leaving
their robot bodies...while
these bodies are still alive
and walking the planet's CHAPEL PERILOUS is
surface. Also known as "The an initiatory phase
Dark Night of the Soul." It
relates to post-Factor X marking the transition
activities in that both refer to between the first four
"out-of-body" states. intelligences and the
However, CHAPEL
PERILOUS is where souls go
latter four.
when they are lost and
Factor X communications refer to how souls are found. Can also
be seen as a negative activation of the "neurosomatic circuit,"
which is endured for as long as it takes the neophyte to effect a
positive activation, or permanent body rapture.—From The Game of Life
by Dr. Timothy Leary

Cybercraft Relationships of the Circuits

Switching Gears into the Programming Circuits: Circuit Five Relationships

Circuit Five is the most important of the upper circuits for the novice

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MEME : Chapel Perilous

CyberNaut. Antero Alli refers to Circuit Five as Chapel Perilous. When the
novice first ventures through the previous Circuits they form stable
relationships between themselves and their world. However Circuit Five has
the tendency to change previous programming. This Circuit upsets the apple
cart. A seemingly instantaneous realization occurs that things aren't what
they really seem to be. Now everything is in doubt. Nothing is sure. Only the
brave and mature should venture into Chapel Perilous. But as can readily be
seen, life seems to propel us into Circuit Five whether we are ready or not.

Circuit Five is the Holistic Neurosomatic circuit. Circuit Five conflicts

arise over what it takes for the individual to feel good. This circuit is the first
attempt at taking control of one's own life. Knowledge based upon the holistic
integration of the previous circuits enable the Cybernaut to proceed smoothly
through times of personal and social stress. All lower and upper circuits can
be processed with this circuit. If it's not fun why do it? Circuit Five is the
springboard into the other upper circuits. And through Circuit Five we can
take that long first step toward understanding and achieving our short and
long term goals.

Rituals should be written that include Circuit Five inflections for all other

A review of Angel Tech

A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection by Antero Alli

What I found to be the most compelling part of Angel Tech was the section
called Chapel Perilous, which could've been expanded on and rewritten as
another book altogether. For those acquainted with Robert Anton Wilson's
Cosmic Trigger, the mention of Chapel Perilous should ring hell's bells.
According to Alli, the Chapel is a "place where souls go after being catapulted
out of their bodies, groping aimlessly for their other half... while their bodies
remain alive, on automatic, walking the planet" (paraphrased). This section of
the book explores the process of "Initiation as creative response to the shock
of the unknown." It is presented dramatically as Eight Sermons told to a
congregation of lost souls by a priest that is vaguely reminiscent of the
Sermons of the Dead in the back of Carl Jung's book, Memories, Dreams and
Reflections. Sermon titles include: Fatal Romantics, Suicide and Free Will,
Heaven and Hell, The Crucifixion... among others. Chapel Perilous is not a
pretty place to be and Alli looks through its stained glass, darkly.

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MEME : Chapel Perilous

CyberCraft Chapter 3: Darkmoor

Between the lower and upper circuits lies a place of uncertainty and
fear. It has many names but the Cybernaut refers to this place as Darkmoor.
When the individual, through life's events or dedicated study, learns of the
existence of newer, better states of mind there typically follows with a time of

Why do I feel this way? Am I crazy? Will I get in trouble? What about my
family and friends? Will they shun me? What if they do? These are all typical
questions we ask ourselves. Mine was "Am I demon possessed?" Unfortunately
some 10 years ago I struggled against the flow. I fought myself in Darkmoor. I
became a victim of my own fearful projections. I became obsessed with the
fear of demonic possession. I was trapped in Darkmoor for ten long years.

We feel comfortable in our four circuit lives. Yet some internal pressure
drives us onward toward newer lands. CyberCraft teaches us that what drives
us is into Darkmoor is our genetic heritage. This is something we are
completely unable to constrain or withhold. Struggling against it is about as
effective as the young teen struggling against their awakening sexuality. And
indeed ignoring the arousal brings on increased states of emotional dis-ease.

Many of the neo-Pagan aficionados have already experienced this time of

uncertainty and proceeded. Goddess religion helps us to realize that circuit
two and four religious establishments are incomplete because they neglect
the body and mind as one unified entity. The universal processes of life
reminds us of that unity.

Darkmoor is not a bad place really. It is a time of trying. A time of using new
mental and emotional muscles; stretching old ones to newer limits; and of
growing new links to the Matrix, Patrus, Lady and Lord. For some folks it is a
time of joy and discovery. For others Darkmoor is indeed very dark.

CyberCraft Chapter 8: Sharing Bio-circuit Experiences

Bio-Circuit 5 Experiences

I have had some very wonderful experiences with the upper 4 circuits.
Some of this may sound threatening but I hope not too much.

Between circuits [4] and [5] is a place I call Darkmoor. Antero Alli terms it
Chapel Perilous... Darkmoor is the region of doubt we experience when we
begin to notice the upper 4 circuits. Some, perhaps most of us, start thinking
that we are betraying our parents, sometimes our peers, and perhaps

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MEME : Chapel Perilous

ourselves when we modify our lifestyles toward circuit 5. After all most of us
were taught from early on that we had to "work hard" to live. Circuit 5 lets us
know that we can enjoy ourselves, even be a little lazy when we need, or
when we want.

The upper circuits do somewhat parallel the lower circuits. The bodily
feel goodness of circuit 1 is paralleled and amplified in circuit 5. For most
people life can be good, for some it can be great, yet others live fantastic
lives. Generally when we learn not to fight ourselves, our general need to feel
good and be happy, we learn to live well.

Akashic Record Player (Remix)


Place: The High Court Council of CHAPEL PERILOUS

Time: The Great Collapse

Ominos...dominos...eye, nose and ears know...NOBODY KNOWS... In Lake'ch, I

am another yourself. Order in the court! There's an odor in the court!
Welcome...welcome to Chapel Perilous! This is a most extraordinary gathering
of lost souls. Why, you all look like you've just missed the bus headed for the
1991 Materialist's Convention and...indeed, you have. Corporate mongers,
Wall Street kamikazi traders and other useful idiots ...welcome! You are all
here on trial for the same reason and that is this. Through your horizontal,
material identification you have left mercifully little space in your human
forms for a living soul.

Your passionate deification of the external planes has assured the

complete destabilization of your internal vertical connection. Since it is a
luciferian crime to turn your back on the Creator, you'll remain here in the
timeless, spaceless limbo of Chapel Perilous ...until a vertical stability affords
your re-entry into the human forms awaiting you. Your verdict is to hang in
suspense, not knowing whether or not it is too late to return. Where exactly
you shall be placed by the Creator shall be determined by the stature of the
individual crimes against your true nature. In the meantime, the jury hangs
in suspense.

"The waking process is much like a connect-the-dots

game. However, if Humankind does not first
become vertically connected, then it will not have
sufficient awareness and understanding to connect

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MEME : Chapel Perilous

the dots, much less to even know what the dots

—DR. ACTARA TREADWELL, Extraterrestrial Ambassador

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