Anda di halaman 1dari 2

1. What happens to the action man?

Its arm is broken

2. What is the condition of the porridge pan?

It is unwashed/dirty.

3. What happens to the envelope?

The gum is gone.

4. What does the phrase toothless stapler mean?

The stapler has no staple.

5. What happens to the liquid paper?

It has dried up.

6. Why do you think the starter motor remains inert?

It has broken.

7. What happens if someone uses a tyre with thread that is worn?

It is dangerous and may cause accident.

8. Why do you think the garden is overgrown with weeds?

No one uses the garden anymore/No one stays there anymore.

9. What would you do if you see a hungry stray on the street?

Feed them/bring them to animal shelter.

10. Less and less people like to go to the library these days. Why?

Because people can access to a lot of things using the internet at home.

11. What is the mood of the persona?


12. What does the person forget to send?

A stamped addressed reply/ A return letter

13. In your opinion, how can we make the chromium trim shine again?

Wash and polish it.

14. Suggest two things that can cheer the person up.
i. Share their sadness with someone.

ii. Listen to some happy music.

15. If you could give an advice to your younger self, what would that be?

Dont give up easily when there is a challenge/ Be brave/ Help people/ Dont be afraid to make mistakes/e