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Ann has lived (live) in Birmingham all her life.

Yesterday when Ann was (be) on her

way to the train station, it began (begin) to rain. She ran (run) back to get her umbrella,
but this made (make) her late for her train. When she got (get) to the station, she asked
(ask) a woman on the platform: "How long have you been (be) here, Madam?" "Not
long, the train to London has just left (leave), I'm afraid."

When Ann arrived (arrive) at the office, her boss looked (look) at her and said (say):
"You have been (be) late every morning this week. What has happened (happen)
this time?" "I have missed (miss) my train."

Have you booked (book) your hotel room yet?

No, I wrote (write) to the hotel last week but they haven't answered (not
answer) yet.

I have just had (have) my first driving lesson.

How did it go (go)? did you enjoy (enjoy) it?
Well, I didn't hit (hit) anything but I made (make) every other possible

Where have you been (be)?

I have been (be) shopping in Oxford Street. I found (find) a shop where
shoes were (be) on sale and I got (get) 3 pairs.

Have you met (meet) Angelica?

Ye, we met (meet) last year at a conference in Austria. We have stayed
(stay) in contact since then.