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1407MsM. 956 Meand Mrs. Jones Words and Music by K. GAMBLE, L. HUFF and. GILBERT = Recorded by BILLY PAUL on PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS EMS COLUMBIA PUBLICATIONS es ee ASSORTED MUSIC ME AND MRS. JONES Words and Music by K. GAMBLE, L. HUFF Slow and Rhythmic and C. GILBERT Sg 1 EERE sas a Me and Miss- es Jones we've got a Tones, Misses Tones Misses JoneyMisses Jones 2 ras ape Bao) EHH woe) i a We both know that it’s wrong, But it’s much too strong it cool now. tat Me And Mes Jones-1 onsite 32 CConyight © 1972 by Auorted Mac, 250 South Broad Stet, Philadephia, Pa. 19102 tnteratona Copyright Secured Maden US.A. “At igh: Reserved ae Ae We meet ev "ty day at the same ca - fe We got-ta be ex tra care > ful Ha thirty, I know she'll be there, holding hands that we—— don’t build our hopes too high, reause she’s got y feet (Bb bass) [_————~_ all _kinds of plans while the juke box plays our fa-vo-rite song. Me ownob- li-ga-tions and so do cob sas) DS. Come Te ae and_____ Misses Misses = = and Miss - es Miss-es = Me And Mee, Jones: 2 W4o7MsM. 32 (ab bas) time forus to be leav-ing,—— It hurts so much, it hurts so much in- = -— Nowshelll go her way (Bb Bass) 3 8 8: 3 etn Tae _—_ mor-row we'll meet the same place—— the same time, < so 3 3 Sait nae Fos 4 FR Repeat and fade (Bb Sass) ab Bas) ‘and Miss - es Miss-es | le Me And Mes. Jones-3 sao7MsM- 33 al a