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08 | power new

spinach, apple and ginger
uramaki new wagamama sushi goes round all the way!
05 | positive new
pineapple, lime, spinach,
cucumber and apple
four or eight pieces of medium inside-out sushi rolls 175 | bagel sushi
garnished with wasabi paste and pickled ginger stuffed with salmon, avocado, tartar sauce,
crispy shallots. topped with salmon tataki,
four eight avocado, roasted black sesame seeds
173 | california roll 2.25 4.50 and chives
surimi, avocado, cucumber and japanese
mayonnaise. garnished with red amaranth

176 | spicy tuna

tuna, green chillies, chives and chilli sauce. garnished with
3.50 7.00 tataki
coriander cress
eight slices of seared fish
171 | spicy ebi 3.25 6.50 152 | salmon 7.70
crispy panko prawn, chives, chilli sauce and green chillies.
garnished with chilli flakes and chives chilli-seared salmon, roe, grated mooli, chives with
a citrus ponzu sauce
177 | asparagus, avocado and cucumber (v) 2.75 5.50 154 | tuna 9.00
asparagus, avocado and cucumber garnished with mixed
sesame seeds chilli-seared tuna, mixed chillies, coriander cress,
roe with a citrus ponzu sauce
170 | chicken katsu roll new 6.95
crispy panko chicken, cucumber and japanese mayonnaise.
garnished with roasted black and white sesame seeds, topped
with yakitori sauce
hosomaki 901 | lemon matcha iced tea 2.75

179 | snow crab meat roll new 8.95

eight pieces of single filling sushi rolls with a dash of
wasabi, garnished with wasabi paste and pickled ginger
snow crab meat, cucumber and tartar sauce. topped with
fresh sliced avocado, japanese mayonnaise and black tobiko
166 | cucumber (v) 2.00
172 | volcano salmon roll
8.95 167 | avocado (v) 2.50
surimi, avocado and wasabi mayonnaise. topped with 164 | salmon 4.70
salmon tartare, orange tobiko and coriander cress. 165 | tuna 5.50 19 | banana katsu 4.25 17 | chocolate wasabi fudge cake 4.25
garnished with physalis, black sesame seeds and 15 | white chocolate and ginger cheesecake 4.25 13 | passion fruit cheesecake 4.50
ponzu mayonnaise

174 | rainbow roll

salmon, avocado and japanese mayonnaise topped with
tuna, salmon and avocado. garnished with goma seaweed five slices of raw fish garnished with wasabi paste and ginger
salad and mixed sesame seeds
150 | salmon 6.75
191 | philadelphia maki roll 7.50 151 | tuna 7.75
salmon and philadelphia cream cheese with cucumber.
garnished with chives

178 | caterpillar
tuna tartare with avocado. topped with salmon, ikura,
platters new
take-out and
japanese mayonnaise and chives
180 | mixed maki rolls 7.00
189 | prawn popcorn roll
8.95 ten pieces: two philadelphia maki rolls, two spicy ebi,
tempura prawns, avocado and sliced red peppers. topped with
two asparagus, avocado and cucumber, two california rolls,

delivery menu
popcorn prawns and ponzu mayo. garnished with mixed sesame
two spicy tuna
seeds and physalis
183 | yasai selection (v) 8.50
twenty four pieces: eight asparagus, avocado and cucumber
uramaki, eight avocado hosomaki and eight cucumber hosomaki

77 77 70 78
184 | hosomaki, uramaki and sashimi selection 14.10
twenty pieces: four salmon hosomaki, four avocado hosomaki,
four california maki rolls, four philadelphia maki rolls and four
tuna sashimi. garnished with goma seaweed salad and mixed
sesame seeds
prices include service charge and vat prices can change without previous notice delivery charge 1.75
179 186 | salmon and tuna selection 10.50
eleven pieces: two spicy tuna uramaki, two salmon
hosomaki, two tuna hosomaki, three salmon nigiri and | may contain shell or small bones | contains nuts (v) | vegetarian
two tuna nigiri

nigiri 188 | miyuki selection

twenty four pieces: eight salmon and cucumber hosomaki,
eight california rolls and eight rainbow maki rolls. garnished with
nicosia | mon-sun: 12pm-11pm
two pieces of salmon, tuna or ebi on a pillow of rice, garnished goma seaweed salad, chives and mixed sesame seeds
with wasabi paste and pickled ginger
limassol | mon-sun: 12pm-11pm
185 | wagamama special selection 27.25
161 | ebi 2.50 twenty four pieces: two ebi nigiri, two salmon nigiri, four paphos | mon-thu: 12pm-10:30pm, fri-sun: 12pm-11pm
160 | salmon 3.20 salmon sashimi, eight philadelphia maki rolls and eight spicy
162 | tuna 4.00 tuna maki rolls. garnished with goma seaweed salad ayia napa | mon-sun: 12pm-10pm
sides order one with your main dish or a few to share curry omakase our chefs special dishes fresh from the kitchen
104 | edamame (v) 3.50 111 | duck wraps new 6.00 meet the dish make it your own perfect with
steamed edamame beans. shredded crispy duck served with cucumber and spring onions, asian 86 | steak bulgogi new  15.00 87 | grilled duck donburi new  12.95
curries, but not as you know them. we have want to try something different? curry spices are best balanced with cool, tenderloin fillet steak and miso-fried aubergine served on a bed tender shredded duck leg in a spicy teriyaki sauce. served with
served with salt or chilli garlic salt pancakes and cherry hoisin sauce
a range of fresh curries, ranging from the swap your white rice for noodles clear flavours. a curry goes perfectly with of soba noodles, in a sesame and bulgogi sauce. finished with carrots, mangetout, sweet potato and red onion on a bed of sticky
mild and fragrant to spicier chilli dishes a cold, crisp beer such as ichiban or asahi spring onions, kimchee, fresh coriander and a half boiled egg white rice. finished with a crispy fried egg, shredded cucumber and spring
108 | suribachi chicken wings new  5.75 107 | goma wakame salad (v) 4.20 onions with a side of kimchee
delicious chicken wings in a spiced yakitori sauce, garnished shredded carrot, goma wakame seaweed and shredded 83 | beef massaman curry  10.65
with spring onions and mixed sesame seeds mooli. garnished with mixed sesame seeds marinated beef with sweet potatoes, portobello mushrooms and aubergine
in a mild, fragrant massaman curry sauce. garnished with coriander and fresh
raisukaree firecracker  chillies and served with a side of steamed white rice
112 | wok-fried greens (v) 3.75 a mild, coconut and citrus curry, with mangetout, peppers, a fiery mix of mangetout, red and green peppers, white and spring
tender stem broccoli and bok choi,
red and spring onions. served with sticky white rice, a sprinkle onions and red hot chillies. served with steamed white rice, garnished
84 | grilled tuna  14.50
stir-fried in a garlic and soy sauce
gyoza five tasty dumplings, filled with goodness of mixed sesame seeds, red chillies, coriander and fresh lime
74 | chicken 10.50
with sesame seeds, sesame oil, shichimi and fresh lime
49 | chicken 9.50
seared tuna steak cooked medium rare on a bed of quinoa, kale,
red peppers, red onion and edamame beans. served with a miso
cucumber and sesame seed salad, garnished with coriander cress
106 | lollipop prawn kushiyaki 6.75 79 | prawn 11.75 50 | prawn 10.75
skewers of grilled prawns marinated in lemongrass, 85 | yakitori duck  12.75
grilled duck leg with a shredded cucumber, mint, coriander
lime and chilli. served with a caramelised lime steamed and mooli salad. served on a bed of steamed white rice with asian
served grilled and with a dipping sauce katsu curry pancakes and a citrus yakitori sauce 86
101 | yasai | vegetable (v) 5.60 chicken or vegetables coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs,
114 | chilli squid 5.50
covered in an aromatic curry sauce served with sticky white rice
fried squid dusted with shichimi and salt. 100 | chicken 5.60
and a side salad
served with a chilli coriander dipping sauce 105 | pulled pork 5.60
71 | chicken 10.00
72 | yasai | sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash (v) 9.00
103 | ebi katsu 6.75 fried
crispy fried prawns in panko breadcrumbs. served with a spicy chilli
and garlic sauce. garnished with fresh chillies, coriander and lime
served with a dipping sauce
99 | duck 6.05 49 donburi
102 | prawn 5.80
meet the dish make it your own perfect with
109 | bang bang cauliflower new  3.50
wok-fried cauliflower coated in firecracker sauce mixed with a traditional dish, donburi is a big bowl of you can swap your rice with noodles or if you donburi goes well with another classic;

red and spring onions, garnished with ginger and fresh coriander steamed rice that is stir-fried with chicken, are feeling bold, stir your pickles or kimchee gyoza. complete the tradition with a cup of
beef or prawn and mixed vegetables. straight into your donburi. it tastes best if you sak
served with a pickled side mix it all together as you eat
hirata steamed buns new
two small, fluffy asian buns served with japanese mayonnaise meet the dish make it your own perfect with
and coriander teppanyaki is a big plate of sizzling noodles, our noodles are always cooked fresh. sizzling teppanyaki goes perfectly with a fresh cha han donburi 91 | teriyaki chicken raisu 10.90
113 | pork belly and panko apple 4.95 stir-fried by quickly turning them on a flat you can choose whichever noodles you juice. we think the super green or raw juice stir-fried rice with egg, mushrooms, mangetout, sweetcorn tender marinated chicken and red onions stir-fried in teriyaki
griddle. this means you get soft noodles and want in your teppanyaki; from soba to udon. and spring onions. served with a side of japanese pickles sauce. served with sticky white rice and garnished with mixed
115 | korean barbecue beef and pickled red onion 5.25 work best
crunchy vegetables ask your server for the best option
77 | chicken and prawn 9.30 leaves, red pickles and mixed sesame seeds
116 | mixed mushrooms and panko aubergine (v) 4.75 111 116 78 | yasai | tofu and vegetable (v) 7.95
35 | japanese grilled salmon 13.75
grilled salmon fillet drizzled with yakitori sauce. served with
teriyaki donburi wok tossed vegetables in teriyaki sauce, with steamed white rice
chicken or beef brisket in teriyaki sauce with sticky white rice, shredded and garnished with asparagus, coriander cress and mixed
yaki soba carrots, baby spinach and spring onions. garnished with sesame sesame seeds
ramen know your noodle soba or whole wheat noodles with egg, peppers, beansprouts, white
and spring onions. garnished with fried shallots, pickled ginger and
seeds and served with a side of kimchee and pickled red onion
75 | chicken 9.30
soba/ramen noodles | thin, wheat egg noodles sesame seeds 76 | beef 10.50
meet the dish make it your own perfect with udon noodles | thick, white noodles without egg 40 | chicken and prawn  8.85
koumi donburi new 
meet the dish our ramen is a hearty bowl of hot noodles are the heart of a ramen but the soul of the bowl is the add some crunch to the bold ramen flavours. rice noodles | flat, thin noodles without egg or wheat 41 | yasai | mushrooms, garlic paste and yasai vinegar (v) 8.10 sticky white rice with lime yakitori sauce, topped with wok-fried
broth filled with fresh ramen noodles, toppings and broth. choose from pair it up with fried duck gyoza or a plate of broccoli, mushrooms, red onions, coriander, mint, chillies and oyster
garnishes, all served in a traditional black bowl spicy | a light chicken or vegetable broth infused with chilli chilli squid teriyaki soba sauce. garnished with baby spinach
light | a light chicken or vegetable broth soba noodles in curry oil, mangetout, bok choi, red and spring 34 | chicken 10.50
rich | a reduced chicken broth with dashi and miso onions, chillies and beansprouts in a teriyaki sauce. garnished with 39 | prawns 11.75
sesame seeds and coriander
27 | shirodashi ramen new  10.25 88 | chicken 11.15
20 | chicken ramen 9.00 90 | tenderloin fillet steak 14.50
slow cooked pork belly marinated in bulgogi sauce in a rich 35
noodles in a chicken soup topped with grilled chicken, 92 | salmon  12.90
baby spinach, menma and spring onions chicken noodle soup with dashi and miso. topped with baby
spinach, menma, spring onions, wakame and half a boiled egg
pad thai
chilli ramen
21 | Seafood ramen  12.50 90
rice noodles in a tamarind sauce with egg, beansprouts, leeks, salads
noodles in a spicy chicken soup topped with red onion, chillies, red and spring onions, chives, ginger and garlic paste.
spring onions, beansprouts, chillies, coriander and fresh lime perch fillet, grilled tiger prawns and breaded perch fillet, on garnished with fried shallots, peanuts, fresh herbs and lime
25 | chicken 10.50 top of noodles in a vegetable soup and wakame, garnished with 43 | ginger chicken udon new  11.00 42 | chicken and prawn 10.90 65 | super raw salad (v) new 8.25 62 | sashimi salmon and avocado salad 9.40
baby spinach and a splash of nuoc cham dressing 45 | yasai | tofu and vegetable (v) 8.75 quinoa with mixed leaves, red onions, mooli and carrot. garnished fresh mixed salad with beansprouts, diced salmon sashimi cubes
24 | beef 13.50 udon noodles with ginger chicken, mangetout, egg, garlic paste,
with fried shallots and avocado. served with miso sesame dressing and avocado. served with sweet soy vinaigrette and wasabi.
chillies, beansprouts and red and spring onions. topped with pickled
garnished with fried shallots
ginger and coriander
22 | grilled duck ramen  11.50 64 | warm chilli chicken salad 9.00
stir-fried chicken with red peppers, mangetout, tender stem broccoli 60 | orange and sesame chicken salad 9.00
tender, boneless duck leg splashed with citrus ponzu sauce in a marinated chicken with mixed leaves, orange, coriander,
and red onion on a bed of baby gem lettuce. dressed in a sweet chilli
vegetable noodle soup. dressed with chilli, baby spinach, coriander sauce. garnished with chillies, spring onions and cashew nuts mangetout, caramelised red onions, spring onions and cashew
and spring onions
extras make your meal even better
61 | warm chilli tofu salad (v) 8.80
nuts. served with an orange and sesame dressing. garnished with
mixed sesame seeds
stir-fried tofu, aubergines, red peppers, asparagus, mangetout, 61 | marinated salmon salad 10.90
23 | coconut seafood broth  12.50 110 | miso soup and japanese pickles (v) 1.50 308 | udon noodles (v) 2.20 tender stem broccoli and red onion on a bed of baby gem lettuce. marinated grilled salmon with coconut and coriander dressing
prawns, salmon, squid and mussels poached in a coconut 300 | sticky white rice (v) 2.20 304 | japanese pickles (v) 0.80 dressed in sweet chilli sauce. garnished with chillies, spring onions on a salad of julienne vegetables, mixed leaves and red onions.
and vegetable noodle soup with tender stem broccoli and rice 305 | katsu curry sauce (v)  0.90 and cashew nuts garnished with lime, coriander and mixed sesame seeds
302 | steamed white rice (v) 2.20
noodles. garnished with chillies, spring onions and coriander cress 23 301 | plain soba noodles (v) 2.20 307 | amai sauce (v)  0.80