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r-anaicara-kta-r-narasiha- body.

It is the object of meditation of the great eva rutv stuti deva

stuti masters of yoga who have freed themselves from all anin kalpita hari
The Prayer to r Nsiha by r anaicara faults (sins). O, Lord Nsiha, please grant me Your uvca barhma-vanda-stha
(from the Rako-bhuvana-mhtmya of r merciful glance. ani ta bhakta-vatsala
Bhaviyottara Pura) prahlda-bhakta-vacas harir vir sa When Lord Hari, always compassionate to His
translated by HG Gopiparanadhana prabhu stambhe hirayakaipu ya udra-bhva devotees, heard this prayer composed by ani in
su-labho bhakti-yuktn / durdaro dua- rvor nidhya udaro nakharair dadra the assembly of Lord Brahm, the Lord spoke to
cetasm sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam him.
araya-gatikn ca / prabhur bhaktaika-vatsala You, the most compassionate, appeared in a pillar in r-nsiha uvca
anaicaras tatra nsiha-deva-/stuti response to the request of Your devotee Prahlda. After prasanno ha ane tubhya
cakrmala-citra-vttim that You placed Hirayakaipu on Your thighs and split vara varaya obhanam
praamya sagam aea-loka-/kira-nrjita- apart his abdomen with Your claws. O, Lord Nsiha, ya vchsi tam eva tva
pda-padmam please grant me Your merciful glance. sarva-loka-hitvaham
Lord Nsihadeva is easily accessible to the yo nija-bhaktam analmbudhi-bhdharogra- r Nsiha said: I am satisfied with you, ani.
devotees and punishes those who are evil-minded. ga-prapta-via-danta-sarspebhya Please choose an excellent boon, whatever you
He is the savior for those who are helpless who sarvtmaka parama-kruiko raraka want, which I am sure will be beneficial for the
desire to seek refuge in Him. When the demigods sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam whole world.
You are the soul of everything and the most r-anir uvca
of innumerable planets bow down to His lotus feet, merciful. You protected Your devotee from fire, a nsiha tva mayi kp kuru deva day-nidhe
the bright jewels from their crowns are reflected vast reservoir of water, falling from the terrible mad-vsaras tava prti-kara syt devat-pate
on His toenails which gives the impression that peak of a mountain, poison, the teeth of beasts, mat-kta tvat-para stotra vanti ca pahanti ca
lamps are being waved in front of them. Unto and snakes. O, Lord Nsiha, please grant me Your sarvn kmn prayets te tva loka-
these lotus feet, anideva prostrated and prayed merciful glance. bhvana
(in the court of Brahm). yan nirvikra-para-rpa-vicintanena r ani said: O Nsiha, ocean of mercy, please
r-anir uvca yogevar viaya-vta-samasta-rga be merciful unto me. O Lord of the demigods, may
yat-pda-pakaja-raja paramdarea virntim pur avinavat parkhy my day of the week be a source of pleasure to You.
sasevita sakala-kalmaa-ri-nam sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam May You fulfill all the desires of anyone who hears
kalya-krakam aea-nijnugn By meditating on Your unchanging Supreme form, or recites the prayer I have composed for You. You
sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam the masters of yoga become freed from all are the sustainer of the worlds.
r ani said: When the dust of Your lotus feet is attachment to sense gratification and perpetually r-nsiha uvca
served with great reverence, it destroys all the attain the topmost relief from distress. O, Lord tathaivstu ane ha vai
accumulated heaps of ones contamination. That dust Nsiha, please grant me Your merciful glance. rako-bhuvana-sasthita
creates auspiciousness for all Your devotees. O, Lord yad-rpam ugra-parimardana-bhva-li bhakta-kmn prayiye
Nsiha, please grant me Your merciful glance. sacintanena sakalgha-vina-kri tva mamaika-vaca u
sarvatra cacalatay sthitaypi lakmy bhta-jvara-graha-samudbhava-bhti-na r Nriha said: So be it, dear ani. As the
brahmdi-vandya-paday sthiray nyasevi sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam protector of the universe, I will fulfill the desires of
pdravinda-yugala paramdarea In Your transcendental form You like to crush the your devotees. Now hear one more thing I have to
sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam wicked. When remembered with careful attention, say.
The goddess Lakm is fickle toward everyone, that form destroys all sins. It also destroys all fear tvat-kta mat-para stotra
and Her feet are worshiped by Brahm and the caused by ghosts, fevers, and malefic planets. O, Lord ya pahec chuyc ca ya
other demigods. But she has engaged herself with Nsiha, please grant me Your merciful glance. dvdaama-janma-stha-
steady devotion and great reverence in the service yasyottama yaa um-pati-padma-janma- tvad-bhaya mstu tasya vai
of Your lotus feet. O, Lord Nsiha, please grant akrdi-daivata-sabhsu samasta-gtam Anyone who hears the prayer you offered unto Me
me Your merciful glance. aktyaiva sarva-amala-praamaika-dakam and anyone who recites it, will never experience
yad-rpam gama-ira-pratipdyam dyam sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam the fear of you that comes whenever you transit
dhytmikdi-paritpa-hara vicintyam Your unexcelled fame is sung constantly in the the 12th or 8th house (or cause trouble by your
yogevarair apagatkhila-doa-saghai assemblies of the husband of Um, lotus-born position at birth).
sa tva nsiha mayi dehi kpvalokam Brahm, Indra, and other demigods. By its potency anir narasiha deva
Your bodily form is the original form described in the that fame is capable of eradicating all kinds of tatheti partyuvca ha
most confidential texts of the Vedas. It dispels all contamination. O, Lord Nsiha, please grant me tata parama-santuo
ones distress like the torments of the mind and Your merciful glance. jayeti munayo vadan

ani replied to Lord Nsiha, That is good, and
felt fully satisfied, while the sages uttered the
word: Jaya!.
r-ka uvca
ittha anaicarasytha nsiha-deva-
savdam etat stavana ca mnava
oti ya rvayate ca bhakty
sarvny abhni ca vindate dhruvam
r Ka said: Any human who with devotion
hears or recites for others this prayer by
anaicara and this conversation between him
and Lord Nsiha will certainly achieve everything
he may desire.
iti r-bhaviyottara-pure rako-bhuvana-
mhtmye r-anaicara-kta-r-nsiha-
Thus ends the prayer to r Nsiha by r
anaicara in the Rako-bhuvana-mhtmya of
r Bhaviyottara Pura.
gata-r-lakm-nsihau priyetm. -
krpaam astu.
May r Lakm-Nsiha, who are within the
prime vital air (who is within r anaicara), be