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Buenos das compaeros y tutor

Cordial saludo.
Continuando con la actividad colaborativa en la presente actividad, hago envo de la carta
de recomendacin, como lo sugiere la gua de actividades y espero que cumpla con las
sugerencias del curso.

Good afternoon.
Dear Mr. Kevin Ariza.
Best regard.
We would like to introduce ourselves as the work team that your company needs to be
leader nationally and internationally, are qualified people and have extensive work
Mr. Benito Pushaina has experience and knowledge in the handling and digitalization of
data and in the education sector, besides being responsible and punctual with everything
related to his work. On the other hand, he is preparing to be even better, he studies business
administration at the open and distance national university.

I am writing to you in the most attentive way to recommend to Ena Rosa Perez
whom I have known for a long time, in which he has excelled by his excellent values such
as honesty, perseverance, tolerance, punctuality, responsibility and commitment to his
work, being a person able to achieve the goals that are proposed to always be victorious .

Therefore I have no problem in granting this letter of personal recommendation for the
purposes that the interested party, I am at your complete disposal to be contacted and
recommend the interested party if you wish.

Sincerely, Benito Pushaina Acosta.

Tel: 3127478595.