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Theory Of 108

The rosary or the mala which is used to count mantras in the Indian subcontinent has 108 beads. This specific number -108- has
been a sacred number in the Indian subcontinent for a very, very long time. This number is explained in many different ways.

The ancient Indians were advanced mathematicians and 108 could well have been the result of a precise mathematical
calculation (eg.1 power 1x2 power 2x3 power 3= 108) which was thought to have a special numerological significance.

*1,0and 8: One stands for God or Truth, zero stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and eight stands for
infinity or eternity,

*9 multiplied by 12: Both these number are considered to have spiritual significance in many traditions: nine multiplied by 12
equals 108. Also, one plus eight equal nine and nine times 12 equals 108.

*Astrology: There are 12 constellations and nine are segments called namshas or chandrakalas; nine multiplied by 12 equals
108. Chandra is Moon and kalas are divisions within a whole.

*Chinese: Chinese Buddhists and Taoists use a 108 bead mala. Which is called Su-chu. It is divided into three parts by three
dividing beads, so each division is of 36 beads.

*Dance: There are 108 forms of dance in Indian traditions.

*Gopis of Krishna: In the Vaishnava tradition, there were said to be 108 gopis or milkmaids Krishna.

*Heart Chakra: The chekras are intersections of energy lines, and it is believed that are 108 energy line converging to form the
Heart Chakra, One of them, Sushumna, leads to the Crown Chakra and is said to be the path to self-realization.

*Islam: In Islam, there are 108 names of Allah.

*Jain: In Jainism, 108 is the combined virtues of five categories of holy ones, including 12, 8, 36, 25 and 27 virtues respectively.

*Marmas:Marmas or marmasstatanas are like energy intersections called chakras, the only difference being that fewer energy
lines converge to form them. There are said to 108 marmas in subtle body.

*Meru: This is a larger bead, which is not a part of the 108 beads, and so, it is not tied along with the other beads. It is a guiding
bead, which marks the beginning and end of the mala.

*Numerical scale: The one of 108, and the eight of 108, when added together equal nine, which is the number of the numerical
scale, I.e., one, two, three ten, etc. Where zero is not number.

*Planets and Houses: In astrology, there are 12 houses and nine planets; nine multiplied by 12 equals 108.

*Power of 1, 2 and 3 in math: 1to lst power =1;2 to 2nd power =4 (2x2): 3 to 3rd power =27 (3x3x3); 1x 4 x 27=108,

*Sanskrit alphabet: There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each alphabet has a masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti.
Here too, 54 multiplied by two equal 108.

*Sikh: Sikh uses a mala of 108 knots that are tied in a string of wool, rather than beads as in other religions.

*Smaller divisions: 108 is divided, as in half, third, quarter, or twelfth, so that some malas have 54, 36, 27, or nine beats.

*Sri Yantra: On the Sri Yantra there are marmas where three lines intersect, and there are 54 such intersections. Each
intersection has masculine and feminine. Shiva and shakti qualities. Again, 54 multiplied by and equal 108. Thus, there are 108
points that define the Sri Yantra as well as the human body.

*Stages of the soul: Scholars believe that the atman goes through 108 stages on the journey after death.

*Sun and Earth : The diameter of Sun 108 times that of the Earth.

*Time :Some scholars say that there are 108 feelings, with 36 related to the past: 36 related to the present, and 36 related to
future; 36 multiplied by 3 equals 108.
With Blessings of His Holyness
Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj
This Book is dedicated to My beloved Mother Late Smt. Sudarshan
Singla, a pious lady, who have enriched my life with her love and
affection and to my younger brother Late Sh. Arvind Singla, whose
unfortunate and untimely demise has shown me the path of Vaastu and
other occult sciences.
From the start of civilization man wanted to have a place, where he could not only get shelter from the
forces of the nature, but also a place where he would have peace of mind, harmony and prosperity. With
the passage of time mans aspiration increased and after industrial revolution and the two world wars the
spiritual and ancient knowledge became a thing of past and often being termed as Old Fashioned

Structures of all types and shapes started mushrooming around the world and attention being paid to the
aesthetic aspects. New building materials started coming up, and efforts being made to get the best possible
and effective use of the space. At the same time little or no attention was being paid to follow the
principles of Vaastu Shaastra., resulting in man living in a structure which could protect him from the
forces of a nature and a place which has good exteriors and interiors. But these structures need not become
a good house as they were resulting in pain, ill health, lack of harmony, untimely death of family members,
financial losses etc.

Vaastu Shaastra is a science which has developed with the ages of experience of sages and seers. It is
found in our epics also. The principals of Vaastu Shaastra helps in avoiding these mishaps and result in
better life with peace of mind, good health and prosperity. Vaastu Shaastra is using the five elements of the
nature in a fashion so that we develop friendly relation with the invisible but infinite forces of the nature.

A couplet from the Rig Veda says as follows:- Oh God of Vaastu we are your devotees. Through our
prayer we ask you almighty for making all the members and animals living in the house free from diseases
and also give wealth and prosperity for all.

Now we have become very conscious and are making all efforts in trying to regain and implement our
spiritual and ancient knowledge in our life.

In order to understand Vaastu Shaastra and its effects in our life, several books are available in the market.
In todays life where as on one side we are very busy and having little time, but on the other side our quest
for correct and scientific knowledge has increased dramatically. Through this book an effort has been made
in this direction. The basic objective of this book is to present the principles of Vaastu Shaastra in an
effective and efficient way. For this all the principles and findings of Vaastu Shaastra have been presented
in a tabular from so that it is easy to understand. The tabular format will help the reader in getting a better
and easy understanding of Vaastu Shaastra and simplified enough to apply in their life.

I sincerely believe that by following these simple principles, all the five elements of the nature and all the
nine planets will start working in harmony and make the concrete house into a home, where unconditional
love will nurture itself.

While writing this book, I offer my obesciences to my revered Guru Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharaj and to
my family, I hope this book serves as a medium of blessed life for everyone.

Rajnish R. Singla
Vaastu Ratna
Singla & Associates
29, Model Colony, Rudrapur

Vaastu or other occult science, somebody only believes in them, only when someone is in a financial or
emotional mess, We too had couple of problems and consulted couple of Vaastu experts and astrologers,
but one can only try to believe that It was a miraculous experience, which we had with Mr. Rajnish R.
Singla, he described the actual financial, physical and emotional status exactly of most of our family
members, just by seeing the maps of our offices and residence, as if he was going through astrological
charts and reading our horoscopes. He is totally different from couple of Vaastu experts whom we had
consulted earlier, We were simply zapped on the detailed/ minutest explanation of the maps and what all
rectifications he guided to us.

One thing which was most amazing that Mr. Singla told us that, there is nothing known as hereditary
diseases, In India, people stay in their paternal homes generation after generation and due to improper
Vaastu the son suffers from the same problem, from which his father or grand father were suffering,
Vaastu should be an integral part of ones lifestyle.

He covered even the smallest details, like wall clocks, on which wall it should be placed and should be of
which colors, which plants should be grown where, whereas a general Vaastu practitioner will guide you
where in you should have your Puja Room, Drawing Room, Guest room or Bed room, a consultant can tell
you where to have your bathroom, but he will not tell you where should the mirrors be placed in the bath
rooms, the slightest of the things effect the Vaastu of your home, hence once should be very careful, he
even guide, where one should keep the show pieces or paintings of different types in the house, so on and
so forth.

I have known Mr. Singla from last 4 years, but came across this spiritual and Vaastu Expert side of him,
just last year, I believe that there is a time for everything and your destiny and karmas decide the path you
take, As you sow, so shall you reap, Destiny directs the Action of the individuals.

The Astrology, Past Karmas and Vaastu all constitute the destiny of an individual, out of this only Vaastu
constitutes 35% which is one such thing, that is in our hand, meaning controllable and one should try
his/her level best to achieve 100% marks in this subject.

Overall He is a true master in Vaastu Shaastra, I strongly recommend all the Builders and Home Makers to
consult him before venturing into any new project.

This Book Vaastu Shaastra - The Science Beyond Science, covers a wide area of knowledge ranging
from Selection of Land, soil testing to Final Mahurta of the Building. The Author Sh. Rajnish R. Singla has
explained in simple language to gain Health, Wealth, Prosperity and overall blissful life.

I personally recommend this book to the readers and wish the author all the best for the maiden endeavor.

Anuj Jain
Managing Director
Evershine Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Sapphire Stainless Steel Utensils.
Vaastu Shaastra
The Science Beyond Science
Vaastu Shaastra has a long history of over 5000 years. It started when the primeval man wanted safety
from heat, cold, wind, rain etc. Taking the five basic elements into considerations he built a house as
comfortable as possible. As the human mind developed he started studying the impact of environment on
his house as well as on his body. The science of Vaastu Shaastra developed in a logical and simple manner
so that an ordinary person could follow it. The ancient sages and seers took great pains to write the books
Vishwakarma Prakashand Vaastupadvinyas. They are considered as the most ancient books on Vaastu

Our sages and seers devoted their lives in the service and welfare of man. Though they did not live in
houses, this desire for the welfare of mankind prompted them to study scientifically the ideal structure for a
man to live in. Agnipuran, Vayupuran, Skandpuran, Garudpuran, Matsyapuran, Suryapuran etc. are some
of the books which give information about Vaastu Shaastra. The deductions were based on the scientific
method of experiment, observation and inference.

It is observed that Vaastu Shaastra is totally based on sunrays and the invisible effect of these rays. The
different colours of the rays have useful as well as destructive effect depending upon their directions; these
rays also vary from sunrise to sunset. The seven colour spectrum forming the sunrays are different
goddesses of power and are known as Parjanya, Kashyap, Mahendra, Surya, Satya, Bhrush and Nabhas
respectively. Different sages and seers studied extensively, the properties of these rays and named them
Kanchansam, Sphatic-Nirmal, Indranil, Vaidurya, Padmarag, Vajrak and Brahmatej. These seven rays are
known as Sapta Devta (the seven Gods). Therefore, even the day is divided into seven parts. Brahma
Mahurta, Usha kaal, Arun kaal, Prathasanghav kaal, Madhyanha kaal, Apranha kaal, Sayan kaal.

The early morning time, from 3.00 a.m. to 4.30 a.m. is known as Brahma Mahurta; Lord Indra is the main
God of this time. Lord Indra is the king of Gods. He is also the God of truth, destroyer of darkness and
leads to the light of the truth. Therefore this period is considered as the most auspicious period for the
worship of God. During this period the ozone content in the air is large. Ozone gives new strength to
human cells. This period is also known as Amrit Vela, because as per the scientists the Oxygen content in
the air, rises from 21% to 41%, which when inhaled, works like a boon for the human body.

Morning 4.30 a.m. to 6.00 a.m. is Usha kaal. The whole universe is filled with new vigour and vitality. The
animals and the birds start their daily routine in this period. Kashyap is the God of this period.

Morning 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. is the period when sunrays are spread everywhere. The man and the
animals start their life with new vigour and enthusiasm, Mahendra is the God of this period known as Arun

Morning 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon is the period known as Prathasanghav. The speed of work of man
increase in this period. The sun is the chief God of this time.

From 12.00 noon to 3.00 p.m. the period is known as Madhyanha. Satya (Truth) is the God of this period.
During this period sun rays are moving towards the west. These rays are not helpful to that extent for man.

Afternoon 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. is known as Apranha. The sunrays are tilted towards the west. These rays
have destructive power. Bhrush is the main God of this period.
Evening 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. is known as Sayan kaal. Nabhas is the God of this period. Men and animals
return home after the days work. The sunlight goes on diminishing and the empire of darkness spreads.

As per Vaastu Shaastra, Vaastu Shatpati that is Vaastu Purush is always in action in all types of
buildings. In Matsyapuran some very interesting stories of Vaastu Purush and his worship are narrated.

In the early ages Lord Mahadev (Shiva) was at war with a devil named Andhak. The war continued for
years. After Mahadev (Shiva) killed Andhak out of the perspiration of Lord Mahadev a great spirit
(Vaastu) originated. The spirit consumed all the blood from the body of Andhak. Still his appetite was not
satisfied. He then under took penance. Lord Shankar (Shiva) was satisfied by his deep penance and offered
him a boon. This spirit then started eating men and animals voraciously. All the mankind, demons and the
Gods were terrified by this. They went to Lord Bramha. Lord Bramha asked them to lay the spirit face
down. 81 Gods together laid down the spirit face down and sat on different parts of the back. When the
spirit begged forgiveness from Lord Bramha. Lord Bramha gave him a boon that After building a house
or any other structure, the people who worship you as Vaastu Devta and give you your share of food as
Balibhog (Part of the sacrifice) you give them all the pleasures and prosperity. However, those who start
living without your prayers and offerings, you can trouble them. This and many other such myths and
fables can be found in different Puranas Probably these stories were included in Puranas to make people
conscious about the subject which would make them build their house as per Vaastu Shaastra.

We also find reference of Vaastu Shaastra in The Ramayan and The Mahabharat. At that time the city of
Ayodhya, temples, water storages and gardens etc. were built as per Vaastu Shaastra. When Lord Rama
built the Setu (bridge) between India and Sri Lanka he took the help and guidance of Nala the son of
Vishwakarma. Nala was a great exponent of Vaastu Shaastra.

We can also find proofs of Vaastu Shaastra in the Mahabharat. The Pandavas built Indraprastha city for the
Yagna. At that time, Maya, an exponent of Vaastu Shaastra, built Maya nagari as per the instructions of
Lord Krishna. A big rectangular tank was built at the center of this city. However, it looked like plain
surface. Duryodhan thought it to be a surface and fell in the tank. Lord Krishna knew that the Kauravas
would win Indraprastha from the Pandavas with foul means. He had, therefore, asked Maya to build a tank
in the middle of the city. As per Vaastu Shaastra, a tank, well or pit in the middle of the plot or structure
leads to its destruction. Hence, Kauravas were ruined totally.

Lord Krishna was omniscient. He asked Vishwakarma to plan and design the city of Dwarka.
Vishwakarma had built all structures following the principles of Vaastu Shaastra. The whole city of
Dwarka lived happily and peacefully. As per the directions of Lord Krishna, Vishwakarma had built
Dwarka with water all around it. Both of them knew that Dwarka would sink and submerge in water after a
specific time. The remains of Dwarka are still found at that place under the sea.

Even in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa use of Vaastu Shaastra is clearly visible

The Three Elements Ruling Human Life

Element Luck Karmas In Indian Area of Controlling Factor Approx., Life
Factor Philosophy Study Portion
Time Heaven Fixed karmas Astrology Beyond control 40%
Action Man Non-fixed karmas Personal and Controllable 25%
social life
Space Earth Life birth Vaastu Shaastra Controllable 35%
Rule of Three
Triguna Rajas Sattva Tamas
Trimoorti Brahma Vishnu Mahesha
Trinity in God Son of God (Jesus Christ) Devil
Muslims Allah Paigambar (Mohammed) Shaitan (Devil)
Time Past Present Future
Light Hot Neutral Cold
Colours of Red, Orange, Yellow Green Violet, Indigo, Blue
solar spectrum
Activity Active (construction) Neutral (survival) Passive (destruction)
Feelings Love & Affection Peace Anger
Energy Movement Balancing force Inertia
Loka Heaven Moksha Hell
Mobility Movable Dual Fixed
Life Aspect Spirit Mind Body
Primary colour Red Yellow Blue
Tridosha Pitta Kapha Vata
Palmistry Mental word Practical world Basal world
Fingers First phalange Second phalange Third phalange
Atomic Proton Neutron Electron
Signs in Movable Dual Fixed
Planets Sun, Mars, Ketu Jupiter, Venus Rahu, Saturn
Houses in the Trikona (1,5,9) Kendras & Neutral Dussthanas (3,6,8.12)
Horoscope 1,4,7,10,2,11
Directions Northwest and Northeast and Southwest
southeast Brahma Sthana
Activity in the Cooking, washing Dining, study, drawing Bed room, place of rest, store,
residence clothes, servants room, storage of toilet, basement, cellar etc.
quarters, guest room, perishables, living room
animals, games etc. for youngsters etc.
Eatables Non-vegetarian and Fruits, vegetables, milk, All poisonous articles e.g. liquor,
fatty foods, roots & herbs, grains, Indian hemp, L.S.D., marijuana,
condiments, oils, hot leaves etc. cocaine, hashish, dhatura thorn
drinks etc. apple, etc.
People Politicians, dacoits, Teachers & preachers, Inactive people, no-changers
governed killers, revolutionists, students, researchers, drug-addicts, patients, confined
kings, thieves, artists, intellectuals, social & imprisoned people etc.
sportsmen etc. workers etc.
Quality Greed, worldly efforts, Awareness Unconsciousness, sleep, no
selfishness, deep desire efforts, dull mind and body.
of worldly pleasures,
no peace of mind.
Ultimate Disturbed mind, Samadhi Idiocy, death.
Result insanity.
Our Universe
The Planets & Their Relevance to Vaastu
Planet With Indian Name Distance From The Their Colour Their Number Of
Sun In Million Km. Directions Satellite
Earth (Prithvi) 149.598 Different Colour - 1
Mercury (Budh) 57.900 Green North -
Venus (Shukra) 108.200 White South East -
Mars(Mangal)Kul,Angarakh 227.900 Coral Red South 2
Jupiter(Guru) (Brahas pati) 778.300 Golden Yellow North East 13
Saturn (Shanti) 1427.000 Black South 10 (Rings)
Uranus (Prajaa pathi) 2869.600 White - 5
Neptune (Varuna) 4496.600 Silver White West 2
Pluto (Yama or Yam) 5900.00 Black South -

Planets and directions elements colour

Sun East Dark red and orange
Moon Northwest White
Mars South Bright red
Mercury North Green
Jupiter Northeast Yellow
Venus Southeast White
Saturn West Black
Uranus Southwest Black

Planets and parts of the body

Sun Head
Moon Face
Mars Chest
Mercury Hips
Jupiter Abdomen
Venus Pelvis, Sexual organs
Saturn Thighs
Uranus Feet

Planets and colors

Sun Dark red and orange
Moon White
Mars Bright red
Mercury Green
Jupiter Yellow
Venus White
Saturn and Uranus Black
Planets and elements
Sun Fire
Moon Water
Mars Fire
Mercury Earth
Jupiter Space
Venus Water
Saturn Air
Uranus Air

Zodiac sign and the ruling planet

Aries Mars
Taurus Venus
Gemini Mercury
Cancer Moon
Leo Sun
Virgo Mercury
Libra Venus
Scorpio Mars
Sagittarius Jupiter
Capricorn Saturn
Aquarius Saturn
Pisces Jupiter

The planets and the purusha

Sun Soul of the Purusha
Moon Senses and emotions
Mars Power and strength
Mercury Rational mind and speech
Jupiter Knowledge and fortune
Venus Desire and yearnings
Saturn Sorrow and
Uranus Misfortunes

Shapes and metals of planets

Planet Shape Metal
Sun Quadrangle Copper
Moon Circle Bronze/ Silver
Mars Hourglass Copper
Mercury Triangle Brass
Jupiter Ellipse Gold
Venus Octagon Silver/Platinum/White Gold
Saturn Window with four panes Iron/ Lead
Rahu Line Lead
Ketu Flag on a pole Lead
The place of the 5 elements in Vaastu (Site)
1. Water: North-East is the Jal Sthana or the place of water- if a well or underground water storage
facility (sump) is built here, then the owner of the site is bound to experience happiness and

2. Agni (Fire): The South-East is the Agni Sthana or the place of fire, hence the kitchen should be
constructed here and the fire should be lit facing the East, as fire should always be lit facing the
East even while cooking, performing a yagna or while lighting the lamp for God.

3. Earth: As the South-West is the hardest part it can be compared to the earth. The higher this portion
is in a building, the higher is the fame and fortune of the owner.

4. Wind: The North-West is the Vayu Sthana or the place of the wind. Hence, a door, window or
ventilator is to be constructed in the West in North-West, without obstruction and the owner of such
building experiences happiness, improvement in business and good friends.

5. The Sky: The sky corresponds to the middle of the building is the Brahma Sthana. It is very good if
this place is built open to the sky without any ups and downs in the middle of the Building (This
type of building might not be affordable to everyone, hence schools, hospitals, Government
buildings, Industries, apartment and big site owners can be built this way). Owners of small sites
may not find this idea feasible, hence they are advised to locate the center of the building and build
it flat without ups and downs and nothing should be built here. Care should be taken, not to place
any heavy objects here.

Characteristics of five basic elements

Element Colour Shape Taste Quality

(Tatva) (Varna) (Aakar) (Swad) (Guna)
Earth (Prithvi) Yellow Square/Rectangle Sweet (Madhur) Good
Water (Jal) White Semicircle Salty (Turat) Good
Fire (Agni) Red Triangle Hot (Tikshna) Inert
Air (Vayu) Blue/Black Circle Acidic (Amla) Bad
Ether (Akash) Not defined None Bitter (Kadu) Bad
The five elements
Element Space Air Fire Water Earth
Graphic Symbol Empty space Crescent Triangle Circle Square
Vaastu Middle Northwest Southeast Northeast Southwest
Five Senses Hearing (Shabda) Touch (Sparsha) Sight Taste Smell (Gandha)
(Roopa) (Rasa)
Instruments of Ear Skin Eyes Tongue Nose
Ruling Planet Jupiter Saturn Sun Moon & Mercury
Work Organs Speech Hands Feet Anus Genitals
Related Activity Communication Work Mobility Discard Procreation
Architectural Silence Climate Lights Plumbing Landscape
Related Acoustics Air Conditioning Lighting & Water Flora &
Technology Colour Supply Desirable
Therapy Smells
Remarks Height of building, Air temperature, Source of Scarce & Land structure,
Mental diseases, pressure & physical; shy, life foundation,
Pishacha badha, humidity, Air mental & source, local
Depression borne diseases, soul energy, growth of construction
Oxygen content Colours habitat material etc/

Elements of vedic origin in vaastu shaastra ceremonies

Panch-Maha-Bhutas Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Tej (Fire),

(Five Gross Elements) Vayu (Air), Akash (Ether)
Tanmatras Gandha (Smell), Rasa (Taste), Roopa (Form), Sparsha (Touch),
(Fire Subtle Elements) Shabda (Sound)
Gunas Sattva (Illumination), Rajas (Activity),
(Qualities & Tamas (Dormancy)
Evolutionary Powers) Form Mahat (Cosmic Intellect).
Ahankara (Ego), Buddhi (Intellect), Manas (Mind) form Chitta
Jnanendriyas Ear, Nose, Tongue, Eye, Skin
(Five Organs of Perception)
Karmendriyas Legs, Arms, Speech, Excretory Organs,
(Five Senses of Action) Reproductive Organs.
Effects of various houses in a horoscope
House Parameters influenced by specific house in horoscope
1. Personality, nature likes/dislikes, head, face, height, skin, colour, hair, rajyog.
2. Facial expressions, family, expenses, ancestral property, shares, knowledge.
3. Relatives, brotherhood, travel, voice, music, literature, reading, writing, bravery, mental
illness, will power.
4. Spouse, close friends, pet animals, material benefits, vehicle, Vaastu, agriculture, business
know-how, aesthetics, flowers and fragrance, water-related items, chest, higher education,
degrees, Godliness.
5. Education, degree, learning, culture, love, marriage, devotion, dreams, artist, art,
entertainment, theatre, racing, gambling.
6. Enemies, problems in life, sorrow, company, job, civil servant, stomach, digestive system.
7. Spouse, partnership, sexual life, kidney, lasciviousness, married life, divorce, competitors,
entertainment, art, court matters, war.
8. Death, difficulties, accidents, ancestral rights, dowry, corruption, illegal gains, Godliness.
9. Religion, higher education, temple, philosophy, progress, guru/ guide, judge, court matters,
vision, travel.
10. Prestige, fame, promotion, rights, paternal backing business, job, knee, head, sleeplessness,
social and political life, rajyog.
11. Gain, jewelry, fashion, clothes, circle of friends, returns, left ear.
12. Loss of property, financial crisis, penalty, punishment, feet, moksha sanyas, Godliness.

Selection zodiac signs of the plot and the site

If we take into consideration the four major directions of the site, the proper directions for different Zodiac
Signs are given in the following table.

No. Direction Zodiac Signs Rashis

1. East Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Brahmin
2. West Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Shudra
3. North Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Kshatriya
4. South Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Vaishya

The zodiac signs of the eight directions-

Direction Zodiac Sign Gods Effects

East Aries Indra Wealth, Pleasure of life
West Libra Varuna Rain, Prosperity, Pleasure in life all around.
North Capricorn Kuber Wealth, All comforts of life.
South Cancer Yamaha Death, Dharma, Evils and grants all good things.
North- Aquarius, Pisces Eshwar Wisdom, Knowledge
South- Taurus, Gemini Agni Beautiful personality, all the best of life.
South- Leo, Virgo Nirriti Banishes fear about our enemies.
North- Scorpio, Vayu Long life, health, strength, basic of all life.
West Sagittarius
Planets, their gods, natural powers and stotra
Planet God Natural Power Stotra and Its Source
Sun Shiva Fire Aditya Hridya Stotra (Valmiki Ramayana)
Moon Uma Water Chandra Stotra (Mantra Maharnava)
Mars Skanda Earth Mangala Stotra (Mantra Maharnava)
Mercury Narayana Vishnu (survival) Budha Stotra (Mantra Maharnava)
Jupiter Brahma Indra (leadership) Brihaspati Stotra (Mantra Maharnava)
Venus Indra Indrani (pleasures) Shukra Stotra (Skanda Purana)
Saturn Yama Prajapati Neel Shani Stotra (Padma Purana)
Rahu Kaal Sarpa -
Ketu Chitragupta Brahma -

Colour and rays

Colours Rays
Red Life
Orange Energy
Yellow Intellect
Green Harmony and Empathy
Blue Religious Inspiration
Indigo Intuition
Violet Spirituality

The three primary colors red, yellow, and blue symbolize the three bodies.
1. The Physical Body (Physical-etheric)
2. The Soul (astral-mental)
3. The Spirit (higher mental-spiritual)
Horoscope related to vaastu
Selection of the plot according to the zodiac signs and numerology

N Position of the sun Duration Beginning of Direction of Plot Nos.
o in Zodiac Sign of the Sun Birth Date Plot in Town
1. Aries 21st March to 9, 18, 27 North Total 3 or 9
Mesh 19th April 3, 9, 12, 21,18 etc.
2. Taurus 20th April 6, 15, 24 South Total 6
Vrish to 20th May 6, 15, 24 etc.
3. Gemini 21st May 5, 14, 23 West Total 5
Mithun to 20th June 5, 14, 23 etc.
4. Cancer 21st June 2, 11, 20, 29 or East Total 2 or 7
Kark to 20th July 7, 16, 25 11, 20, 16, 25 etc.
5. Leo 21st July 1, 10, 19, 28, 4, North Total 1 or 4
Singh to 20th Aug. 13, 22, 31 10, 19, 13, 22 etc.
6. Virgo 21st Aug. 5, 14, 23 etc. South Total 5
Kanya to 20th Sept. All Numbers
7. Libra 21st Sept. 6, 15, 24 West Total 6
Tula to 20th Oct. All Numbers
8. Scorpio 21st Oct. 9, 18, 27 East Total 9
Vrishchic to 20th Nov. 9, 18, 27, 36 etc.
9. Sagittarius 21st Nov. 3, 12, 21, 30 North Total 3
Dhanu to 20th Dec. All Numbers
10 Capricorn 21st Dec. 8, 17, 27 South Total 8
. Makar to 20th Jan. All Numbers
11 Aquarius 21st Jan. 8, 17, 26 West Total 8
. Kumbh To 20th Feb. All Numbers
12 Pisces 19th Feb. 3, 12, 21, 30 East Total 3
. Meen to 20th Mar. All Numbers
Shape of the plot
Shape of the plot Effects
Square plot, all corners straight Very auspicious, brings health, wealth and happiness.
and at 90 degree.
Rectangular shaped Good and auspicious. Brings all round prosperity.
Circular shaped Good for constructing circular shaped building only.
Wheel-shaped Owner loses financial status and faces poverty.
Odd-shaped Causes all types of problems and poverty.
Triangular shaped Affects progress and causes problems form government.
Bhadrasan shaped (SITTING Not good for residence. Can be used for special type of building.
Cart-shaped Causes wants and poverty, even imprisonment.
Long-bar shaped Not good for cattle shed. Cattle perish.
Damru shaped Affects eye-sight.
Visham Bahu (Disproportionate Affects health, involves inmates in court litigations, drives them to
shouldered) poverty.
Drum or Dholak/ Mirdung Loss of wife and other female members of family.
Hand fan-shaped Loss of wealth and cattle.
Pig-faced Death of brothers and relatives.
Turtle-shaped Imprisonment, untimely death, murder etc.
Winnow-shaped Mental disturbance and poverty.
Bow-shaped Fear of theft, loot and attack by enemies.
Musalakaar (Long oval type with Enmity and loss of friendship.
cut at one side)
Hexagonal Progress and happiness.
Elliptical Losses in many ways.
Octagonal Auspicious and brings Prosperity. (Feng shui also confirms this).
Pot-type Health problems & Obstacle to progress.
Singhamukh (Lion-faced) Not good for residence. Auspicious for business organization.
Gomukh (Cow-faced) Auspicious provided the roads are in Southern and Western sides of
the plot.

Projection of plot at directions

Projection in Direction Effects
North-east Health, Wealth, happiness and progress.
North-east projected towards Wealth and prosperity, peace of mind and plenty.
east as well as north
North-west projected at west Good for women organizations and politicians.
North-west projected at north Suffering of women, mental problems, Heavy Expenditure and losses
in business.
South-east extended at east Losses and harassment by government.
South-east extended at south Health problems, litigations, decline in income.
South-west extended at south Misery to women folk and sickness.
South-west extended at west Bad names to males, mental problems to women, loss of wealth.
Contractions or retractions (chopping off) of corners
Direction Effects
North-east Mars progress and prospects. Loss of children and wealth. Mental unrest and
sickness leading to unhappiness all around.
North-west Disease, loss of wealth, fear of life, and theft.
South-east Poverty and disease.
South-west Sickness of wife, mental worry and unhappiness

Closing of the corners

Direction Effects
North-east Disastrous
South-east Wealth will be destroyed and childrens progress is affected.
North-west Progress of the family will be affected leading to bankruptcy and
mental problems.
South-west Permitted without blocking the path-way.

Results of corner plots

Openings in Results
Northeast Occupants are generally healthy, prosperous and contented beings.
Southeast Causes tensions and monetary problems.
Northwest Addictions, bad thoughts, changeable and inconstant thinking.
Southwest The owner or eldest child gets weakened somehow.

Angles (degrees) at various corners of plot

Direction Effects
South-west 90 degree ideal
North-east 90 degree or less, These will ensure progress and prosperity.
South-east 90 degree or more.
North-west Slightly more than 90 degree.

Roads abutting the plot

Roads on all sides Best, Brings all the best of life-Health, Wealth, prosperity and peace.
Roads on east, north, west Wealth and prosperity and all round progress.
Roads on east, north, south Good progress in all fields.
Roads on east, west, south Good for business class and womens organizations.
Roads on north, west south Good for growth.
Roads on north and east Best one. Brings all benefits.
Roads on east and south Prosperity and happiness.
Roads on north and west Success and prosperity.
Roads on South and west Moderate prosperity.
Roads on opposite sides East Good, Main gate to be on east
and west
Roads on south and north Brings prosperity, main gate to be on north.
Approach roads (vedhi/vedh shool)-(arrow-like roads)
Four Favourable Vedhshools (Vedh Shools 1 and 2 are the best.)
1. Vedh Shool at North-east corner coming from East.
2. Vedh Shool at North-east corner coming form North.
3. Vedh Shool at North-west corner coming from West.
4. Vedh Shool at North-east corner coming from South.

Four unfavourable Vedhshools.

1. Vedh Shool at South-west corner coming from west.
2. Vedh Shool at South-west corner coming from south.
3. Vedh Shool at North-west corner coming from north.
4. Vedh Shool at south-east corner coming from east.

Buying the adjacent or opposite plots to ones existing plot or house-

Adjacent/Opposite Plots Located in Effects
North-east Prosperity and wealth
North Auspicious and all-round benefits
North-west Beneficial
South-east Accident by fire and loss by robbery
South Problems and obstacle for progress
South-west Disease and death
East Health and wealth
West Unrest and sorrow

Obstruction in front of plot

Obstruction in Front of Plot Effects
Big tree Obstruction to the progress of children
Gutter/Ditch Grief and sorrow
Open well Mental Problem
Corner of another building Mental unrest
Water drain Unwanted expenses
Pillars and posts Problems for female members
Straight street Affecting longevity of inmates
Dilapidated house or walls Affecting prosperity
Staircase railings Sadness
Governance of individuals nature by planets
S. Planet Direction Nature of family head
1. Sun East Ambitious, staunch and pious, likes bitter substances, Methi, Karela, etc.
Good health.
2. Saturn West Serious, Thoughtful, patient, cautious, tenacious, astringent, likes oily
substances, cold drinks, etc.
3. Mercury North Intelligent, Comic, brilliant, reading, writing, punctual, good character etc.
4. Mars South Bold, fickle minded, hot headed, likes oily, hot food items, etc.
5. Jupiter North- Thoughtful, altruistic and religious, studies, teaching, education, language,
East liberal, generous, frank, respectable, etc.
6. Venus South- Happy, voluptuous person, entertainment, songs, music, films, dramas &
East painting, scents, scented flowers, colours dresses, likes Curd, Cheese,
Kadhi, Tamarind etc.
7. Rahu South- Hot headed, self conceited, cunning, scheming, hot, likes non vegetarian &
West stale food etc.
8. Moon North- Fickle minded, emotional, traveling, green vegetables, fame, etc.

Directions and zones

East (Poorva or Puurab): Pitru sthaan (Manes) It should not be blocked, since it is the source of male issues.
South-East (Aagney): Source of health (Related to fire, cooking and food)
South (Dakshin): Source of wealth, crops and happiness.
South-West (Nairuthya): Source of character, behavior, cause of longevity and death.
West (Paschim): Source of name, fame and prosperity.
North-West (Vaavya): Source of change in course of business, friendship, and enmity.
North (Uttar): Maathrusthaan This should not be blocked as it is the source of female issues.
North-East (Eeshan): Source of health, wealth, prosperity and of male issues.

Every corner has been further divided into two sides each:
North-East: (1) East North East - Eastern side of North-East.
(2) North - North East - Northern side of North-East.

South-East: (1) East South East- Eastern side of South-East.

(2) South - South East- Southern side of South-East.

South-West: (1) South - South West- Southern side of South-West.

(2) West South West- Western side of South-West.

North-West: (1) West North West- Western side of North-West.

(2) North - North West- Northern side of North-West.

In Vedic Scriptures each direction is assigned to a deity (God) as follows:

1. East - Inder, the Lord of Devas.
2. North-East - Eshwar, the God supreme.
3. North - Kuber, the God for wealth.
4. North-west - Vayu, the God of winds.
5. West - Varuna, the God of Rains.
6. South-west - Nisshan or Nirriti, the demon (I consider him only as Protector, not demon.
This is as per Maha Bharat).
7. South - Yama, the God of death.
8. South-East - Agni, the God of fire.

The Properties of the eight directions

1. East: The East which is Pitru sthaan should have more open space and should be low and should
not be covered at any cost and it done so, results in the lessening of male progeny and it becomes a
house without a male child.

2. West: This place represents fame, victory and development. The West must be higher and a very
little space must be left in the western side.

3. North: The North which is the Maathrusthaan should have more open space owing to which the
female progeny is done good. Thus leaving of space is good for the ladies of the house and if this
region is covered it has negative effects on the ladies.

4. South: This place represents money, crops, bliss and peace. The South must be higher and a very
little space must be left in the South.

5. South-East: This place represents health, It should be made the cooking place and this corner
should not be closed.

6. North-West: This place represents business, mind and friendship. This corner should not be
covered and it the North-West is covered it signifies business losses, enmity and mental tension.

7. South-West: This place represents character and longevity. In the South-West if very less space
is left here, it signifies virtues, chastity, longevity and wealth, if the South-West is low and more
space is left here it results in exactly the opposite of the ones mentioned above.

8. North-East: This place represents owner, children, prosperity and health. It the North-East if
low and if more space is left here it results in good health, wealth gain and bright future for
progeny. If the North-East is higher or closed it results in lowered male progeny and brings in
Ground level of the plot
Direction Low High
East Good health, wealth, longevity, success. Loss of spouses, progeny and other member
of the familiar.
South- If lower than North-East it creates fear of fire If higher than North-East and North-West it
East and enemies. It is also bad for women and male ensures financial gains and profit in business.
South Restricts growth, Causes diseases and financial Good for health and wealth & prosperity.
South- Will be the cause for bad habits, ill health, death Ensures all round prosperity popularity name
West etc, of inmates. and fame.
West Cause ill health and loss of name and fame. Ensures all round prosperity.
North- If lower than North-East enmity, litigations. If If higher than North-East it ensures success
West lower than South-West and South-East-good. in business & ensures financial gain. If
higher, than South-West it is very bad.
North Good for health, wealth and prosperity in Ill effects all round, has to face worst
general, sphere. situation in every.
North- Ensures good health wealth, all round prosperity, Will have to face innumerable problems, and
East and popularity. the worst situations in every sphere of life.

Slope of main direction

Direction Elevation (Slopes up) Depression (Slopes down)
South Healthy, Wealthy, Prosperous Severe Ill-health and monetary problems.
North Creates miserable monetary situation. Generally prosperous and healthy.
West Gives good children and fame. Education suffers, financial weakness-Bad
reputation, Expenditure on medical bills.
East Unhappiness from children. Keeps you in fit health and makes you prosperous.

Slope of intermediary direction

Direction Elevation Depression
South- All round prosperity and health. Master, wife or eldest son becomes weak
West physically and otherwise.
South-East If elevation is more than the North-west and If lowest fires, frauds and extreme
South-east but less than South-west financial difference of opinions.
strength is obtained.
North- If higher than North east but less than South- If lower than North-east ill health.
West west and South-east general welfare and
contentment will be there.
North-East If highest, totally drains out health and wealth. If lowest, all round prosperity & health.
Slope of plot as per jyoti nibandh
S. Higher or lower in direction Name given to such a Influence
No plot
1. Elevated in south, west south- Gaj prastha (Elephant Gives wealth, prosperity and
west & north-west directions. like surface) longevity of life to Inmates.
2. Higher in the center and lower in Koorm prastha Gives elation, comforts wealth and
all sides. (Tortoise like surface) prosperity.
3. Elevated in east, south-west, Daltya prastha Causes loss of wealth, sons, cattle
north-east and depressed in west. (Demon-like surface) etc.
4. Longer from east to west higher Naag Prastha (Snake- Causes mental problems fear of
in north-south and depressed in like surface) death, enmity and harm to wife
the center. and children.

Heights and lowness of the eight directions

1. Low North-East Increased progeny, longer life, health and wealth gain.
High North-East Financial loss, ill health, negative effect on the male sons future.
2. Low South-East (Good if it is lower than the South-West). If it is lower than the North-West and
North-East a fear of enemies, fire and robbery exists.
High South-East (Not good if taller than the South-West). It does good if it is higher than the
North-West and North-East.
3. Low North-West (Good if lower than the South-west and South-East). If lower than the North-
East it indicates unnecessary enmity.
High North-West (Bad if higher than the South-West and South-East). If higher than the North-
East indicates improved business and good company.
4. Low East Wealth, health and a bright future for children.
High East Loss of progeny, ill health financial loss.
5. Low West Ill health, financial loss.
High West Fame, Victory, Fortune and improved progeny.
6. Low South-West Unnatural death, bad habits, ill health and loss.
High South-West Wealth gain, good character and improved health.
7. Low South Financial loss, Ill health and unnatural death in women.
High South Financial improvement, Health and happiness in women.
8. Low North Health in women and wealth gain.
High North Ill luck and Bad health.
Elevation of Buildings
S. High level (Elevation in Effects on owner of plot
No. direction)
1. East Loss of children
2. West Prosperity and growth of sons
3. South Good health
4. North Loss of off-springs
5. North-East Poverty, problems and loss of family members.
6. South-East Loss of wealth
7. South-West Monetary gains
8. North-West Wealth & luxury in life.
9. Central Point Aristocratic life.

Depressions of buildings
S. No Low level (Depressions in Effects on owner of plot
1. East Health, Wealth and long life.
2. West Loss of wealth & mental problems.
3. North Happy & luxurious family life.
4. South Loss of health, wealth, sons and fear of death.
5. North-East Happy and prosperous life.
6. South-East Danger of fire and enemies.
7. South-West Loss of health & wealth.
8. North-West Migration
9. Centre Continuously fighting with diseases and losing every thing.

Effect of the eight direction.

Directions Depression Elevation
East Wealth, Longevity and fame. Loss of Progeny
Southeast If lower than the southwest it augurs well, but if If higher than southwest it is an ill
lower than northwest and northeast it results in fire omen. If higher than northeast and
accidents, rivalry and criminal bent of mind. northwest it attracts riches.
South Diseases and financial constraints. Prosperity and health.
Southwest Vices, protracted illness and premature demise. Prosperity and fame.
West Loss of progeny and ill health. Increases fame and progeny.
Northwest If lower than northeast it results in rivalry, diseases. If higher than northeast, It results in
If lower than southwest and southeast and southeast success in all issues and flow of
it augurs well. wealth.
If the north west is higher than
southeast it is not a good omen.
North Always desirable as it draws wealth. Drives away wealth.
Northeast Draws riches from everywhere. Makes the resident a pauper.
Direction, deity and related energies
Direction God (dess) Energy Represented
Northeast Ish The Supreme Lord, the origin of all energies.
East Sun Knowledge
Southeast Agni Fire
South Yama Death
Southwest Nirriti Devils
West Varuna Rains
Northwest Vayu Air (Prana)
North Kuber Wealth
Avakahada chakra (zodiac- constellation- governing tree-basic elements.)
Rahi Aradhya Vriksha Elements Benevolent Tree
Nakshatra (Constellation)
(Zodiac Sign)
Mesha Ashwini (Beta Arietis) Kuchli Awali (Emblica Air
(Aries) Bharani (Forty-One aries) offi) Umber Fire
Kritika1(EtaTauri) Fire
Vrishabha Kritika1 2,3,4, (Eta Tauri) Umber Jambhli Fire Earth Air
(Taurus) Rohani (Alpha Tauri) (Syzygium Cu) Khair
Mriga 1, 2(Lambda orionis) (Prosopis ciner)
Punarvashu 123 (Beta
Mithun Mriga 1, 2(Lambda orionis) Khair (Prosopis ciner) Air Water Air
(Gemini) Ardha (Alpha Orionis) Krishngaru(Acquilaria)
Punarvashu 123 (Beta Velu (Dendro. Stricts)
Karka Punarvashu 4 (Beta Ggeminorum) Velu (Dendro. Stricts) Air Fire Water
(Cancer) Pushya (Sigma Cancri) Pimpal(Ficus
Ashlesha (Alpha cancri) religiosa)Nagchafa(Mesua
Simha Magha (Alpha Leonis) Vat(Ficus Bengalensis) Fire
(Leo) Palas(Butea monosper) Fire
Dhayari(Buxus Air
Bel(Aegle marmelos)
Kanya Uttara 34 (Beta Leonis) Dhayari(Buxussempe) Air
(Virgo) Hastha (Delta Scorpii Jayi( Jasmin auriculata) Air
Bel( Aegle marmelos) Air
Tula Chitra 34 (Alpha Virginis) Bel(Aegle marmelos) Air
(Libra) Swati (Alpha Booties) Arjun (Termindia arj) Fire
Vishakha 12 3 (Alpha librac) Nagkeshar(Mesua fera) Earth
Vrischikh Vishakha 4 (Alpha librac) Nagkesher (Mesua fera) Earth
(Scorpio) Anuradha (Delta scorpii) Nagkeshar(Mesua fera) Earth
Jyeshtha (Alpha scorpii) Samber Earth

Dhanu Moola (Lambda scorpii) Ral(Shorea robusta)

(Sagittarius) Purvashadha (Delta sagitarii) Vet Water
Phanas (Jackfruit Tree.) Earth
Makara Uttarashadha 2 3 4(Alpha sagitarii) Phanas (Jackfruit Tree.) Earth
(Capricorn) Shravan (Alpha Acquilac) Rul(Gossypium arbo) Earth
Dhanishtha 12(Beta Delphini) Shami Earth
Kumbha Dhanishtha 34(Beta Delphini) Shami Earth Water
(Aquarius) Shatataraka (Lambda Acuarii) Shami Fire
Purvabhadrapada 123 (Alpha Kalamb
Meena Purvabhadrapada 4 (Alpha pegasi) Amra (Mangifera ind) Fire
(Pisces) Uttarabhadrapada(Gamma Pegasi) Kadulimb (Azadiracta) Water
Revati (Zeta piscium) Moha (Madhuca) Water.
Gaze of vaastu purush during twelve months
Hindi Months Equivalent English Months Gaze of Vaastu Purush
Phalguna, Chaitra, Vaishakha March, April, May, June Directed Towards North
Jyeshtha, Ashadha, Shravana June, July, August. September Directed Towards East
Bhadrapada, Ashwin, Kartika September, October, November, December Directed Towards South
Margshirsha, Pausha, Magha December, January, February, March Directed Towards West

Daily movement of vaastu purush

Time Sun s Direction Corresponding Face of Vaastu Purush

Horoscope Houses
Around 6 a.m. East 1 Looking at West
Around 9 a.m. Southeast 11,12 Looking at Northwest
Around 12 noon South 10 Looking at North
Around 3 p.m. Southwest 8,9 Looking at Northeast
Around 6 p.m. West 7 Looking at East
Around 9 p.m. Northwest 5,6 Looking at Southeast
Around 12 p.m. North 4 Looking at South
Around 3 a.m. Northeast 2,3 Looking at Southwest

The Ten Directions

S. Direction Planetary Lord Directional Lord Remarks
No (Graha) (Dikpala)
1. Uttar (North) Budha (Mercury) Kuber Pole Star
2. Ishaan (Northeast) Guru (Jupiter) Ish/Soma Most sacred
3. Poorva (East) Surya (Sun) Indra Gateway to the suns rays
4. Aagneya (Southeast) Shukra (Venus) Agni Place for Agni
5. Dakshin (South) Mangala (Mars) Yama Inauspicious
6. Nairuthya Rahu (Ascending Pitar Heavy
(Southwest) node)
7. Pashchim (west) Shani (Saturn) Varuna Sunset
8. Vaavya (Northwest) Chandrama Vayu Winds entry
9. Oordhava (Upward) - Brahma Space
10. Adho (Downward) - Vasuki Below earth
Approximate standards for different rooms and amenities
S. Type of Room Floor Area (In Sq. Mtrs.) Approx. size Of room (In Mtrs.)
No Min. Max. Min. Max.
1. Drawing-room/ Living-room 12 No limit 43 No limit
2. Dining room 7 16 32.5 44
3. Bed-room 10 20 3.53 54
4. Kitchen 4.5 10 2.32 3.53
5. Bath-room 2 6 1.51.3 32
6. Toilet 1 2 1.20.9 1.51.3
7. Staircase - - 0.9 wide 1.5 wide
8. Store 4 10 22 3.53
9. Garage 13 20 52.6 6.53
10. Verandah - - 1.5 wide 3.0 wide
11. Passages - - 1.0 wide 1.5 wide

Symbolic use of panch maha bhootas during pooja

S. Element Hindi Related Represented By
No. Equivalent Sense
1. Earth Prithvi Smell Sweets, fruits
2. Water Jal Taste Water of sacred Ganges or from some other holy source,
cow milk mixed with curd and holy basil leaves.
3. Fire Agni Sight Earthen or metal lamp filled with purified butter and
preferably four lighted wicks.
4. Air Vayu Touch Aloe wood sticks lighted and flickering in the air.
5. Ether Akash Hearing Bell, chanting of mantras.

Selection of direction according to bodily constituent

Bodily Constituent Best Sector To Sleep Sectors To Avoid For Sleeping
Vata Southwest Northwest, Southeast
Pitta Northeast Northwest, Southeast
Kapha Southeast, Northwest Northeast, Southwest

Mutual relationship of four elements

Element Friendly Element Opposite Element Mitigating Element
Fire Air Water Earth
Earth Water Air Fire
Air Fire Earth Water
Water Earth Fire Air
Business activities governed by plot directions
Direction Planet Dikpala Energies Activities/Industry
North Mercury Kuber Sattvic rajas Banking, money-lending, educational, institutions,
(of air) speech therapy clinics.
Northeast Jupiter Ish Sattvic Preaching, courts of law, arbitration, chambers,
and religious institutions, meditation and yoga centers,
Ketu place of worship.
East Sun Indra Sattvic rajas Political party office, multinational organizations,
(of fire) business tycoons, film makers and artists, swimming
pools, public baths, sea beach for taking sunbath.
Southeast Venus Agni Rajasic (fire) Women organizations, industries working in the
field of light and energy, antique shops, food
processing industries, coffee shops.
South Mars Yama Rajasic (fire) Industries using heat; fire and metals on a large
tamas scale, violent games such as football; archery and
karate, free style boxing.
Southwest Rahu Pitar Tamasic Industries manufacturing poisonous drugs and
chemicals, leather industries, stone sculpture, wood
work, ivory work, mortuary and items required for
performing the last rites, places of rest such as night
West Saturn Varuna Rajasic (air) Laboratories, research institutes, detective agencies,
tamas petroleum and mining industries, eating plazas,
antique shops.
Northwest Moon Vayu Rajasic (air) Audio and music parlours, beauty culture saloons,
pet animals, dairies, car showrooms, vehicle service
centers, air-conditioning.

Good months and bad months for starting construction and their results
Following months (period) are considered the best, Dates 14th of the month to 13th of month following.

Period Effects
Maagha (January to Feb.) Inauspicious
Palghun (Feb. to March Gain and wealth
Chaitra (March to April) Inauspicious
Valshaka (April to May Good and auspicious
Jaistha (May to June) Inauspicious
Aashad (June to July) Inauspicious
Shravan (July to August) Welfare of familiar
Bhadrapad (August to September) Inauspicious
Ashwin (September to October) Inauspicious
Kartik (October to November) Inauspicious
Tithis for starting of construction

Tithis Effects
Pradipada (1) Poverty
Dwutia (2) Considered good
Tritiya (3) Considered good
Chaturti (4) Loss of wealth
Panchami (5) Considered good
Shasti (6) Considered good
Saptami (7) Considered good
Ashtami (8) Obstruction of Progress
Navami (9) Loss to crop; sorrow
Dashami (10) Considered good
Ekadashi (11) Considered good
Dwadashi (12) Considered good
Tiriyodashi (13) Considered good
Chaturdashi (14) Harm to women folk, loss, disappointment
Amavasya Fear of Government/Administration
Poornima (Full Moon day) nothing should be started

Beginning of construction and the days

Name of days Effects
Sunday Fear of Fire
Monday (Shukha Brings happiness and prosperity,
Monday (Krishan Should not start the work at all.
Tuesday Bad Effects, Fear of Fire and Death.
Wednesday Gain in wealth and richness, happiness, family, welfare etc.
Thursday Long life, happiness & children will attain name and fame.
Friday Peace of mind, progress and prosperity
Saturday Bad results, even if the life of building will be long, life of inmates will be full of
sorrows, debt, misery, laziness and other bad effects.
Plot testing/ selection criteria.
1. There should be no demolished building, Tomb, Grave, crematoriums or cemetery near the plot.
2. In the middle of the plot (Brahma Sthaan), dig a cubical pit of size 2ft. X 2ft. X 2ft. then refill the pit
with exactly the same mud, which had been dug out,
In case the Pit is left partially empty, then it should not be purchased and immediately abandoned,
this plot will bring misery and mental agony.
In case the pit fills up in accordance with the rest of the land, then the land is ordinary.
In case the pit completely fills up and there is still mud left over then this plot is very auspicious
and will enhance wealth and prosperity.
3. In the middle of the plot (Brahma Sthaan), dig a cubical pit of size 1.50ft. X 1.50ft. X 1.50ft. then fill
the pit with water and wait for three minutes
In case the water level goes down by one foot or more then the plot is inferior, and should not be
purchased and immediately abandoned, this plot will bring misery and mental agony.
In case the water level goes down by 6 Inches to 9 Inches then the plot is of medium quality
In case the water level remains unchanged or goes down by less than 6 Inches then the plot is of
superior quality and is very auspicious.
4. Before Dusk, Dig a cubical pit of size 1.50ft. X 1.50ft. X 1.50ft. then fill the pit with water, go and
observe the pit the following day before sunrise
In case the water level remains unchanged or goes down by less than 6 Inches then the plot is of
superior quality and is very auspicious.
In case the water level goes down by 6 Inches to 9 Inches then the plot is of medium quality
In case the water has completely dried up and there are cracks at the base of the pit, then such a
plot is inferior, and should not be purchased and immediately abandoned, this plot can be
Suitability of soil for different people
Remove the upper layer of soil and take a little of lower soil in your hand, then observe the following:
Category Brahman Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra
Colour of soil White Red Yellow/Green Black
Odour of soil Ghee (clarified Blood Cereals/Vegetatio Liquor/Shit
butter) n
Flavour of soil Sweet Pungent Sour Bitter
Shape of Plot Square Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular
Dimensions of L=B L=B+1/8B L=B+1/6B L=B+1/4B
Plot (As per
Slope of Plot Towards North Towards East Towards South Towards West
Vegetation Holy trees and Munja, trees and plants Doorva, trees Cactus, lower
plants eg kusha, bearing red leaves and bearing fruits, type of bushes
tulsi, peepal, flowers, all plants saleable crops and and grass, thorny
mango, banana giving condiments, vegetables. trees and plants.
chilly plants
Effects Peace, comforts, Power, position name Wealth, Quarrels, rivalry,
spiritual elevation and fame, kingdom, prosperity, great enmity,
monopoly, courage and assets, abundant degradation.
valor. supply of grains.
Results of materials that are found during excavation for construction.
S. No. Material Result/Effect
1. Stone Increase of wealth.
2. Bricks All types or wealth and properties in future.
3. Copper or metals Prosperous life.
4. Coal Sickness and loss of wealth.
5. Bones of animals Obstacle to progress.
6. Snake or scorpion Fear of these animals and obstruction to buildings progress.
7. Ants-hill, Termites Destruction to wealth, reduction in longevity of life.
8. Straw, eggs Death, unnecessary expenses.
9. Cotton Sorrow.
10. Pieces of wood Has to abandon the house and run away.
11. Skull Unwanted quarrels, litigation.
12. Horns of cow Wealth & Prosperity.
13. Gold, silver, coins All type of comforts.
14. Zinc, Brass pieces Not that good.
15. Rags (torn clothes) Quarrels and tights.
16. Iron or steel pieces Death.

Laying the foundation stone

Construction work of any building is to be started always only after Vaastu pujan (worship of Vaastu) and
shilanyaas (laying of foundation) ceremony and graha shanti.

In the opinion of some scholars for this purpose excavation is to be started in the following directions in
different months as follows.

Months Direction
Bhadrapad East
Margshirsha, Pausha, Magha South
Palghun West
Jyeshtha North

The view of another scholar is that excavation should always be done only in north-east. The logic behind
this principle is that north-east of the plot should be the lowest in level always.

Digging of well/bore-well in different directions

Direction Effects
North-east Brings all round prosperities and new opportunities for growth.
North-west Affects offsprings prevents growth of dynasty and creates enmity,
mental problem, theft and loss of money
South-west Sufferings from diseases and death of owner.
South-east Fame and name of owner will disappear. Sons will be in danger.
East Luck and fortune, wealth and prosperity.
West Gain of property & wealth, develops a liking for spiritual science
South Accidents in water, Loss of spouse, Mental sickness
North Profits and prosperity, happiness
Middle or center of building Bankruptcy.
Vaastu ashtak chakra

Godown for Grain, Childrens Bedroom, Sitting Room Place for Worship
Washing place, Toilet/Bathroom, Strong Room Sitting Room
Septic Tank Living Room Drinking Water
Childrens Bed Room, Meditation Room BRAHMA Bath Room
Dining Hall Open Space Guest Room
Study Room For Air & Light Verandah
Overhead Water Tank at the top Kitchen
Lumber Room Bed Room Kitchen Room
Bed Room for Adults Stair Case Provision Room Electric Meter.
Store Room

Ideal location of various rooms in the house

Sr. Direction Ruling planet Connected proper places
1. East Sun Bathroom sitting room, Dining store for fluids like ghee, milk
2. West Saturn Study childrens bedroom, store.
3. North Mercury Treasury/Safe, Sitting room.
4. South Mars Store, Bed Room, Dining
5. North-East Jupiter Puja Room, Sitting Room, Verandah, Portico, No weight
6. South-East Venus Kitchen, Garage
7. South-West Rahu Bedroom of head of the family, Heavy luggage.
8. North-West Moon Granary, Toilets, Animal Sheds, Garage, Guest Rooms
9. Centre Court- Yard.
10. Between East and South-east Room for churning curd
11. Between South and South-east Room for storage for Ghee etc.
12. Between South and South-west Latrine (W.C.)
13. Between South-West and West Study room
14. Between West and North-west Punishment room for expressing sympathy or sorrow.
15. Between North and North-west Bed Room for young couple.
16. Between North and North-east Medicine Room
17. Between East and North-east Common/Drawing Room

Besides these, there are other opinions also:

In South-west corner Clothes Room (Wardrobe).
North-west Corner Cattle shed.
North-east Water bodies-tank, well etc.
North-west Toilet.
Bed room

Bed-room- A great deal of attention should be paid to bed rooms in a house one should sleep with head
towards west, east or south and never in north. The following will be effects of keeping our head in
different directions and sleeping.
Head towards Effects
East Knowledge, philosophical thought
West Comfort
South Pleasure, Happiness and wealth
North Night Mare, disturbed sleep and disease.

Bed room can be located in south, west or south-west, north-west bed room may be allotted for guests. Bed
room in north is not that good as that may cause mental unrest and financial hardship. Bed room in north-
east is strictly prohibited. Bed room in south-east will cause bad mood, quarrel and anger. The effects of
placing bed room in different are given below-
Direction Effects
North-east Emotional upset, sickness (Except Prayer Room nothing should be placed)
East Ill-health, loss of children
South-east Anger, disturbed mood, quarrels
South Good
North-west Constant quarrels, (For quests okay)
West Good for juniors/children
South-West Good for master bed room
North Unrest, Financial Losses
Head towards South - ensures Dhirgaayu (long life)
Head towards East - ensures Jnanodayam (enlightenment)
Head towards West - causes Shookam (unhappiness and sorrow)
Head towards North - causes Maranam (death).

Location of Kitchen Its effect on inmates
North-east Heavy expenditure and mental unrest
East House wife will suffer from various health disorders and shall be
unhappy despite all comforts
South-east Ideal, will bring health and happiness.
South Unrest and mental tension
South-west Sickness and mental depression
West Happiness through female issues. Sometimes bickering among
members of household.
North-west Heavy expenditure and tension
North Intelligence, knowledge of children Easy way of earning and property.
Ideal room sizes

The effects of various sizes on the inmates of the house are given here. Its length, or breadth of both at
least one side should be of following length or breadth-

4-O Happiness
6-O Wealth and comforts
8-O Progress and good status
10-O All comforts and prosperity
11-O Success in life
16-O Wealth and Happiness
17-O, 20-O Increase in income, success in all efforts
21-O Success in every field
22-O Victory over opponents
26-O to 29-O Progress, name, fame and prosperity
5-O, 7-O, 9-O, 12, 13 14, 15-O, 18-O, 19-O, 23 to 25-O are not good.

Over head water tank

Direction of Over Results
Head Water Tank
Northeast Considerable health and financial disturbances
East Results as of northeast but less severe
Southeast Severe financial crises, accidents, litigation
South Medium effect
Southwest Increase in health and finances
West Varuna is Incharge of large sheets of water, so good results
Northwest Not good, water gets finished earlier and may cause dampness, if necessary,
use smaller size tanks
North Results as of northeast but less severe

Septic tank
Direction Results
North Loss of money
Northeast Loss of business
East Loss of fame
Southeast Loss of health
South Loss of wife
Southwest Loss of life
West Loss of mental peace
Northwest Auspicious
East Takes Health to the worst
Septic tanks in Central East Proves beneficial to the host
Southeast sans pit Proves beneficial in financial aspect.
Southeast with a pit Makes the host unhealthy and unfit.
Facing south Contributes for ones healthy growth.
Avoid septic tank in southern part Avoid insecure feelings at heart
Southwest with pit Causes ill health and disease beyond doubt.
Facing west Deteriorates health to the worst.
Placing septic tank in west Allowing diseases to play their best.
Northwest sana pit Proves beneficial in finance and profit.
Pit in Northwestern portion Leads to everlasting litigation.
Septic tanks in central north Ushers financial growth.
Facing North Brings in prosperity and health.
Northeast Proves to be a negative catalyst.

Bath room
East Paves way for peace.
South sans duct Keeps in riches in- tact.
West sans pit Ensures family well knit.
North Paves way for comforts come forth.

Bio gas plant

Pit in central East Brings riches and happiness to the host.
Pit in South Brings misery and death.
Pit in west Hits at the happiness of the inmates most.
Pit in central north Keeps the inmates in health and wealth.

Almirah/ cupboards
Avoid Placing almirah in the Avoid depicting of income and doom.
eastern portion of a room
Southeast Perennial source of exhaust.
South A symbol of growth.
Southwest facing North Indicates a prosperous financial path.
Southwest facing East Symbolises a financial feast.
West facing east Source of financial boost
Northern Northwest Constant source of financial unrest.
North Causes constant dearth
Northeast Makes all bankrupt.
Results of keeping safe/ lockers in different directions
Direction of Safe Results
Northeast Loss of wealth
Southeast Unnecessary expenditure
Southwest Increasing collection of money
Northwest Tremendous expenditure

East Ensures regular feast.
Eastern Southeast Acts as a check on the happiness of the host.
Southern Southeast Ushers in omens the best.
Southern gate Opens up the fate.
Southern Leads to a dangerous state.
Southwestern Gate
Erect gate in Western Select an untimely death aghast.
West Brings glory to their best
Northern Northwest Affects all the residents worst.
North Causes no dearth
Northern Northeast Brings in happiness to the host
Eastern Northeast Invite peace and happiness to the host.

Compound Wall
Higher western wall than that of East Happier the inmates with riches most
Higher Eastern wall than that of West Unhealthier to the residents almost.
Higher Northern wall than that of South To the finance of the houses creates the dearth.
Higher Southern wall than that of North Creates the chance of amazing wealth.
Defects in Eastern Wall Affects the male.
Defects in Southern Wall Affects the female.
Defects in Western Wall Affects the happiness of one and all.
Defects in Northern Wall Affects in finance and females as well.

Doors and passages

Eastern in East A bountiful feast
Eastern southeast Causes fear of burglary, female suffering and diseases.
Southern Southeast Helps the female folk most.
Southern entrance. Showers fortunes a- bounce.
Southern southwest of the house More suffering for the female spouse.
Western Southwest Lays damaging effects on the host.
West Keeps household at best
Western Northwest Showers a series of blessings on the host.
Northern Northwest Usher in instability and unrest
North Opens up the progress path.
Northern Northeast Ensures female well being and financial prosperity of the host.
Eastern Northeast Sanctions worthy children and note- worthy fame.
Out house
East away from compound wall Proves beneficial to the females well.
East contagious to the compound wall Proves detrimental to one and all
Southwest Adorns with celestial feast
Northwest contagious to compound wall Checkmate to the fortunes of all.
Northwest away from compound wall Brings in pleasures and fortunes of all.
Northeast Ushers in the worst.

Cellar portion
East In the chest to the richest.
South Lessens the life line beyond doubt
Wets Constant struggle with the worst
Northern Block Proves beneficial to women folk

Placement of stair case

North-east Loss of wealth and health, burden of debts and bankruptcy.
North-west Tolerable. Stair case not to touch northern compound wall.
South-east Tolerable but children will be in trouble due to one thing or other.
South-west The best and beneficial.

Placement of prayer room/hall

Location Effects
North-east Ideal, Brings all prosperities, wealth, health and peace of mind and
long life for inmates.
North Knowledge and prosperity.
East Fame and name (idol/portrait should face east or west.
South, South-west, south-east, All sorts of problems and obstruction to progress and prosperity.
North-west, west

Auspicious face direction of gods

West facing gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, Sun, Indra, Kartikeya.
Southwest facing gods Lord Hanumana
South facing gods Ganesh, Kuber, Durga, Bhairava, Shodash Matrika (The Sixteen Mothers)
Symbolic representation of some popular gods
Deity Symbolic Representation
Brahma Red lotus, String of beads or rosary (aksamala), carving or picture of a swan, an earthen
lamp with four wicks, the water pot (akshaya patra), book, scepter, spoon.
Vishnu Tulsi, Sudarshana Chakra, Garuda, Conch shell, carving or picture of one of his avatars
such as the fish; tortoise, boar; Narasimha; Vamana; Parshurama; Rama; Krishna or
Mahesha Blue Throat, Sacred river Ganges, Crescent Moon, Oval stone representing Shivlinga or
phallus often accompanied by the female yoni, carving or picture of a bull (Nandi),
Trishoola (Trident), Thorn Apple (dhatura), Indian Hemp (bhang), Bel (bel tree).
Sun Lotuses, golden yellow colour, twelve Rashis in a circle, ruby.
Lakshmi Collection of coins, gold, Shri Chakra, diamond.
Ganesh Dish full of sweet laddoos (balls), carving or picture of an elephant, AUM.
Rama Bow and arrow.
Krishna Shaligrama, wooden flute, peacocks feather.
Hanumana Stone smeared with red vermilion, red stone, carving or picture of a monkey, red coral.
Saraswati Lotus, veena, an old manuscript, carving or picture of a swan.
Parvati Himalayan mountain.
Durga Carving or picture of a tiger or lion, picture of Vaishno Devi Shrine or three holy pindis.

Plants & flowers

Direction Colour Flowers Name
North Green Lotus, Water lily, baby blue forget-me-not, the iris, humble bluebell,
Pimple, Tulsi, Herbs, Medical plants
Northeast Golden Yellow Kher, Velu, Tulsi, White Flowing plants, Low and Sweet-smelling
East White Kuchla, Tulsi, Dahlias, Geraniums, ferns.
Southeast Red, white, Silver Moha,
SouthWest Brown NagKesar Taller plants, Shrubs, Morning glory, wisteria, Canary creeper
South Coral Red Neem, Audumber, Rui, Begonias, Mimosa, Marigold, plants with exotic
smells, Jasmine, Perfumed Lilies
NorthWest Grey Jaye,
West Blue Taller plants, Dense foliage & shrubs, Arjun, Nilgiri, Ashoka Pendula.

Tulsi/ basil plant

East Keeps up the health of the female host.
Southeast Paves way for pleasure toast
South Protects female health
Southwest Showers blessings of the female host.
Erect in West Elect a healthy life for the females most.
Western Northwest Ensures good health of the entire nest.
Low lying North Proves beneficent to the female health.
Elevated North Belies the hopes of wealth.
Northeast Never Keeps the female at rest.
Effect of plants
Type of Plants and Flowers Good Effect
Naturally grown 100%
Cut flowers and leaves 75%
Dried or artificial 50%
Paintings and photos 25%

The chart below shows division of five elements-

Five Elements Earth Water Fire Air Space
Energy Gravitational Rain Solar Wind Sound
Functions Smell Taste Sight Touch Hearing
Sense organs Nose Tongue Eyes Skin Ear
Shape Square Crescent Triangle Hexagon Point

The chart below shows that each element is further divided into the five elements
into our body.
Five Elements Earth Water Fire Air Space
Ether Ego Citta Intellect Mind Antahkaran
Air Apana Prana Udana Samana Vyana
Fire Nose Tongue Eyes Skin Ear
Water Rectum Genitals Feet Hands Speech
Earth Smell Flavour Form Touch Sound
Functions Smelling/ Eating/ Sight/ Touch/ Hearing/
Excreting Enjoyment Walking Action Speaking
Symbol Vajra Lotus Swastik Six points Point
Dasha Kapha Kapha Pitta Vata Vata
Guna Tamas Tamas Sattwa Rajas Sattwa
Physical Roughness Liquidity Heat Movement Resistance
Colours for family health
Action Indications Organs Qualities
Hot color, color with the Poor circulation, Heart, Lungs and Love, anger,
greatest penetration, inflammation, chronic Muscles wrath, joy.

strongly stimulates the flow cough, asthma, anemia,

of blood. eczema,
Neutral color, treats Whooping cough, Lungs. Contentment.

chronic problems, sedative, inflammation of the

soothing, relaxing. joints, tumors, ulcer, eye
disease, diabetes.
Cold color, has a relaxing Pain, congestion, Pituitary glad, Quietness,
effect, valuable in hemorrhoids, warts, endocrine system, reserve.

treatment of all diseases sleeplessness, frigidity, contraction of

involving heat. menopausal difficulties. muscles and tissues.
Gives energy, makes Pessimism, psychosis, Heart Joy,

joyful, color of the sun. depression, fear, happiness.

emaciation, tiredness.
Fortifies the endocrine Diseases of digestive Liver, bladder, Intelligence,

system, makes chronic tract, strengthens the kidneys, stomach. comprehensio

processes acute. nervous system. n,
Acts on consciousness, Lymphatic system Spleen. Meditation.

promotes awareness, disorders.

prepares for meditation.

Auspicious colours of the building

Auspicious Colours
1. Red, Pink, Chocolate, Light Violet
2. All shades of Blue, Pink and White
3. Ash, Yellowish Green, White
4. White, Pearl, Yellow, Saffron, Sky Blue, Deep Blue.
5. White, Indigo, Sky, Light Gray, Pink, Orange, Light Green etc.
6. Ash, Light Yellow, Green, White etc.
7. All shades of Blue, Pink, Green, White etc.
8. Red, Pink, Chocolate, Light Violet, Orange, Saffron, Yellow, etc.
9. Light Violet, Pink, Saffron, Orange, Light Yellow and Red etc.
Numerology related performance relating the plots

1. Engineering, factories transport business, nursery, surgeon, police, defense, business dealing in red
coloured articles.
2. Grains, medicines, cloth, cottage industries, photography, music, drama, cinema, sculpture, supply.
3. Education, research, broadcasting, commerce, writing, shares, shares, drama etc.
4. Travel, writing, transport, agriculture, railway, social science etc.
5. Politics, official jobs, divine jobs, research, power, oil petroleum, excavation, writing.
6. Same as no. 3
7. Same as no. 2
8. Same as no. 1
9. Management, science, foreign, relations, political education.
10. Law, justice, philosophy, jail, religious science i.e. Theology, History.
11. Same as no. 10
12. Same as no. 9

Mahurta of building
Position of the sun in Zodiac sign Period Effects
Sun in the Aries (Mesh) Rashi 14 April to 13 May Very good
Sun in the Taurus (Vrish) Rashi 14 May to 13 June Increase in Wealth
Sun is in Gemini (Mithun) Rashi 14 June to 13 July Death
Sun is in cancer (Kark) Rashi 14 July to 13 August Very good
Sun is in Leo (Singh) Rashi 14 August to 13 September Increase in number of servants
Sun is in Virgo (Kanya) Rashi 14 September to 13 Diseases
Sun is in Libra (Tula) Rashi 14 October to 13 Happiness/Comforts
Sun is in Scorpio (Vrishchic) 14 November to 13 Increase in wealth
Rashi December
Sun is in Sagittarius (Dhanu) Rashi 14 Dec. to 3 January Loss
Sun is in Capricorn (Makar) Rashi 14 January to 3 February Gain of wealth
Sun is in Aquarius (Kumbh) Rashi 14 February to 3 March Gain of Jewels
Sun is in Pisces (Meen) Rashi 14 March to 13 April Fear

Rasas, emotional feelings and representative planets

Rasa Emotional Feeling Representative Planet
Veer Heroic and noble feelings Sun
Karun Pathetic, Sadness and loneliness Moon
Raudra Furious, Anger and aggression Mars
Haasya Comic, Humor and fun Mercury
Nirved/ Shanta Peaceful and clam Jupiter
Shringaar Seductive, Love, Joy & Happiness Venus
Bhayaanak Fearful Saturn
Veebhats Repulsive and disgust Rahu
Adbhut Amazing, Awe and wonderful Ketu
Numbers and their characteristics
abet o Positive Negative
A,J,S 1 Creative and inventive ideas, leadership and Aggressive, boasting, dominance, egotism,
executive ability, will, determination, impulsive, self-centeredness, over
independence, masculinity, force of action, confident.
courage, initiative, originality, individuality,
attainment, mental work, sense of wit and
humour, high self esteem.
B.K. 2 Peace, co-operation, arbitration, diplomacy, Submissive, over sensitive, shyness,
T association, partnership, agreement, adaptability, timidity, effeminacy, loneliness, detail
modesty, friendliness, graciousness, meditation, oriented, want of courage and assurance.
spiritual influence, excellent followers and
harmonizers, caring.
C,L, 3 Good Luck, versatility, Prophecy, cheerfulness, Easy going, moody, extravagant, scattered
U merriment, brilliancy, happiness, optimism, intelligence, self-centeredness,
optimism, love of pleasure, gift o words, exaggeration, loose talks.
inspiration, imagination, artistic and creative
talents, confidence, ambitious, mental work.
D,M, 4 Systematic, orderly, practical, constructive, down Stubborn, lacking imaginative ability,
V to earth, builder, serious, honesty, concentration, argumentative, extreme seriousness,
scientific, application, responsible, industrious, dominance, too hard work, no leisure.
faithful, determined, punctual.
E,N, 5 Resourcefulness, action, energy, versatility, Lack of concentration, restlessness,
W quickness of mind, love of change and freedom, nervousness, discontentment, love of variety
entertainment, amusement, cleverness, and change, lustfulness, moodiness,
administration, new ventures, diplomacy, public impulsiveness, sarcasm, criticism,
oriented works, acting, reporting. extremism, gambling unfaithfulness.
F,O, 6 Initiative, co-operation, creativity, artistic, Too much love of duty and sacrifice, fussy,
X responsibility, loyalty, humanitarian, service, trivial, arrogant, complacent, selfish,
dependable, unselfish, harmonious, balanced, straightforwardness, flattery loving.
righteous, home loving, generous, empathy,
sympathetic, fixed views, dutifulness,
authoritative position, love, justice.
G,P, 7 Extraordinary research, analysis, Intellect, Lonely feelings, book worm, proof-
Y observation, specialisation, discovery, invention, demanding, reservedness, inadaptability,
love of solitude, meditation, philosophy, lack of trust, pride, hidden motives, over
mysticism, occultism, dignity, perfection, calm, possessiveness, sarcasm, cynical, bad
serene, contemplation, knowledge seeker, great temper, extravagant, independence,
educator, specialist, perfectionist, traveling. argumentativeness, lack of generosity.
H,Q, 8 Judgement, materialism, management, capability Hard nuts, too busy, lack of self confidence,
Z of working for a cause, toughness, tenacity, need of love and admiration, over
authority, direction, efficiency, ambition, ambitiousness, too much materialism, love
dependability, courageous, self control, of recognition, display of powers, lack of
philosophical. humanitarianism and consideration for
others, obstinacy, impatience.
I,R 9 Humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance, Several disappointments in life, moody,
selflessness, forgiveness, broad mindedness, impulsive, acts hastily, changeability in love
charitable, philanthropic, writer, religionist, affairs, carelessness in money matters,
artistic, dramatic talents, unorthodox, spiritual, inclination for high living, possessive,
divine life. intolerance, deception.
Colour characteristics
Colours Symbolizes Atmospheric Effect
Red Power and Bravery Produces a seductive atmosphere that inflames passion and desire.
Orange Transcendence Adds worldly dimension that inspires renunciation and spiritual quest
Yellow Sunlight Supplies a stimulating atmosphere that promotes mental alertness and
clarity of mind
Green Nature Creates a harmonious atmosphere that brings clam and inner peace.
Blue Sky Gives a sense of space and expansion that relax the body and heals the
Indigo Ocean depth Adds a sense of depth and mystery that encourages intimacy and
Violet Introspection Encourages a meditative that disperses depression and induces positive

Elements and related colours

Element Colour
Fire Red and Yellow
Earth Grey, black and Green
Air Violet and Indigo
Water Orange, Indigo and Glass
Space Blue and White

Colours and related planets, body and chakras of kundalini

Colours Planets Direction Element Body Chakras Of Kundalini
Red Sun East Fire Physical Coccygeal Centre
Orange Moon Northwest Water Etheric Splenic Centre
Yellow Mars South Fire Astral Solar Plexus
Green Mercury North Earth Psychic Heart Centre
Blue Jupiter Northeast Ether Spiritual Throat Centre
Indigo Venus Southeast Water Cosmic Brow Centre
Violet Saturn West Air Ultimate Crown Centre

Colours and related days, bodily doshas and gems

Colour/Day Sense Temper Tridosha Gems Primeval
ature Vayu
Red/Sunday Sight Too hot Pitta Ruby Samana
Orange/Monday Taste Hot Kapha and Vata White Pearl Apana
Yellow/Tuesday Bodily heat Hot Pitta Red Coral Samana
Green/Wednesday Smell Neutral Kapha, Vata, & Green Emerald Prana
Blue/Thursday Sound Cold Kapha Yellow Sapphire Vyana
Indigo/Friday Bodily Cold Cold Vata and Kapha Blue Diamond Apana
Violet/Saturday Touch Too Cold Vata Blue Sapphire Udana
Seven major chakras & their functions
Chakra Gland Organ Function Colour Element
CROWN Pineal Upper Brain Right Eye Spiritual Vision, VIOLET Ether
CHAKRA Enlightenment
BROW CHAKRA Pituitary Hypothalamus Lower Third Eye Intuition BLUE Ether
(AJNA) Brain Spine, Left Eyes Clairvoyance Light, (Royal)
Nose & Ears Telepathy
THROAT Thyroid Throat Upper Lungs Communication Self- SKY Space
CHAKRA Alimentary Canal Vocal expression Creative BLUE
(VISHUDHI) Apparatus Energy Sound
Heart Chakra Thymus Heart, Lungs Blood, Consciousness Love GREEN Air
(Anahata) Liver Vagus Nerve Compassion Life Force (Grass)
SOLAR PLEXUS Pancreas Liver, Stomach Gall Emotion Power YELLOW Fire
CHAKRA Bladder Large Intestine Wisdom Action
SACRAL Adrenal Kidneys Bladder Legs Anger/Action ORANGE Water
CHAKRA Sexuality Peace
ROOT CHAKRA Gondas Sex Organs Kundalini Security RED Earth
(MULADHAR) Physical Energy

Vaastu shaastra correlation with yoga shaastra, astrology, science.

Yoga Shaastra, Astrology Vaastu Shaastra Modern Science
Shanmukhi mudra The cosmos is divided into Vibration, Waves, Explain qualities of-
gives knowledge basic eight directions with Sound and Light Polarized energy forms,
about qualities of twelve sectors of the are the active Laws of energy conservation,
the five great basic Zodiac signs. Parameters in this Mind matter relationship.
elements science.
The three main These signs are classified Qualities are
energy streams on the basic of five basic classified, based on
categories the elements orientation,
virtuous qualities direction and
the eight direction. energy sources.
Ida(Chandra Nadi)- The directions are then Qualities of Modern science unveils the
North East correlated with qualities of directions can be secrets of ancient science,
Pingala(Surya the five great basic improved on the and gives new remedial
Nadi)-South west elements interpreted in basis of the five measures to rectify Vaastu
Sushumna (Brahma terms of beneficial colours, great elements. doshas and to provide
Nadi)-Central Zone. plants, gems and metallic environmental enhancement.
base elements.
The ideal energy profile for the home
Room Ideal Location(s) Elements Guna(s) Hours or Energy
Living Room Northwest or Air/Water or Earth Rajas or tamas and 9pm-midnight
West and Air/Water rajas 6pm-9pm
Kitchen Southwest Fire Rajas 9am-noon
Dining Room West Earth and Air/Water Tamas and Rajas 6 pm- 9pm
Study North or Air/ Water and Ether Rajas and Sattva or Midnight- 3 am or
Southwest or Earth Tamas 3pm- 6pm
Bathroom East or Ether and fire or Sattva and Rajas or 6am-9am or
Southwest or Earth or Air/Water Tamas or rajas 3pm-6pm or
Northwest 9pm-Midnight
Master South or Fire and Earth or Rajas and Tamas or Noon-3pm or
Bedroom southwest Earth Tamas 3pm-6pm
Young Child East Earth and Fire Sattva and rajas 6 am-9am
Teenagers North Air/Water and Ether Rajas and sattva Midnight- 3 am
Guest Room Northwest Air/ Water Rajas 9pm Midnight
Zone Of Northeast Ether Sattva 3 am- 6am

Using the mandala

Direction Time Good Location For
Northeast 3-6 A.M. Meditating
East 6-9 A.M. Bathing
Southeast 9-12 A.M. Cooking
South 12-3 P.M. Siesta Room
Southwest 3-6 P.M. Reading
West 6-9 P.M. Eating
Northwest 9-12 P.M. Sleeping
North 12-3 A.M. Safe/Security

Direction Indian God Characteristic
North Kuber Health and wealth
Northeast Ishaan Purity
East Surya Power
Southeast Agni Fire
South Yama Justice
Southwest Nirriti Misery
West Varuna Water
Northwest Vayu Wind
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All the Guidance/ Suggestions provided in the book are as per the Principals of Vaastu Shaastra, however
maximum care has been taken to cover all the topics in details, but still one should always consult an
expert of this field, before its practical application.
For health and long life- be vegetarian.
Modern scientific research in western countries and even U.S.A. has proved that the Indian culture of
vegetarian food is better for human health and physical growth. Vegetarian food provides high quality
proteins, nutritive elements like vitamins and minerals, and also prevents from several diseases including
heart attack and cancer.
Vegetarian food- more nutritious.
The comparative nutritional value of some vegetarian and non- vegetarian food items are depicted in the
table below.
Item Proteins Carbohy Fats Fiber Miner Calories
drates als
Pork, 18.7 - 4.4 - 1.0 114
Goat Meat 21.4 - 3.6 - 1.1 s118
Mutton Muscle
Beer Meat 18.5 - 13.3 - 1.3 194
Eggs wqa22.6 2.6 1.0 114
13.3 - 13.3 - 1.0 173
Soya beans 43.2 20.9 19.5 3.7 4.6 432
22.3to25 56.5to 07to1.7 0.7to4. 2.1to3. 330to347
Wheat .1 59.6 1.7 5 5 341
Gram 69.4 5.3 1.9 2.7 360
Rice 12.1 60.9 16.2 3.9 3.0 393
Ground Nut 17.1 48.4 39.8 4.3 6.6 570
13.5 26.7 3.1 2.5

Vegetarian food provides, besides higher quality of proteins, fibrous contents and minerals which are
almost non existent in meat and which play an important role in warding off digestive disorders and
various other diseases. Vitamins A,B,C,E,& K are available in plenty in green vegetable, carrots, Citrus
fruits, Tomatoes, Radish, Guava, Ghee, Butter, etc.

Vegetarian Food- Prevents Heart Diseases and Cancer, it is well known that bacteria multiply quickly in
blood. Since blood cannot be totally separated from flesh, the germs and virus present in the meat enter the
body of meat eaters, who may also get infected.

Studies conducted in America, Japan, Germany, U.K and various other countries have revealed that
vegetarian not only remain healthy and diseases immune but also have greater stamina, longer life span and
sharper intellects.

Nobel Prize winners, Dr. Michael, S. Brown and Dr. Joseph, L. Goldstein of America have proved that
consumption of meat and eggs, Increases Cholesterol in the blood- stream, causing problems related to
heart, kidneys and stones etc. Research has shown that eating meat causes cancer, Kidney and intestinal
diseases, Epilepsy , Heart Trouble, Blood pressure, Ulcerative colitis, Appendicitis, Carcinoma of colon &
Rectum, Atherosclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout and other types of arthritis, Destruction of immune
system of the body, Skin diseases, Eczema, Pimples, Constipation, Migraine, Menstrual disorders, etc.

Thus, vegetarian food prevents several types of diseases and promotes life longevity whereas non-
vegetarian food increases the risk of infecting diseases and cuts short the life.
Profound mystic and visionary humanitarian, rajnish r singla is a scholar and an exponent of vaastu, has a
bachelors degree in science and law, he has also been awarded vaastu ratna, pyra vaastu expert from
renowned institutions, his ardent wish is to spread the message of vaastu and enable the people to reap its
advantages, to release the great science of vaastu and pyramid from the clutches of a few selfish
individuals and to make it accessible to everyone with the ultimate objective to universal peace, harmony
and prosperity. This book focuses on making your living place a home, rather than just a concrete house, a
home however, small it may be if built as per the principals of vaastu makes the life of inhabitants a
pleasant and prosperous one. Vaastu shaastra is an ancient science which is known to us from our gods
and ancestors, it is one such science, of which the differences are practically visible, giving everyone a
strong base to actually believe in it. Wealth, prosperity, education, relationship, growth and harmony all
are secondary things, most important is the mental peace, by making a house on the vaastu principles, one
can ensure an all round progress of self and family and can actually live in a state of bliss.

Apart from giving vaastu consultancy for corporate, industrial and residential structures, Mr. Singla
provides VAT Consultancy also. He holds a B.Sc., B.L., L.L.B. Degree from Punjab University,
Chandigarh. D.B.M. from All India Institute of Management Studies. Degree of Pyra vaastu expert by
Prof. Dr. Jiten bhatt, Vaastu Ratan, by All India Federation of Astrologers Society, New Delhi. His name
has also been incorporated by Jan Parishad in whos who in India.